TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. N°2 February 2011
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Technical-Scientific Committee meeting to discuss National Plan on ITS
After the meeting held last December at the headquarters of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on ITS Directive, the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia is on the way to a new phase of the work and activities related to the National Plan on ITS. TTS Italia, represented by its Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, took part, 21 and 22 February, at the Workshop organized by ERTICO in Brussels to discuss the progress of the activities conducted at national level as regards the Action Plan on ITS. The event provided a further opportunity for exchanging information, case studies and initiatives with other Member States on the development of National Plans on ITS. Following the Workshop, and in anticipation of the upcoming deadline of August for the preparation of a report to the European Commission on National activities and projects related to priority sectors, will be held in early March a meeting between members of the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia to discuss and define together the next steps necessary to implement at National level the priority actions.

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TTS Italia institutional partner of the conference "Magna Carta-Micro Chip: Interoperability and Standardization of Electronic Ticketing Systems"
The next 29 and 30 March 2011 will be held the conference "Magna Carta Micro-Chip: Interoperability and Standardization of Electronic Ticketing Systems", organized by ASSTRA and Club Italia, with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructures and with TTS Italia as institutional partner. The conference is an opportunity for discussion and analysis on various issues through the comparison among institutions, local authorities, provinces and regions, transport companies, universities, manufacturers and professionals. The conference, attended by international experts in the field, will fuel the debate by addressing theoretical approaches and identifying new technical tools and solutions, relevant to the industry. The event also aims to achieve in our country the guidelines, directives and regulations to protect businesses and institutions of public transport, enabling the world offer to act in a transparent and competitive market. In this regard, will be presented the "Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of electronic ticketing systems in local public transport", prepared by the two associations as a support tool for all stakeholders. The event will take place in Rome at the headquarters of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
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Autovie Venete: informations to drivers bluetooth and Wi-Fi in highway
In highway traffic jams, accidents, adverse weather conditions will be reported automatically to truck drivers, motorcyclists and motorists. Will indeed be enough to stop in a service area to receive a free information on mobile phone or other mobile devices (via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi). The initiative, the first in Italy, will work on the motorway network managed by Autovie Venete, TTS Italia ordinary member, and it has proven useful in the service area of North Gonars on the A4 Venice-Trieste. The new tool is part of the package of information that the motorway operator make available to users ranging from website to telephone centers and variable message signs. During the trial, only on the last February 8, when a series of accidents paralyzed the highway because of fog, the service has allowed 1800 truck drivers to stop in the service area in Gonars and thus prevent further danger or congestion. The service will be active in the coming months in all areas of service, with an investment of € 200 000.

Autostrade Tech and Project Automation win tender for electronic system for access control
Autostrade Tech, spin off of Autostrade per l’Italia, TTS Italia founding member, and Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary members, in a temporary association, have won the tender bidden by Municipality of Perugia (Centre Italy) for the provision, installation and full service maintenance, for at least two years, of an electronic system for access control. The system will be implemented on 12 lanes within Perugia. The tender has a final value of 728 999,00 Euro.
Source: TTS Italia

Magneti Marelli Wind River and collaboration delivers first GENIVI-compliant system
Magneti Marelli, TTS Italia ordinary member, and Wind River have announced a technological collaboration to create the first GENIVI-compliant in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solution for the automotive industry. The companies have partnered in order to deliver a reference platform for in-vehicle infotainment, compliant with the emerging GENIVI industry standard. The GENIVI open source platform standard aims to provide automobile manufacturers and their suppliers with a common underlying framework to simplify elements of the in-vehicle infotainment development process that have historically been duplicated across the industry. The system uses Magneti Marelli’s skills in integrating complex systems and technologies for the vehicle environment, together with Wind River, which has provided an integrated, tested and validated IVI software platform based on the GENIVI open source standard, as well as customization and consulting services. The new IVI system, which is compliant with the GENIVI standard, can support a range of control module or ‘head unit’ architectures and is available and customizable for all car manufacturers. Open source software creates a compelling option for Tier 1 suppliers to use as a foundation for IVI devices, because it provides greater flexibility and opportunities for innovation, especially in the areas of advanced in-vehicle information, entertainment and connectivity. It also enables sophisticated navigation, telematic and multimedia devices inside automobiles. The IVI solution will first appear as next-generation entry and mid level IVI systems for BMW Group vehicles. 
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Mizar and Softeco partners of the EuropeanProject In-Time
Mizar Automazione and Softeco Sismat, respectively founding member and ordinary member of TTS Italia, are among the 21 partners in 8 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and Romania) of the European Project In-Time (’Intelligent and efficient travel management for European cities’). In-Time was presented to high level participants from industry and service providers, as well as city and regional representatives on the last 25 January in Vienna, Austria. The Project, which is co-financed for 2,9 ME by the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP) program, will pilot and validate an innovative pan-European approach to RTTI. Pilots will be set up in the course of the year in six cities: Vienna, Austria; Brno, Czech Republic; Bucharest, Romania; Oslo, Norway; Munich, Germany; and Florence, Italy. In-Time started in 2009 and will end in 2012.
Source: European Commission

