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N° 10 November / December 2018







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Paola Pisano, Councilor for Innovation, Smart City, Demographic and Statistical Services and Information Systems of the City of Turin



The experimentation in Italy of smart roads and autonomous driving is starting from Turin. At what point is the project, what are the implementation times?
The memorandum of understanding of March 30th put together the partners (FCA Group, GM Global Propulsion Systems Srl, ANFIA, 5T Srl, Turin Polytechnic University, University of Turin, Torino Wireless Foundation, Tim SpA, Open Fiber SpA, Italdesign Giugiaro SpA, Industrial Union of Turin, FEV Italy, Unipol, Amma, Adress, Mercedes Benz Consulting GmbH, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella), we then defined the internal testing circuit and use cases to start testing . In the meantime, we've already done a test with a remote-driven car from Tim, along with Fev. In 2019 we should start testing both fully autonomous vehicles and r connected vehicles.


Forms for trial authorizations appeared on the Ministry of Transport website. Who are the applicants? What kind of vehicles will be tested?
Currently, the car makers or those who have obtained the authorization from the car makers can request authorization from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. We must clarify that for the moment the fully autonomous car does not fall within the Smart Road decree because this law authorizes up to level 4, that is, cars born non-autonomous and structured to become one. For now we have a request from a partner to test a level 3-4 vehicle. This is the first in Italy. While the experimentation that will probably start in January concerns a different case. This is a completely autonomous vehicle: for the moment we can not reveal the name of the manufacturer, but we can say that it is a small truck and will be tested on our territory.


Can we explain better what are the use cases you are working on?
We have identified three use cases: the relationship between the car and the infrastructure, the autonomous car in the parking lot and a vehicle that transports people from point A to point B, that is an autonomous shuttle service. The different partners have been divided on these tables: in the partnership we also have competitors who have set up working groups with their representatives to develop the different cases.


Are operators also admitted who have not yet signed the memorandum of understanding?
Of course, this is an open partnership. If there are interested operators, they can join, sign the protocol and work. The more subjects enter the partnership the more we will be able to attract the attention of funding on these projects.


This summer the urban route has been defined. What were the criteria for choosing the area?
We have outlined a circuit that collects all the characteristics of the city: different speeds on the roads, crossings, reverberation of the trees, the river, logistics proximity to our partners such as the University, the Polytechnic.


How do you plan to organize the interaction with the normal road circulation? Do you plan to stop the traffic during the tests?
In reality it is not required to stop the traffic, for the sake the vehicles will circulated at first at night or at less congested times.


How do you plan to communicate the results of the trial? Will the data be public?
It depends on the data. Statistical data on car travel, mileage will certainly be open and shared. Other data will be protected against the operators who are working: we are a partner with the aim of supporting companies in research and testing. I can say, however, that we will provide companies with everything they need to facilitate testing and convince them to come and experiment with us.


So we have a still open project ahead of us. Who or what is still missing in your opinion?
Whoever has the money is missing. Investors are missing. There are companies that want to do more ambitious experiments and that have the prototype to be used in the area. A Google is missing, so to speak. We think they are experimenting abroad, but in Italy and in Europe there are no tests. You can do it in Turin to enter the European market. Then there are also operators and developers of applications for the autonomous car, start-ups that will come up with ideas for the services to be offered on board.


Who is Paola Pisano. Councilor for Innovation, Smart City, Demographic and Statistical Services and Information Systems of the City of Turin, has a Ph.D. in Business Administration and is a lecturer in Innovation Management at the University of Turin. She was Director of the Smart City laboratory of ICxT at the University of Turin, is representative of the City of Turin in the incubator of the Politecnico di Torino (I3P - 5th European incubator), in the Wireless Technological Pole of Turin and in the Advisory Board of the Energy Center. She has been a visiting lecturer at the GCU (Glasgow Caledonian University) in London and at the University of Westminster and has published over 70 articles on the topic of innovation and business models.

