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N° 1 January 2016



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Reform of the ports, the rules of the road, the local public transport, the funds for sustainable mobility and strengthen of the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

2016 promises to be full of innovations for Italy, some already under construction, others put on the calendar by the Government and Parliament. Another crucial point this year will also be the largest privatization projects such as the State Railway Group and ENAV for which the process of divestment were already underway.

The role of technology
According to ''Act of address concerning the identification of policy priorities to be realized in 2016" signed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Graziano Delrio, a few months ago, the technology and ITS should play a very important role in the development of the entire Italian transport system. Among the priorities outlined in the document, the increase of the efficiency of the transport system should go through "the impulse to the creation and extension of the National Logistics Platform (UIRNet)" and the development of the " transport systems integration through the strengthening of governance and the unitary extension of the use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as a driver of optimal management of mobility and traffic on the transport network, for a safer use of the networks, a lower environmental impact and an effective profitable use of financial resources." In other words, in this document, the Government acknowledges the centrality of ITS in the development of networks and the importance of this aspect in the safety performance, environmental impact and economic sustainability of the system.

Local Public Transport
A long-awaited reforms, announced as imminent by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport. The proposal, according to the latest drafts circulated, should provide for the tax-deductibility of the cost of subscriptions and reimbursement of tickets in case of delays. In areas with more than 100 thousand inhabitants, the transport will be organized according to Urban Mobility Plans (PUMs) with defined objectives in terms of commercial speed and increase of the passengers number. In the meanwhile, on the 21 January a first piece of reform has arrived: a decree to guarantee quality and efficiency of the services to citizens; and standard costs. Especially, vehicles for the public transport from 2018 will have to be equipped with electronic systems for passengers counting.

New rules for the road
The reform of the rules of the road should be finalized within half 2016: the decree is under evaluation at the Commission for Public Works of the Senate. In the past months, TTS Italia took part at the discussion process and sent its position, shared with all its members, to the Senate.

The reform of ports
In the past days, the previous 24 Ports Authorities have been reduced to 15: Genova, La Spezia, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Cagliari, Naples, Palermo, Augusta, Gioia Tauro, Taranto, Bari, Ancona, Ravenna, Venice and Trieste. In addition, rules to simplify the control process have been implemented: single window for customs, administration and control.

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Product of the month


A super South American raid with Viasat

After 7600 km and three-week trip, first step of the raid finished in the far lands of South America. Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 cars , equipped for the occasion with Viasat satellite devices for localisation, protection and assistance. BluTrack is the solution chosen, it's a Viasat device powered by rechargeable batteries, normally used for the tracking of goods in containers and trailers.

The purpose of BluTtrack testing was to verify the functional reliability in extreme environmental conditions, as well as the tracking check, with GPS, also with Viasat system that exploits the Wind GSM cells.

Test has also allowed to develop strategies for optimized management positions record and recovering remotely even in areas where the GSM network was absent.

The project includes a series of trips that will cross the South American continent; from December 2015 to April 2017 during 5 important travel steps towards the whole continent. Viasat BluTrack, is the right solution for applications that require the satellite tracking also without power.
By using the platform Web Console Runtracker it is possible to query the device from any station connected to the Internet and locate the precise position of the vehicle and set the alarm thresholds. Thanks to technology cell-based, in the case of weak or no GPS signal, automatically, the system proposes the position of the vehicle, using the identification information of GSM cells to which it is connected and allows you to locate the geographical area where it is located the means, the nearest varies based on geographical distribution of the GSM cells.

"This on the road test, on the other side of the world, has allowed us to complete our technology that had already checked with previous raids of recent years: the Perugia-Beijing in 2013, the Ferrara-Beijing in 2014 and Shanghai -Milan of 2015 "explains Claudio Fumagalli, Viasat System Integration and Project Manager.

