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N° 11 December 2014




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Ministries, Regions, Municipalities and Metropolitan cities ready to bet on the new Structural Funds 2014-2020. TTS Italia, in collaboration with the Marche Region and the European project RITS-Net, and the patronage of the PON Networks and Mobility, brought together in a two-day in Rome interlocutors who have chosen or will choose in coming months how to invest the 44 billion Euro of EU funds. The aim of the conference “ITS within the 2014-2020 programme” was to focus on the need to invest on mobility and technological upgrade to make the leap to smart mobility.

“The European Structural Funds 2014-2020 will also impact on the mobility of Italians. This is a unique opportunity that Italy must use to improve the conditions of movement of passengers and goods, accelerating technological leap towards smart mobility of so much talked about, and that the public have been waiting for a long time.” –said Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia “Italy approved the National ITS Action Plan but instruments and tools for a real implementation have not been defined so far as requested by the European Commission. The concrete implementation of the Plan would represent a great opportunity of both spending review and growth for the whole sector of transport.”

The appeal of TTS Italia has been approved and supported by all the participants and speakers of the conference: Ministry for Transport, Ministry for Economic Development, Municipalities of Bologna, Turin, Rome, Rimini, Florence, Messina, Venice, Bari, Regions of Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Sardinia, Campania, Piemonte, Liguria, Puglia.

The conference was decided after TTS Italia launched the Platform for the Local Entities in February 2014 to stimulate the dialogue and debate between demand and offer. Several local authorities already submitted the Platform such as: Rome, Turin, Bari, Naples and Liguria Region.

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Projects of the month


PASTA project: active mobility for the quality of life

A workshop on the project PASTA (Physical Activity Through Sustainable Transport Approaches) was held on 17 November at the Mobility Control Centre of Rome, to present the "Top measure" proposal from city the of Rome to increase best practices of "Active Mobility" by 2015. This means the installation of 400 new bike racks at schools, public offices, metro stations, for a total of 4,000 additional places bike. The intervention, mentioned in the guidelines of the new Rome General Plan of Urban Traffic 2014, will be supported and accompanied by new policies for increasing the "Active Mobility" with the goal of reducing physical inactivity, that among many health issues, is also a main cause of death.

The meeting, mainly technical, has involved the representatives of Roma Capitale about mobility issues, health, cycling, who were interviewed by the consortium partners of PASTA on the issues exposed. One of the main goal of the project is reducing polluting emissions through the practice of Active Mobility (walking, bike, also in combination with public transport), an essential tool to have a good quality air.

During the meeting, in fact, it was found that the negative effects on health, already perceptible, will be felt more in the future, so it is necessary to promote intermodality as a solution to air pollution.

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EGNOS for tracking & tracing of containers - CONTAIN project at the CPExpo 2014

The utilization of tracking & tracing devices is widely adopted in logistics and through various research initiatives the European Commission stimulates the technological innovation to ensure higher efficiency and security of freight transport on the entire logistics chain. Some of these initiatives specifically pursue the use of the positioning services provided by the European satellite navigation systems, particularly of EGNOS today and in the perspective of Galileo.

The European project CONTAIN “CONtainer securiTy Advanced Information Networking” ( aims to develop and to prove in real operational cases, innovative and advanced technologies, including those using satellite navigation, for empowering the transport and the security of the intermodal containers shipment.

Within CONTAIN, Telespazio, partner of the project, has developed a solution based on the European satellite navigation system EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) to provide value added tracking & tracing services. This solution has been extensively proved in the frame of CONTAIN project in real business cases in Europe in cooperation with Interporto Bologna, and also in Jordan in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport of Jordan and the Jordanian Customs in the frame of the European project MEDUSA. These demonstrations have validated the benefits that using EGNOS could bring to the freight transport and logistics domains. In particular, EGNOS enables a robust and reliable traceability of the freight traffic, thus supporting a “smart” transport of goods and the establishment of liability schemes among the various stakeholders.

This, in turn, contributes to the implementation of the “e-freight” and “green lanes/corridors” envisaged by the European Commission policies related to logistics, and it is in line with the present trend to possibly include the use of EGNOS also for institutional purposes. As a fact, CONTAIN and MEDUSA have confirmed that EGNOS adoption can improve the control of the freight traffic flow along the entire supply chain while facilitating customs procedures, and that products and solutions enabling the use of EGNOS are today off-the-shelf and ready for Galileo.

The solution developed by Telespazio and the relevant demonstrations have been recently showcased at the European Commission booth devoted to CONTAIN project at the CPExpo 2014 event (combined with the European Security Research Conference) aimed at promoting technologies in the “Secure Society” domain, that took place in Genoa on 9-10-11 December 2014".

In CONTAIN, the satellite navigation has been considered a key technology for the efficiency and security of logistics. Capitalizing on the heritage from CONTAIN, the ongoing project CORE (“Consistently Optimised Resilient Secure Global Supply-Chains”, is following up what has been done in CONTAIN with respect to the use of EGNOS today and in the perspective of Galileo for the intermodal transport of dangerous goods.