Safety Tutor system on Autovie Venete network
Safety Tutor system, from 1° febbraio 2011, are operative also on the highways of Autovie Venete, TTS Italia ordinary member. The sensors and cameras detect speed, license plate number, type of vehicle and transit time, even when weather is not really suitable for the use of mobile devices, such as during rain or fog, and in the respect of the privacy. Twenty new positions have been installed and placed on 176 km of routes concerned, sixteen on the A4, two on the A28 and A23. The areas of installation have been identified by the Traffic Police, in accordance with the motorway operator, and on the basis of data on road accidents occurred in recent years.The aim of Autovie Venete and of Police is to achieve a drastic reduction of accidents and related injuries, due to high speed. In the sections already monitored with the tutor, important results have been achieved: -51% of mortality accident, -27% of the rate of accidents involving personal injury, -19% of the rate of accidents. Also decreased breaches of the Highway Code have been registered. A situation that has also led to significant results in changing ecological environment due to the decrease in speed and the consequent lower CO2 emissions.

Siemens wins tender for videosurveillance system
Siemens, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Province of Udine (North Italy) for the supply and setting of a videosurveillance system for several buildings and fo mobility control. The final value of the tender is 1 286 611,84 Euro.
Source: TTS Italia

Thetis chosen by multinational Arriva to supply technologies for public transport management in Malta
A new international project for Thetis, the Venice based engineering company, TTS Italia ordinary member, already involved in the development of innovative systems for sustainable mobility in China and India. Thetis has been chosen by the Arriva to supply technologies for the management of public transport in Malta. The project is connected to a 10 year contract that was recently awarded to Arriva by the Maltese Government, and that will see the renewal of the majority of the fleet operating in Malta and Gozo (264 buses), with service expected to start in July 2011. Thetis will supply systems for the real time control of buses, electronic ticketing, videosurveillance, passenger counting and the management of 3 Park and Ride sites. A control centre will send bus arrival information to about 100 electronic displays at bus terminals and bus stops.
Source: Thetis

Thetis for the supply and maintenance of the satellite system to peripheral urban public transport service in Rome
Società Roma TPL, which has been awarded the contract for the public transport of outskirts bus lines of Rome, chose Thetis, TTS Italia ordinary member, for the supply and maintenance for 8 years of the satellite system required to manage the service. The components of the system are a control room, which involves six operators, and computer systems on board the bus, designed in response to stringent contractual requirements established by the Agency for Mobility of Rome. On board each of the 450 buses in service, a high-performance computer runs a touchscreen terminal driver, a video surveillance system with 4 cameras, systems for counting passengers getting on and off, panels for, speakers for automatically announce the next stop and then a multimedia television system for commercials advertisements. All this in addition to GPS tracking that allows remote monitoring of the punctuality of the bus and ancillary systems for data communication with the control centre and 6 warehouses at night. At the terminus, users can also read on the frontal panel of the bus the scheduled departure time. In the operations center are monitored in real time all the bus line and their state of early or late is monitored and compared to the route plan. Any difference is detected in real-time, for example due to accidents or traffic congestion, and are then implemented the corrective actions designed to achieve the goal of providing the best possible service. A key aspect of system functions is related to the preparation of daily and monthly reports related to busses activities and punctuality. These reports are processed automatically on the basis of data from satellite tracking of vehicles, taking into account abnormal situations (accidents, change of route due to construction, delays due to congestion, etc.), and are used as a basis for payment for the service which it is compensated according to the miles actually traveled and punctuality effectively achieved.
Source: Thetis

