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N° 9 October 2019

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A week in Singapore: the 26° ITS World Congress



More than 10,000 participants, over 300 exhibitors, 20 between technical tours and demonstrations. These are the numbers of the 26° ITS World Congress 2019 which was held from 21 to 25 October in Singapore. The most important international event in the field of intelligent transport systems, promoted by ERTICO-ITS Europe, ITS America, ITS Asia Pacific, and for this edition hosted by ITS Singapore and Land Transport Authority, saw the participation of TTS Italia representing Italy and several companies. The Association's stand hosted six Italian companies: 4icom, 5T, EngiNe, Pluservice, Tecnositaf,



New mobility models in which the point of view passes from the vehicle to the service. "Disruptive" changes that anticipate the future of global transport where technology is at the base of fluidization of flows and economic development, particularly in cities. This is a summary of the anticipation of the future that the ITS World Congress in Singapore has returned to those who visited it. Eyes on the Maas, Mobility as a Service, and on the autonomous vehicle, exploring all the possibilities that connection and 5G can give to services related to mobility. Among the exhibitors there are also some car manufacturers and telephone operators that are refining the technology enabling them to implement the communication network that will support our travels in the near future. Maximum attention is also paid to the road pricing system implemented by Singapore, which combines with its multimodal nature, the natural hub of South-East Asia.



Italy meets Singapore. On October 24th, within the ITS World Congress, TTS Italia organized a workshop involving the Italian companies present in the Association's stand and companies from Singapore represented by ITS Singapore, with the aim of facilitating networking. The event, opened by Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia, saw the direct comparison of the two realities with the presentation and sharing of national products and projects.



Pluservice, the company from Senigallia, for twenty years on the integrated information systems market, has presented at the ITS Congress in Singapore, the Account Based Ticketing solution, recently implemented in Bari, commissioned by the local transport operator AMTAB. The system is highly innovative: no more card-based but account-based. The information necessary to travel on a bus is not stored in the smartcards allowing to use the service, yet it is contained in the central systems and the smartcards act only as a personal ID.



The city of Turin and 5T (a public company operating in smart mobility) shared their innovation activities in Singapore with particular reference to Turin City Lab, an initiative created to attract start-ups and companies interested in innovating the municipality area. Furthermore, the Smart Road initiative was shared and what 5T is carrying out with its operations center in the context of the self-driving vehicle and C-ITS services.



Smart solutions for smart road and smart mobility. In particular, presented two use cases in Singapore: the project weigh in motion (weighing of moving vehicles), developed for the motorway sector, aimed at intelligent monitoring of the infrastructures to guarantee their safety as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance . The second project is the development of smart mobility and smart parking solutions within a more complex solution for the construction of a digital city in Taormina (South Italy).



Tecnositaf, specialized in integrated systems for road safety, presented at the ITS Congress in Singapore a project called RMT (Road Management Tool) for traffic management on the Italian infrastructure pertaining to Anas. The system is made up of regional operating rooms extended throughout the national territory belonging to a single central operating room where all the information necessary to guarantee safety and information to users on the road network is collected and managed. Through the RMT system it is therefore possible to remotely control the road network and monitor traffic flows with the help of cameras used, among other things, for counting, vehicle classification and criticality management.



4icom exhibited for the first time at the ITS World Congress in Singapore 2019 on the TTS Italia booth. This first was particularly interesting and rich in contacts.
This presence allowed us to meet some of our clients or their representatives in Asia-Pacific but also Singaporean engineering companies that are active in the region.
4icom has also established numerous contacts with the various parties in charge of Singapore's new urban toll system (ERP2), which is ambitious but complex to develop and operate. Thus, we will monitor and enrich this contacts to generate new business opportunities and, in the long term, potentially  a presence of the 4icom group in the region.



EngiNe in Singapore presented PlateMatching, a second-generation average speed control system that focuses the information extracted from the vehicle license plates on matching and not reconnaissance. It is an extremely flexible solution that, in fact, EngiNe, has recently applied in Venice to control the speed of boats, giving way to a project that is unique in the world, aimed at increasing safety levels and reducing pollution levels.



The new age of mobility. This is the title of the next ITS World Congress to be held in Los Angeles from 4 to 8 October 2020 organized by ITS America. On the website a call has already been opened for scientific contributions and it is possible to find the contacts of the coordinators of the regional programs.



