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N° 7 July/August 2017



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The Port system is under reorganisation. What is the future for the port of Livorno?
The 2016 port reform legally sanctioned what in fact was already a reality and a necessity for Italian ports, and this is true especially for the ones in Livorno, Piombino and Elba. The new organization must bring significant synergies to port development, and in this perspective, innovation will increasingly be based on a strategic vision of ports linked to logistics and production chains, offering fully digitized and environmentally sustainable services. The real news today is that I cannot answer about the future of the port of Livorno taken individually, but of the future of the port system and more correctly of the logistics node, the one of the Tuscan coast. The logistic node includes not only sea ports, real access doors to non-EU markets, but also the logistics facilities of the countryside and transport infrastructure such as the Pisa airport. It is in this geographic and functional field that we talk about the future.
And the future concerns both new infrastructures and transport logistics services. Planned and under construction infrastructures cannot be stopped at the docks and port squares, which are still essential for goods and passengers, but include axes of road and rail links along the corridor, monitoring for the security and for the maintenance of the work and the ICT network that makes the port connected to the global networks of telecommunications and transport operators.
The services, both for goods and passengers, ensure the added value of the logistic node, enabling the integration of the wide offer of different facilities and the development of new features required by the market. I am thinking of e-freight services, to structure the continuous monitoring of cargo shipment, the interoperability of existing platforms, and the complete digitization of the procedures that are time and cost-effective remedies for operators. The port of Livorno will therefore be successful if it is able to respond to these challenges and above all it will be able to enter into a systemic development path, bypassing the only port size.

What are the strategic and innovative projects of interest for the Port Authority?
The port of the future has to move on several fronts at the same time, bearing in mind that innovation is transversal both to the processes and to the logistic services that we can offer on the market. For example, digitization of services and monitoring of transport and logistics operations: thanks to the ETSI PLUGTEST of November 2016, we have been able to test what the benefits of intelligent vehicle communication are; operators require greater efficiency across the logistics chain, starting from transportation to automated data transmission and information procedures. Here, however, the fundamental aspect of data protection and port security comes into play: therefore we are investing a lot, thanks also to specific funds of the Horizon 2020 program, on cybersecurity. Another example is the sustainability of port and logistic operations: if we really want to reduce the environmental impact of the harbor and plan a sustainable growth of the system, as it does ask us to do the port law today, we cannot limit ourselves to episodic savings energy initiatives or conversion of means with alternative fuels. We need to encourage reuse of materials and to structure a real circular economy applied to the port, where all processes are planned to reduce resource consumption and activate industrial activities linked to material reuse. We must not forget how strategic it is to train workers, both operational and managerial levels, to bring innovation into their daily activities and at the same time encourage receptivity to change. For all of this, we participate, in collaboration with leading industrial and scientific players, in many projects funded by the CEF program, Horizon 2020, Interreg MARITTIMO and POR FESR.

The reform of Italian portuality involves the creation in each port of a single administrative window and a single customs window. What is the state of the art?
These projects are coordinate by the Customs Agency and Port System Authority. At the moment all the activities of "unification" of the computer systems used by the previous Port Authority of Livorno and Piombino are underway, with the commitment of all the structures in charge, and the new System Port Authority is planning the iter for the the creation of the single administrative window. The creation of a single customers window answers a need that the Customs had already warned for a long time.

Livorno is working on rail intermodality for freight transport. What's the role of technologies? How will you manage intermodality with road?
Intermodality with railways is a topic of particular importance for the Port System Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea. Let's remember that having state-of-the-art and integrated infrastructures is definitely a fundamental aspect, but equally important is the information that accompanies (and often anticipates) the goods. Information is more easily accessed and shared between the actors involved in the processes, as the computer systems used by operators (port and rail) are interoperable. That is why we started an analysis to understand how to properly integrate sea-iron processes in order to have online and shared data, according to a once approach thus enabling a better management of the train start / arrival, better synchronization of port and logistics operations, and more efficient (and digitized) document management. In 2015 we started a collaboration with Italian Railways Group and now it is necessary to involve terminals and shippers.
As far as road intermodality is concerned, it is certainly important to think of solutions and services that will avoid congestion at port and expensive stops for operators awaiting loading / unloading of goods.
In this regard, we are studying digital solutions for a more structured sharing of information with road hauliers, so as to properly handle the gate-in / gate-out procedures of the vehicle.
In addition to speeding up the withdrawal / release of goods, better road/sea integration cannot ignore a correct exchange of information between the port node and the land node of loading / unloading and monitoring it along the chain logistics. I am referring to intelligent logistic chains that embrace the concept of e-freight and require the use of smartdevices (eseals, OBUs, RSUs) to generate useful information. In this respect, the Port Authority has long since launched a long-term strategy focused on ICT-ITS, of which the ETSI ITS Plugtests ™ were the first token. During the Plugtest, Livorno has hosted more than 100 delegated technicians from about 40 companies (such as Siemens, NXP Philips, Renesas, Kapsch, TIM, etc.) and engaged in compliance and interoperability testing for vehicle and roadside European standards and standards published by ETSI. Thanks to the important results achieved during technological testing, the System Authority aims to identify added value services for digitization and greater integration of maritime and road processes, increasing the efficiency and safety levels of freight traffic.

