TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. N°6 June 2011
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Conference on "The role of ITS in road safety"
It was held on 15 June 2011, in Rome, the conference entitled "The role of ITS in road safety", organized by TTS Italia at the presence of more than 130 participants. The objective of this initiative was to propose a moment of debate and discussion on the impact of new technologies on transport safety, in order to define the national actions related to ITS required by the European Directive entered into force in August 2011. The conference was meant to represent a moment of reflection on the contribution that ITS systems can make to the safety of transport, in line with the European Directive on ITS and with the strategy outlined by the new White Paper on Transport published last March 28. The morning session of the event included the participation of institutional representatives, such as Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Ministry for Internal Affairs as well as the round table "ITS and safety: benefits and development scenarios". In the morning, the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport, Altero Matteoli, participated in the conference. The afternoon session was dedicated to companies developing services and systems dedicated to road safety, presenting Italian best practices. The closing remark of the day have been made by the Chief of the Italian Police, Antonio Manganelli.
The conference also included an exhibition area dedicated to innovative solutions of Platinum sponsor, Autostrade Tech and Telespazio, and Golden sponsor, Famas System and Oracle.
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The Secretary General of TTS Italia at the Conference "Good Mobility to everyone"
TTS Italia Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, took part at the conference "Good Mobility to everyone" held on the last 22 June in Empoli and organized by the Agency for the Local Development. Informatics, telecommunications and multimediality can face problems tied to transport and mobility through innovation, developing safe, efficient and green solutions. The Secretary General participated with a speech on "The future for mobility in urban areas".

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Conference "Good Mobility to everyone" – presented "Hello car" System by SDG Nexus
It was held on the last 22 June the conference "Good Mobility to everyone", organized in Empoli by the Agency for the Local Development. During the conference it was presented the "Hello car" system, produced by SDG Nexus, TTS Italia ordinary members. "Hello car" was born from the synergies between several companies and local entities in the area of Empoli and with the support f GSM/GPRS and GPS technologies. "Hello car" is for parking areas management as well as the control of Limited Traffic Zones and to control the traffic impact on the environment. Also the Secretary Generalo f TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi, participated in the conference with a speech on "The future of mobility on urban areas".
Source: TTS Italia/SDG Nexus

DBA Progetti on Thinking Higways
Antonio Politano, Head of DBA ITS Department, TTS Italia ordinary member, explains on Thinking Highways the growing role of the final user for the development of new mobility applications and solutions. Especially, he focuses on the role played by EETS-European Electronic Toll Service.
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Source: DBA Progetti/Thinking Highways

Fai Service celebrates its 25th anniversary
Fai Service, TTS Italia ordinary member, celebrates its 25th anniversary: it was founded on June 1986 in Milan by a group of drivers enrolled in the Italian Federation of Road Transport who signed the document setting up the cooperative. The idea was born from the belief that the cooperative was the ideal organization to be able to have a number of conventions and benefits as individual entrepreneurs would have been impossible to obtain. The activities began distributing Fai Service cards to their members for the crossing of the Mont Blanc and Frejus and favorable agreements to transit on Italian and French highways. Today Fai Service has 32 employees, 7 000 road transport companies associated both in Italy and abroad, of which 57% have from 1 to 5 vehicles, 34% between 6 and 20 vehicles and 9% over 20 vehicles. The Italian Federation of Road Transport is headed by the CEO Primo Santini from 1989. The Cooperative operates in three main areas: services, products and information. The need to simplify the work of its members pushed Fai Service in 1998 to create its own membership card required for the removal of fuel, Fai Credit, which over time has evolved into a versatile and flexible tool. Its name is now Fai Pass and it is identity card and payment device that is provided to member companies and provides access to a range of important services. These include the TrackyPark Villanova d'Asti, the first service area constructed and operated by the Fai Service without state intervention.
Source: Fai Service

Targa Infomobility and UbiEst creates the new hub for infomobility
Elda Engineering Group announces an internal reorganization through the acquisition by UbiEst SpA of 100% stake in the company Targa Infomobility SpA, TTS Italia founding member. The operation implies the merger of the operational structures of the two companies, one, UbiEst, a leading developer of location-based services and the second, Targa Infomobility (based in Turin) operating in the market of services for vehicle fleets, infomobility and assistance. The new entity will face its relevant markets with a much wider and more innovative offering for business and consumer needs, as well as exploit strategic, technical and commercial synergies. In particular, UbiEst’s technologies and know-how focused on the field of web and mobile applications will enhance Targa Infomobility’s new services for the automotive market. The two companies will pursue common objectives through the implementation of a single plan, while retaining their brands and will benefit by a "merger operation" involving assets, organization, roles, capacities, and by adopting tools and processes of a unified value chain. The executive boards of the two companies are equalized with the arrival of Nicola De Mattia and Alberto Falcione into the Board of Directors of Targa Infomobility and Massimiliano Balbo di Vinadio into UbiEst’s. "The new entity will feature greater scale and capabilities to better compete in the global mobility market , thanks to the combination of UbiEst’s technical expertise in software development and Targa Infomobility’s solid relationships with partners and customers and a widespread sales and assistance network "said Adriano Scardellato , President of Elda Engineering Group.
Source: Targa Infomobility/UbiEst

