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N° 1 January 2014

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2014 opens with a great result for TTS Italia. The association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ANCI, the Italian Union of Municipalities. An important step for the sensitization of the public administrations, for the support of offices responsible for the choice of technologies and the creation of a more direct dialogue between the supply and demand in the world of ITS.
“This agreement is a very important step for Italian TTS and its members - said the president of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero - I take this opportunity to thank the President of ANCI, Piero Fassino, and all his staff for the sensitivity shown towards these issues. The protocol is in line with the objectives that the association has set for the next few months, that is to facilitate meetings between companies and the public administration and act as technical support for local authorities who find themselves having to choose new tools for their territories.”
The protocol identifies various areas of cooperation. First, it focuses on training. TTS Italia will organize a series of educational briefings for representatives of municipalities on issues of interest, illustrating the most innovative technological solutions. The moments of training will also offer the possibility to establish direct contacts between the decision makers and the companies. The second aspect is tied to the technical support that TTS Italia will offer to ANCI on political and specific issues.
To make this cooperation even closer, ANCI has provided for the inclusion of a representative of TTS Italia among the components of the Observatory on Smart Cities and is committed to promote among the municipalities the use of technology to improve mobility in the city.

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News of the month


Aesys wins tender by Italian railways
Aesys, TTS Italia ordinary member has won the tender issued by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A (Italian railways) for the maintenance service of passenger information systems.
Source: TTS Italia

CIVITAS CAPITAL opens calls for urban mobility solutions
The CIVITAS CAPITAL project, also involving ISIS, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been set up to systematically capitalize on the results of CIVITAS and create an effective value chain for urban mobility solutions. It places specific emphasis on supporting the transfer of successfully implemented CIVITAS measures to (take-up) cities across Europe. CIVITAS CAPITAL will open its first in a series of four calls for take-up activities in the field of sustainable urban mobility on 28 February 2014.
The call will offer a total of 120.000 Euros in co-funding to support the take-up of sustainable urban mobility measures related to the CIVITAS thematic area. Between 3 and 5 take-up activities per take-up level are expected to receive co-funding between €1.000 and €10.000 Euros.
CIVITAS CAPITAL is seeking proposals for the following take-up levels:
1. ‘Being inspired’: Up to 50% co-funding for study tours, workshops or similar activities at the initial take-up phase;
2. ‘Structural dialogue’: Up to 50% co-funding for concrete staff exchange between take-up and donor cities;
3. ‘Studies’: Up to 50% co-funding for evaluation (long-term; impact and process), feasibility studies, etc.;
4. ‘Systematic transfer’: Up to 30% co-funding forfeasibility studies leading towards pilot demonstration and implementation ;
The call will be open for five weeks. The deadline for electronic submissions of applications will be 4 April 2014. Following an evaluation by the CIVITAS CAPITAL Management Committee and final approval by the European Commission, the co-funded take-up activities are expected to start by the end of May 2014. Applications may be submitted by individual or teamed-up organisations that have not been/are involved in projects already funded by the CIVITAS Initiative. Organisations applying for funding need to be established in an EU Member State or Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland or Turkey.
For more information pelase contact
Source: ISIS wins tender for vehicles monitoring system, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Milano for the supply of a vehicles monitoring system through on board units.
Source: TTS Italia

Integrated planning and dispatching system from IVU for PostBus Switzerland
For more than a century, PostBus Switzerland has been the leading provider of bus transport in Switzerland, and since 2001 also in Liechtenstein and every year some 130 million passengers are transported to their desti-nations on 814 routes. In order to make its services even more attractive, the Swiss company has decided to introduce the systems of the IVU.suite by IVU Traffic Technologies, TTS Italia ordinary member. In future, planning and dispatching for more than 2,000 vehicles and 3,000 drivers in the nine regions of Switzerland and in Liechtenstein will be carried out using the integrated standard systems of IVU Traffic Technologies.
To further raise the quality of the transport it provides, PostBus Switzerland intends to offer more comprehensive networks, including better off-peak services. IVU.plan will be used for the efficient planning of these operations, with IVU.vehicle and IVU.crew taking care of the deployment of vehicles and drivers. The optimisation components of the IVU.suite will be used at all stages of the planning process. In addition, aspect-based planning will offer an easy and flexible way to adapt timetables where necessary, for example during the skiing season, school holidays, or while construction work is going on. Alterations can be introduced months in advance or only shortly before the journey is due to begin. The validity of the aspects assigned to the journey can be defined for a specific region, or for all areas. The integrated planning system automatically takes these into account when planning vehicle workings and duty rosters, and for dispatching.
When it comes to overall quality enhancement, PostBus Switzerland attaches particular importance to the standardisation of the operational processes across the various regions. They aim to achieve this by introducing the standard processes of the IVU software solution for their daily operations, in combination with new procedures and occupational profiles (roles). Potential language barriers can be avoided thanks to the multi-lingual capability of the system. Software, documentation, and training courses are provided in German, French and Italian. The old system will be replaced step by step, and processes which in the past were carried out manually will be automated for all the regions. “With the IVU.suite we have found a real standard solution which enables us to plan uniformly throughout our entire operational area”, comments Daniel Schlatter, member of the man-agement board of PostBus Switzerland on the decision in favour of IVU. “The standard processes of the software provide us with a foundation for future modes of operation, so that we will be able to further optimise our internal procedures. And that means that we can offer our passengers an even better service.” After DB Regio Germany and the Austrian ÖBB Postbus, PostBus Switzerland is another major public transport company to place its confidence in the IVU.suite, confirming the strong expertise of IVU in the field of planning and optimisation.
For any further infiormation:
Madlen Dietrich
Corporate Communications
IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Bundesallee 88, 12161 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 85906-386
Source: IVU Traffic Technologies