Telecom Italia and Uirnet sign agreement for the provision of telephony services
The agreement signed between Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member, and Uirnet, a company that brings together major Italian freights will guarantee the provision of services and mobile products for a value estimated at approximately EUR 15 million. The convention, lasting ten years, will allow Uirnet to make operative the platform of the national logistics network. Telecom Italia will provide the exclusive supply to Uirnet and its operating companies, of SIM and voice services, messaging, broadband data transmission, location and dedicated caring. It might be added the supply of mobile, vehicular and personal terminals. The agreement will ensure the necessary flow of information to and from trucking companies and to the industry by enforcing the management of the platform of the national logistics network carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Through the implementation of this platform, the aim is to improve the efficiency of the entire system with the ability to track, monitor and manage the flow in real time and make the logistic system more efficient.
Source: STAR SRL


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Smartrams Platform
SMARTRAMS® concept involves the total management of modern LRT installations. It has been conceived and developped as whole by Project Automation according to CENELEC EN 50128 standards for rail transport systems.
System architecture fits in the most commonly needed features of LRT operations. Usual drive at sight regulamentations are complemented,in SMARTRAMS® framework, by auxiliary signalling techniques and innovative data processing, with the aim of supporting LRT operators job.
Deployed informatics tools feature out monitoring, supervision and regulation functions as a fully integrated process platform. That way technical equipment safety, time table punctuality and passenger comfort and security are supplied as one. SMARTRAMS® is a client–server platform in which different modules care of specific processes management: TRAINVIEWER® cares of LRT fleet localization and signalling installation monitoring, thus noticing failures and malfunctions and ensuring a technical operations safety background. TRAINENERGY® supervises and remotely controls power plant and traction power distribution network.
TRAINMONITOR®, at the core of SMARTRAMS®, cares of operations punctuality and prevents or mitigates disruptions consequencies. Technical data and fleet localisation data are processed to produce a real- time feed-back action on the fleet scheduling and to recover time table adherence against interferences.
TRAINWAY® acts on LRT priority request and provision at traffic intersections subjected to UTC urban traffic control centralised system. High priority request of LRT vehicles are granted in a dynamic context, taking care of road vehicles compensation along with successive intersection cycle.
TRAINCONTROLLER® is an on board sw module and cares of long range radio communication and short range inductive communication processing and control. This way LRT vehicles supplies data to the regularity functions of the Control Room. Localisation data are also used for a self localisation process, supplemented by odometer counts. This feeds next stop passenger announce and other on board equipments synchronisation.
TRAINVIGILANTE® supervises platform CCTV, information and messages broadcasting and emergency telephone communication. Passengers comfort and assistance in station platforms are granted as such.
TRAINBACKUP® prevent the lack of data, applications and system configuration in the event of a system breakdown. This occurrences are thus recovered in SMARTRAMS® avoiding to loose operations critical data and processes control. SMARTRAMS® is currently installed in LRT systems of Messina, Cagliari, Bergamo, Dublino, Birmingham and is on going in Florence LRT network.

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VIATEC 2011-7° trade fair for the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure
17-20 March 2011, Bolzano
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Conference "Magna Carta-Micro Chip: Interoperability and Standardization of Electronic Ticketing Systems"
29-30 March 2011, Rome
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CeBIT 2011
1-5 March 2011, Hannover, Germany
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International Transport Week 2011
1-3 March 2011, Gdansk, Poland
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The Fully Networked Car @ the Geneva International Motor Show
2 - 3 March 2011, Geneva, Switzerland
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The International Advanced Mobility Forum
8-9 March 2011, Geneva, Switzerland
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African Logistics Summit
10-12 March 2011, Abuja, Nigeria
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Andina Traffic 2011
14-15 March 2011, Bogotà, Columbia
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INTERtunnel Russia
16-18 March 2011, Moscow, Russia
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Automobile in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
23-24 March 2011, Moscow, Russia
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Passenger Terminal Expo 2011
29 - 31 March 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Traffex 2011
29-31 March 2011, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Nardò: Parking management
I-Vico Equense: Parking enforcement


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