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NEWBITS presented its new collaboration platform for ITS stakeholders at the DG MOVE lunchtime conference
The H2020 project NEWBITS (New Business Models for ITS) supporting the initiatives and actions of the Directorate General MOVE, upon invitation of the Projects’ Officer Mr. Georgios Tzamalis, had the opportunity to present NEWBITS research results to eleven members of different departments of DG-MOVE at a lunchtime conference in Brussels on 30th of November 2018.
Ms Viara Bojkova (ORTELIO) briefed the attendees on the key research results such as the proposed value network analysis (VNA) and network-based approach to craft new business models for (C-) ITS, while Mr. Isidoros Passas (INTELSPACE) presented the methodology that has been applied to co-design the ITS Community of Interest (CoI) and the NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP) with the related stakeholders. The presentation has been concluded by Mr. Ilias Trochidis (ORTELIO) who presented the functions of the novel collaboration platform for ITS stakeholders, and the proposed sustainability plan.
The participants expressed their interest in joining the Community of Interest of the NNP and pointed out how important it is that nearly four months prior of the official end of the project, NEWBITS has already formed key proposals about the NNP’s future sustainability. Furthermore, the consortium has already submitted its research results in peer-reviewed journals (Journal of Economics and Business, Computers & Industrial Engineering International Journal), conference proceedings (25th ITS World Congress 2018 Proceedings, ICTTE Conference 2018 Proceedings), and a number of scientific journals (Developing innovative business models for ITS applications: Value Network Approach; Business ecosystem dynamics in ITS: an agent-based modelling for a deep understanding of intangible flows between stakeholders; A modelling method to analyse ITS business ecosystems, and Setting up communities of interest for the ITS industry).
The debate has been very valuable and enlightening. One of the issues discussed has been whether the adoption of (C-) ITS solutions is still a technological challenge or rather an organisational barrier, and how the proposed Community of Interest can further support the adoption and diffusion of (C-) ITS solutions. Furthermore, the influence of national regulatory frameworks on the (C-) ITS markets has been addressed, an issue that different public deliverables of the NEWBITS project have dealt with as well.
Become a member of the NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP): Register now! To find out more about NEWBITS and current project news visit and follow the project on Twitter (@NEWBITS_CITS) and LinkedIn (NEWBITS Project).
Inquiries can be addressed to: Ms. Viara Bojkova | Project coordinator at Ortelio Ltd |


Electronic ticket and Mobility operation center, Liguria Region at the center of ITS innovation
At the end of September, the offer submitted by the joint venture composed by Pluservice and the French multinational corporation Thales has been considered as the best among those presented in the tender launched by Liguria Digitale – the public company for digital innovation of the Liguria Region – for the realization of the new electronic ticketing and monitoring system of public transport vehicles dedicated to the entire regional service.
The implementation, scheduled for 2019, will allow citizens and tourists to receive information about timetables and travel on all public transport means in the region and enjoy flexibility and simplicity like never before.
The project envisages a single control room to monitor the entire regional public transport system and that is able to locate in real time all the vehicles in service and thus forecast effectively the actual time of any vehicles in transit at the bus stops, through the internet and mobile app. A powerful search engine will also guide users through the best route to reach any destination in the region with either the private car or the public transport, either with the intermodality (car + public transport) or using the shared mobility services available in the area.
But it is on the front of the ticketing that the system will represent a real revolution. Travel tickets will be only a legacy of the past: contactless electronic cards will still be available to load tickets or subscriptions, but it will be also possible to get onboard directly – even without the need to pre-purchase a ticket – by approaching one’s contactless credit card (EMV technology) to the electronic validator. The electronic card can also be replaced by a smartphone on which an app must be installed that, thanks to the HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology, will allow the mobile phone to behave exactly like the contactless card. The user can then be charged at the end of the month, with a single invoice and directly on the desired bank account, the amount corresponding to all the trips actually taken, according to the best rate.
For the transport companies, however, the operation center will collect all the ticketing data, in order to provide for the compensation of revenues between the different operators of the regional transport system on the basis of the real use of services by users.
After the one of Emilia Romagna Region in 2003, the city of Milan and Lombardy Region in 2017, this is the most important contract in Italy in the last 20 years.
Pluservice is entrusted with all the intelligence of the system, that is the realization of all the application software for ticketing, localization and monitoring of vehicles and the service, provided both in the regional operation center, in the sales network and in the on-board systems, as well as entrusted with the project management, executive design, training of transport companies’ operators, full service assistance and maintenance for 10 years.
Once implemented, the system will represent the state of the art of the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) technology applied to the public transport ticketing system and will be an important added value of the Region in the field of tourism and cultural development, providing an advanced infrastructure but with a particularly user-friendly approach.


