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N° 1 January 2017



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2017 opens under the sign of the smart road, the electronic ticketing, the local public transport revitalization and sustainable mobility. Intelligent roads are getting closer both in Europe and in Italy: our country is about to launch a major challenge that is already materializing with the announcement of the marriage between Anas and the State Railways, but also with the agreement signed in past days between Anas and Open Fiber to spread the broadband.
The connected and autonomous driving car is at the center of the European Commission's strategy and major manufacturers that are shifting their attention also on heavy vehicles: another platoonig experiment will start soon in the port of Singapore (after the Dutch experience a few months ago).
The local public transport revival goes through a large injection of resources allocated with the 2017 Budget Law for the renewal of bus, and with the approval of the decree on electronic ticketing. Italy finally has a text that allowing interoperable and digital systems for the payment of tickets and carnet.
Also on the front of the local public transport reform, rejected before being published in the Official Gazette, a hard work is going on with the intention to speed up. In addition, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment is setting up the tables for the preparation of the strategic plan for sustainable mobility that Italy has to submit by September.
Setback to reform the road code: the Houses of Parliament have on stand by measures on the subject, but final approval seems to recede.

E-ticketing and local public transport relaunch
The decree for e-ticketing has been published on the Official Journal on the 10 of January 2017. TTS Italia took part to the Working Groups launched by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The measure, much expected in the sector, in force since January 25, changes the concept of tickets, which become interoperable, can cover an infinite number of services and support the to tariff evasion, thanks to technology. Interoperability and integration with other mobility services such as car and bike sharing are required by the decree.
In addition, the local transport will benefit from the money of the 2017 Budget Law: 3 billions Euro to renew buses fleet as well as from the the strategic plan for sustainable mobility that Italy has to submit by September.

Smart road and smart cars
Smart roads are among priorities for 2017. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has started defining functional strandards already in 2016. In addition the recent partnership between Anas and the State Railways will ease the use of technologies on roads. Italy is in line with the European trends and especially with the increasing interest for connected and autonomous cars. On the 30th of November the European Commission adopted a European Strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), a milestone initiative towards cooperative, connected and automated mobility. The objective of the C-ITS Strategy is to facilitate the convergence of investments and regulatory frameworks across the EU, in order to see deployment of mature C-ITS services in 2019 and beyond. This includes the adoption of the appropriate legal framework at EU level by 2018 to ensure legal certainty for public and private investors, the availability of EU funding for projects, the continuation of the C-ITS Platform process as well as international cooperation with other main regions of the world on all aspects related to cooperative, connected and automated vehicles.

Road code
Time to reform the road code seems to stretch. The enabling law under examination of the Public Works Commission of the Senate has stalled for months. A negative opinion of the Budget Committee complicate the situation further. Probably a new Government is needed to re-open the issue.

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Projects of the month


Launch of the CEN Workshop for the revision of CWA 16390

On 18 January 2017, the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre hosted the kick-off meeting of a CEN Workshop aimed at the revision of CEN Workshop Agreement CWA 16390.

Finalised on 2012, CWA 16390 is the CEN technical specification for the provision of tracking & tracing services based on the use of EGNOS EDAS satellite navigation technologies, for the transport of goods ( It defines the types of information/formats of the position data exchanged between the GNSS receiver (integrated in the tracking device installed on-board of the tankers/tank containers) and the monitoring platform, for the provision of the relevant services.

Launched within the frame of the European research project CORE, the new CEN Workshop (CEN/WS CORE) will carry out a process of revision of CWA 16390 for considering obsolescence and technological evolutions, such as multi-GNSS capabilities (e.g. GLONASS, Galileo). More specifically, CEN/WS CORE will:
- Take into account the obsolescence due to the evolution of the EGNOS services;
- Include the configuration of the chipset for using EGNOS services;
- Consider the aspects of multi-GNSS;
- Include the utilisation of Galileo Open Service authentication.

CORE analyses the aspects related to the use of advanced technologies in order to enhance the visibility and improve the security of freight transport and logistics. It will develop various market lead demonstrators in order to prove the technological feasibility and make concrete verifications of various solutions in real use cases along European and intercontinental logistic chains. One of the CORE's demonstrators concerns an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solution integrating satellite navigation technologies (GNSS) for tracking & tracing the intermodal transport of chemicals and gas throughout road-rail paths across Europe. In particular, multi-GNSS technologies are used, based on the European GNSS (EGNOS and Galileo systems), the Russian system GLONASS and the Chinese system BEIDOU.

Carried out in parallel with the implementation of the demonstrator, CEN/WS CORE will be completed by February/March 2018 with the publication of a revised version of CWA 16390. The revision will take into account the outcomes of the demonstrator.

