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January 2013

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The data sharing – according to Fumero – is the first step to accelerate the development of intelligent transport systems. The chief od Department for transport tells about the next steps by the Ministry to implement the rules of the Decree “Sviluppo bis”. The measure for intelligent transports will almost certainly be taken by February, a longest waiting will be required for e-ticketing.

The Decree “Sviluppo bis” has become law. The Ministry is working on implementing decrees of the provisions contained in Article 8. When and how do you plan to define these rules?
The article 8 of the Decree “Sviluppo bis” foresees the adoption of two measures. The first one by the is for the technological innovation and aims at adopting technical rules to support the deployment of e-systems for local transport services. The Ministry is working to ensure the adoption of the measure within March. It is to be considered that the present political framework could slow the procedure. The second one has already been prepared and will almost certainly be ready within February.

In your opinion, what are the most urgent measures to be taken for the development of the Intelligent Transport Systems?
The data sharing is the main priority in order to guarantee the best services for citizens. This would be a good starting point for future measures to be adopted according to the changing community scenario.

As you know, TTS Italia in collaboration with other association active in the ITS sector, worked for the Ministry of Transport on a proposal for the ITS National Plan. How the Ministry intends to implement this Plan?
We have already analysed with a great attention the proposal of ITS National Plan elaborated by TTS Italia. The first step will be waiting for the completion of the ITS Decreeand connect the text of the Plan with the instructions issued.

The Decree “Sviluppo bis” insist on the development of the e-ticketing at national level, even with payments by phone bill. What will be your guidance for the implementation of this measure?
As per the local transport, an intensive comparison among ministries, regions, social parts is on going to allow the reorganization and a greater efficiency of the sector. The introduction of systems for a greater control of tariff evasion is under discussion, initially at regional level and consequently at national level.

Often the application of these systems conflict with the rules for privacy. The Decree “Sviluppo bis” mentions the respects of these dispositions as well. There will be new disposal in the implementation decrees you are preparing?
It is course necessary that the processing of personal data is done within the existing regulatory framework. Especially, the decree foreseen that personal data are processed only to the extent that such processing is necessary for the operation of ITS applications and services.

Finally, the issue of computerization of port procedures in the implementation of Directive 2010/65/Ue. For this sector, the law allows more time for the implementation. Did you set any decree?
Technical investigations are in progress to simplify and for a greater security of technical-administrative procedures of ships arrivals in UE ports.

Who is Amedeo Fumero. Born in Rome in 1954, he graduated in 1978 in mechanical engineering. He joined the Ministry of Transport in 1979 and had a long career, holding various positions: he covered technical areas, road transport, rail and cable transport and transport planning. Since 2009 he is the chief of the Departmentfor transport, navigation and statistical information systems of the ministry of infrastructure and transport.

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TTS in action

TTS Italia Presidente at the Workshop on “E-ticketing – Opportunities for public transport, smart cities and industry” – 11 February, Rome
On the next 11 February, it will be held in Rome the Workshop on “E-ticketing – Opportunities for public transport, smart cities and industry”, organized by Club Italia and Federmobilità. Among participants, TTS Italia President, Rossella Panero, representatives of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia founding member, as well as representatives of the academic Word. The Workshop will be the occasion to discuss the new technical rules on e-ticketing to be issued within 19 March 2013 at national level.
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Interview to TTS Italia President, Rossella Panero
On the Italian review Corriere delle Comunicazioni, TTS Italia President, Rossella Panero, discuss the importance of Intelligent Transport Systems for cities reorganization as well as for real smart cities.
For the full interview (available only in Italian), click here

On line the activities report 2012 of TTS Italia
It is available on line, under “Publications” (only in Italian), the activities report 2012 of TTS Italia
To read/ download it, click here

TTS Italia supports the new edition of VIATEC
With the support, among the others, of TTS Italia, it will be held from 21 to 23 February, in Bolzano, the new edition of VIATEC, the international trade fair for the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure, with a focus on construction and maintenance of roads, tunnels and bridges, winter maintenance, equipment and road signs, landscaping, security products. Viatec proposes a series of events for professionals: International Symposium Brennercongress, Congress on Security, the Workshop of IPAF (International Powered Access Federation), the Mid Term Conference on IBBT galleries.
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News of the month