SWARCO MIZAR in the #Roma5G project
#Roma5G is the project launched in September 2017 by Roma Capitale with Fastweb and Ericsson for the testing of 5G and Wi-Fi technologies, enabling the development of innovative services to be implemented by the end of 2020 in some areas of the municipal area.
SWARCO MIZAR, as a technological partner of the project for mobility management, will bring innovative contributions that, through the use of the new 5G technology, will allow the connection of AVM system to the traffic control system in order to provide the priority to public transport. Moreover, on board, the video streams acquired through traditional video surveillance cameras, through an advanced video analysis software based on Artificial Intelligence, will allow to monitor the service and prevent anomalous situations. Both proposals aim at increasing services to citizens through the latest generation technologies such as 5G.
SWARCO Mizar is a market leader: facts and figures speak for themselves. We speak about public transport fleet management systems and traffic management systems for over 100 customers worldwide: over 15,000 connected vehicles and over 500,000,000 kilometers monitored each year. Every day, over 5,500,000 passengers receive information on their journey from the SWARCO Mizar systems and more than 2,500 intersections are monitored and controlled in real time.
SWARCO Mizar therefore remains the excellence for mobility management and maintains the evolution process imposed by megatrends: this pilot installation exploits a combination of brand new communication and processing technologies to increase comfort and safety during the journey, with the final aim of providing a contribution to improving the quality of life.
"We are proud to participate in the project. Swarco Mizar has always considered itself a partner of technology and innovation, in a territory where our experience has been consolidated over time by managing the urban traffic control of over 300 centralized intersections "comments the President of Swarco Mizar, Luigi Giacalone.


Steve Project: technologies and excellence for shared electric mobility
Turin and Venaria pilot cities, with Calvià (Spain) and Villach (Austria), of the European project 'Steve' (Smart-Taylored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEtherogeneous urbanuse-cases) which pursue the development and validation of services and solutions aimed to facilitate the adoption of shared electric mobility. A fleet of light, small and new generation prototype electric vehicles will be built as a solution to reduce the critical issues of traffic in urban centers, such as traffic congestion or pollution.
Involved 21 partners between Universities, Administrations and SMEs, the last one with a central role in the development of the required technology, supported by EU in the innovative actions planning: "Horizon 2020 - Green Vehicles 2016-2017".
Piedmont area subjects, as well as the Municipalities of Turin and Venaria, are JAC Italy Design Center, Ideas & Motion, Polytechnic of Turin and VEM Solutions S.p.A. (a Viasat Group company).
The latter take a central role: they have been entrusted with the task of developing technological elements of the project, above all to allow connectivity between vehicles that are part of the experimentation. The key point of the vision developed is the integration of shared mobility with a low environmental impact in a wider intermodal mobility system (cars, bikes, scooters) and the experimental assesment for citizen usability.
"Electric and shared mobility is going to play a key role in the next few years, thanks also to the growing public awareness of the effects that current mobility has on the environment", explains Marco Annoni, CEO of Vem Solutions. "The Viasat Group, one of the leading European players in the telematic services for connected cars, has always been careful to the dynamics of a collective and individual smart mobility,"made"of intelligent, safe, sustainable vehicles and intelligent infrastructures".

TTS Italia partners


AEP shares the success story of the first French EMV system in a complete urban environment

Filibus network in Chartres (France), in cooperation and partnership with Mastercard, has put in operation an integrated payment system of passenger tickets by EMV contactless bank card directly on board of their buses.
This is the first fully integrated system, because it has been deployed throughout the whole transport network. It is fully integrated because it enables, through a single validation terminal both usual transportation’s supports (Calypso cards, contactless tickets, QR-code...) and bank cards.
The transport authority Chartres Métropole can therefore claim to be the first transport company in France to launch such type of service, also thank to the Electronic Ticketing System completely developed and deployed by AEP Ticketing Solutions, TTS Italia ordinary member.
Considering the importance of the event, AEP has generated an explanatory document describing in the very details the Chartres system. You can download it from here
Mastercard press release can be downloaded from here
Source: AEP

Atac and Moovit: an agreement for real time information on waiting times, routes and detours

A collaboration agreement between Atac, TTS Italia founding member, and Moovit, free of charge, "which will allow the development of new and more efficient infomobility services for Romans and tourists. The innovation is part of the digital transformation process undertaken by Atac, which envisages a growing use of the opportunities offered by new technologies to improve customer services, making public transport infrastructures more easily accessible ».
«Thanks to the agreement reached with Moovit, the world's leading application for infomobility services, customers will be able to have information, even personalized, in real time, simply and quickly». Moovit will use the open data made available by Atac, with real-time information on the lines, and make it available to customers within its app, allowing users to communicate directly with the existing information services managed by Atac for have personalized information on waiting times, detours and the various events that may occur during the day. This will be possible thanks to the integration of Moovit with the Twitter account InfoAtac which already carries out an informative and personalized service for the over 300 thousand followers who follow the channel. The application will also offer users a set of information on the Roman transport system (location of ticket offices, indication of the most convenient titles, information campaigns for subscribers, etc.), in geo-referenced and multilingual modes. To get the real-time arrival forecast and service alerts, simply download the Moovit free app on your smartphone or go to
"When a line is monitored in real time, the Moovit app will show waiting times green," says a note.