The detailed objectives and timing of CEN/WS CORE are available in the plan published on the CEN Web Site @

The secretariat activities of CEN/WS CORE are carried out by UNI. Anyone interested in participating in the CEN/WS CORE must send the registration to UNI secretariat (email:

For additional information and for the registration form, visit and/or contact

CEN-CENELEC (Committee for Standardization-European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization),
CORE (Consistently Optimized Resilient Secure Global Supply-Chains),
EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) and Galileo,
GLONASS (GLObal NAvigation Satellite System),
GNSS (Global Navigation satellite Systems)
UNI (Ente Italiano di Normazione, the Italian member of CEN,

Luceverde, Infomobility by ACI

Infomobility has always been one of the most sensitive issues by ACI and it's a fundamental part of its institutional mission.

ACI, through its subsidiary ACI Infomobility, has developed the infomobility service called "Luceverde", designed for citizens, but it is also useful to the management of mobility by local authorities.

"Luceverde", using the latest technologies, satellite navigation systems based on GPS and thanks to the collaboration with Local Police, Traffic Cops, roads management companies and public transport companies, provides, on behalf of the Public administrations, an advanced infomobility service, disseminating information about traffic situation, public transport, weather and general events with impact on mobility. All information is regularly updated.

This service can be considered an excellent example of institutional collaboration in terms of services to users, in particular thanks to the direct effort of the Local Police: dedicated operators collect, analyze, insert and monitor events directly in the information systems provided by ACI.

The free service, the high technological content, the partnership between ACI and Local Police and the operations centre ability make "Luceverde" one of the most extensive infomobility services (compared to other initiatives) with also direct benefits for road safety, environment and quality of life.

In fact, the goal is to improve accessibility and mobility in cities and metropolitan areas, through a modern infomobility service, useful for residents and tourists.

Information is disseminated, by operations centre, through different channels: radio and TV broadcasters, social network, web portals and app for iOS and Android. Broadcast activities are scheduled according to the dynamics of mobility in each local contest.
The efficacy of communication is ensured by more than 100 accredited radio and tv stations, which spread through the radio frequencies and web channels the audio and video news produced by Luceverde operations centre.

Operations centre is also a reference point for information in the event of extraordinary events with a strong impact on mobility: accredited radio and TV stations can ask the Luceverde staff extraordinary report or live updates on the traffic situation.

Citizens can find real-time information on traffic situation and public transport also through web portals, and an interactive map shows all active traffic events and their evolution.
In website they can also plan their trip all over Italy.
Free RSS Feeds and widget are also available.

The web portal (with focus on Rome) is also available in English, to offer tourists and visitors information on mobility.

Luceverde is also on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
In the operations centre, operators manage the accounts and publish the most important news and all produced videos. The social networks help to build stronger relationships with users, promote the exchange of views and allow for immediate feedback, essential to constantly improve the service.
Luceverde is also webradio, to offer to drivers and travelers a more and more useful and effective support.

Inaugurated on December 8, 2015 - on the occasion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy - webradio main objective is increasing and improving distribution channels of mobility information processed by operations centre.

Luceverde Radio is available through its corporate website and radio aggregators (, and It is also available a free app for smartphones and tablets for Android and iOS.
The application lets to listen "Luceverde Radio" using the AAC + format (an audio compression format that involves a lower consumption of data traffic than the mp3 format).
Luceverde Radio, less than a year after his inauguration, has been awarded "Best web radio program" at the Web Radio Festival ( held in Rome on September 24, 2016.

Lastly, ACI is promoting new collaborations with local authorities in order to improve local mobility information and simplify the work of operators.
The greater availability of information, combined with the diffusion of mobile devices and improvement of data transmission networks, will allow the development of personalized services to facilitate people mobility with a positive impact on urban mobility.

News of the month from TTS Italia partners


Drive2Go wins tender for anylising driving style
Drive2Go, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by AMSA SpA to supply 250 on board units to analyse driving styles, also including hardware and software maintenance for 2 years.
Source: TTS Italia

5th IEEE Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS 2017), 26-28 June 2017, Naples.
The Università di Napoli Federico II and the Università del Sannio, together with IEEE Italy Section are jointly organizing the 5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS 2017) in Naples, Italy.
In line with the previous conferences in Rome (2009), Leuven (2011), Dresden (2013), and Budapest (2015), the conference aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss emerging trends and developments in modeling and technology for ITS.
The conference will be an important chance to present state-of-the-art updates and to facilitate cross-fertilization between these two key areas of transportation systems and the exchange of ideas related to the best practices.
The conference is sponsored by the IEEE - the world's largest professional organization for the advancement of technology - and the scientific committee includes world-renowned experts from academia and industry.
Keynote speakers will include prof. Moshe E. Ben-Akiva of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).
In the following list are reported the conference topics:
- ITS-oriented traffic planning, operations and management
- Demand modeling and travel behavior under ITS
- Model calibration, simulation and tools for ITS
- Future mobility data collection for passenger and freight
- Real-time traffic control, management and short-term predictions
- ITS, multimodal transportation and freight systems
- ITS and big data
- Plug-in Electric Vehicles and impacts on mobility
- Vehicle-to-X: Vehicle (V2V), Infrastructure (V2I) and Grids (V2G)
- Automated and intelligent Vehicles
- Infrastructure design, safety and ITS
- Rail Operations and Management
Dedicated presentations and networking sessions will be organized to encourage applications from students. Technical visits, tutorials and courses will be organized in conjunction with the conference. Details will be announced through the conference website (
Important dates:
Abstract Submission: February 15, 2017. Short abstracts (max 500 words) should be submitted via the conference website
Notification of abstract acceptance: February 28, 2017.
Full Paper Submission: March 31, 2017
Notification of Paper Acceptance: May 15, 2017
Special issues in international journals will be announced soon on the conference website. Among the submitted full papers , a best paper and a young (all authors under 35) best paper will be awarded.
For any additional information we invite you to check the conference website:
or send an email at:
Source: University of Naples Federico II