The SCUTUM project successful in Lyon at the European Congress on ITS
During the 8th European Congress on ITS, held in Lyon, the European project SCUTUM (SeCUring the EU GNSS adopTion in the dangeroUs Material transport) has organized a Think Tank entitled "Advanced technology in support of dangerous goods transport." Two members of TTS Italia are actively involved in SCUTUM: Telespazio (project coordinator), an ordinary member and the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, a founding member. The Think Tank has enjoyed the participation and attention of many stakeholders. Have contributed to the success of the event, the representatives of the European Commission and of national institutions, experts in standardization, companies belonging to the field of supply and demand.
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Source: SCUTUM

The University of Salerno involved in pilot test within COSMO project
The University of Salerno, TTS Italia ordinary member, is one of the partner of the project COSMO (Cooperative Systems for Sustainable Mobility and Energy Efficiency). COSMO is a European project funded within the 7° Framework Programme. The project is adopting a system-wide approach to energy efficiency measurement, considering vehicle fuel consumption as well as the energy used by the infrastructure equipment and in the complete product life-cycle. Impacts on safety, traveller comfort and behaviour change are also part of the assessment. The project started on 1 November 2010 and will last 32 months. The cities of Salerno, together with Vienna and Gothenburg, has agreed to implement a test bed for various cutting edge technologies developed in recent research programmes (CVIS, COOPERS, SAFESPOT). The pilots will mainly focus on eco-traffic management. Other types of services such as eco-driving support, co-modality, traffic sensitive street lighting and access management will also be addressed within the project. Vincenzo Galdi, Associate Professor at the University of Salerno says: "In Salerno, COSMO tests the integration of urban ITS applications with the direct involvement of university staff and students. Every day, over 18 000 students and 1 200 staff reach the Campus generating typical problems of congested urban areas. We will test eco-driving support, multimodal real time information, adaptive street lighting linked to traffic control strategies, access and parking management systems to evaluate energy savings enabled through dynamic use of infrastructure." Pilots will start now until December 2012.
Source: Ertico


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Hello Car: the solution for urban mobility control and management
The company S.D.G. Nexus has developed a system, protected by three patents, for urban-mobility and parking management named Hello car®. Hello Car is an electronic device to be installed on vehicles utilizing the phone GSM / GPRS, currently the most popular mobile phone standard in the world, and the positioning system satellite-based GPS (Global Positioning System) used to determine the position of the receiver. Hello Car ® makes available to the user, via an internet connection to the Service Centre of SDG Nexus, a series of services devoted to managing the needs of traffic in the city. The conformation of the system involves as many devices Hello Car ® as many users there will be, that will perform the services (parking, information, advertising, etc..) talking through SMS / data exchange with a service center, the owner of all the features and all the information required for these services to be successful.
Using existing systems (GSM / GPRS and GPS) and highly tested, it is not necessary to produce and install ad-hoc structures to enable communication and data exchange required between Hello car and the Service Centre. The device Hello Car ® consists of two components: a terminal without display (Blackbox) to be installed in the car, able to connect to the GPRS network, detect its location using the GPS satellite system and integrate an accelerometer; a terminal "portable" with display and keyboard (Hello Control), able to connect with the terminal and check the operation described above.
Hello Car ® receives and sends data to a service center in order to make a payment system for parking, or many other support services such as checking permissions LTZ, theft or exchange other information needed depending on the type of service requested. To this end, the Service Center has a database containing all geographical areas of interest, parks, LTZ areas, etc.. and all the news and updating the user may need.
For example, the Service Centre, holding the parking database, once had the longitude and latitude of the staging point, will associate the right price of parking so identified, and the user will have the sole and simple task of pressing the start and end of parking on the device.
The service center is the heart of the system, being the area of the sorting of all operations, from and
to users. The ability to manage all the information allows the creation of countless services and their management to private individuals, businesses, governments, insurance companies. An external Treasury, set up specifically with a Trustee and a Guardian, manages and ensures full transparency with the flows of money arising from users, government and society SDG Nexus. The company considers it essential to entrust to a person, professionally capable, responsible for carrying out the collection resulting from the services provided within the system Hello car, distributing the amounts collected among the persons entitled, as determined in individual contracts between shares.

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2011 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety
10-12 July 2011, Beijing, China
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Intelligent Transport Asia 2011
19 - 20 July 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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