Kapsch to extend electronic tolling system in Belarus
The electronic tolling system in Belarus, BelToll, will be extended by Kapsch, TTS Italia ordinary member. Since launching commercially in August 2013, the system has had an enormous impact in the country, with the number of registered users to date standing at approximately 160,000. Due to its high usage, the system has been extended as of January 1 by 118km (73 miles). The new expansion covers a segment of the M-4 Minsk-to-Mogilev road, which will mean that the total length of the Kapsch-operated toll roads in Belarus will increase to 933km (580 miles). The expansion will include the installation of 11 additional tolling and enforcement gantries. There will also be an additional two new customer service points opened in the Minsk region along the tolling route, both with 24/7 opening hours. Kapsch originally received the order for the implementation and operation of the Belarusian nationwide electronic toll collection (ETC) system in February 2012. The deployed system is based on dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) technology and operations are scheduled for a period of 20 years. Since the commercial launch of electronic tolling in summer 2013, the number of monthly transactions has risen to 169,000 in November 2013, hitting a peak of 176,000 in October 2013. The multi-national aspect of the system has been demonstrated by the various nationalities using it with vehicles from Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and Russia all registered for the tolling system.
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Less road accidents on Italian roads in 2013
According to the data released by the Road Police, TTS Italia supporting member, the number of fatal accidents on Italian roads decreased in 2013. A decrease of 15,2% has been registered in 2013 compared to 2012. Also road accidents decreased of 2,4% in 2013. In addition, the monitoring of road transport as well as of speed have been intesified.

MTRAM by MAIOR for local public transport in Tuscany
The Tuscany region has chosen the MTRAM solution by MAIOR, TTS Italia ordinary member, for its local public transport. The MAIOR solution has been considered as ideal for the unification of the processes of service planning, optimization of the urban, extra-urban and mixed shifts on extended basins, the management of heterogeneous resources with employment contracts, integration with many external systems and with the existing and new AVM system.
For further information on MTRAM: Luigi Cuseo
Source: MAIOR

Pluservice exhibitor at IT-TRANS - IT Solutions for Public Transport
Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, will showcase its products at IT-TRANS from 18th to 20th February at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center. The event is organized by UITP and takes place every 2 years in the German city. IT-TRANS is an important fair and congress where advanced solutions for public transport are presented. Pluservice will present its solutions for e-ticketing, AVM, scheduling, fleet maintenance and the new myCicero platform.
For info visit the website
Source: Pluservice

Project Automation wins tender for an ITS system within the projects Summit and Urbanets and for quality air monitorin
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Brindisi for the supply of an ITS system within the projects Summit and Urbanets.
Both projects are aimed at reducing the impact of traffic pollution ob the environment, through advanced systems for urban mobility. In addtion, Project Automation has also won the tender issued by A.R.P.A. Umbria, the regional agency for the environment, for the maintenance of quality air control systems.
Source: TTS Italia

Solari Udine wins tender for LED panels
Solari Udine, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A (Italian railways) for the supply of Led panels for the central train station in Rome.
Source: TTS Italia

The autonomous guide vehicle by VisLab at SuperQuark
On January 2, a new episode of the popular Italian science program SuperQuark was showed with a service dedicated to BRAiVE, the advanced vehicle for autonomous driving developed by VisLab, the Laboratory of Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems of the University of Parma, TTS Italia ordinary member.
The video is available at the following link:
Source: VisLab

Project of the month


SWARCO MIZAR: car and traffic light cooperation has become real and the model of Verona has been exported to America.

After the successful event in Verona, SWARCO and Audi, are intensifying their collaboration, in order to broadcast the same results in different operational scenarios and on larger and larger scales. In these days the automaker AUDI presented “traffic Light Assistant” at Las Vegas CES 2014 (International Consumer Electronics Show), already tested in Europe with the partnership of the SWARCO Group.

The “cooperative system” was already shown at the end of 2013, during the presentation of the European project “Compass4D” in Verona. It allows the communication, through a network connection, between vehicles and urban traffic control system, and it is based on OMNIA, SWARCO MIZAR ITS solution. The test was carried out on city roads, demonstrating that cooperation between cars and traffic lights has already become real.

"Our technology allows Audi cars to communicate in real time with traffic lights. The navigation system is able to report directly to the dashboard the recommended speed to cross the next intersection with the green traffic light.“
Eng. A. Bolelli, President of SWARCO MIZAR

The use of ITS features in the context of cooperative systems, involves concrete results in terms of efficiency and traffic safety.
The efficiency of the solution has also been demonstrated in Berlin and Garmisch (Bavaria).
Swarco Mizar’s investment in the continuous product innovation is decisively contributing to the creation of this new generation systems to monitor the traffic on a European scale.

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TBOX for Insurance & Fleet, Magneti Marelli ultimate innovation

The TBOX for Insurance & Fleet, the Magneti Marelli ultimate innovation, is much more than a telematics box for professional installations.

The device, state of the art in satellite and communication technology, presents compact design and can be installed on cars and trucks.

Compliant with the European legislation (eCall and eToll) and with the Italian legislation (black box insurance), the TBOX for Insurance & Fleet addresses the insurance and fleet management markets, enabling the vehicle to provide a large and complete range of services such as: track & trace, geofencing, driving style evaluation, fuel monitoring, stolen vehicle recovery, SOS and Breakdown Call , Ignition Inhibition, etc.

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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Borgetto: Videosurveillance system
Italia-Cagliari: Users information system
Italia-Cagliari: Moniotorin system for public transport fleet
Italia-Cagliari: Videosurveillance system
Italia-Marina di Ravenna: safety device for internal navigation
Italia-Pizzighettone: Videosurveillance system


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