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INRIX is aligning the public and private sector to ensure that 21st century mobility is smarter, safer, more efficient. By bridging insights from people, roads and cities, INRIX is uniquely positioned to help make an impact-- whether it’s planning a future roadway, improving curb usage, deploying autonomous vehicles or expanding a retail footprint.
As pioneers of using big data to improve transportation, INRIX has spent the past 15 years helping identify and solve the complicated mobility problems of today and anticipate the challenges needed to overcome tomorrow. Our commitment to innovation, experience and expertise is why the world’s most innovative cities and businesses trust INRIX to help them solve their biggest mobility obstacles.

INRIX AI Traffic


When it comes to commuting, there are certain realities drivers just accept: sudden stop-and-go traffic, surprise lane closures or ETAs that are guestimates. Drivers aren’t the only one’s suffering – transportation professionals need timely, accurate traffic data to manage congestion – but existing solutions fall short. INRIX recently launched the industry’s next-generation traffic solution that leverages artificial intelligence to deliver the most precise and actionable traffic information to date. INRIX AI Traffic provides instantaneous updates to traffic conditions and pinpoints traffic speeds in different lanes to deliver accurate ETAs on every roadway around the world


With INRIX AI Traffic, drivers get to their destinations faster and with less stress, businesses can make smarter decisions, and road authorities can gain the knowledge they need to promote public safety and future-proof their roadways. le autorità responsabili della gestione della rete stradale possono acquisire le informazioni necessarie per favorire la pubblica sicurezza e rendere le proprie autostrade già pronte per affrontare le sfide del futuro.


Scott Sedlik, SVP Public Sector & Enterprise, INRIX.

1: What is the greatest success that INRIX has had in its history?
INRIX has long been a pioneer in smart mobility. We were the first company to launch a crowd-sourced traffic network, the first provider of a map agonistic traffic solution with unrivaled granularity and coverage, and now, the first with a traffic solution built from the ground up on artificial intelligence and deep learning – laying the foundation to improve transportation worldwide.

2:  How is INRIX changing?
For more than a decade INRIX has played a critical role in connecting cities with cars, and now we’re helping cities connect with the transportation options of the future. By bridging the data gap with mobility providers, INRIX is ensuring safe, equitable and efficient deployment and management of new mobility options like AVs, e-scooters and ridesharing services.


3: How is INRIX responding to the new demands of the international transportation market?
With partners and solutions spanning across the entire mobility ecosystem, INRIX is uniquely positioned to help organizations solve complicated transportation challenges. We provide the essential and innovative building blocks – including the dynamic data and insights – needed to move smart mobility forward so people to get where they need to go and better understand the world around them.

Products of the month

Sinelec presents LIBRA/S, weight-in-motion-solution

Weigh-In-Motion systems arise from the need to properly manage overloaded vehicles in road transportation. These vehicles can affect the life expectancy of road infrastructures, increasing the degradation of pavement, bridges and viaducts, besides impacting on road safety, environmental pollution and fair competition between transportation companies.
LIBRA/S is the SINELEC Weigh-In-Motion solution, based on its ITS know-how and its significant experience gained working as a technological company of the ASTM Group, the second largest toll road operator in the world with approximately 5.000 km of road in concession.
Thanks to LIBRA/S, SINELEC can support customers for the entire life span of the WIM project: from site selection to plant design, through installation and calibration, up to maintenance. LIBRA/S therefore represents an "end-to-end" solution that is widely flexible, modular and scalable, based on an architecture that can be configured according to the field of application and the required measurement accuracy.


Acting as an integrated solution based on field elements and center element, LIBRA/S is open to the integration of existing and third-party WIM solutions; it also interfaces with the Operational Control Centers (OCC) through the most common communication protocols. In detail:
- the field part can implement sensors of different technologies (quartz, pietzoelectric, optical fiber, etc.) and other optional field devices such as smart cameras (ANPR, KEMLER, DOT numbers), variable message signs (VMS) and access control systems;
- the center consists of a back-end for the management of multi-brand field devices and a graphic web interface, designed to simplify management operations and enable remote monitoring, diagnostics and data collection of weight / traffic. Mobile access optimizes the usability of the system, allowing immediate control actions by the police and maintenance staff. Through diagnostic, data-analysis and reporting tools it is possible to constantly monitor the components of the single site and collect statistical data for a high-level global view of the network of weighing stations monitored. As a result, it’s possible to obtain reports and graphical representations of the traffic detected, to identify the traffic flows, O / D matrices, helping the customer to optimize the day-by-day management and the development of an appropriate predictive maintenance models.
LIBRA / S, allowing to detect detailed information related to heavy vehicles transit, is an enabling tool for the elaboration of data-driven models and for the implementation of proactive decision support systems, applicable in the areas of infrastructure management, logistics and access management of ports and intermodal terminals.


