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N° 10 November / December 2019





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You recently received the Global Road Achievement Award (GRAA) 2019 in Las Vegas, which the city of Turin has won in urban mobility. What does this recognition mean for your city?

This is a recognition that we hold very dear to, which rewards the path that the city is taking through the Torino City Lab: an entire territory that becomes a laboratory by providing the facilities to experiment and innovate. The award was given to one of three laboratory specialties, namely new and sustainable mobility.


The project “The Turin Smart Road project: the role of public authorities as key enablers of innovative mobility based services on ITS” was awarded. What is it about?
It is the Turin smart road project that aims to test the mobility of the future right where the car was born. Today about forty Italian and foreign subjects, and not only FCA, are working in the Torino City Lab for a different mobility, linked to telecommunications: thanks to MaaS, the car becomes an enabling platform for many services. Turin had the strength to put into operation a 35-kilometer circuit for testing the autonomous car with signs that warn citizens about the carrying out of experiments. However, I have to admit, that this project was born with a limitation: the Smart Road decree in fact opens up experimentation only to car makers, while the subjects that need to experiment are many, particularly in the field of services. Three weeks ago a request was sent to the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport aimed at modifying the law to open access also to subjects that currently could only act in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers. We have excellences in software that are experimenting solutions for connected cars that remain excluded from the possibilities offered by the decree. We are noticing that even car makers are interested in improving aspects of the assisted driving and functionalities related such as safety. Last month we hosted the 138 operators participating in 5G AA (https://5gaa.org, ed) in Turin who are studying the potential of 5G in the automotive world. This is because in June 2019 Turin officially became part of this international organization, for now it is the only city in the world. In short, we are anticipators of these dynamics and we want to deal with sustainable mobility at all level.


Turin is very active in innovation, and recently it reached the podium of smart cities. Are there other projects planned in the Torino City Lab on the mobility front?
As part of the Torino City Lab we are experimenting all the technologies related to drones. The project is called Dora Lab because we aim to use an area along the Dora river as a "highway" for light mobility, allowing the monitoring of the waterway, but it can also become a priority corridor for logistics, perhaps dedicated to the transport of urgent goods like hospital materials. It all started with a city celebration with about 300 drones in the sky. We did the show with the technologies: it also served to explain to the citizen what this mobility means that it is possible to decline even with an increase in safety on the territory. Think about jogging in the park early in the morning and having a drone that controls the situation: wouldn't you feel safer?


Unfortunately, not all Italian cities reach the rate of innovation in Turin. In your opinion, what should be done at national level to support smart mobility?
Cities must act as aggregators of innovation. They do not have the strength to carry out projects, but they must create the conditions to carry them out. Innovation comes from the university, from the laboratories, but it must find concrete help in the institutions and in the public administration. Furthermore, timing is important: the innovation arising as experimentation cannot be trapped by the rules, it is the laws that must incorporate the needs of new technologies. The example of the Smart Road decree should make us think: those who work in the laboratory must be able to say what the needs are for experimentation and not vice versa. Turin as a city stands alongside operators, making the territory available. This should be replicated at national level: to facilitate experimentation and meet the needs to proceed with innovation.


The National ITS Action Plan, launched in 2014, would need to be updated. Do you believe that this procedure can also be applied here? And what do you think the priorities are?
A geological era has passed for technology since 2014, it is certainly necessary to update everything in line with evolution, but I am convinced that we must also review the logic. The Plan should take into consideration the main themes, the needs of the cities, but delegate the search for solutions to experimentation and new technologies. For example, Turin has identified road safety on the territory as one of its primary objectives, aiming for a zero vision in 2050, or the elimination of fatal accidents by that date. This will be done with a series of technologies which, I imagine, will evolve over this period of time.


