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N° 4 April 2014

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Ms. Bergamini, as Vice President of the Transport Commission of the Chamber you followed the consultation on local public transport. The final document, which was published recently, grants, among other indications, ample space for technological innovation in the sector. According to you, what are the next steps that Members can do to give substance to this job?
As Members, we have the legislative power, those of address and another one of control. To this I would add the ability to make good use of the media pursuing an open debate. Personally, given the importance of an issue such as that of the local public transport, I'm going to use all my powers. Meanwhile, in the Transport Commission we are going to work on this issue by using as a basis a bill introduced by the President Meta. Our cities already have the solutions for a better quality of life, we only need to implement them. However, I know that the resistance to change is quite strong in our country especially in the public administrations. I am sure that users facing inefficiency in the mobility system every day are ready for the new technologies. I will keep on working to make the Digital Agenda a reality, starting from the local public transport.

You were the rapporteur of the draft law on the Digital Agenda for Italy. What idea do you have on the process of computerization of the public administration and on the country as a whole?
I think that the computerization of the public administration is as fundamental as a financial law. However, even if many laws were approved during the past government, the decrees are missing. For some laws the deadlines have also expired. This is quite typical in our country and not only on this specific sector. Of course, this attitude contributes to the perception of inefficiency of the policy that- rightly - the citizens have. Unfortunately, it is not the policy to resist change but the state. A cultural change is needed to which we all must contribute: legislators, associations such as yours, which can play a vital work of monitoring and stimulus on innovation.

Recently, with other colleagues, you have established the Parliamentary Intergroup for technological innovation. Can you explain better what it will do and how?
The Intergroup has more than 50 members and it is very active. It monitors the parliamentary proceedings in the various committees and acts, with amendments and improvements, where there is space for the application of technological and digital innovation. The Intergroup also organizes meeting with stakeholder and experts of the sector. So, we try and stimulate the government on the digital culture.

Finally, let’s focus on transport. Italy has recently adopted the ITS National Plan envisaging several priorities for the different modes of transport. In your opinion, what are the urgent measures to revive the system of national mobility and logistics? What might be the sources of funding or incentive?
I think that all the priorities envisaged by the Plan are of foremost importance. However, if I have to identify something especially important, I think that ITS for the multimodal transport of people are fundamental to lower congestion and for a better quality of air. Through ITS travels can be more efficient and costs can be limited.

Another point of great relevance is the road safety. In this sector, ITS can help a lot by monitoring violations and dangerous goods transport; through real time information.
The main source of funding for these initiative is the European funding, especially those foreseen within Horizon 2020. We do not have to miss this opportunity as often it happens. Also, I think it could be of great help to provide tax incentives for users, service providers, governments and, in general, for all the actors making every effort to apply the intelligent transport systems.

Who is Deborah Bergamini. Born in Viareggio, grown up in Florence, she got a degree in foreign languages. After her studies abroad, she starts her career in journalism in France and London with Bloomberg. Right here in 1999 she met Mr. Silvio Berlusconi and she becomes her consultant for the communication. In 2008 she becomes member of the Chamber of Deputies. Within the Parliament, she is Vice President of the Commission for transport and member of the Italian delegation at the the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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Pluservice: CO-GISTICS for the co-operative solutions for efficient and sustainable logistics

CO-GISTICS: The Department of Engineering and Architecture opens in Trieste the new horizon for the European Research and Innovation by announcing the implementation of CO-GISTICS Project. In the context of the priorities identified in the EU Framework Program HORIZON2020, CO-GISTICS is the first and largest Project entirely devoted to the spread of co-operative solutions for efficient and sustainable logistics in Europe.
On 10 February 2014, in a conference held in Thessaloniki, ERTICO-ITS (a public-private organization founded in 1991 on the initiative of the leading European industrial groups, national governments and the European Commission), together with 33 other partners, launched the triennial Research Project CO-GISTICS.
Thanks to European Commission co-financing, CO-GISTICS has an economic dimension of 7,492 million Euros aimed at implementation of innovative solutions for the sustainable future of logistics and freight transports on a European scale. The Project will allow greater environmental protection, while safeguarding the competitiveness of the Union on the world market, the harmonization and the assurance of the security of supply in Europe.
For the first time, 7 logistical pilot sites in several European countries have been coordinated within the Project. Besides Trieste (I), the Project involved also Arad (RO), Bordeaux (France), Bilbao (E), Frankfurt (DE), Thessaloniki (GR) and Vigo (E). They aim to develop innovative services leading to the gradual establishment of a wider integrated internal market. The initiative is of strategic and crucial importance because it affects directly the life of citizens and the European economy, making the logistics sector essential to stabilize and create better jobs, build a greener society, and improving the quality of life for all members states’ nationalities in Europe.