For contacts: Antonella Di Fazio


Product of the month


The University of Tor Vergata develops “Lazio Mobility Platform”

The use of multimodal paths, including the best alternative for each transport mode, seems to be one of the most effective ways to tackle congestion and other negative effects of urban mobility. Of course, the possibility to choose the best path, once taking into account the real-time situation of traffic and transit services, is one of the necessary conditions for a successful policy. Therefore the enhancements of the new generation of personal travel information systems are: support of multi-modal routing, real-time information about traffic conditions (in both private and public transport systems), personalized routing advice (i.e. advice that is tailored to the personal preferences of the traveller), and natural language processing and mobile app using.
Taking this approach, Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATIS) are going to include trip planners ability to identify the best alternatives on multimodal networks (as well as multiservice transit networks with rail, metro, tram, bus and pedestrian) by using real-time data and by providing information for each alternative: travel time, monetary cost, arrival times and other service characteristics. Through an advanced trip planner, the user can easily access organized information to compare the different alternatives for a rational choice of transport modes.
Advanced trip planners reduce the uncertainty about routes and timetables that is one of the main reasons for rejecting transit as a travel mode. The use of real-time data is crucial when the traveller is constrained by an arrival time at destination, and it is another one of the key features of new ATIS. The availability of real-time information allows a continuous en-route check, warning travellers about particular problems (e.g. delays and disruptions) and suggesting new alternatives from any current position. Two of the most recent features in ITS seem to support the development of these of types of tools: access to open-data and smart-phone characteristics that allow the tracking of a traveller’s location on the network. This paper presents an advanced trip planner named Lazio Mobility developed by University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and Studio Hangloose Srl designed for mobile applications. It gives dynamic real-time information to support the traveller in his/her dynamic choice of the best path on a multimodal network.
The app provides personalized real time multimodal information starting from open data sets and using only open source software.

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For contact: Luca Rosati -

News of the month


In January the new “Tic” in Campania region
It will be launched on the 1° January 2015 the new integrated transport system of Campania, Tic, supported by the Campania Agency for the sustainable Mobility, ACAM, TTS Italia ordinary member. The annual subscriptions are primarily designed to protect certain protected classes, students and poor families. The facilities are extended with the new Tic, to all holdings of Campania working on the public transport on road and rail.

Kapsch TrafficCom with Major Contract Award in Sydney
Kapsch TrafficCom AG, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange in the prime market segment, informs that its subsidiary Kapsch TrafficCom Australia Pty Ltd has been contracted to supply to WestConnex Delivery Authority (WDA) a roadside tolling system to support capacity enhancement to the M4 Motorway Widening Project as part of Stage 1 of the WestConnex motorway scheme in Sydney. This award encompasses two contracts for the initial phase, one for the roadside equipment for the M4 Widening segment and one associated with maintenance and support. The M4 Widening segment will be followed by the M4 East tunnel segment which is to be executed under a separate contract. As part of the initial award, Kapsch has also entered into a Commitment Deed to sign a pre-agreed contract for the M4 East roadside tolling system to the successful winner of the M4 East tunnel construction tender.
The NSW (New South Wales) Government and WDA jointly recognized the need for capacity enhancements to the M4 Motorway and developed a program to widen the existing Motorway to provide four lanes in each direction between Church Street, Parramatta and Homebush Bay Drive, Homebush. The system will support a closed road configuration that allows free flowing traffic across the four lanes in each direction on the mainline motorway section with a total of 14 tolling points. The associated civil works are being separately contracted.
The Roadside system will comprise a single gantry design solution, state-of-the-art roadside equipment with interfacing to a separately supplied back-office system.
Source: Kapsch TrafficCom

Project Automation wins tender for air quality control in Tuscany
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Tuscany Agency for the Environment Protection, for the of a system for the air quality control. Source: TTS Italia

Sistema wins tender to make Aprilia city smarter
Sistema Srl, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Aprilia, to implement e develop the project Aprilia Smart City.
Source: TTS Italia

The VisLab at “Report”
The autonomous vehicle BRAiVE moves without driver on city streets: the famous Italian television program, Report, on 7th December 2014, showed how the Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (VisLab) of Parma University, TTS Italia ordinary member, represents one of the emerging realities in Italy on the technological sector. BRAiVE makes clear that internationally new markets based on emerging needs are creating. In many countries of the world the emergence of new needs is leading to the creation of innovative start-ups that typically arise muted thanks to small local funding or through the crowdfunding. The VisLab, committed for more than 15 years in the development of automated guidance systems and with road safety, the task of representing one of the most promising start-ups in the Italian and international context.
For the video:
Source: VisLab

Trento, Cesena and Verona la chose myCicero
The cities of Trento, Cesena and Verona adopt the myCicero platform developed by Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member. myCicero enables to pay the parking with the mobile phone and allows to activate and deactivate the parking using a smartphone or a traditional mobile phone and pay only the real minutes used. In order to use myCicero it is necessary to sign up via web on or by smartphone (downloading the free app myCicero available in the AppStore, GooglePlay and Windows Marketplace) and recharge the Parking Credit with the credit card or online bank transfer. If you have a smartphone downloading myCicero app it is possible to detect the personal GPS location, display the nearby car parks, activate the parking with a click and extend the time without reaching the car again. If you have a traditional mobile phone it is possible to activate and deactivate the parking with a free phone call (NO CALL system), through an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) or through an SMS service using the numbers written on specific road signs.
Source: Pluservice


TTS in action

Smart transport: TTS Italia on Corriere delle Comunicazioni
TTS Italia explains the importance of Intelligent Transport Systems and of the National ITS Action Plan on the Italian review “Corriere delle Comunicazioni”.
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TTS Italia at the technical seminar "The new legislation on Intelligent Transport Systems for more evolved mobility"
The technical seminar "The new legislation on Intelligent Transport Systems for more evolved mobility" was organized in Rome November 27, 2014 by the Order of Engineers of Rome together with AIIT (Italian Association of Traffic Engineers) for their members. The objective of the seminar was to provide basic information on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and illustrate the main applications of such systems in Italy, as well as the opportunities and obstacles encountered in their concrete implementation in the territory. The seminar also outlined the current legislation both at Community and national level that characterizes the field of ITS, with particular regard to the National ITS Action Plan adopted by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport in February 2014. TTS was involved as a speaker of the day.
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Conference on Current Status of Road Safety in India
16-17 January 2015, New Delhi, India
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