Returning to the award, it was shared with TTS Italia which supported the initiative. What does the collaboration with our association represent for Turin?
TTS Italia, like other partners, are very important for our business. We need to collaborate with those who make technology and TTS Italia is very useful as a link between us and companies. Without them, we would not have arrived at the prize, but it would not have been easy to even reach certain networks or understand some dynamics. Furthermore, associations, more than individual companies, are very useful for defining the planning and understanding the priorities of this sector.


Who is Marco Pironti. Marco Pironti is the Deputy Mayor of Innovation, Smart City and ICT Systems of the City of Torino. He is carrying out the strategy of innovation and digitization of the city of Torino. His vision for the city is to turn into a laboratory for testing frontier innovations open to the world, but especially an administration vision that is always looking to citizen participation. A cutting-edge city vision is based on Torino City Lab, an initiative platform aimed at creating simplified conditions for companies interested in conducting testing in real conditions of innovative solutions for urban living. Promoted by the City of Turin, it involves a vast local partnership of subjects from public and private sectors interested in supporting and growing the local innovation ecosystem and frontier innovation. He is a Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Torino – Computer Science Department, Director of ICxT Interdepartmental Innovation Center and member of ScientificCommittee of PhD program in Innovation for Circular Economy. He is an author of more than 90 articles and other publications. His main research interests are relating to strategy, innovation management and business modeling & planning.

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SINELEC is the technology company of ASTM Group, the second toll motorway operator in the world and a global player in the engineering and construction of major infrastructural projects. By developing advanced technology solutions for electronic tolling and intelligent transportation system (ITS), SINELEC is committed to contributing to the creation of a sustainable mobility model, characterized by an optimized and safe management of traffic and infrastructures within the extra-urban and urban road ecosystems.
Tolling & Access Management, Operations & Traffic Management, Safety & Security and Connected Mobility are the main areas of activity, crosswise supported by the significant company experience as technical consulter, provider of in-house developed solutions and system integrator.
Thanks to over 20 years spent in the motorway sector alongside the concessionaires, deeply understanding their operational and maintenance needs, SINELEC can combines its solid domain knowledge and the power of digital innovation to guarantee cutting-edge solutions, aimed at a real improvement of the use of transport infrastructures.
The company is indeed actively involved in their digitalization process in Italy, enabling road operators to face future mobility challenges like the introduction of connected-autonomous vehicles, electrical cars and new mobility models based on the digital interconnections and the integration of services.


For more details, click here



SINCRO is the SINELEC software solution specifically designed to support operators in the management of road infrastructures. The platform leverages a complete functional integration of heterogeneous ITS sub-systems (e.g. CCTV, VMS, AID), by enabling their smart coordination and providing the user with one simple comprehensive interface to visualize complex data.
SINCRO platform is currently adopted by 14 Operational Control Centres in Italy for the management of over 1.400 km of highway with 51 tunnels.


Following the transposition of the EU Directive 2004/54/EC about the minimum safety requirements for the tunnels of the trans-European road network and the relevant need for technological adaptation, SINELEC has further developed its SINCRO platform, integrating the functionalities of the SCADA tunnel systems (e.g. ventilation, linear heat detection, emergency light, carbon monoxide detection) to the already existing ITS ones.
SINCRO combines advanced sensory and computer technologies to detect tunnel incidents, fire or, more generally, risky situations and immediately activate the emergency operations.
While processing real-time incoming data, SINCRO implements validation/congruity techniques for the correlation of detected anomalies, enabling automatic activations previously configured, besides giving the operator the opportunity to intervene.


This integrated solution acts as a decision support system (DSS) through a continuous timely detection of critical events, an immediate response in identifying the emergency scenario and implementing the most performing strategies and related procedures, thanks to the intuitive user interface that highlights all the actions undertaken and all procedures activated in just-one view.
The platform ensures quick and proper information, via different communication services, both to the drivers for a safe and efficient rescue in case of risk, and to the emergency authorities like police, fire department, and ambulance. Additionally, all the activities are recorded and stored in a database, available for post analysis and investigation.


