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TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote thhe development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy.

N° 6 June 2018

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A Working table for Smart Cities

Public Administrations and ITS industries together to discuss PON Metro, OPen Data and MaaS


A discussion table between cities on the themes and timing of implementation of the PON Metro funding program, a moment of exchange between public administration and industries made possible thanks to the work of the Territorial Cohesion Agency and of TTS Italia. This is the project that emerged from the conference "ITS & PON Metro 2014-2020: present and future of metropolitan cities" held in Florence on June 20 and 21, organised by TTS Italia in collaboration with the Territorial Cohesion Agency and the Metropolitan City of Florence.

The proposal to start a work of close collaboration to address this second phase of the projects financed by the PON Metro was launched by the Managing Authority of the PON Città Metropolitane (operative arm of the Territorial Cohesion Agency). A path identified to fully grasp the opportunities of the program that represents an opportunity to rethink Italian cities in terms of ITS and mobility, but also to overcome the obstacles that still determine a fragmented situation with more advanced realities and other still at the starting ribbons.

During the two days conference, along with the Italian Ministry of Transport, the Council for Mobility of the City of Florence and City of Turin, several Metropolitan Cities were involved: Bari, Bologna, Catania, Genoa, Messina, Milan, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Venice. A clear picture emerged from all these different areas: a common effort toward smart and sustainable mobility translated into initiatives to support open data, MaaS implementation as well as to support the use and further development of public transport. For the photo gallery.

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Member of the month


Targa Telematics is a company with 20 years’ experience in connected vehicles.
It offers technological solutions in telematics, telemetry and smart mobility. It is a leader in digital platforms and the development of applications for short and long-term renters, finance companies and large fleets. Its services range through insurance telematics, asset and fleet management, remote diagnostics and telemetry of cars, professional and construction vehicles and management of airport service vehicles. Targa Telematics is also a benchmark company for smart mobility, having created Italy’s first shared mobility solutions, whose success was crowned by a series of international awards received.


arga Telematics has developed the core technology of Eppy, tha 100% electric car sharing service launched by the Municipality of Latina. Twenty cars have been provided, with two Renault models available, recharged with fifteen columns distributed in the main mobility attractor centres of the city. The Targa Telematics digital platform manages the technology of the service, from user registration to vehicle booking to the various payment methods. With the mobile app, the user can book, pick up and return the electric car to the charging columns. There’s no need to retrieve car keys, because everything is managed with the smartphone: door opening and closing, vehicle availability and location, and access to rental and payment information. Service manager Alea Mobilità Urbana also gets specific routine maintenance alerts and receives all the information needed for the optimisation of fleet management.

Silvia Salemi - silvia.salemi@targatelematics.com



Adriano Scardellato, Chairman of Targa Telematics

What new features and projects is the company working on?
"We are engaged on several fronts and we have delivered some very positive results, born out great teamwork. We are focusing heavily on internationalisation – without, of course, forgetting about the Italian market. In April we signed a global partnership deal with the TCR Group – a GSE (Ground Support Equipment) rental leader present in 120 airports worldwide – to supply our technology platform for the management, maintenance, monitoring and pooling of airport service and assistance vehicles. This sector is extremely demanding in terms of performance and platform capabilities and TCR has found its answers in Targa Telematics. Business is growing very well also in the more "traditional” sector, i.e. the big rental fleets. A few weeks ago we won an important tender issued by a major rental company. This global leader in fleet management and corporate mobility seeks to effectively meet new mobility needs generated by ongoing digital transformation and is relying on us to deliver a customer experience in line with current trends: we will bring our services to a fleet of over 120,000 vehicles in the next three years. By the end of the year we expect to have more than 600,000 vehicles connected to our platform. We are also at the forefront on new car sharing projects. Latina has recently launched EppyCar – the first 100% electric shared mobility service, to be replicated later this month in Salento with the inauguration of "4UsMobile". In both cases, the core technology has been developed by Targa Telematics. The car rental industry continues to forge ahead – a trend confirmed in the latest report recently released by ANIASA. Also in Italy the concept of car use rather then ownership is taking hold, something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Lifestyles and user needs are changing. And on-board technology in cars is also developing at an extremely fast pace. We have the capacity to provide solutions that can keep up with changing customer demand and help companies pinpoint their real needs."