Famas System wins tender for road traffic detection

Famas System SpA, TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded the tender issued by Intercent-ER - Regional Agency for the development of telematic markets for services, supplies and accessory activities as part of the project to implement and continue the regional system for automated road traffic detection (MTS system).
Source: TTS Italia

In Turin the workshop “Mobility as a Service: how does mobility change?”

Organized by AIIT Piemonte and Valle D'Aosta, the workshop "Mobility as a Service: how does mobility change?" took place on November 30th in Turin.
The event was an opportunity to discuss how the Mobility as a Service - MaaS can effectively change the mobility paradigm, also moving from practical approaches to European projects.
Many members of TTS Italia took part as speakers: Swarco Mizar, founding member; 5T, Pluservice and Politecnico di Torino, ordinary members.
Source: AIIT/TTS Italia


Kapsch TrafficCom and Axxès form a joint venture and bring a sustainable and wide coverage technology platform for EETS to the market
Tolling service and solution provider Axxès and Kapsch TrafficCom, TTS Italia ordinary member, created a joint venture named MoKA SAS. Both shareholders aim to share investments and technology to increase their service portfolio as well as to improve commercial conditions by realising economies of scale. The newly founded joint venture is not in direct contact with end users but serves as a technology collaboration link between Kapsch and Axxès. Business relations to customers are held seperately by Axxès and tolltickets GmbH, a majority-owned Kapsch TrafficCom subsidiary which received accreditation as an EETS provider in Febuary 2018. Axxès and tolltickets therefore operate independently on the market as competitors. Both companies operate their own commercial back office. Kapsch TrafficCom provides EETS-certified on-board units (OBU) to customers of Axxès and tolltickets and Axxès is responsible for the GNSS Charging Engine.
EETS is intended to considerably simplify toll processing for commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons. Until now, tolls have been paid directly to the respective toll charger in different countries. As a result, an international truck must be separately registered in several countries and equipped with separate on-board units to record the distance travelled and to calculate the corresponding tolling fees. With EETS, customers only need a contract with one EETS provider and one OBU. In order to offer this tolling service, companies must first be accredited in their home country, following a thorough examination of various technical and economic aspects. After successful approval, an EETS provider must be certified by the various toll collectors who already operate an EETS-enabled system.
Kapsch TrafficCom and Axxès have been working closely on designing and supporting EETS solutions such as the “Viapass Kilometer Charge” for trucks of over 3.5 tons in Belgium. The jointly developed solution was the first to be successfully certified as EETS, just in time for the Viapass commencement date on April 1, 2016. Axxès serves a fleet of 200,000 trucks equipped with a GNSS solution by Kapsch. The latest joint venture is an important step for both companies in helping them develop and provide a better EETS offering for their customers.


Kapsch TrafficCom closes acquisition of eTrans Systems
Kapsch TrafficCom, TTS Italia ordinary member, announced its acquisition of eTrans Systems (eTrans) on November 1, 2018. eTrans is a Virginia-based provider of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) solutions that provide the foundation for a wide range of safety and mobility applications. The acquisition enriches the Kapsch V2X (connected vehicles) solution set within the rapidly developing connected and autonomous vehicles landscape. eTrans will become part of Kapsch TrafficCom and its solutions will be integrated within the global Kapsch product portfolio.
Integrating the eTrans solutions reinforces Kapsch’s position in the emerging connected mobility market by supporting an optimized flow of transportation and information. Kapsch will combine eTrans’ technology-agnostic on-board and roadside unit applications within its portfolio. These applications support vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle to pedestrian (V2P) safety and mobility services. eTrans’ cloud-based smart services also support proactive utilization of V2X data for transportation systems management and operations. Current eTrans deployments include V2X projects in Michigan, North Carolina, and Nevada as well as licensing agreements with customers such as Renesas and Danlaw. Kapsch and eTrans have already partnered on several projects in North America such as the Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) corridor in North Carolina and the H407 connected vehicle pilot in Toronto.
“The knowledge of the eTrans team in embedded, mobile, and IoT technologies will strongly enhance our offerings in the connected and autonomous vehicle transportation field,” said Alexander Lewald, CTO of Kapsch TrafficCom. “Connected mobility technologies are increasingly dependent on information-sharing, and our integrated solutions can contribute significantly to this industry as it continues to develop.”
John Estrada, CEO of eTrans, added: “Everyone at eTrans is very excited for the opportunities that working with the Kapsch team will provide. We've worked very hard over the past few years in building out our portfolio of projects and now we'll be able to bring those solutions to wider group of customers”.
Source: kapsch