Ugo Govigli, Chief Executive Officer at SINELEC S.p.A.

Both the technology and mobility markets evolve fast. What is required to stay competitive?
Both markets are now linked to social and environmental aspects.
An approach based on the Open Innovation and on the ability to enhance the company's experiential baggage is fundamental to ride the continuous wave of business transformation in our field.
By collaborating with universities, research institutes and suppliers we create value and generate a direct connection with the experimental world and with cross-sector visions. In addition, the continuous training of internal resources let us consolidate and renew our valuable know-how, that better qualifies us as a technology partner rather than just a product company.

How is SINELEC changing?
The company’s growth registered in the recent years in Italy - our reference market - and abroad has led us to the current phase. SINELEC is opening up to the international market: the American subsidiary is now operating, and another office will be ready soon in the Middle East area, in Abu Dhabi.
Given the increasing complexity of this international scenario, we pursue the challenging goal of guaranteeing high-performance and cutting-edge technology solutions suitable for a global context.


Thinking about SINELEC in 5 years, what do you see?
The SINELEC route is traced within a broader strategic project led by ASTM Group. As technology partner of the Group, SINELEC will operate in the three different continents Europe, America and Asia, preserving its quality of service and innovative capacity, as done to date in the active markets and for the companies of the Group. SINELEC offices, through their centers of competence, will work in synergy for the development and the implementation of competitive technological solutions at the international level.

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Sodi Scientifica introduces the new Autobox 106 speed camera site

Autobox 106 is a vandal-proof speed camera site, specifically designed to house Sodi Scientifica “Autovelox 106” speed enforcement device, able to contain both camera and visible or IR LED flash unit.


Two-way detection
Autovelox 106 Premium allows two-way detection on one-lane roads.
Through the use of rear photography, two-way detection allows:
- utmost respect for privacy
- detection of motor vehicle number plates
- night-time operation via two integrated flashes

Autobox 106 may be installed, without any modifications, both on the right and left sides of the road, and can be powered either by the mains, batteries or solar panels.

AutoBox 106 is manufactured from hot-rolled steel with a thickness of 3 mm.
The upper door is equipped with a double-bit security lock, while the service door is only accessible via the use of an internal release mechanism. Both are protected by an anti-intrusion and vandal-proof system.
The inspection windows are made from shatterproof polycarbonate and a special surface coating that allows easy removal of nitro-based spray paint stains.
The IR model incudes blackened inspection windows so as to obscure the instrument mounted inside.


Servizio “chiavi in mano”
Sodi Scientifica offers a complete service including:
- Autobox 106 speed camera site
- Autovelox 106 speed enforcement device
- LED flash
- GSM router
- REDS lite software
- OCR software
- transportation
- installation
- testing
- manufacturer’s guarantee covering complete system operation

For more information, please contact Sodi Scientifica Srl, via Poliziano 20, 50041 Calenzano (FI) - 055 886861 – emaill: info@sodi.comwww.sodi.com



Don't wait until you are sanctioned - protect yourself with inREGOLA with Viasat

As roadside and company checks are intensifying to ensure that driving times, breaks and rest periods are being observed and that the tachograph is being used correctly, transport companies are constantly exposed to the risk of incurring sanctions, even very onerous ones, in the event of infringements.
Often, even those who think they are complying with the regulations are subject to heavy fines because of the complexity of the legislation and the difficulty of complying with all the requirements.

Thanks to InREGOLATrasportoSemplice, the software by Team.ind Solution, a Viasat Group company, managing the fleet and all the requirements related to tachograph, driving times and rest periods becomes easier and faster! (Watch the Video).
InREGOLA allows you to analyze tachograph data and check the activity of drivers with just a few clicks. In addition, thanks to the SPIEGAMI system, infringements are immediately detected and reported in a simple and clear manner. For each violation InREGOLA indicates:
• The causes that have generated it;
• The correct behavior that the driver should have adopted in order to avoid it;
• Gravity and possible increases if the infringement is committed during the night (from 22.00 to 7.00);
• Potential sanction amount;
• Number of potentially lost driving license points.