What are the next steps within technological innovation for the ports of the system Authority?
The development of new ICT platforms has long been a priority not only in the field of logistics and portuality. Today, I believe that there is a need for systematization of the existing ones, stimulating the functionality required by the operators and aggregating the data and information. Of course, we must take into account the profile and the right of access to data, the necessary appropriate cooperation between administrations and the ever-increasing importance of simplification. Technology must facilitate the work of those working in the port. I'm thinking of piloting ships: portmonitoring tools, such as the active MONICA platform, enable real-time knowledge of naval traffic, meteorological conditions, etc. We want to make this service accessible to sea operators. The service now allows us to know when a container can be released, if weighed under the law, and more. We want this service to extend and be integrated with rail mode. We will invest in functionality that will expand existing services and create new market opportunities. And we will have to invest on the network, monitoring and control equipment, on a unit information workflow that is the only reference point for the operator.

Who is Antonella Querci. From 2013 she is the director of the Development and Innovation Directorate of the Northern Tyrrhenian Port Authority System (Livorno). Previously she was head of the Strategic Development Department and held other positions always within the Port Authority of Livorno. She is the author or co-author of many publications, also collaborating with universities and research centers. Her activity has also been recognized by SMAU's Innovation Award for the Port Authority of Livorno awarded in 2016.

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Products of the month


The Macnil GTAlarm's IoT solutions for corporate fleets enter the Poste Mobile's offer

Another important result for the first semester of 2017 has been achieved by Macnil GTAlarm, a company belonging to the Zucchetti Group, which has signed a partnership with PosteMobile, a telephony company of Poste Italiane, for the provision of satellite localisation services for the corporate fleets thanks to the "PM Connette Flotta" offer.

As part of the Internet of Things offer of Poste Mobile, PM Connette Flotta comes up as a simple, reliable and suitable solution for the satellite localisation of company vehicles.

The "PM Connette Flotta" service is addressed to small, medium-sized and big companies with corporate fleets and it covers an high-level technical and commercial assistance, designed to address the specific needs of business customers.

"PM Connette Flotta", through special devices to be installed into the vehicles and also thanks to the web platform, allows to view in real time on map the vehicles position and movements, to monitor the travelled kms and the fuel consumption, to daily store every stop, speed and route of the vehicles… all this through PC, Tablet and Smartphone. This offer is divided into two different service profiles: PM Connette Flotta Easy and PM Connette Flotta TOP, providing evolved services to manage the corporate fleets.

The service was born thanks to the technological partnership with Macnil GTAlarm, a company specialized in integrated tele-control, security and smart mobility systems. Macnil GTAlarm is part of the Zucchetti Group, the first IT company in Italy for the supply of software, hardware devices and services to companies.

With 25 years of experience in producing satellite localisation systems for the security and protection of vehicles, homes and offices, Macnil GT Alarm is a leader in the automotive industry, partner of the most important world's car manufacturers and technical partner of the major telephony companies.

"The agreement which was signed the other day in Rome by Macnil GTAlarm with the PosteMobile leaders is a very important business goal for all the Zucchetti Group, since it consolidates our position into a growing market with great potential, which is that of the Fleet Management and vehicles security and protection", these are the words of Nicola Lavenuta, CEO and co-founder of Macnil GTAlarm.

Per maggiori informazioni: Fabio Dell'Olio - m. 327-8318829 – e-mail:

Viasat: an easier fleet maanger

Viasat Portal is a web app with reserved access, dedicated to Fleet Management being completed with an installation Viasat on board installation (in CareBox or SecurityBox version).

Devices are able to communicate with Viasat Operations Center offering anti-theft Security Services (online theft event management) and assistance in case of crash, as well as the data vehicles analysis to manage and monitor the vehicles with user profiling capabilities (system administrator can define what the users can see and handle), crash event analysis, vehicles tracking online, mission and driving style, consumption and trips analysis, scheduling routine maintenance activities and optimizing unplanned maintenance (through Can Bus data access).