ABI Research says Kapsch is the best ITS vendor
ABI Research has ranked Kapsch, TTS Italia ordinary member, first in its ‘Competitive Assessment of Intelligent Transportation Systems Vendors’. The Competitive Assessment provides a rating of 15 leading ITS vendors, which were analyzed against six ‘innovation’ and seven ‘implementation’ criteria, in addition to a market share analysis. Among the companies, also Tom Tom, TTS Italia ordinary member, was included. ABI divided the overall ITS vendor ecosystem into three categories: Solution Providers; Hardware Providers and IT Vendors. ABI’s Assessment found Kapsch to be performing strongly across hardware, software, and solutions categories and excelling in toll collection and road use charging, traffic data, monitoring, and management, road and vehicle safety systems, and hardware.
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Anas lancia nuova App per il traffico in tempo reale
Anas, TTS Italia supporting member, has launched a new application, VAI Anas Plus, for real time traffic information. The application combines information from Anas; from the satellite system of detection by Octo Telematics, TTS Italia ordinary member; videosurveillance systems on the road; weather forecasting in a unique interface. The app is divide in two macro areas: “Map” for a global view of all the available information (road works, accidents, speed etc.); “City Traffic” for a rapid choice of route so to avoid traffic. VaiAnas Plus is free and available for smartphone and tablet on App store and Play store.
Source: Anas

Ministry of Transport, Agency for Mobility of Rome and TTS Italia together for road safety
The demo project "Students today, citizens tomorrow: lessons of mobility and safety on the road" promoted by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia founding member, and the Agency for Mobility of Rome, TTS Italia ordinary member, in collaboration with TTS Italia, started on January and it will be closed in March 2013. The project will involve seven schools in Rome, and the students of the three middle schools for a total of 21 classrooms and over 500 students. The strategy is to focus on training in order to create a generation of responsible citizens and for a new awareness on the issues of urban, sustainable and intelligent mobility, and on the rules for a correct behavior on the road. The education of the new generations, in fact, plays a key role in prevention policies, it is part of the plans promoting active participation. The project encourages young people to reflect on the concepts of Safety, Sustainability, Intelligence and Economy of urban transport which represent the "basic awareness" of all subsequent choices: personal, supportive, institutional. The lessons in the class will be taught by a team of teachers comprising officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and from the Agency for Mobility; the part dedicated to intelligent transport systems will be developed in collaboration with TTS Italia. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is taking care of the staff preparation for operational activities in schools, also taking advantage of experts in psychology and sociology. If successful, the project, that includes monitoring and evaluation activities, will be developed in other Italian cities in the next school year.
Source: TTS Italia

Project Automation wins tender for air quality monitoring
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by ARPA Piemonte Agenzia Regionale Protezione Ambientale for the supply and installation of continuous automatic samplers / channels for determining atmospheric particulate PM10 and PM2.5.
Source: TTS Italia

Selex Elsag wins tender for Variable Message Signs supply
Selex Elsag, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Genova for the supply and installation of 6 Variable Message Signs.
Source: TTS Italia

Swarco Mizar and Verona Municipality involved in Compass4D European Project
It was held on 28 January, in Vigo, Spain, the kick-off of the European project Compass4D involving, among the others, Swarco Mizar and Verona Municipality, TTS Italia founding member and ordinary member respectively. With a total budget of 10 million Euros, this new pilot project will involve 574 users and 334 vehicles in 7 European cities (Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Eindhoven-Helmond, Newcastle, Thessaloniki, Verona and Vigo). Compass4D will prove the social and environmental benefits of cooperative systems by deploying services for road users (including drivers of buses, emergency vehicles, trucks, taxis, electric vehicles and private cars) to increase road safety and energy efficiency, while reducing the level of congestion in road transport.
For any further information on the project:
PierpaoloTona - Compass4D project coordinator
Source: ERTICO