With just one click, it is possible to automatically create and print out notification or deficiency letters and comply with the CONTROL REQUIREMENTS (Art. 33 EU Reg. 165/2014).
Is downloading fleet tachograph data a chore? Not with InBOX, the device that automatically downloads the legal data of the fleet at any time eliminating the need to bring the vehicles and drivers back to the company premises.
InBOX will autonomously download, at a designated time, the driver card and digital tachograph (of any brand and model) in accordance with the law, sending the legal data directly to the InREGOLA platform.
InBOX also allows you to know in real time the remaining driving hours, driving and rest bonuses used, the working hours, the next activity to be performed with time indication, helping to correctly plan the activity of drivers and COMPLY WITH THE ORGANIZATION REQUIREMENTS (Art. 10 EU Reg. 561/2006).


For more information:

TTS Italia partners


A4 Holding wins the Areté award for the awareness campaign on driving risks

The new video campaign of A4 Holding, a company of the Abertis Group that manages the A4 Brescia-Padua and A31 Valdastico motorways, and which sees A4 Mobility among the ordinary members of TTS Italia, designed to raise awareness among young people about driving risks after consuming alcohol and drugs, was awarded the prize for "best business communication", attributed by the national newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.
According to the jury, the campaign was the best “combined spot-social action but also discos, the first of its kind in Italy, created to speak directly to young people.
In fact, A4 Holding was rewarded for the contents and format of the innovative and impactful campaign that has social networks as its distribution channel, mainly Facebook and Instagram.
The campaign managed to reach more than 160,000 users, totaling more than 50,000 views of the videos made and more than 200 shares of posts published on Facebook.
Source: A4 Holding


Aesys wins tender for variable message signs

Aesys, TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded the tender issued by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità Srl (RSM) for the supply of a system of 10 variable message panels, which will extend the similar system currently in existence, managed by RSM.
Source: TTS Italia


Autostrade per l'Italia and IBM announce a project to improve the monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure in real time

Autostrade per l'Italia (ASPI) announced an innovative solution that integrates IBM's new infrastructure monitoring and management technology. The solution, never used before in Italy, was designed to support operators in checking the status of network infrastructures, both in real time and during the entire life cycle of the structures.
The new digital platform will integrate inspection, structural monitoring and maintenance activities to allow continuous management of infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and roads. Through mobile devices connected to the system, the technicians who carry out the inspections will have specific information relating to the infrastructure on which they are operating. This, together with the project documentation, will represent a valid technological support to support operators in determining if and when maintenance is required. For example, the inspection activities cannot be completed unless all the actions foreseen by the check-list set in the software are performed. Automated workflow processes can be set up to monitor whether the required tasks have been successfully completed. Furthermore, the inspection process can only be finalized by the operator following the approvals of all required levels of responsibility. This workflow will allow operators to manage the infrastructure and associated information in a shared and transparent manner.
The system will provide 3D models of the monitored infrastructures, as well as images taken by technicians and processed by artificial intelligence, to classify which sections could require maintenance and suggest the activities to be carried out with further controls and checks by the operator.
The monitoring platform will communicate in real time with the sensors installed on the infrastructures, the number of which will increase progressively. This IoT (Internet of Things) technology will allow the creation of a centralized digital database containing constantly updated information on all 4,300 works (bridges, viaducts, overpasses and tunnels) that are part of the network managed by ASPI.
The new system will be launched in Italy on an experimental basis by the end of the year and will initially be tested on three viaducts. The objective is to implemente the technology on all 1,943 large network structures by the end of 2020.
The second phase of the project, which is expected to start in mid-2020, has been designed to support infrastructure maintenance activities - from design to tender, from execution of works to testing - which will flow into a single dashboard, offering to operators a completely integrated view of the activities.
The new ASPI system was designed to communicate immediately with the "Ainop" database, the interface promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for monitoring the security status of all Italian infrastructures. As part of this collaboration, IBM - including IBM Research - will develop the solution, according to Autostrade Tech, basing it on IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and Maximo Asset Monitor.
Source: ASPI