Perception tools enabling future mobility by Swarco Mizar

The emerging connectivity and anticipated automation are expected to revolutionize future traffic monitoring and control systems. The customers’ expectations are increasing hand in hand with the unprecedented data availability and technological developments. The new data sources (e.g. connected vehicles, smart cameras) and new technologies (IoT, Big Data, AI) open a unique opportunity to SWARCO not only to meet the rising needs of the existing customers but also to expand its portfolio by integrating these new perception tools in the development of new features. This story is about how to make “stupid” surveillance cameras (even from legacy installations) more intelligent to analyse image data right at the camera for enabling applications for mobility management within smart cities of all sizes. The perception based solution is enabled though a collaboration with Swarm Analytics , which provides a technology based on video stream analysis, featuring AI capabilities for generating real-time information about the monitored area directly at the camera source – the brain for the camera.
In the case of Urban Traffic monitoring, the proposed solution provides counting, classification, and tracking of cars, pedestrians, vans, bikes, buses, trucks, trucks + trailers for the creation of heatmaps, origin-destination (OD) matrices, and speed estimations. A proof of concept for these features has been implemented by SWARCO in Denmark.
For Parking monitoring, we talk about the identification of occupied and free parking lots, time measurement of parking objects, and classification of cars, vans, buses, and trucks. SWARCO is deploying the parking monitoring system as described above in the US.
Finally, this solution can also be applied to Public Transport, where existing CCTV streams can be analysed for the detection and counting of people and objects in the vehicles and as well as the determination of capacity status based on defined thresholds. SWARCO Mizar is using these features in a Pilot in Rome, Italy.
For more details please join our presentation and visit us at our booth at the Future Mobility Week!



WMS, a single system to manage the entire urban waste chain

Waste Management Solutions is the unique Viasat platform that combines, in one system, all aspects related to the management of the waste: PAYT Metering and Pricing to the Circular Economy.
The platform is designes for public and private bodies, environmental operators amd product companies, who want to manage in a simple, precise and innovative way all the activities of the world of urban hygiene services. It enables a reliable and comprehensive management of waste collection and transport processes, the PAYT billing, digital data preservationa and APPs based on the Smart City model.

Areas of Expertise:
Waste Management - It allows to manage the processes of production, collection, transportation, intermediation, disposal and recovery of municipal and industrial waste.
Operational management of environmental services - It allows the management of the operational area of services, from the identification of routes and service points to the planning and final balance of every environmental service provided.
Metering and PAYT billing - Allows the management of the entire PAYT chain, from databases to collection metering, services, IoT devices, maps, WebGis, Scenario simulations, PAYT Billing, User desks, Verifications, management of all phases of service monitoring and reporting through indices, KPIs and SLAs.
Communication - Allows the overall management of communication and user relations based on the Smart City model, through portals and APPs for Android & IOS.
Viasat will be held at ECOMONDO 2019, the leading European trade fair for industrial and technological innovation in the Circular Economy. Come and visit us! Rimini 5/8 November, Hall C7 Stand 015 - West Hall.
For more information:

TTS Italia partners


5T at the 26° ITS World Congress to discuss on autonomous vehicles

Rossella Panero, Director of 5T and President of TTS Italia, was among the speakers of the session "Autonomous Vehicles in Public Transportation - Separating Hype from Reality", organized as part of the 26th ITS World Congress. The session held on 22 October focused on the introduction of self-driving vehicles integrated with public transport and the consequent impact for users and transport companies, as well as other modes of transport. Together with Turin, other experts from the USA, New Zealand and Japan discussed when and how autonomous vehicles must be introduced and integrated into the public transport system and what efforts must be made to ensure that the user's needs and current activities transport planning are in tune.
Source: TTS Italia/5T