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Projects of the month


Opti-LOG: OPTImal and sustainable LOGistics in urban areas

After a 20 months effort, the Opti-LOG project has come to conclusion. The project, co-financed by Regione Lombardia with POR-FESR 2007-2013 funds for Smart Cities and Communities R&S projects, has been carried out by a partnership of 6 PMI and Research Institutions co-ordinated by Project Automation S.p.A.
Opti-LOG aims at promoting a novel last-mile logistics approach, characterized by high environmental, organizational and economic sustainability levels, through the definition of an innovative logistics model, the implementation of a supporting software platform and the identification of a business model capable to exploit virtuous behaviors with a rewarding approach.
Since last-mile logistics has a heavy impact on urban traffic and consequent air quality, Opti-LOG aims at providing Public Administrations (i.e. Municipalities) with technological and organizational solutions for smart urban logistics management which can bring to better quality of life in cities safeguarding all stakeholders' needs. The project integrates in a coherent, modular and scalable framework a plurality of solutions, so that each Municipality can implement the ones most suitable to its needs; at the same time, the overall logistics model guarantees high synergy thus generating positive externalities that are broader than the simple sum of the benefits of each single action.
The Opti-LOG logistic model relies on the existence of modal interchange nodes between long/medium range carriers and an eco-sustainable fleet - comprising cargo-bikes - dedicated to last-mile delivery, where optimization of load and route is applied. Deliveries, last-mile vehicles, driving/riding style are continuously monitored in real time and anomalies are promptly detected and notified. A specific focus is dedicated on smart parking within the delivery process, since parking is one of the most critical aspects of last-mile logistics and it often causes street security problems and traffic jams; attention is also dedicated to threats due to dangerous goods transportation and to applicability of "social" interaction models to optimize the "user side" of last-mile logistics.
The Opti-LOG model has been applied to four different Municipalities which have cooperated in the project (Bormio, Cremona, Lecco and Milano). Experimentation of the software prototype in such different contexts (in terms of dimension, ranging from the small touristic mountain village to the metropolis, logistics activities, traffic conditions and regulations) has proven its capacity to adapt to different situations in a modular and scalable way.
Evaluation of impacts has been carried out estimating environmental and social externalities generated by different scenarios, in which one or more of the Opti-LOG solutions have been applied to several degrees. Such evaluation has validated the Opti-LOG model as it has demonstrated its contribution to a significant reduction of traffic and air pollution in urban areas.

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News of the month from TTS Italia partners


Project Automation wins tender for air quality control
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, in partnership with Orion Srl, has won the tender issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to modernize the network for the quality air monitoring and control in Regione Campania in compliance with the EU directives.
Source: TTS Italia

PTOLEMUS Consulting Groups global ranking reveals and confirms Kapsch's dominance in electronic tolling
PTOLEMUS Consulting Group, the first strategy consulting firm focused on connecting vehicles and Internet of Things, has released its ranking of ITS suppliers, confirming Kapsch's leadership in 2 categories out of 3.
A 3 years study, mentioning 246 companies and resulted in 650-page Road Charging Global Study, where companies were assessed across 3 distinct groups: systems integrators, technology suppliers and service providers. Kaspch, TTS Italia ordinary member, got 2 different award in two different categories.
Kapsch TrafficCom was found to be the number 1 global systems integrator with Autostrade per l'Italia and Sanef ITS completing the top 3. Kapsch was also ranked first in Europe, Asia and the Americas, aided by its experience of integrating multiple tolling models, protocols and technologies.
Additionally Kpasch TrafficCom was found to be the number 1 worldwide technology supplier, followed by Autostrade Tech and Q-Free. Kapsch is ranked highly thanks to its experience in DSRC, RFID and ANPR.
Kapsch is specialized in Electronic Toll Multi-Lane Free-Flow and has several active systems such as in Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Santiago del Chile and South Africa.
The toll service provider category winner is DKV Euro Service, offering a wide range of fleet payments and services, which incorporate tolling alongside these.
Beyond the 3 charts, the study includes the forecast from today up to 10 years. By 2025 the market will nearly double to 425 million subscriptions, global revenues are estimated to grow to 160€ billion. The bulk of the growth will come from North America and Asia. The Interstate Highway System will become a tolled network, China has about 70% of the world's total length of tolled roads will move to ETC, and ETC starting in India.
In Europe the biggest markets are Italy, Turkey and France, also if Russia could become the largest market overnight.
Source: Kapsch