Devices (CareBox or SecurityBox) are wired to read available information on Can-Bus via OBD diagnostic socket, based on brand and model. This type of information are normed by SAE J1979 standard, certified models introduced starting in 2008 (in previous models are not available).
Some examples of the information read by Can-Bus: Engine Speeds, Fuel Level, Co2 Analysis, Engine Coolant Temperature, etc.

A simple-use platform that, through the latest devices generation, offers value-added services in terms of security, predictive diagnostics, but also customer care, allowing an optimum management process and a real increase in economic margins.
VIASAT is an European leader in satellite security systems that incorporate the most modern telematics and IoT technologies to ensure complete safety for the vehicle and its occupants Anti-theft, Insurance Telematics, Fleet Management and Big Data markets.

One portal many services: Events/Alerts (deadlines, tires change...); on-board diagnostics (Can-Bus monitoring ...); fleet claims archive (reports and crash history).

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Projects of the month


HyVar project present at Netfutures 2017

The HyVar project, which also includes Magneti Marelli, ordinary partner of TTS Italia, has been present at the "Concertation meeting of H2020 projects from unit Cloud and software" held at Netfutures 2017 - New cloud services and software for the Digital Single Market (
The project has also contributed to the cloudwatch Service Offer Catalog ( service-offer-catalog-promoting-eu-research-projects-new-users).
The HyVar European Research Project (, co-ordinated by Santer Reply and partners from Italy, Germany and Norway, is developing innovative technology for reusing, maintaining and updating the software that controls the operation of various types of systems / devices remotely. For example, updating installed software on cars will no longer have to go to the workshop: updates will be installed automatically without creating any discomfort for the driver. The new technology will allow you to customize the software to take into account the conditions of the vehicle, its use, and the location where it is located.

NEWBITS - Through an improved understanding of ITS services towards innovative business models

The European Commission sees an important role for Intelligent Transport Systems – short ITS - in order to enhance greening transport and improve transport efficiency, safety, and security.1 However, there is a lack of robust and innovative business models for ITS services, such as in-vehicle safety and traffic monitoring systems.

To support the development of innovative business models and effective policy incentives, a better understanding of the factors affecting the deployment of ITS services is required. The Horizon 2020 project NEWBITS ('NEW Business models for ITS') aims to contribute to this improved understanding by assessing the barriers and enablers for the deployment of such services. Furthermore, it explores the impact of external factors and trends on the future relevance of barriers and enablers.

A deeper understanding of the described factors has been achieved by the recently published project deliverable 'D 2.2: Assessment of main barriers and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the implementation of ITS services'. Based on a literature review and the results of an EU-wide online survey among relevant stakeholders, supplemented by the assessment of 94 ITS services currently applied in the EU, US and Australia, the most relevant barriers and enablers for specific market segments and service types were determined.

The results of D 2.2 illustrate that the relevance of barriers and enablers for the deployment of ITS services differs significantly between market segments. It also turned out that a lack of attractive business models, political prioritization, cooperation between stakeholders and interoperability between services are relevant barriers within all market segments. The opposite of these 'general barriers' were identified as cross-market enablers, for instance increasing political commitment. In addition, an enhanced popularity of 'Mobility-as–a-Service' (MaaS), more public-private partnerships and a higher level of end-user involvement were recognized as further important enablers for ITS services.

The study also emphasizes the expected change of the mentioned barriers and enablers influenced by trends like urbanization, increased attention for sustainability, emerging technologies (e.g. 5G), demographic changes and an increased demand for multimodal transport. These trends may lead to increased political commitment and more attractive business models.

Find out more about NEWBITS and the project results under

Inquiries should be addressed to: Mr. Xavier Leal - Project Manager NEWBITS -
Source: NEWBITS Project