Anas in Abu Dhabi for the Smart Road project

New technologies and roads of the future. These are the topics under the lens of engineers from all over the world who gathered in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of the 26th Congress of the Piarc, the World Road Association. The Managing Director of Anas (Fs Italiane Group), TTS Italia supporting member, Massimo Simonini, as Italian President of Piarc participated in the congress activities and inaugurated the Italian pavilion, cutting the ribbon together with the Italian ambassador to Abu Dhabi, Nicola Lener.
In the congress agenda, which the World Road Association brings together every 4 years, the central theme was the development of the infrastructures on which the international community has been able to confront in order to share and exchange best practices.
The CEO of Anas Massimo Simonini, head of the Italian delegation, underlined the commitment of Anas in the gradual transformation of the main road network into Smart Road, considering it preparatory for the advent of autonomous driving of which the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport authorized the first trials in Italy. Smart Road means a gradual digitalization of our motorway and road network. The final goal is to provide the country with an efficient, green and open road network to the new challenges of the future, from electric power to assisted and autonomous driving. On the green front, the Smart Road Anas project is sustainable from the energy point of view. In fact, the creation of special areas called Green Island is planned, in which renewable electricity, photovoltaic and / or wind power will be produced approximately every 30 km. From Green Island will be distributed clean energy that will feed all the devices of the Smart Road. Also within the Green Islands, vehicle recharging systems and drone recharging systems will be installed to monitor and inspect strategic civil works and to use them for continuous surveillance of the road itself, also for public safety purposes.
Source: Anas


Engineering with JV CMT for the Copenhagen Cityringen Metro Line

Engineering, one of the leading global companies that accompanies and guides public and private companies in Digital Transformation, and TTS Italia ordinary member, has created on behalf of the Joint Venture Copenhagen Metro Team (CMT)the control and automation system for the new line 3 driverless Cityringen Metro in Copenhagen, inaugurated on 29 September: 5 tunnel wells and 17 stations that connect the districts of Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro with Frederiksberg and the historic center. The JV has entrusted Engineering with the design, supply and installation of the automation and control system for civil installations, a key element for the new generation underground railways, based on the important know-how of the Group and the specific experience gained in the systems for the control of the transport infrastructures.
In particular, Engineering has designed, supplied and activated the automation and control system for the driverless subway system of the Copenhagen M3 Line, called Cityringe, also allowing emergency scenarios to be implemented both in the event of a fire on the train in the tunnel and in the event of a fire in the station, thanks to the carrying out of tests with simulation in the laboratory and validation of the software and architecture according to safety standards SIL1 defined by EN50128 standards.
There are three areas in which the solutions and skills offered by Engineering for intelligent transport systems are applied: the infrastructure; the structure (roads, railway networks, airports and ports), transport systems (for the movement of people and goods) and, finally, mobility services for the citizen / passenger.
Source: Engineering


Indra is heading up the Comp4Drones project for the artificial intelligence

Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, and TTS Italia ordinary member, will develop innovative applications based on the use of drones and artificial intelligence, which will allow them to offer new and advanced transportation services and improve their control and exploitation, as well as the construction, management and maintenance of infrastructures.
These projects are included in the European R&D project, Comp4Drones, led by Indra, in which the company coordinates 49 partners from France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, the Netherlands and Spain. Its objective is to develop key hardware, software and communication technologies that ensure the drones are autonomous and safe for complex applications in the fields of transportation, construction, logistics, surveillance and inspection and agriculture. With a budget close to 30 million euros, the project is funded by the European ECSEL program, and nationally by the Ministry of Industry.
Indra is in charge of the use case and the two demonstrators that will be carried out for transportation management. The objective is to apply the use of drones to improve the efficiency and automation of monitoring activities, as well as to lower their costs, upgrade the control and maintenance of transportation operations and their infrastructure, both on land and sea, offering greater flexibility and stability in solutions and services. Moreover, drones can help reduce incident response times and operational risks, increase the capacity of cargo areas in ports and other infrastructure, and increase safety and sustainability.
Indra will use drones as sensors for current transportation monitoring systems, and integrate them into Mova Traffic, its solutions for transportation control and management. It will develop image and video processing tools based on graphics cards as well as artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to analyze video and images taken by the drones, so that incidents can be automatically detected. In addition to artificial intelligence algorithms, the project is set out to develop trajectory planning algorithms, safety monitoring, obstacle avoidance, geo-fencing to establish virtual boundaries in a given geographical area or local preprocessing.
During the project, Indra will integrate the Mova Traffic transportation management solutions, which include Air Drones, the unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) in low-altitude airspace, thus creating a pioneering comprehensive solution for intermodal mobility, unprecedented in the market, which will provide infrastructure managers with an array of new and secure drone applications.
Additionally, in order to ensure the secure exchange of information between the transportation control center and the drones, Indra will develop communication modules using 4G technology, which will guarantee cybersecurity, reliability and stability, creating encrypted communication channels for drone applications.
To perform the tests planned for the project, Indra will use, among other drones, its optionally manned USV vessel, developed as part of the Civil UAVs Initiative, a Xunta de Galicia project that is the driving force of the unmanned aerial systems for civil applications sector in Europe, in which Indra acts as an anchor company.
In addition, it will improve its Mantis fixed-wing drone, developing a civil use version for innovative transportation applications. Among other improvements, Indra will work on the detection capabilities of Mantis, in order to facilitate both the processing and the analysis of the images and videos obtained.
The project will thus add the capabilities of Indra's Transportation, Air Traffic and Defense and Security markets to develop and test innovative mobility services.
Source: Indra