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità and Octo Telematics: an agreemen t for a better mobility
Data exchange to improve local traffic in the urban area of Rome and in the Province. Roma Servizi per la Mobilità and Octo Telematics, ordinary members of TTS Italia, have teamed up on the study of urban mobility. A common task that will ensure more complete and detailed information to increase safety in the street and at the same time, improve circulation. In addition to the news in real time, Roma Servizi per la Mobilità may use the data on provincial roads also to optimize the operations of planning aimed at improving road traffic, this also in consideration of the increased mobility expected during the special Jubilee of Mercy.
Roma Servizi per la Mobilità controls and monitors the status of the traffic and mobility on the roads of Rome, manages real-time data collection from different subsystems, each of which consists of a set of fdevices: variable message signs, video surveillance cameras and vehicle counting, monitoring via sensors for the detection of traffic flow and journey times, traffic light systems, centralized management of access to the LTZ.
Octo Telematics is a leader in the field of telematics services in the countries with the highest penetration of telematics - Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom - for number of customers and managed services; Octo Telematics' systems analyze, store and process about 278mila data points per minute from moving vehicles. Octo has acquired considerable knowledge of vehicle mobility through traditional telematics terminals board - black boxes for cars - and through the mobile application "Octo U", a free one allowing to analyze the driving behavior of the users using only phone, giving an objective score to the driving style of the user.
Source: MobilityPress

The Presidente and CEo of UIRNet Rodolfo De Dominicis telles about the National Platform for the logistics
Rodolfo De Dominicis, President and CEO of UIRNet, TTS Italia supporting member, tells on an interview to the Italin review Tir about the National Logistics Platform, considered as a key tool to increase the competitiveness of Italy.
For the article, click here (available in Italian)
UIRNet SpA signed a agreement with the Italian Ministry of Transport for the design, realization and management of a system which allows for the interconnection of modal interchanges (freight-village). The focus of the project is the realization of a localized hardware and software platform which is open and modular and capable of integrating service providers and freight suppliers directed towards logistics process management and freight transport, with the aim of providing various services through the interaction of the various players involved.
Source: Tir

Trenitalia: appointed the new CEO
Trenitalia, TTS Italia ordinary member, has appointed is new CEO and General Director: Barbara Morgante will have the operating authority. She has been the central director for strategies in Trenitalia since 2008.

TTS Italia welcomes three new members
Following the Board of Directors, in December 2016, TTS Italia has welcomed three new members:
- A4 Mobility - A4 Mobility is part of A4 Holding Group operating in the design, development and maintenance of integrated solutions for urban and extra urban mobility and safety
- Datamed/Divisione DataInfomobility - DataMed S.r.l., with the division, since 2003 has developed digital message signs for real time information to public transport passengers. All the systems are solar-powered
- Sodi Scientifica - Their missioni s the design, production and sell of safety solutions for traffic control. The main one is the Autovelox.
Source: TTS Italia


TTS in action


Workshop on the National Logistics Platform in Rome
On the 27 January, TTS Italia, in collaboration with UIRNet, supporting member of TTS Italia, has organised, in Rome, a workshop on the National Logistic Platform. The aim of the event was to present the results of the main project so far carried out by UIRNet for the implementation of the National Logistic Platform. In particular, UIRNet has presented the results of the 4 pilot projects ended in December 2015:
- Management and control of dangerous goods with pilot in Calabria and Sicily
- Management of truck parking area with pilot in Catania Bicocca
- Port Community System with pilot in the Port of Taranto
- ITS Architecture for dangerous goods transport and management of the risky maps (PICOGE MP).
The event, open only to TTS Italia members, has also involved the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport that is supporting and promoting the national development of the Italian Logistic Platform.
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FOT-Net Data Workshop: A common methodology for automation FOTs and pilots
3-4 February 2016, Leeds, UK
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ERTICO I_HeERO Workshop "eCall Making It Happen"
24 February 2016, Brussels, Belgium
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ITS Observatory test workshop
25 February 2016, Brussels, Belgium
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Italia-Capalbio: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Gazzaniga: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Modica: Services for parking areas management

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