Your value has been endorsed also by Berg Insight, a leading M2M and IoT market research company. How so?
“The Berg Insight report, which provides a worldwide overview of mobility services, puts us in the top five as a leading supplier of innovative software platforms for vehicle sharing. And that's not all. A few weeks later, in another report, Berg Insight gave considerable space to an overview of our company and the features of our proposals for airport ground support equipment solutions, placing us in the top 10 service providers worldwide. The author also remarked on our ability to collaborate with other companies – an ability resulting from the know-how and reliability we have accrued over time, born also from the strategic need to forge partnerships with companies with the complementary skills necessary to cover the entire spectrum of activities and provide advanced services."

What are your revenue and growth predictions?
"The first six months of 2018 have seen a sharp increase in sales compared to 2017 and we expect to end the year well beyond the 40 million euro mark. The technology market for the automotive industry is booming and we want to be at the forefront of this trend, creating value for our partners and facing new challenges with enthusiasm. For this reason, we are always looking for talented young people to join our workforce, and already this year we have taken on a dozen new employees."

Project of the mounth


Politecnico di Torino, TTS Italia ordinary member, is one of the partners of the European project SUITS - Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities.

The SUITS project is a four-year research and innovation action, intending to increase the capacity building of Local Authorities and to transfer learning to smaller sized cities, making them more effective and resilient to change in the judicious implementation of sustainable transport measures. SUITS is one of the three projects of the EU’s CIVITAS 2020 initiative focusing on sustainable urban mobility plans, alongside CIVITAS PROSPERITY and CIVITAS SUMPs-UP.
The SUITS project will produce and provide to small and medium-sized cities a set of tools on planning, financing and implementing sustainable transport measures and will support the enhancement of the capacity of nine cities in seven EU countries to address efficiently the new challenges of urban mobility and to foster investments in sustainable transport.

SUITS takes a sociotechnical approach to capacity building in Local Authorities and transport stakeholder organisations with special emphasis on the transfer of learning to smaller sized cities. Key outputs will be a validated capacity building program for transport departments, and resource light learning assets (modules, e-learning material, webinars and workshops), decision support tools to assist in procurement, innovative financing, and engagement of new business partners and handling of open, real time and legacy data. SUITS argues that without capacity building and the transformation of transport departments into learning organisations, training materials will not provide the step change needed to provide innovative transport measures.

Working with nine cities to model gaps in their understanding, motivation, communication and work practices, will provide each city with a map of its own strengths and weaknesses with respect to sustainable transport planning. From this, strategies to enhance capacity, based on each authority’s needs, will be developed and organisations provided with the necessary techniques to increase their own capacity, mentored directly by research partners. Local champions will be trained to continue capacity building after SUITS. All project outcomes will be disseminated in a stakeholder engagement program at local, national and EU wide levels, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful transport measures.

SUITS project is based on the collaboration of a wide range of partners from eleven countries. The consortium includes universities and research institutes, municipalities, public transport authorities and consultancies specialized on mobility, information technologies and sustainability. As highlighted previously, the capacity building process of SUITS will be developed in nine cities in seven countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Romania, Lithuania and UK). These cities have been selected to illustrate variations in approaches to developing and financing sustainable urban mobility and dealing with problems associated with freight and passenger transport.  They will provide the test bed for the development and use of SUITS capacity building material.  The cities will share best practices, and through implementing project outputs (e.g. freight data collection methods and financial decision support system) will directly improve the effectiveness of their planning, financing, implementation and evaluation of new transport measures.

SUITS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework programme for research and innovation under grant agreement no 690650.
For further information on SUITS: www.suits-project.eu

Product of the mounth


Smart Cities Operation is the Helian suite, a company based in Abruzzo, recently acquired by VEM Solution (a Viasat Group’s brand), of services provided through the Cloud platform for the integrated management of the city and territory.
The objective of operation is to create a strong synergy between the two companies and, by connecting Helian’s telematics platform to those of the Group, to create integrated solutions for providing Telematics services, IoT, Big Data and also to control over the urban car fleet.