Innovation in sports: Targa Telematics creates the Team Targa, with athletes who will take part in the Alpine Ski World Cup 2019/2020

Targa Telematics, TTS Italia founding member, announces the sponsorship of five athletes who will compete in different categories of the Alpine Ski World Cup 2019/2020 in Sölden, Austria on October 26 and 27, creating an international group under its own brand.
With this initiative, the company strengthened its commitment to sports, an area it already supports both by sponsoring national and international athletes and by offering cutting-edge solutions to leading sports companies.
Targa Telematics selected five athletes, some of whom are very young, all very talented, and with the potential to achieve great results in the coming season. Into speed skiing for quite some time now, at age 25 Emanuele Buzzi is already an experienced athlete, who won the 2016 SuperG European Cup and competed in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. After his injury at the finishing line of the Wengen downhill in January 2019, which forced him to quit the season early despite having finished in a brilliant sixth place, Emanuele got back to full fitness and is now one of the Italian skiers with the highest potential for 2019/2020.
Alice Robinson, a very young New Zealand champion specialising in Giant Slalom and Super-G, she is not even 18 yet but she already competed in the 2018 Olympics and was crowned Junior World Champion in 2019, among other things. A rising ski star of international repute, assisted by Lindsey Vonn’s former coach, she also finished second in Giant Slalom at the 2019 World Cup Final in Soldeu. A Giant Slalom, SuperG and Slalom champion, River Radamus is one of America’s most promising ski racers. At only twenty-one, he garnered an impressive list of accolades in junior seasons, including 3 gold medals at the Winter Youth Olympic Games and the 5 medals at the Junior World Championships, including 2 gold medals won in Val di Fassa in 2019. River is now expected to be the backbone of the Team Targa in his first World Cup season.
Renè De Silvestro is a young Paralympic athlete and a great new addition to the team; great at athletics, he is also one of the star racers of the Italian national ski team. He competed in the Pyeongchang Olympics and repeatedly scored excellent results in the World Cup, including in the top three positions; he is now aiming for his first victory this year.
Giulio Bosca is a Team Targa veteran, who raced in numerous high-level skiing competitions and in the World Cup, while also taking some study breaks to get his degree in Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is approaching the upcoming season with his usual determination to win a stable place in the World Cup starting list.
“We are excited to be able to support this group of athletes with incredible talent and potential and to help them achieve their ambitious goals. We feel that these five kids are very close to the values and characteristics that motivate those who work in our organisation every day, and we wish them good luck for this season's challenges”, said Targa Telematics CEO Nicola De Mattia. “We believe that sport plays a key role in helping young people develop active and positive lifestyles and mature into better adults and professionals. A passion for Alpine skiing and winter sports is combined with respect for the mountains and for the environment, a priority for Targa Telematics; the company places a strong focus on advanced technology for smart mobility solutions, whose adoption is and will be part of a shared, widespread effort to protect our planet. During the presentation of the sponsorship program, Targa Telematics announced that the company redesigned its logo, which will appear on its athletes’ helmets from the first races in late October.
Follow the World Cup events and share the team's results on social media with @TargaTelematics #TeamTarga.
Source: Targa Telematics


Local Public Transport: in Campania over 500 new buses

As part of the Investment Plan in road transport by the Campania Region to ACaMIR, Agenzia Campana Mobilità Infrastrutture e Reti, of TTS Italia ordinary member, 507 new buses were assigned to public and private companies operating in the local public transport on the regional territory.
The news was reported by the Regional Council of Campania, which explains that buses - produced in 15 different types (in terms of length, number of seats, power supply) and equipped with the most modern comforts and technological equipment - have been divided first between the different lots of single regional basin, based on mileage production and road services, adjusted according to the average age of the vehicle fleet and commercial speed.
The buses will be divided between: Province and Municipality of Salerno; Province of Avellino and Benevento and Municipalities of Avellino and Benevento; Province of Caserta and Municipality of Caserta; Metropolitan City of Naples; The municipality of Naples. In the second phase, the note explains, "within each lot the buses were assigned to the different Companies - 52 out of 59 participants - according to 3 criteria: pollution of the company's fleet , effectiveness of the bus fleet, efficiency of the company”.