Datamed wins tender for public transport

Datamed-DataInfomobility, TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded the tender by the Mobility and Transport Company of Bari S.p.A for the supply of 1.200 bus stop poles accessible for the local urban public transport service of the city of Bari.
Source: TTS Italia


FCA chooses PTV Vissim as a micro-simulation tool to carry out innovation projects in the context of automated driving

FCA Group will rely on PTV technologies to develop tomorrow's cars. The PTV Group has been chosen as a technological partner by one of the world's leading automotive groups to support them, through tools and training, in the creation of extremely realistic virtual traffic scenarios that allow the testing of new algorithms at the base of driver assistance systems which are fundamental elements for the next mobility revolution represented by Autonomous Vehicles.
PTV Vissim is the world's leading microsimulation software for multimodal mobility scenarios. It is able to simulate every single element, from cars to public transport, from pedestrians to cyclists. It is equipped with a series of interfaces that allow to "build" the behavior of road users, including that of autonomous vehicles. Thanks to the integration with the main simulation tools for sensors, control and vehicle dynamics, PTV Vissim is one of the main elements of the so-called "Virtual V&V" (Verification and Validation), that is the possibility to test and validate solutions in a controlled virtual environment before putting them on the road for real tests. PTV Vissim simulates everything around the "test vehicle", roads, traffic light control systems, other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. providing input to the solution to be tested. It is possible to simulate miles of scenarios and to evaluate the quality of the proposed technologies even in critical contexts. With PTV Vissim it is also possible to test the communication between V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2X (vehicle-to-infrastructure).
Source: PTV Sistema


Fit Consulting wins tender for pan-European study on mobility models

FIT Consulting, TTS Italia ordinary member, together with a large consortium of which Stratec S.A. is the leader, won the tender issued by the European Commission-DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE) to carry out a pan-European survey, combined with studies related, to provide a complete snapshot of mobility patterns in European cities. The survey and related studies will need to collect information on new mobility models, the use of collective transport, conventional fuel-powered and alternative private vehicles, as well as active modes in European agglomerations. They will also need to assess the interest of European citizens in moving to more sustainable modes of transport and identify obstacles to their further use. The project will be divided into several tasks, however related: a survey on passenger mobility models in the main European centers; a survey focused on urban logistics; update of the TRACCS database.
Source: TTS Italia


Macnil Gruppo Zucchetti at MECSPE BARI

Macnil Zucchetti Group, TTS Italia ordinary member, was among the exhibitors at MECSPE in Bari from 28 to 30 November. In this first edition for the Central and Southern Italy market, the know-how matured so far in the themes of innovation and digitalization was the protagonist:
- Solutions for Operating Machines in line with the Italian national Industry 4.0 plan, which allow to bring machinery up to 250%
- Innovative solutions for Automotive and Fleet Management sectors
- Smart City, Smart Home and Digital Marketing
Source: Macnil Gruppo Zucchetti


Macnil in the Chamber of Deputies to tell the Murgia Valley

In November, at the Chamber of Deputies thirty sustainable and circular #wwworkers told their stories and experiences, with the aim of drawing up the first SME Manifesto and green craft businesses. Among the protagonists, also Maria Rita Costanza, CTO of Macnil Zucchetti Group, TTS Italia ordinary member, which created the Murgia Valley, the digital nursery that attracts local startups.
Source: TTS Italia