Locauto gains speed: with Elefast you can now book and pick up your car 24/7
The partnership between Targa Telematics, TTS Italia founding member, and Locauto goes from strength to strength with version 2.0 of Elefast – the innovative system from Locauto Rent. Using the app, you can rent a car in full self-service mode – to need to go to the rental desk.
Since its debut two years ago, Elefast has revolutionised short-term rentals with the introduction of rapid, autonomous pick-up and booking procedures, freeing the user from the need to report to the booking desk.
Locauto is ready to move on to the next level and expand its customer base through important innovations developed by Targa Telematics. All ensuring a more rapid, convenient and above all immediate service. The watchword is: “ready to rent”!
Giuliano Benaglio, Smart Mobility Director of Locauto commented: "With this totally new version of Elefast, Locauto emerges as a pioneer in technological innovation and a leading player in car rentals. It’s a big step closer to the concept of Smart Mobility, a “citizen-friendly” mobility concept that's high-tech with low environmental impact."
"Elefast aims to meet user mobility requirements in a practical way," explains Silvia Salemi, Chief Marketing Officer of Targa Telematics. "Targa Telematics has taken care of not just the technology, but also all the essential aspects of innovative service delivery. With its mobile app, Elefast becomes a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) enabler, which gives the end-user a smarter customer experience."
One of the biggest new developments is the extension of the vehicle booking and pick-up service. With the technological input of Telematics Targa, users can now utilise Elefast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the app for iOS and Android available in their stores.
Also, the new version of Elefast lets you book your car by choosing it right in the car park, or you can change an existing booking and choose a different car model, relying on an entire exclusive fleet.
It all happens with a few simple clicks. Elefast now combines the speed of car sharing and the benefits and security of Locauto Short Term Rental – this means you can always count on a clean car with a full tank, checked after each use. In addition, the technological platform of Targa Telematics designed specifically for the partner and its customers is connected to the operations center, providing driver assistance in all circumstances.
Source: Targa Telematics


myCicero at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

myCicero, a subsidiary of Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, participated together with an Italian delegation at the Smart City Expo World Congress (13-15 November) at the stand promoted by ICE.
As a world-leading event dedicated to cities, the Smart City Expo World Congress offers a unique meeting point for the smart city sectors and an innovative platform for the development of urban action plans around the world.
By promoting social innovation, creating partnerships and identifying business opportunities, the event is dedicated to creating a better future for cities and their citizens.
Pluservice took part in one of the "Solution Talks", dedicated to "IoT & Disruptive Technologies for Cities".
Source: Pluservice/myCicero


Partnership between OMV and Kapsch for the provision of a standardised European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) for trucks

Different toll systems pose major challenges for internationally active transport companies in Europe, because in many cases there are different toll boxes and different forms of payment for each country and even for individual motorways.
However, a standardised, Europe-wide tolling solution based on the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) is available starting immediately thanks to OMV Smart Toll Europe. Users of the OMV Card can take advantage of OMV Smart Toll Europe to make cashless toll payments for various toll stations, bridges, and tunnels. The billing of the incurred tolls and tunnel fees is handled centrally by OMV, just as users are accustomed to. The toll box was developed by Kapsch TrafficCom, TTS Italia ordinary member. The billing service will be managed by tolltickets, a subsidiary of Kapsch Group, and will launch in Austria and Hungary starting in November. Additional European countries – including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium – will follow in the near future.
“With OMV Smart Toll Europe, we are offering our customers a future-oriented and individually tailored tolling solution for all of Europe. In this way, we are responding to the European Commission’s initiative for the harmonisation of toll systems in Europe and providing a straightforward, transparent solution. We are looking forward to the rollout and the successive expansion of the deployment area and would like to thank our partner, Kapsch TrafficCom, for the outstanding collaboration,” said Benedikt Hans, Head of Card at OMV.
Kapsch TrafficCom, the expert for intelligent transport systems, was able to fall back on years of experience and extensive expertise with electronic toll systems and traffic telematics solutions in the development of the OMV Smart Toll Europe toll box. With over 120 million toll boxes sold worldwide, the company has established itself as a global player in the field of electronic toll systems. The billing of the tolls is handled by tolltickets. This subsidiary of Kapsch Group is based in Rosenheim and successfully completed the EETS accreditation required by the EU in February 2018. In addition, tolltickets offers a wide range of services related to tolling solutions for private and business customers.
Source: Kapsch