Helian S.r.l. is an innovative society, specializes in hardware and software solutions for road safety and traffic; it has created Street Control, a system with a high-resolution camera to read license plates up to twenty meters away (even if the car is moving) and check for violations (vehicle stolen, uninsured, unreviewed, etc.).
Futhermore, it has developed solutions dedicated to territorial and environmental monitoring through Wireless Sensor Networks.
Safety, Scalability and modularity, High availability, Easy to use web interface. Multi account and multi-tenant are some of the features of Helian's 4 main solutions.


For road safety and procedural management of sanctions related to traffic code infringements (fines management); high-resolution camera interacts with a tablet, supplied to municipal police officers on the territory, which interfaces with the Civil Motorization database. In this way, it is possible to ascertain and contest, in real time, any irregularities.

For monitoring the occupancy of paid parking lots (eg: blue stripes and private parking areas).

For the collection and management of events, critical situations and signals sent from the territory through mobile devices and inherent public order issues (eg: urban degradation and maintenance, public safety interventions) or field activities (eg: maintenance of green areas or buildings and inspections).

For environmental monitoring through sensors ( i.e. on waste collection vehicles) distributed throughout the territory.

TTS Italia partners


A4 Holding: successfully started WAZE CONNECTED CITIZENs programme

Autostrada A4 Brescia-Padova, TTS Italia founding member, and A4 Mobility, TTS Italia ordinary member and technological society of the A4 Holding Group, has been involved in the Waze Connected Citizens Programme aimed at offering real time traffic information through the Waze app.
The two Italian companies represent the country for the sections of competence and since April 2018, the traffic Operation Center of Verona is able to receive traffic information from the Wazers.
The traffic information collected by using the Waze app contribute to better define the data already collected by road sensors, therefore supporting the road users in the choice of the better travel solution.
The aim of the experimentation is to provide the Operations Center with a flexible and timely instrument to analyze traffic data, in order to increase safety levels and use the app as an additional channel of communication with its customers.
Source: A4 Holding

TomTom announces new partnerships at TU-Automotive in Detroit

TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, during the TU-Automotive in Detroit, announced new relevant partnerships with innovative sector player.
TomTom will collaborate to bring what3words addressing to TomTom’s customers globally.
what3words is a simple way to talk about location. The world is divided into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and each square is assigned a unique  three-word address. As such, what3words is the perfect complement to TomTom’s existing maps, allowing people to accurately find any location and share it more quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system.  what3words addressing will roll-out to TomTom Consumer and Automotive customers in the second half of 2018.
A second collaboration was announced with Xevo. TomTom and Xevohave collaborated to deliver the next generation of the personalized in-vehicle commerce experience, utilizing TomTom’s navigation expertise to seamlessly incorporate the merchant partners of the automotive industry’s first on-demand commerce platform, Xevo Market, into cars’ navigation systems. Drivers’ preferred merchants and service providers are presented, through in-vehicle touchscreens and smartphone companion apps, as Points of Interest (POI) on the map, with the option to touch the POIs on the screen and navigate to them. This personalized navigation experience takes Xevo’s innovative commerce-in-the-car scenario to the next level, using a driver’s location and route to offer relevant recommendations, retail locations, and offers conveniently along the way, from ordering a cup of coffee for pick-up to being offered a fuel stop at a nearby station when fuel levels are low. Drivers must opt-in to the service and can opt-out at any time. Automobile manufacturers, merchants, and drivers can all benefit from the offering. Automakers can deepen customer loyalty by providing even more personalization in their vehicles, merchants never miss an opportunity to connect with their customers, and drivers will be alerted to their favourite brands while on the road. 
Source: TomTom