Maggioli and Indra win a tender for the Palermo information systems

Maggioli and Indra, TTS Italia ordinary members , in RTI with Capgemini, SIRTI, SIRFIN-PA, Consorzio Consis, won the tender by SISPI - Sistema Palermo Informatica S.p.A. for the assignment of IT services for the development of information systems of the Metropolitan City of Palermo.
Source: TTS Italia


Project Automation wins tender for electronic gates in Rome

Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded the tender announced by Rome Services for Mobility S.r.l. for the supply of a system of electronic gates for the automatic control of lanes reserved to the public transport of Roma Capitale.
Source: TTS Italia


The FS Italiane Group presents the new "SOI" system for digitizing the railway network monitoring

FS Technology and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana participated in Smart City Expo World Congress, presenting the "SOI" system for the digitalization of the monitoring of the rail network based on HxGN OnCall, the latest generation software for the management of the Operations Rooms created by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, a group specialized in technological solutions for the security of strategic infrastructures.
The system is an innovative monitoring tool able to guarantee access to information in real time for an increasingly effective and timely management of specific events related to rail traffic. The National Operations Room of RFI, which coordinates the 14 territorial operating rooms, is among the first worldwide to use the new generation technology.
The new technology makes it possible to improve, simplify and optimize the monitoring and governance of railway traffic by dialoguing with the platforms already in use and optimizing the management of resources in relation to the occurrence of specific events.
In the event of an anomaly on the railway network, the system is able to receive detailed information on the event from technicians and from the sensors installed on the entire network through a specific IoT interface, supporting the personnel of operating room in the event management.
The project, which was named "SOI", was edited by the former ICT Directorate of RFI, now merged into FS Technology, and Almaviva in the role of system integrator, and was implemented in just over a year including the phase of gradual activation of the 15 rooms. Among the key factors that have enabled such rapid response times to the needs of digitalization of the halls: the choice of a mature software product in terms of operating room management, experience and kow how to use the circulation and maintenance software platforms already in use in RFI and a project team in which the best railway skills, systems integration and knowledge of the new product were expressed. The new technology, active since last June, is now managed by FSTechnology, which since August 1st has been operating with high reliability and functional evolutions.
Source: Ferpress

To AEP ET-BLU the acknowledgement Calypso for the Best Innovation

The ET-BLU project from AEP ranked second ex-aequo in the Best Innovations category of the Calypso Networks Association Awards.
ET-BLU is a new component of AEP ticketing systems designed to make the integration of third-party systems easy and secure, such as cash dispenser or Automated Teller Machines (ATM), self-service automatic ticketing machines and other peripheral equipment.
“With ET-BLU all the business logic, the tariff management, Calypso stack and Card Data Model are spoiled in the electronic ticketing center and therefore do not have to be reimplemented in the terminal", declared the creator of the solution Alberto Longinotti of AEP (in the photo), "The developer of the application of the terminal only has to use a few simple web services, thus guaranteeing "a priori" integration and greatly reducing the need for testing.
Innovative is also the way in which the refills are carried out, always through the inclusion in the so-called "blue list" (also called white or green). In this way, any possible error of the terminal does not cause any inconvenience since in any case, a possible faulty refill can also be performed by all other terminals in the system.
“A great success for AEP” added Giovanni Becattini, CEO of AEP “which confirms the quality of our offer. We would also like to point out that ET-BLU was perhaps the only solution presented to be already operational in the field, with STGA company in Angoulême (France). All AEP is grateful to the creator of this solution that demonstrates even more our continuous search for innovative solutions to be made available to our Customers”.
Source: AEP


TTS Italia members at the SmartCity Expo World Congress in Barcelona

The new edition of the SmartCity Expo World Congress in Barcelona took place from 19 to 21 November, including a congress and exhibition area and numerous side events. This year edition focussed on: Digital Transformation, Urban Environment, Mobility, Governance & Finance, and Inclusive & Sharing Cities. Among the leading exhibitors, numerous TTS Italia members: Anas, Autostrade Tech, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Esri, OpenMove, PTV Group, Swarco, T.net.
Source: TTS Italia


TTS in action


TTS Italia welcomes its new members!