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Almaviva in the “Cluster Trasporti Italia 2020″
Almaviva, TTS Italia ordinary members, participates in the “Cluster Trasporti Italia 2020″, an association created by the Italian Ministry for Education and Research bringing together private and public Italian players to foster the development of transport and of the related technologies. The Cluster also aims at defining the transport policies for the next years in the country, taking into account the European goals for climate, environment and intermodality. Almaviva participates in one of the four projects foreseen by the Cluster: ITS ITALY2020, especially focussed on intermodality for freight transport.
Source: Almaviva

Pluservice at the 5° Transport Research Arena
Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, took part at the 5° Transport Research Arena – TRA2014 held in Paris from 14 to 17 April. Pluservice presented two papers on ICT for electromobility (smartCEM project) and a third paper on multimodal services for travellers (myCicero platform within the TISAR project). The 5t° edition of TRA in Paris focused on “Transport Solutions: From Research to Deployment”. TRA 2014 helped bridging the gap between research and the market, at the crossroads of research and implementation. Held at the beginning of the Horizon 2020 European Framework Programme for research and innovation, TRA 2014 promoted all surface transport modes on an equal footing, including cross modal issues.
Source: Pluservice

Positive results for the new park payment system by Atac
Atac, TTS Italia founding member, launched in February 2014 a new service and payment system for parking areas: atac.sosta. With the new system, which adds to the traditional methods of payment, you pay only the actual minutes of use, and can prolong the stop at will. The service is quick and easy, with no coins for the parking meter. Just a click away from the smartphone, a text message or a phone call from the mobile phone. It is a new payment method that will be developed on multiple platforms. At the moment the channel to use is the system myCicero. In order to use the new payment system is necessary to register on myCicero and create ones own account from a PC or smartphone. You then choose a payment method and you reload your own credit. Or you can register your credit card by choosing to pay the amount of the park together with the completion of the same. From February up to day, there were 6.150 subscriptions to the service; 8.210 parks and 1.705.000 parking minutes(nearly 28.416 hours). Atac will open the management of the system also to other provider in order to ensure the greatest competition and quality of service. So far, Atac received 29 offers from potential service providers.
Source: Clickmobility

SISTeMA at the conference “Shaping Transportation” in Berlin
SISTeMA, TTS Italia ordinary member, will be participating in the event “Shaping Transportation Conference & PTV Vision Global User Group Meeting (UGM)”, which will be held in Berlin from 26 to 28 May 2014. At this year’s Shaping Transportation, foremost transport policy thinkers, shapers and decision makers as well as software users will discuss about “Join up Thinking – Create Intelligent Movements”. One focus will rest on the question which new concepts can increase the integration of existing transport modes.
Especially, SISTeMA, will discuss the following topics:
- 27 May 2014, Mr. Guido Gentile, SISTeMA – Future Directions for Dynamic Traffic Assignment
- 28 May  2014,  Mr. Lorenzo Meschini, SISTeMA – Optima insight: setting up a model-based real-time traffic prediction and management system
For any further information, please visit:
Source: SISTeMA

The Visat technolgy in an Italian game show
Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, is the technology partner for an Italian game show using a hybrid vehicle. Viasat equipped the vehicle with a satellite device able to communicate and inform about the exact localization and direction of the car in real time. The data are collected and elaborated by the operations centre of Viasat so that the car can be displayed on Google maps.
Source: Viasat


TTS in action


TTS Italia at the conference “The new tariff system of the local public transport in Campania and the new electronic ticketing”
The Campania Region, in collaboration with ACAM (agency for mobility in Campania Region), organised the conference “The new tariff system of the local public transport in Campania and the new electronic ticketing” in Naples on the last 4 April. The conference presented the study which led to the establishment of the new tariff system for the local public transport that Campania will adopt in the coming months, as well as to the new electronic ticketing system, integrated into the broader project ITSC (Intelligent Transport System of Campania). The conference was also an opportunity to take stock of the developments in legislation and techniques related to the field of ITS at both regional and national level and EU level. Finally, but not least was the comparison with the various stakeholders and user groups to assess the impacts and prospects that the new tariff system and the new electronic ticketing will produce in Campania. TTS Italia, represented by the President Rossella Panero, participated with a presentation on "The state of the art of the implementation in Italy of the new ticketing systems." Among the speakers of the day there were also ACAM and ANM, ordinary members of TTS Italia.


