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N° 2 February 2014

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Mr. Panettoni, the local public transport has been in crisis for a long time. are there any possibilities? and what to do immediately?
We hope to have rays of hope for a simple reason: in local public transport demand is growing constantly and this must give awareness both to the public and private sector that this sector is expanding. We think three aspects are fundamental: a normative framework to understand the future perspective of the local public transport. It is important to define the concept of competition of the market, I mean a clear definition of the areas of traffic as well as of the service network to manage. The second aspect is tied to the adaption of resources up to 15 billion of Euro. At the moment, only 5 billion are available. The third aspect: an industrial plan for the renewal of the fleets. The medium ages of buses is 12 years, with some buses reaching 25 reach the European standards, with a medium age of 6,5 years, a ten years extraordinary plan is required to buy nearly 3.400 buses a year with an annual investment of around 750/800 million of Euro. This the only way to compare us with the efficiency of the European models. Finally, a renewed system of industrial relationships would be helpful for a greater flexibility and real economy in the management of personnel required to make their part to help the process of efficiency of the industry.

How technology can help the recovery of companies? In your opinion what are the more useful applications? What are the most used by companies and by customers?
It is clear that we have to bet on the last generation buses: efficient and equipped with the technologies already in the market. Thus, ground and on board infomobility, control board with video for the protection of professionals and citizens and ticketing with every available technology for meeting the escape the tariff. This is the real effort for innovation we ask both to politics and industrial system.

How do you think the new Government can reply to these requests?
We have great expectations due to the previous experience as mayor of mr. renzi and to the attention that the minister of transport, mr. lupi, gave to the sector. but to act at national level is not enough: institutions have to act at regional and local level as well.

Are there any best practices? what are especially technological companies?
As per the buses transport, there are really efficent companies in Turin, Milan, Venice, Bergamo, Cagliari and Florence. in the rail sector, examples of efficiency are representade by Milan, Bari and the Tuscany Region. they invested a lot in technology, infomobility and intermobility.

Often the investments collide with the lack of resources. How companies are responding to requests of the regions and towns on technology?
The lack of resources is dramatic. This is a critical stage because we are living in the tail of a period in which is less invested on all the slopes: on the service, on the technology and on the renewal of the vehicle. wish is that is the end of the choke and that the new government can quickly reverse this negative data.

Another problem to face is the national standardizaton of the technologies used and developed at local level. could Asstra act as an harmonizer?
Absolutely yes. on the side of ticketing, it is evident that the standardization of systems is a positive fact. technology should carry a unifying role. asstra is trying to promote the project mobilitypress (, a portal which is twofold: collection to put pressure on decision makers, but also facing the outside with the aim to offer to all users of public transport a unique point of reference for transport. In other words, the chance to find on the tablet, smart phone or pc useful information to move in different cities. A national network for users. This is a good example of technologies that help to unify the national mobility systems.

Who is Marcello Panettoni. Born in Perugia, since 2006 is the President of Asstra, the national association for public companies of local public transport. His career began as a Transport Department councelor in the municipality of Perugia, then in the Province. Once at the Ministry of Transport, he coordinated reform on the public transport and the National Plan for the transport. From 2001 to 2006 he was president of APM of Perugia and since 2005 he is President of ACTV of Venice.

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The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport adopts the National Plan on ITS

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, on February 12, formally adopted by the Decree of the Minister Maurizio Lupi, the National Action Plan on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), bearing the identification of priorities, the identification of the timing and tools for implementation, and the expected benefits for the country and has arranged to send to the competent offices of the European Commission.

Source: Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

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Atac: pay by phone parking areas in Rome
Atac, TTS Italia founding member, is offerimg a new service: Atac.sosta to simplify the payment of parking areas within Rome. With the new system, which adds to the traditional methods of payment, you pay only the actual minutes of use, and can prolong the stop at will. The service is quick and easy, with no coins for the parking meter. Just a click away from the smartphone, a text message or a phone call from the mobile phone. It is a new payment method that will be developed on multiple platforms. At the moment the channel to use is the system myCicero. In order to use the new payment system is necessary to register on myCicero and create ones own account from a PC or smartphone. You then choose a payment method and you reload your own credit. Or you can register your credit card by choosing to pay the amount of the park together with the completion of the same.
For more information pelase contact
Source: Atac

Campus Truck: the training for the truck manager
It was ufficially launched on the 28 February, the project Campus Truck, the first training course for truck manager. During the launch conference both the Truck Business School and the figure of the Truck Business Manager have been introduced. The project, also involving FAI Service, TTS Italia ordinary member, arises from the need to identify figures who can support transport companies in streamlining internal and external organizational processes. The Truck Business School, is a training program created specifically that will consist of a series of lectures on key topics for the management of a trucking company, such as market analysis and development strategies of the company, the management administration, the creation of a work team and the management of employees, reduction of costs and how to deal with emergencies. In addition, it will be used the mode of formation of the business game, an innovative tool of management simulation through which the problem solving skills, strategic analysis, decision making, and the creativity and relational skills are exalted.
Source: Trasporto online