The new phase of the HeERO project starts
The European vehicle safety system eCall has taken another step forward with the launch in Spain of the second phase of HeERO (Harmonised eCall European Pilot). HeERO is an international project, supported by the European Union, which aims to help EU member states to prepare pilot sites for the deployment of eCall in 2015.HeERO, which started in 2011 and will conclude in 2014, aims to prepare pilot sites in many EU member states for the deployment of the eCall system in 2015. In January 2011, the nine European countries forming the HeERO consortium embarked a three-year programme (HeERO 1) leading to the piloting and deployment of eCall. The nine countries forming the consortium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden, were joined on 1 January 2013 by six new countries, namely Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain and Turkey, for the second phase of the project, HeERO 2. For the Italian side, several TTS Italia members are involved in the project: ACI, TTS Italia founding member, Centro Ricerche FIAT, MagnetiMarelli, Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary members.
Source: ITS International

Tiemme takes care of the environment and gets the EMAS certification
Tiemme, TTS Italia ordinary member, is the first Italian company for local public transport to be fully certified by European standards. Operational centers in Grosseto and Siena, that had already obtained environmental certification EMAS, have been joined by Arezzo and Piombino centers.

TomTom launches app to simplify mileage logs
TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has launched a new smartphone application that makes it easier for drivers to keep an accurate log of their trips. The new WEBFLEET Logbook app is available for both Android and Apple devices and helps drivers and businesses reduce mileage claim administration and create reliable logs to help with tax compliance. A driver simply selects whether a journey is for business, private or commuting purposes, validating journey information on his mobile device. The app works in combination with the company’s in-vehicle LINK tracking device, which reports the trip information. Company trip records are simultaneously updated in TomTom’s WEBFLEET fleet management system. By fulfilling their obligations using their mobile device, before or after journeys, drivers can reduce the laborious paper work traditionally associated with mileage claims. The WEBFLEET Logbook app enables additional information to be added by the driver, including the specific purpose of the journey and customer contact details. The intelligent app also learns from previous driver journeys, automatically suggesting trip information for faster and easier logbook handling. In addition, employees can register themselves as the drivers of specific vehicles, allowing fleet managers to identify exactly who is driving, where and at what time, if proof is needed.
Source: Traffic Technology Today

TomTom to supply Telenav with HD Traffic
Tom Tom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has signed a partnership to deliver improved real-time traffic content to Telenav’s mobile navigation customers, including those using the company’s popular Scout personalized GPS navigation application on iPhone, Android and Windows devices. TomTom’s HD Traffic services will deliver enhanced congestion, incident and estimated time of arrival data, resulting in improved traffic-based routing. HD Traffic combines information from over 76 million live data sources, including connected navigation devices, cell phones, and real-time incident data, to produce accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic information for dynamic routing. TomTom has also announced the availability of HD Traffic Version 6.0 in the USA. The new release is able to report the location and length of traffic jams on highways five times more accurately than the previous version of HD Traffic.
Source: Traffic Technology Today

TTS Italia members at Transpotec Logitec new edition
It will be held from 28 February to 3 March, in Verona, the new edition of Transpotec Logitec in partnership with Fai Service, TTS Italia ordinary member, and under the patronage of Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia founding member, Verona Municipality, TTS Italia ordinary member, Regione Veneto and Province of Verona. Transpotec Logitecis the trade show that takes place in the presence of the manufacturers with the latest models of trucks, commercial vehicles, technologies and components.In addition to products, many services are also available for drivers: fuel cards, toll cards for example.In particular, the Tracky Village of Fai Service, gives you advice on the main issues of those who work on the road daily, from tax to financial services and insurance.
For any further information on the event, please visit:
Source: TTS Italia

Verona: vehicle traffic is controlled with RFID technology
The Municipality of Verona at the beginning of 2013 has changed the rules for issuing traffic signs valid for transit and parking in different areas of the city. The main innovation is the adoption of a single tag with microchip(RFID technology), that will substitute all other permits like paper or plastic card, no more issued by the Municipality. This will help controlling vehicles traffic within Limited Access Zones. According to the administration, this new technology also has advantages for the citizen the ability such as to bind to the same mark multiple permissions, deleting any custom personal data from the mark, the ability to directly manage some information electronically, eliminating the phenomena of abuse or falsification of the mark. Source: Eco dalle Città