Kapsch TrafficCom is growing its presence in the Spanish Market
Kapsch, TTS Italia ordinary member, is strengthening its position as a leader for urban mobility. After the acquisition and integration of Telvent, the transportation business of Schneider Electric in 2016, the company has been growing its footprint in the market ever since. In 2018, Kapsch already sealed three new contracts in Spain and is now offering its solutions in over 20 cities all over the country. "These new contracts reinforce Kapsch's position in the country and demonstrate our capabilities in both our core business tolling as well as in the field of urban mobility. Our long standing experience in these fields spans across an increasing numbers of countries,” says André Laux, COO Kapsch TrafficCom.
León, managing city traffic: Kapsch will implement an Access Control System for the Historic Centre with the aim of preserving the historic monuments and improving traffic flow through number plate recognition systems. This initiative has the objective of taking better care of the city’s heritage, enhancing the quality of life for residents and significantly improving transport links for local traders. In a nutshell, it should improve mobility and reduce harmful emissions. Through this six-year contract, Kapsch will also be responsible for the operations of the Traffic Control Room, as well as the renovation of the IT systems and the overall improvement of communications in the City of León.
Irun, increasing tolling capacity: As part of a joint venture, Kapsch and Construcciones Amenàbar will renew the Irun-Barrera toll, managed by the public entity Bidegi. The new system will provide users with more choice over payment methods, through the incorporation of electronic payments and on-board units. Used by over 14,200 vehicles each day, the implementation of Kapsch’s state-of-the-art technology will considerably increase toll capacity allowing it to manage up to 1,000 vehicles to pass each hour without stopping. This will speed up traffic by using both manual and automatic card/cash payment systems. The project, which shall be carried out in the next 16 months, comprises the supply, installation and commissioning of 20 toll stations.
Bilbao, improving railway ticketing: In collaboration with the company INSITEL, Kapsch has been awarded the maintenance of Bilbao railway and tram ticketing systems over the upcoming four years. This was granted by the Basque company Eusko Trenbideak-Ferrocarriles Vascos, part of the Department of Transportation and Public Works of the Basque Government. Kapsch will be responsible for equipment and systems’ maintenance of the Euskotren rail and tram ticketing network: in total 145 self-sale ticketing machines, 156 cancellation posts and 204 automatic station cancelling machines with flaps installed in the network. The objective of the project is to reduce daily incidents by as much as 50%.
Source: Kapsch

TomTom’s groundbreaking ev service wins TU-Automotive Award

TomTom picked-up the award for Best eMobility Product or Service at the TU-Automotive Awards in Detroit, MI. The service to take home the title was TomTom’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Service – which is designed to help drivers make informed decisions about when and where to charge their vehicles.
The TU-Automotive Awards are viewed as the most prestigious and anticipated awards in the connected car industry, celebrating talent and innovation across automotive technology.
TomTom’s EV Service was launched to the US market in March 2018 to automakers and their suppliers, and includes almost 11,000 charging locations across the USA and Canada, with more locations to come. The service, which first launched in Europe in September 2017, now covers more than 45,000 charging stations with real-time availability information, globally.
It provides real-time availability for charging points, reducing anxiety for drivers about how far they can travel on their current charge, as well as other essential information such as opening hours, payment methods and connector types.
Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive, commented: “For the electric car market to grow, it’s important that we reduce the barriers to entry, one of which is range anxiety. We’re delighted that the TomTom EV Service has been recognised as the best eMobility Product for its focus on increasing driver peace of mind, and making ownership of electric vehicles even more attractive.”
At the Geneva Motorshow in March 2018, TomTom announced that Hyundai and Kia drivers in Europe would be among the first to benefit from the TomTom EV Service, starting in the second half of 2018.
A short movie about the TomTom EV Service can be found, click here.
Source: TomTom


TTS in action


TTS Italia at the 3° National Conference on Road Trasport System for Passengers

On the 6th and 7th of June, in Rome, the 3rd National Conference on Road Transport Systems for Passengers took place, organized by the three associations AIIT, ANAV, ASSTRA, with the high coordination of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport.
The event, addressed to Representatives of Institutions, Local Authorities, Provinces and Regions, Transport Companies, Universities, Builders and Professionals in the sector, provided a representation of the current level of development of road passenger transport and prospects emerging through analysis of European trends and outcomes of community projects. TTS Italia, represented by the General Secretary Olga Landolfi, participated in the 3rd SESSION - the role of information and telematics on the day of 6 June, in the afternoon with a speech on ITS FOR PAYMENT OF MOBILITY SERVICES: FROM E-TICKETING TO MAAS.
Source: TTS Italia / ASSTRA


The City of Genoa enters the TTS Italia Platform for Local Authorities

OThe City of Genoa officially entered the Platform for Local Authorities launched by TTS Italia in February 2014. The aim of the platform is twofold: to support local technicians and stakeholders by sharing information and knowledge on ITS through different concrete services; to encourage the dialogue between public and private sector in order to maximize possible synergies.
For further information on the Platform, click here.


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


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Italia-Latina: Services for parking area management
Italia-Roma: Computer devices
Italia-Roma: Devices for signalling

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