Kiunsys at the Mobile World Congress 2014
On February, 24 and 25, 2014 Kiunsys, TTS Italia ordinary member, took part to the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona to support the Deutsche Telekom presentation of Smart Parking mobile solutions. At MWC 2014 Deutsche Telekom presented the Smart City pilot project that see Pisa as a protagonist: a sensor-based parking management system and predict free parking spaces thanks to the installation of sensors that, in this first phase, will be placed in the parking area of Piazza Carrara, in the city center. The solution will enable motorists to find parking with ease simply using their smartphones.
The Mobile World Congress, with 1,700 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors from all over the world, is one of the biggest events in the world of innovation to know trends and highlights of the mobile market.
Source: Kiunsys

myCicero by Pluservice arrives in Rome
After debuting last year in the main cities of the Marche Region, myCicero conquest Bologna and then landed in the Capital. The innovative parking payment system by mobile phone designed and manufactured by Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, a leading Italian company in mobile information system, convinced the management of ATAC, the public transport company of the Rome and TTS Italia founding member, which also manages the spaces of the park for a fee, to adopt this useful and efficient service which will able Roman citizens, but also touriststo pay for parking by mobile phone, without the need for pennies and looking for parking meters. The driver can register by accessing the site or directly from the App, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, indicate the number plate of his car and a credit card to charge the costs of stopping. It also possible to advise myCicero to extend or shorten the stop. For those having a cell of the older generation, the stop can be activated and terminated with a call without costs, by text message or by calling the virtual assistant.
Source : Pluservice

Famas System wins tender for statistical survey of traffic
Famas System, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Anas for the extension of the statistical survey system of traffic within the regions of Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily. The tender has been issued within the project TGM aimed at the freight transport through ports, freight villages and airports.
Source: TTS Italia

Italian best-practices at the IT-TRANS 2014 with MAIOR
MAIOR, TTS Italia ordinary member, presented at IT-TRANS 2014, the International Congress on IT solutions for public transport held at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center from 18 to 20 February, the Italian best-practice with a speech entitled "Optimizing the daily management of vehicles and personnel of a public transport company: the success story of the MAIOR solution Implemented at ATAC in Rome ". At the MAIOR booth it was also possible to explore the themes of the speech, attend a live product demos of the solution MTRAM for the planning of the local public transport services, and discover the final frontier in terms of optimization and real-time management of public transport with the research and development project SINTESI.
For further information: Luigi Cuseo –
Source: MAIOR

To coordinate in real timeproduction and delivery by reducing times and emissions:the URBeLOG project for the urban freight transport
The project URBeLOG, involving TTS Italia ordinary members such as Iveco, Politecnico di Torino, Selex Es and Telecom Italia, aims at developing an innovative telematics platform for the “last mile” management in logistics. The objective is to create an efficient, sustainable and costs saving logistics. The value of the project is around 13 millions Euro. The project is coordinated by Telecom Italia and Mr. Marco Annoni has been interviewed within the project.
For the full interview (available only in Italian), please visit:
Source: Eco dalle Città

Telespazio at the conference Conferenza: “European GNSS: actions for road transport, multimodal logistics and dangerous goods”
Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, took part at the conference organized on 20 February in Brussels by the European Commission “European GNSS: actions for road transport, multimodal logistics and dangerous goods”. During the four dedicated sessions, the speakers provided an overview of the latest challenges and related policy developments in the specific transport domains; presented the added value delivered by the European GNSS solutions; outlinde the GNSS-based innovations and best practices developed by the industry. The conference was the occasion to discuss topics from the GNSS Applications Action Plan related to the smart tachograph, long-range coaches, transport of dangerous goods, multimodal logistics, transport of dangerous goods, road tolling and the smart tachograph with a special focus on best practices using European satellite navigation systems.
Source: Telespazio

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IVU systems for the Dutches buses

In order to be able to transport some 200,000 passengers in the region reliably to their destina-tions every day, Qbuzz has introduced 168 new vehicles into the fleet. They are being equipped with the on-board computer; 133 vehicles have already been fitted out and the remaining 35 will follow in the coming weeks. A particularly critical point was the integration of the existing fleet of 142 vehicles from the previous operator. Despite different hardware configu-rations, they had to be migrated into the new system within one day. Thanks to standardised in-terfaces this went smoothly, so that all the buses could begin operations punctually. The pas-sengers hardly noticed anything, and they were able to use the public transport as usual. By June 2014, all the old vehicles will have been re-equipped with the more powerful IVU on-board computers.



TTS in action


The Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia launches the new Working Groups
Were launched on February 26 in Rome, at the headquarters of TTS Italia, the new Working Groups provided as part of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Association. The new Working Groups, composed by experts, aim at providing the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with the necessary technical support in relation with the topics of the National ITS Action Plan. At the moment, the Committee set three Working Groups: the interconnection and integration of platforms for multimodal freight transport; classification of roads on the basis of actual ITS services; black boxes and connected vehicle. The meeting was attended by several ITS members and by a representative of the Technical Staff of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

TTS Italia launches the Platforms for Local Authorities – 25 February 2014 – Rome
It took place on 25 February in Rome, at the headquarters of TTS Italia, the official launch of the Platform for Local Authorities, conceived and organized by the Association. In anticipation of the implementation of the National ITS strategy by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia proposes the establishment of a Platform for Local Authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities), which aims primarily to create a table of comparison between the world of the offer, a strong presence in the Association, and the demand side. The Platform will offer Local Authorities support and training services useful for the local implementation of ITS. The main aim of the Platform is to raise the awareness of local authorities on the tangible benefits that ITS can bring through measures of knowledge and information for decision-makers and technicians, operational support and training. Took part to the meeting the Municipalities of Naples, Rome, Turin and the Lombardia Region.

ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Castelfranco Veneto: Parking areas management system
Italia-Cosenza: Technological systems maintenance
Italia-Mazara del Vallo: Street lights maintenance
Italia-Napoli: Parking areas management services
Italia-Roma: Integrated platform for dangerous goods transport
Italia-Santa Maria la Carità: Videosurveillance system
Italia-Tusa: Bicycles


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Urban safety: analysis and comparison of metropolis
13 March 2014, Rome
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22nd International Symposium on Electronics in Transport – ISEP 2014
24-25 March 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Transport Business Summit 2014
27 March 2014, Brussels, Belgium
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