Products of the month


MAIOR wins R&D tender for the development of a public transport management system

MAIOR, the Italian market leader in software solutions for public transport management and optimization, has won an R&D tender arranged by the Tuscany Region to support SME-companies investing in research and innovation. MAIOR's project aims to study, define and develop an innovative real-time system to manage disruption problems caused by heavy traffic or road accidents. The idea is to integrate AVM and transit scheduling data into a new model that deals with the complex rescheduling problems that must be solved when a disruption occurs, such as trip interruptions and frequency variations. The goal of the project is to provide Control Room Operators and Transit Schedulers with an advanced support decision tool which will help to quickly recover the service level offered to passengers.

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The iSosta application is active in Ancona from 10th January 2013

Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, has developed and implemented the iSosta application for the payment of parking lots on the blue stripes with smartphone or the classic cellphones. The iSosta service has been activated in the city of Ancona on 10th January 2013 in collaboration with the company Mobilità&Parcheggi. There are already many members and several dissemination activities are planned to be held in the next future in order to involve more and more users. To benefit from the service advantages, it is necessary to sign up at or at the front office of Mobilità&Parcheggi - the company that is responsible for the management of the paying car park in Ancona – and download for free the application from the Market Android or the App Store. After having entered the personal access data it is possible to search the car park by indicating the city and the street or by pinpointing the position through Gps or, eventually, by selecting one of the car parks recently used. Just a click is enough to activate and deactivate the parking with a smartphone or a phonecall with a traditional cellphone (“No Call” Service). Thanks to a prepaid e-wallet, iSosta enables to pay only the real parking time: the system calculates the amount due for the parking that has to be deducted from the e-wallet or from the credit card. It also possible to ask for notifications via SMS for the beginning and the end of the parking in order to avoid that it could remain active.

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Selex ES concludes the test phase of SAE system in Florence

Selex ES, TTS Italia ordinary member, is pleased to inform that the test phase of the SAE system for Aid to Exploitation of public transport fleet localisation and monitoring deployed to ATAF Gestioni srl in Florence has been positively concluded. The main system components that have been provided are:
- Complete vehicles On-Board systems including arrangement for visual surveillance functionality
- On-board systems for service vehicles
- Control centre and operation workspaces
- Users’ information infrastructure
- Information delivery management system
- Depot data concentration server
- Mail and web server

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Project of the month


Regions for Intelligent Transport Solutions Network: The RITS-Net team is pleased to announce the first newsletter!

RITS-Net - Regions for Intelligent Transport Solutions Network is a Regional Initiative Project funded under the Interreg IVC EU Programme, involving Pluservice and ISIS, ordinary members of TTS Italia, for supporting the Marche Region (partner of the project) as for respectively the technological and administrative part. The Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, helps Regions of Europe work together to share experiences and good practices in the area of innovation, the knowledge economy, the environment and risk prevention. RITS-Net has been financed under the theme ‘Energy and sustainable transport’. The goal is that partner regions exploit the full potential of ITS solutions in the process of planning and implementing their regional mobility strategies, dealing with technical and non-technical aspects, creating their own ITS plans adapted to their specific local contexts.
The project has a duration of three years: 01-01-2012 - 31-12-2014

The newsletter of the RITS-Net project will be issued at least twice a year. Subscriptions or un-subscriptions to the newsletter are made possible via the RITS-Net website Each issue will contain information about the project activities and important news from the European institutions and/or the ITS community. Each potential stakeholder will find interesting and useful information for work and will keep up-to-date with the RITS-Net project!



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Workshop on “E-ticketing: opportunities for the developmentof public transport, smart cities and companies”
11 February 2013, Rome
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21-23 Febraury 2013, Bolzano
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Intelligent Transport Systems: new trends and perspectives of technological development for ITS after Decree “Sviluppo bis”
22 February 2013, Rome
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Transpotec Logitec 2013
28 February 2013 - 3 March 2013, Verona
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


I-Bologna: Maintenanceservices
I-Pomigliano d’Arco: Videosurveillance system

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