TTS Italia at the conference “Local public transport: the new law from the Piemonte Region point of view”
It was held on 11 April in Turin the conference on “Local public transport: the new law from the Piemonte Region point of view” organised by the City of Turin, Piemonte Region and agency for mobility. TTS Italia, represented by the President Rossella Panero, participated in the morning session focused on the contents of the new laws for the local public transport. The works were introduced by the Vice Minister of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and by the President of the agency for mobility of Piemonte Region.


In November the new edition of Smart Mobility World - 13/14 November 2014 - Turin
The next edition of Smart Mobility World, the european  reference event for the mobility of the XXI century, will be held in Turin, at the Lingotto Conference Centre, next 13 and 14 November. An initiative organized in Turin, European guide for the development of ITS services and Infomobility ‘for’ smart cities’, and for the development of technologies for Green Cars and Sustainable Transport.
The event, organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italia - Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of the Chamber of commerce of Turin, of the main institutions of Piedmont and the partnership of some of the most prestigious national and international Associations, including TTS Italia. Last edition, ended on September 27, has received positive feedback from sponsors, all the institutional system of Turin and has reported significant numbers, such as:
- more than 3.000 qualified professionals
- 150 between sponsors, exhibitors and partners,
- 234 speakers and 28 conference sessions,
- more than 500 B2B meetings between companies and buyers.

New components will enrich the well-established Conference & Expo, extending the schedule of Smart Mobility World 2014 which will be developed over 5 days and structured in the following way:

12/13 November INTERNATIONAL PRE-CONFERENCE - Lingotto Congress Center
The international character of the event is confirmed by the “Connected Car”, a two- days pre-conference and on two days dedicated to on board technologies for the management of the interaction vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure. This brings up an international business community that will participate both as a sponsor of the visitor.

13/14  November CONFERENCE & EXPO - Lingotto Congress Center
As in the previous edition the Conference & Expo will be divided into three forums: ITN Infrastructure & tecnologies for the Smart City, Telemobility Forum and Green Cars Forum.
It will covers the following topics:
- ITS & Satellite Navigation
- Emergency & Safety
- Infomobilita’ & Digital Media
- Galileo / Glonass / GPS  Smart City Logistics & Parking
- AVL/AVM & Fleet Management
- E-Ticketing, NFC & Mobile Payments
- Digital Signage for Mobility
- GIS & Geocontents
- On Board Telematics & Car Sensors

News 2014:
- Local public transport and regional railways
- Infrastructures and technologies for parking
- Road Safety

A great networking event, a unique, exclusive, informal meeting opportunity to be the protagonists together with the major national and international players in the industry.

An event that will see the public trying the mobility of the twenty-first century in the streets of the city of Turin. The centre of Turin, the living room of Italy, will for three days become the scene of a large outdoor festival based on the major innovations that will designate mobility in the twenty-first century. Windows of visibility regarding mobility in the future extended to new target groups: citizens and lovers of innovation in the high-tech and automotive industries. The scene of this major exhibition will be Piazza S. Carlo, Piazza Castello, Piazza Vittorio, Piazza Lagrange, and many other charming locations. Test drives and special trials.

For any further information on the event, please visit:


10° ITS European Congress – Helsinki – 16/19 June 2014
Organised by ERTICO-ITS Europe and hosted in Helsinki, it will be held from 16 to 19 June the 10° ITS European Congress with the title “ITS in your pocket – proven solutions driving user services”. As a unique platform dedicated to the trends, achievements and opportunities in European markets, the Congress annually brings together a wealth of decision makers at the highest level, thought leaders, technologists, researchers and a wide range of related experts. It distinguishes itself by the high number of participants, the great diversity of market segments, and the unparalleled quality of its programme.
For any further information, please visit:
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Anguillara Sabazia: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Bologna: Services for data elaboration
Italia-Cagliari: Services for consulting, software development and support
Italia-Milano: Parking meters
Italia-Ostuni: Services for parking areas management


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5° National Conference on “Programming and operation for the local public transport network: European experiences in comparison”
7 May 2014, Genoa
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Middle East Road Safety & ITS Summit
6 - 7 May 2014, Muscat, Oman
For further information, click here

11-13 May 2014, Abu Dhabi
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Intertraffic China
13-15 May 2014 in Beijing, China
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Expotraffic 2014
14-16 May 2014, Moscow, Russia
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19-20 May 2014, Prague, Czech Republic
For further information, click here

Infrarail 2014
20-22 May 2014, London, UK,
For further information, click here

National Electronic Tolling Conference
27 – 29 May 2014, Sydney, Australia
For further information,

7th Polish ITS Congress 2014
28-29 May 2014, Warsaw, Poland
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