Project Automation wins tender for the supply of electronic gates

Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded the tender issued by Roma Servizi Moblità for the supply of electronic gates approved by the M.I.T., complete with application and system customization. The gates must be compliant with the UNI 10772: 2016 standard. Part of the gates provided must also be approved for classification based on the length of the vehicle. Project Automation must guarantee assistance in the installation phase.
Source: TTS Italia


Published the ACI-Istat data on road accidents 2018 in the Italian provinces

In 2018, there were 172,553 accidents on Italian roads with injuries to people, resulting in 3,334 deaths and 242,919 injuries. Respectively 472 accidents, 9 dead and 665 injured, on average, every day.
The provincial statistics drawn up by ACI, TTS Italia founding member, and Istat, indicate Genoa as a "black jersey" in the sad list of road deaths (+37 victims, due to the collapse of the Ponte Morandi). Followed by Bari, with 24 more deaths, Brescia (+22), Messina (+19), Chieti (+15) and Vercelli (+13).
"White jersey", instead, for Modena and Foggia, where 18 fewer deaths were recorded. Followed by Cuneo and Trapani (-16), Asti, Caserta and Taranto (-15).
Six provinces have already reached the EU 2020 target: Agrigento, Barletta-Andria-Trani, L'Aquila, Campobasso, Taranto and Terni.
Agrigento has reported a 78% decline to date. The other provinces that have achieved this important goal are: Barletta-Andria-Trani (-66%), L'Aquila and Campobasso (-52%), Taranto (-51%) and Terni (-50%).
While in our country, compared to 2010, the number of road accident deaths has decreased, on average, by only 19%, Agrigento is among the very few Italian provinces that have already reached the EU target of reducing by 50%, by 2020, the deaths from traffic accidents.
Milan, Monza, Rimini and Ascoli-Piceno, on the other hand, are the provinces where accidents are less serious. In fact, the mortality rate is less than 1 death per 100 accidents.
Source: ACI


Sinelec has been awarded the tender for the maintenance of special equipment in the Milano Serravalle – Milano Tangenziali

Sinelec S.p.A., supporting member of TTS Italia, has been awarded the tender issued by Milano Serravalle – Milano Tangenziali S.p.A. for the maintenance and the technical assistance services of the special equipment installed along the motorway network under concession to the Client, for 36 months. In the context of the execution of the contract, Sinelec S.p.A. is assuming the role of Lead Company in the temporary grouping of companies with Valtellina S.p.A.
Source: Sinelec


Sinelec has been awarded the tender for the platform to support the toll process for the entire motorway network under concession to Milan Serravalle – Milan Tangentiali

Sinelec S.p.A., supporting member of TTS Italia, has been awarded the tender issued by Milano Serravalle – Milano Tangenziali S.p.A. related to the provision of the ITS integrated platform supporting the toll process on the entire motorway under concession to the Client, for the following 60 months. This platform allows to acquire, control and process data from tolling lanes belonging to 11 tolling stations on the A7 Milan Genoa Highway and on the three Peripheral Highways in Milan, managing the collection process in its integrity.
Source: Sinelec


Swarco Mizar wins tender on information systems

Swarco Mizar, TTS Italia founding member, has won the tender issued by Società Vicentina Trasporti a r.l. (SVT) for the installation of information and technology systems on board SVT urban and extra-urban buses Source: TTS Italia