Pluservice wins tender for on board units

Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded the tender issued by Società Vicentina Trasporti (SVT) for the supply of 350 Digitax Xone Plus on-board computers to be installed on the SVT urban and suburban bus fleet. SVT reserves the right to entrust, in the 2 years following the award of the contract, the supply up to a maximum of 10 additional on-board computers, at the same prices and conditions offered during the tender.
Source: TTS Italia


Targa Telematics sponsored of Emanuele Buzzi

Targa Telematics, TTS Italia founding member, sponsored the athlete Emanuele Buzzi, member of the national A-team in downhill and Super G events and competitor in major international events.
After taking part in the Pyeongchang Olympics and gaining excellent, steadily improving results in the heats of the Ski World Cup last season, the young downhiller from Sappada took part at the World Cup and the World Championships in Sweden.
Targa Telematics works in the field of Internet of Things and is the European leader in the development of connected-car technologies, providing its services to major rental companies, leasing companies, large company fleets and car sharing operators. The company has always believed in the potential of the young people it invests in to foster their steady growth, supporting their healthy ambition and competition to develop new technologies and accelerate expansion on the markets; nurturing their passion, speed and courage to create value for customers in innovative and unconventional ways. Targa Telematics shares these characteristics with Emanuele Buzzi, as a person and as an athlete. This is why we took the opportunity to associate our brand with the young Italian downhiller, proud to be at his side in the achievement of his sporting goals.
Source: Targa Telematics

Targa Telematics technology for PISTA, the car sharing in the city of Messina

Recent days have seen the unveiling of the car sharing service by the company known as PISTA – the acronym for “Platform for Innovation and Sustainability of Transport and Environment”. The technological partner in the project is Targa Telematics, the national leader in mobility research and development, and TTS Italia founding member. PISTA aims to provide a practical solution to urban traffic problems through the adoption of a shared mobility scheme integrated with Messina’s existing transport system. The service starts with a trial run involving the University of Messina: a 25-vehicle fleet (14 Smart Fortwo and 11 Smart Forfour cars) will be made available to students, lecturers and staff.
Targa Telematics provides the infrastructure, hardware and software to monitor and manage the vehicles: the digital platform manages all the service technology, from user registration through to vehicle bookings and payments. With the mobile app users can rent, pick up and return their vehicles at the university sites (Annunziata, Ingegneria, Policlinico), visible on the map. By reading the QR Codes on the windscreen or entering the license plate number, the user can open the doors, take the key from the dashboard, start the engine and get to their destination. At the end of the rental, the user parks the car in one of the PISTA spaces and with a few clicks completes the vehicle closure procedure. A number of services are available, including the Telematics Targa operations center open 24/7 for driver support at any stage of the rental.
As part of the planned two-year field testing program, data collected by the Targa Telematics technology platform will be analyzed to find out whether there is a change in culture and the public perception to car sharing. The aim is to better evaluate how the whole community can benefit from innovative and sustainable transport solutions. Possible further developments of the project include the integration of the service with electric cars or other forms of smart mobility, such as scooters and bike sharing. The long-term goal is to build a shared and integrated mobility system that can act as a hub in places like Messina and nearby Calabria. Agreements between municipalities and other local authorities will facilitate connections with ports and airports. The first step towards achieving this is to foster change in culture and in citizens’ lifestyles by raising public environmental awareness through the use of shared vehicles.
Source: Targa Telematics


TomTom e BMW Motorrad offrono una soluzione di navigazione via app

TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, announced that BMW Motorrad owners can now experience the best of TomTom navigation for motorcyclists running on the BMW Motorrad Connected app. The smartphone app stays safely in the rider’s pocket, while visual directions are shown on the bike’s integrated handlebar display. Audio directions are provided via Bluetooth® into the rider’s compatible helmet.
Features have been motorcycle-optimized, with one of the most requested – the option to choose winding routes – being introduced.
The new functionality is available from today, with app users needing only to update their app, free of charge, before their next ride.
Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive, said: “The combination of TomTom’s maps, software and services provides a fantastic motorbike navigation experience for BMW Motorrad riders.”
TomTom’s navigation components are provided to BMW Motorrad via TomTom’s Navigation software, NavKit, alongside TomTom’s NDS maps, and services including TomTom Traffic, weather and Speed cameras.
Source: TomTom