Following the approval by the Board of Directors, TTS Italia is happy to welcome its new members:
- Berenice International Group (www.berenice.it), specialized in the study, research and production of software with particular attention to exceptional transport;
- Geotab (www.geotab.com), active in the telematics and Smart Mobility sector, with IoT and fleet management solutions;
- Italscania (www.scania.it), manufacturer of industrial vehicles and with active participation in projects related to platooning and autonomous driving;
- Sprinx Technologies (www.sprinxtech.com), specialized in video analysis algorithms for Smart City and Smart Road;
- Tattile (www.tattile.com), active in the development and production of vision systems used in various application areas, including the vehicles plates recognition.


How mobility is changing: from the vehicle to the services, the analysis of the TTS Italia President

Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia, interviewed by Corriere Comunicazioni, returning from the 26th ITS World Congress, talks about how mobility is in great turmoil and change, focusing more and more on services.
Just the World Congress was the occasion to highlight a sector in which "disruptive" changes are the mistress; and to anticipate the future of global transport where technology is at the basis of fluidification of flows and economic development, particularly in cities. The same title of the congress - Smart mobility, Empowering cities - summarized the advantages that the new technological frontiers can bring to our mobility system.
For the interview (available in Italian), click here


The city of Turin awarded in Las Vegas thanks to the Torino Smart Road project

The city of Turin was awarded the Global Road Achievement Award (GRAA) 2019 in the "Urban Mobility" category on the occasion of the IRF Global R2T (Roads to Tomorrow) Conference & Exhibition, an event organized from 19 to 22 November 2019 in Las Vegas (Nevada) which brings together over 150 speakers and stakeholders from around 60 countries who discuss topics such as innovative road construction techniques, road safety, road charging, traffic management, connected and autonomous vehicles, etc.
The Global Road Achievement Awards (GRAA) of the IRF Global is a unique competition of its kind to reward innovative projects worldwide that place the road sector industry at the forefront of global social and economic development. Last spring the city of Turin, supported by TTS Italia, competed for the prize with the project "The Turin Smart Road project: the role of public authorities as key enablers of innovative mobility based services on ITS".
The award ceremony was held on November 20th in Las Vegas, and the award was collected by the city Councilor for Innovation, Marco Pironti, and by the Secretary General of TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi.
Watch the video of the award ceremony qui


Smart Logistics, TTS Italia starts a working group to overcome the inefficiencies of the system

Encouraging intermodality, the use of fleet management and legality control systems up to the blockchain and platooning. These are the pillars on which the working group "Intelligent Transport Systems for Logistics Efficiency" starts, launched by TTS Italia, with coordination by Clara Ricozzi, industry expert, president of Oita and vice president of Freight Leaders Council.
The working group is born from the indications that TTS Italia has summarized in a document presented to the institutions. In Italy, a massive dose of technology is needed to give new impetus to smart mobility that can be a great development opportunity for the economy. Among the priorities of the document, also the efficiency of the logistics when the movement of the goods, fundamental for the industrial production and the fluidification of the flows, brings concrete and immediate benefits. It is estimated that the full use of the National Logistics Platform (NLP) can generate between 7 and 10 billion euros in terms of recovery of efficiency of the national logistics system.
The working group, made up of the many associations that represent the sector, with the contribution of institutions, various ministries, local authorities and various companies associated with TTS Italia, aims to find solutions to the criticalities that characterize logistics in Italy where there are investments with an insufficient rate of innovation, where land transport companies, which in any case provide over 80% of the flows, are extremely fragmented and with low profit margins.
On the infrastructure front, there is a low level of connection between modal interchange nodes, poor collaboration between operators, due to the failure to use new technologies and data digitization processes. In road transport, there are still inefficiencies related for example to a high number of empty journeys, excessive waiting times for loading and unloading of goods, modest use of ITS technologies, poor interconnection between road transport fleets and National Logistics Platform. Finally, urban logistics has to deal with an excess of environmental pollution, poor use of innovative technological systems and lack of dialogue between logistics operators and local economic sectors.