To Engineering the "Best Value Engineering Initiative" Award of Hitachi Rail STS

Engineering, one of the leading global companies that accompanies and guides public and private companies in Digital Transformation, and TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded the international "Best Value Engineering Initiative" award by Hitachi Rail STS, a Hitachi Group company, specialized in the design and construction of equipment and systems dedicated to signaling and automation of metropolitan and railway lines.
Engineering, which has been working with the company for over 20 years with major projects around the world, has been awarded for its engineering, execution and commissioning skills on systems for the mass public transport sector and other systems for the railway world.
There are three areas in which the solutions and skills offered by Engineering for intelligent transport systems are applied: the infrastructure; the structure (roads, railway networks, airports and ports), transport systems (for the movement of people and goods) and, finally, mobility services for the citizen / passenger.
Engineering's broad offering ranges from the most complex technologies, such as the Digital Twin - which recreates a digital copy of the infrastructure and simulates the impact that a new work organization can give as well as allowing the simulation of systems managed in scenarios ordinary and emergency - to those of automation and control of all the nerve centers, allowing the manager to govern the state of the infrastructure also in terms of traffic flow, and to inform users of any circumstances that can turn into risk situations through a connection with the systems on board the vehicles (driving assistance, cooperative and positioning).
Engineering also develops and provides video surveillance systems with Image Recognition capable of analyzing aggression scenarios, suspicious behavior, identification-archiving-searching of faces for forensic purposes, presence of weapons, total count of people in an area, abandoned baggage, intrusion in unauthorized areas, overcoming security lines, detecting removal of objects, with activation of messages to users.
Source: Engineering

Viasat new Gold Sponsor of Reale Mutua Basket Torino

VIASAT S.p.A., TTS Italia ordinary member, is the "Gold Sponsor" of Reale Mutua Basket Torino for the 2019/2020 season. Viasat S.p.A. is one of the leading operators in Italy in providing satellite and IoT infotelematic services and solutions for the safety and protection of people, vehicles and goods. It is part of the homonymous Group which has been overseeing the design and production of electronics for over forty-five years and for more than thirty years the satellite infotelematic sector. It provides - through proprietary algorithms - value-added services, through the transformation of data (collected through satellite devices) into information that is, in turn, simplified through a processing process and made available to the end customer. The Viasat Group is a point of reference in the European market, thanks to its ability to provide its services worldwide with offices in 10 countries and employing over 770 employees at 31 December 2018, boasting intense research and development and innovation. The Viasat offer covers the entire supply chain of technological solutions and satellite localization services, aimed at guaranteeing complete safety for the vehicle and its occupants on the market for Satellite Anti-theft systems, Insurance Telematics, Fleet Management and Big Date.
Viasat is a reality that places the technological vanguard at the center of its vision as a key to change the lives of people and companies for the better and considers quality and ethical principles among its fundamental values.
For Viasat, each new challenge has always been an opportunity to re-launch its commitment to innovate with development plans that are inspired by the logic of continuous improvement. The men and women of the Viasat Group place enormous importance on the social impact of our business, engaging with passion in sharing knowledge and experiences, even individually, to offer a positive contribution to the world where we live.
Source: Viasat


TTS in action


TTS Italia at Assologistica conference discussing ITS for logistics and smart mobility – 8 November– Milano

Organized by Assologtsica, together with its Assologistica Cultura e Formazione division and the Euromerci magazine, the conference "Horizon and challenges of today's and future logistics" will be held in Milan on November 8th, as part of the 15th edition of "The Logistics of the Year" Award.
"The objective of the Award is to bring out companies and managers focusing on innovation - explains the general secretary of Assologistica, Jean Francois Daher - Innovating, all these realities provide a valuable contribution in giving a new face to logistics and supply chain management. Innovation has always been the main theme of the 'Logistics of the Year', an event that is now part of a context in which innovating is an essential prerequisite for continuing to operate in a market that is changing at a rapid pace until some time ago unthinkable. "
Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia, will be among the speakers of the conference to talk about "Infrastructure, transport and logistics in the name of smart mobility and ITS".
For the program and more details, click here
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Trustonomy: an interactive session at the VIII Congress of Public Transport and Smart City

On October 17th, the VIII Congress of Public Transport and Smart City was held in Warsaw (Poland): the perfect event to discuss about intelligent partnerships for cities of the future and the concrete role of transport in shaping a friendly urban space.
Within the Congress, Trustonomy organised an interactive and brainstorming session to briefly present the challenges faced by the project as well as carry out interactive exercises with stakeholders to share views and ideas related to the use of autonomous vehicle, especially from the point of view of final users.
The Trustonomy project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme with the aim of building acceptance and trust in autonomous vehicles. TTS Italia is one of the partner involved.


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• Italia – Orte: Speed control systems
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• Italia-Padova: Monitoring computer system

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