TomTom Telematics named Europe’s largest provider of fleet management solutions for fourth year running

Market analyst firm, Berg Insight, has recognized TomTom Telematics, TTS Italia founding member, as the largest provider of fleet management solutions in Europe for the fourth successive year.
The 13th edition of Berg Insight’s Fleet Management in Europe report estimates that the overall market penetration of fleet management systems in active use will double over the coming five years, from 15% in 2017 to 28.8% by 2022.
‘When we started with WEBFLEET almost 20 years ago, few of our customer had heard about fleet management and its benefits. Our SaaS fleet management solution WEBFLEET is now integrated into our customers’ operations processes – helping them to reduce fuel costs, increase productivity, and get more jobs done every day’, said Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of TomTom Telematics.
‘TomTom WEBFLEET has seen multiple make-overs throughout its lifetime, which allowed us to grow to where we are today. Through continuous innovation, we‘ve shaped fleet management in Europe, and we’re committed to further develop the market’, added Schmidt.
Source: TomTom

TTS Italia welcomes the new members!

Following the approval by the Board of Directors, TTS Italia is happy to welcome 8 new members:
- Eltraff Srl (, active in the field of traffic and speed control technologies;
- Engine Srl (, dedicated to the design, production and marketing of systems and solutions for traffic control;
- ENG System Srl, for the design, production and marketing of systems and solutions for traffic control;
- Kria Srl (, for the design, manufacture and marketing of recognition systems based on automatic image acquisition and recognition technologies;
- Maggioli Spa (, whose technologies include automatic detectors of traffic code infringements and local security technologies: a set of tools that allow the management of city traffic, road safety and control mobility and territory;
- Sinelec Spa (, for the development of new innovative solutions for the intelligent and safe management of traffic and infrastructure;
- T.Net Spa (, for IoT-based solutions and projects focusing mainly on Smart Farming, Smart Mobility and Intelligent Transportation System;
- Velocar Srl (, specialized in the localization and sale of road traffic control equipment.
Source: TTS Italia


Viasat Fleet: goodbye inefficiencies!

In the last few years, a journey has begun in the "4.0 industry of road transport", to the discovery of the operating model that will guide the companies dealing with freight and logistics in a global market that is increasingly competitive but also safer, legal, sustainable. In this scenario, Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been at the forefront of the use of Infotelematica technology, indispensable for efficient fleet management and perfect optimization of operating costs since the 1980s.
Valerio Gridelli talks about it - AD Viasat.
For the interview, click here (available only in Italian)
Source: Viasat


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Webinar on ITS & C-ITS online training courses on 18 December

This first webinar of the CAPITAL ITS e-learning project, involving TTS Italia as a partner, will offer introductory training on intelligent transport systems (ITS) and connected ITS (C-ITS), with a look at deployment stories, basic requirements, and potential benefits for public authorities.
18 December 2018, 15:00 – 16:00 CET
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This introductory-level one-hour webinar is open to all with no prior requirement. Participation to the webinar is free of charge but registration is mandatory.
By attending this webinar, you can expect to learn about:
• Examples of ITS and C-ITS deployment
• What are the basic elements public authorities need to know about deployment of ITS?
• How the CAPITAL ITS e-learning project can support public authorities
• The ITS e-learning platform
• future training opportunities offered by the CAPITAL project
This short webinar represents an ideal opportunity for a first contact with ITS and C-ITS, prior to enrolling in an ITS e-learning course.
Moderator: Monica Giannini
Senior Manager – Innovation & Deployment, ERTICO-ITS Europe

TTS Italia at the workshop on "Local authorities choices in preparation for the assignment of the public transport service"