Kapsch TrafficCom and Axxès paving the way for European Electronic Tolling Services (EETS)
Tolling service and solution provider Axxès and Kapsch, TTS Italia ordinary member, announce their willingness to cooperate further in the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) domain. The planned long term partnership is based on a close and strong cooperation in order to offer a better and wider range of services to both road users and operators. The companies have been working successfully together for years with great achievements such as the "Viapass Kilometer Charge" for trucks of over 3.5 tons in Belgium. The commonly introduced solution was the first to be successfully certified as EETS in time for the commencement date on 1st April 2016. Axxès serves a fleet of 200,000 trucks equipped with a GNSS solution by Kapsch. Axxès and Kapsch have decided to leverage on their long lasting cooperation by working jointly on the development of their solutions. Both companies are willing to address the new toll domains opened to the EETS Market in the near future, starting with Germany and Italy. Axxès and Kapsch anticipate their cooperation to be beneficial to the mobility of the end users and an incentive to the ETS market in Europe.
Source: Kapsch

Project Automation wins tender for monitoring air quality
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Regional Agency for the Environment and Energy of Emilia-Romagna to supply integrated services to manage and maintain the network for the monitoring of air quality.
Source: TTS Italia

STMicroelectronics partner of the Escape project for the autonomous driving
STMicroelectronics, TTS Italia ordinary member, is among the partner of the European project "ESCAPE" (European Safety Critical Applications Positioning Engine), funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) under the European Union's Fundamental Elements research and development programme. ESCAPE is a three-years project designed to fullfil requirements of Autonomous Vehicles exploiting E-GNSS differentiators. With connected vehicles and autonomous driving vehicles being the most relevant trend in the automotive sector there is a clear need to provide accurate and reliable positioning information for safety-critical applications. Within the context of road transportation, safety-critical applications are defined as those that possess the potential to, directly or indirectly, avoid causing harm to humans, destroying the vehicle or damaging external property or the environment. Autonomous driving, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and dangerous goods transportation are all included in this group. The traditional way of providing the required accurate and reliable positioning information is to make use of multiple sources of sensor data. The problem with this approach is that it requires the use of such sophisticated equipment as radar/lidar-based sensor and cameras, which tend to be expensive. Furthermore, as this equipment is not specifically designed for use with automotive consumer applications, it is not fully suitable to provide reliable positioning information. European Safety Critical Applications Positioning Engine – ESCAPE project aims to overcome these multiple challenges by developing a dedicated, reliable and accurate engine, specifically designed for automotive safety-critical applications.
Source: ESCAPE project

TTS in action


In June the 12° ITS European Congress
The 12th ITS European Congress will take place from 19 to 22 June 2017 in Strasbourg, France, organised by ERTICO - ITS Europe in partnership with the European Commission and hosted by the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg.
The Congresses provide the ideal opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, discuss and make the necessary contacts to move initiatives forward and to develop their business by exhibiting and demonstrating state of the art ITS solutions. The Congresses also showcase the latest ITS achievements from the city and region hosting the Congress, and can help increase awareness of ITS in the Host region itself.
In 2017, the Congress will take place at the Strasbourg Convention Centre. Under the theme "ITS Beyond Borders", the Congress will focus on the people, intelligent mobility users, as every day hundreds of thousands of them are crossing the French-German border to live their daily lives.
Strasbourg can be considered one of the few European cities providing an environment where cross-border issues and challenges such as technology compatibility and interoperability or legislation evolution and application, can be experienced. The intersection of multiple transport and communication networks makes the city a wonderful living lab for mobility.
Strasbourg is also a pioneer in sustainable mobility. By improving walkability, building an extensive network of cycle tracks, introducing car sharing schemes and a new road code, the city givesa clear sign of its strategy for sharing the public space and delivering an excellent quality of life for its inhabitants.
Strasbourg is waiting for you!
For any further information on the congress, please visit:


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The Capital Automobile-Service&3.0
3 February 2017, Rome
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22-25 February 2017, Verona
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ITS Congress in Iran 2017
7-8 February 2017, Tehran, Iran
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