Trustonomy: a EU project for increasing trust and acceptance of autonomous vehicles, read the newsletter!

Trustonomy project released its first newsletter!
The European research project H2020 Trustonomy – “Building Acceptance and Trust in Autonomous Mobility”, coordinated by Softeco and involving TTS Italia among partners, aims at increasing trust in and safety of autonomous vehicles.
The project sees the participation of 16 organizations from all over Europe: ITS (Poland), IFSTTAR (France), Työtehoseura (Finland), University of Leeds (United Kingdom), Panepistimio Patron (University of Patras, Greece), CSIC (Spain), Intrasoft (Luxembourg), Aitek (Italy), Catalink (Cyprus), Robocar (Poland), Vodafone Innovus (Greece), Stowarzyszenie Autoklub Poznanski Octavius (Safe Driving School of Skoda, Poland), Solaris (Poland), Scania (Italy), TTS Italy (Italy).
Read the newsletter and subscribe to be updated!


TTS Italia at the IRF Global R2T Conference: two sessions to talk about ITS and innovation

Olga Landolfi, Secretary General of TTS Italia, moderated two sessions within the IRF Global R2T Conference held in Las Vegas from 19 to 22 November 2019.
The first session entitled "Easing urban congestion" involved speakers from the New York Department of Transport (DoT), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore, Parson and Ptolemus with the aim of discussing the most innovative urban initiatives for the reduction of congestion, through road pricing interventions for managing mobility demand.
The second session, instead, entitled "Strengthening the Perceived Value of ITS" saw the participation of the ITS Associations of America, Argentina, Taiwan, as well as of TTS Italia itself, with the aim of discussing the importance of cooperation and involvement of all stakeholders to include ITS in the agendas of national and local political decision makers.


TTS Italia at the Future Mobility Expoforum

As part of the Future Mobility Expoforum of Turin, which saw TTS Italia both among the sponsors and protagonists, on November 19, Diego Galletta, Vice President of TTS Italia, moderated the session "CONNECTED MOBILITY".
In 2023, it is estimated that more than 72 million of connected cars will be delivered worldwide. The arrival, from 2020, of the first 5G services will bring a qualitative leap to the impact that the numerical growth of the connections is already having on telematics, navigation, infotainment, remote diagnosis and vehicle management. Examples are the tendency towards the monetization of data generated by vehicles and the exponential increase in the need for cybersecurity, both on-board systems and network services.
Galletta, in addition to serving as chairman of the session, also spoke of telecommunications standards for the world of mobility.
The event was also an opportunity to talk about 5G in V2X communication in support of road safety; experiments in the 5G mobility sector in Italy; blockchain; safety; the concept of smart in the domestic environment; attacks on board systems.


TTS Italia at the conference "Strategies for digital growth of the Country System"

Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia, was one of the speakers at the conference "Strategies for digital growth of the Country System" held on November 14, in Rome. Disruptive technologies - Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Internet of Things - are the enabling factors capable of creating a system aimed at enhancing the resources of the territory and expanding the range of intelligent services: Tourism 4.0 and Assisted Tourism, Globalized Healthcare and Intelligent Transportation.
The aim of the fourth edition was to investigate, from a multidisciplinary perspective, how the effects of the epochal change produced by digitalisation are reflected in the ecosystem of services, giving rise to new development opportunities and improving people's quality of life.
TTS Italia, in particular, presented its priorities to provide energy and development from intelligent mobility: improving road safety, improving logistics efficiency, implementing MaaS services (Mobility as a Service), optimizing urban and extra-urban mobility, developing smart road and autonomous vehicles.



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