TTS Italia, represented by the Secretary General Olga Landolfi, will take part in the welcome greetings of the workshop organized by federMobilità on "Local authorities choices in preparation for the assignment of the public transport service".
The event, which will take place on December 19th, is the 7th organized in the context of "Short Master" -PUBLIC TRANSPORT TENDERS, a series of training and information seminars for Local Authorities, technological innovations and methodologies to support changes in the public transport.
After examining in the last seminars the reference context, the various aspects of the industrial and commercial process of the public transport with the related technological and methodological aspects in support of the various processes, with the new seminars, federMobilità focuses on a series of issues who see the Local Authorities engaged, and their Contracting Stations involved, in the preparatory phase for the assignment choices. These choices were chosen to identify the best solutions to allow local authorities, in relation to the context conditions, to successfully entrust "their" public transport services to competent and reliable managers.
Among the speakers of the day, also 5T and Lem Reply, TTS Italia ordinary members.
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TTS Italia in the Board of Directors of IRF Global

IRF Global (International Road Federation) has recently elected 26 new Directors on its Board for the duration of two years.
TTS Italia, represented by the General Secretary Olga Landolfi, is now one of the components representing 27 countries.
IRF Global is a non-profit organization, based in Washington, whose mission is to encourage and promote the development and maintenance of safer and more sustainable roads.
For the complete list of Board Directors, click here

TTS Italia at the 2° National Conference on “ITS in local public transport: the AVM and the on board systems”

Sponsored by TTS Italia, the 2nd National Conference "ITS in local public transport: the AVM and the on board systems" took place on December 12th in Rome.
An effective urban mobility policy is one of the main objectives pursued by transport companies in recent years. The continuous increase in the demand for mobility has encouraged the use of a system approach based on new technologies, in which information, management and control of mobility operate in synergy, optimizing the use of infrastructures, vehicles and logistics platforms, in a multimodal perspective.
Intelligent transport systems (ITS), based on the interaction between information technology and telecommunications, make it possible to transform transport into an "integrated system", where traffic flows are distributed in a balanced way between the various modes, for greater efficiency, productivity and above all transport safety.
ITS systems for traffic and mobility management are operating in many Italian cities; moreover, almost 80% of Local Public Transport Companies are equipped with systems for locating and monitoring fleets, aimed at improving the service offer.
The benefits of an evolution of ITS systems represent a valid motivation to continue to encourage the development of the phenomenon; Among the benefits that can be found are: reduction of travel time, decrease in the number of accidents, decrease in congestion, reduction of polluting emissions and reduction of energy consumption.
Starting from these premises, AIIT and ASSTRA have organized this second convention which analyzed interesting European and Italian experiences, and the research conducted by the ASSTR within the ITS Working Group on the AVM.
TTS Italia, in particular, represented by the General Secretary Olga Landolfi, took part in the Round Table: "The benefits of the AVM and future prospects".

TTS Italia at the Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings in Turin

Commerce together with the main industrial players of the territory were the main sponsors of the first edition of the VTM - Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings business convention, organized by international company ABE-Advanced Business Events, which was held in Turin on 27 and 28 November. The convention was dedicated to the main challenges in the field of integrated mobility such as: hybrid and electric propulsion systems, autonomous driving, connectivity and cybersecurity, logistics and services, solutions and related products.
The appointment has given particular importance to topics such as:
• hybrid and electric vehicles
• sustainable mobility
• self-driving cars
• connectivity and cybersecurity
• logistics and services for mobility
in addition to all the technologies that will be necessary in future road mobility, based on electric vehicles, connected and autonomous.
On November 27th, the day was opened with a high-level conference, while the following day the pre-organized B2B meetings were held, between suppliers and international buyers.
TTS Italia participated in the event represented by President Rossella Panero, in the role of chairman of the session on NEW MOBILITY MODELS, SMART INFRASTRUCTURE TRANSFORMATION AND INTERACTION, CLOUD SERVICES, BIG DATA & CYBERSECURITY.

TTS Italia at the MTRAM User Meeting 2018 by M.A.I.O.R.

The MTRAM User Meeting took place on November 13th in Florence, at the Palazzo dei Congressi, the annual event reserved for MAIOR customers, TTS Italia ordinary memeber, where experts and operators of Local Public Transport share experiences, projects, solutions and ideas that can contribute to make the mobility of our cities more sustainable.
Among the participants, this year also TTS Italia, represented by the President Rossella Panero, took part in the round table entitled "Entrustments and tenders: what is the future of public transport in Italy?" where the Directors and Business Managers and Regulatory Authorities discussed together on one of the most controversial issues at the center of the national debate, also in light of recent legislative developments and deadlines scheduled for December 2019. The round table was also an opportunity to discuss the role of software such as MAIOR's MTRAM in the preliminary and subsequent stages of the tender award: from the evaluation of costs to the validation of the services provided.i.


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