News of the month from TTS Italia partners


ITS European Congress 2017, Strasburg (France), June 2017: Telespazio and UIRNet participated in a session on ITS for the transport of dangerous goods
On the 21st of June 2017, during the ITS European Congress held in Strasburg (France) from 19 to 22 June 2017, Telespazio and UIRNet took part in a session on the use of telematics for the transport of dangerous goods.
Organised by the France's Ministry of Transport and moderated by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), the session was titled "A way to ensure convergence between eCall, C-ITS and dangerous goods ADR specifications", in line with the theme of the congress "ITS Beyond Borders" and particularly "Next generation goods delivery" on the smart and innovative mobility.
Telespazio's presentation was on the architecture of the solution developed in the CORE project (, with focus on the sharing of the data between the national and regional platforms, on the use of the satellite navigation services through multi-GNSS/EGNOS/Galileo technology, and on the generated benefits in terms of risk prevention/management, enhancement of the transport reliability and security.
UIRNet's presentation was on the Modulo DG Base, a suite of specialised services for the dangerous goods transport chain, on the monitoring functions oriented to the relevant Control Room's operator, on the risks derived from the specific transport and on the advantages achievable thanks to the availability of data/information from sensors on the vehicles. Other functions are for example the identification of the safer path and the possibility to have a quick link to the ADR regulation.
Further participants in the session were a speaker from the Germany's Ministry of Transport, who explained the architecture presently under definition for the eCall application extended to heavy goods vehicles including those transporting dangerous goods, a speaker from the Czech Republic, who presented the system under development in the country, and a speaker from the France's Ministry of Transport, who informed about the latest developments of the working group on telematics of UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) that periodically updates the ADR/RID/ADN regulations and to which both Telespazio through CORE and UIRNet contribute.
For the presentations, click here
Source: Telespazio/UIRNet

Kapsch TrafficCom selected to provide mobile ticketing system for MARTA Transit System
Kapsch TrafficCom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been awarded a contract to design, develop, implement, support, and maintain a turnkey regional Mobile Ticketing System (MTS) by The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). The MARTA project will be delivered through the cooperation of Kapsch sister companies Kapsch TrafficCom, Kapsch CarrierCom and Kapsch Public TransportCom. The contract value is about 10 Million EUR.
The project duration will be 18 months for the project implementation and a 3-year warranty/maintenance period. The new MTS will allow MARTA riders to order, pay, and electronically validate tickets using their mobile smart devices via a mobile application as well as directly through the mobile ticketing website. The system enables users to access MARTA's transit system within Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities. MARTA is the ninth-largest rapid transit system in the United States spanning almost 80 kilometers of rail and over 2,250 kilometers of bus routes service. The MTS will provide mobile ticketing for all of MARTA's 38 rail stations, 565 fixed route buses and 210 paratransit buses. Every weekday, over 500,000 people rely on MARTA for transportation.
"MARTA is proud to be one of the first public transit agencies to implement Mobile Ticketing, and we are happy to offer this mobility option for our riders. MARTA is excited to roll out this project together with Kapsch," says Hsi Ming, CIO of MARTA.
The MTS simplifies the process of buying and validating fares, enabling users to purchase tickets at their convenience, and manage commutes without the need to visit a kiosk. Additionally, patrons can validate fare purchases via electronic validators when entering and exiting both buses and unmanned rail stations. Also, this project will allow MARTA's regional partners the option to participate in mobile ticketing. Those partners include fixed route service for Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and Atlanta Streetcar, as well as fixed route and paratransit service for Gwinnett County Transit and CobbLinc.
MARTA's award of the contract to Kapsch originated with a competitive pilot program where participants demonstrated their ability to achieve MARTA's predefined goals and functionality requirements using their proposed MTS solutions. Kapsch conducted full system testing in a real-world environment, and successfully provided evidence that the proposed solution was a viable one.
Kapsch, along with experienced partners Bytemark Inc. and TransTrack Systems, Inc., will deliver a mobile ticketing app and website, a customer service tool for account management, electronic validators, as well as an account based back-office solutions for MARTA to manage and operate the MTS. Customized dashboards and reporting along with maintenance and support services are also included.
Source: Kap

Kiunsys wins tender for stall for disabled management
Kiunsys, TTS Italia ordinary member, in partnership with Atos Italia, has won the tender issued by Amat Srl for the provision of a system for the management of stalls for the disabled and the loading and unloading of goods and the related maintenance service for 5 years.
Source: TTS Italia

Electric mobility: targa telematics among italian excellence presented in brussels
On the eve of the unveiling of the European Commission's plan for sustainable mobility in May, ENEL and the Symbola Foundation presented their study "100 Italian E-Mobility stories" in Brussels ans Targa Telematics, TTS Italia founding member, is one of the key player. ENEL Managing Director, Francesco Starace, and Symbola Chairman, Ermete Realacci, presented the report for the first time at European level to MEPs Simona Bonafè and Claude Turmes and to Nikolaus von Peter from the team of Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc. The document highlights the Italian talents leading the way in the new era of sustainable mobility – a higher priority than ever before in EU strategy. "The time is now and the technology is here", said Starace. "Over the next two years there will be a rapid spread of electric cars and Italy is ready for it". ENEL is working hard to complete the necessary charging infrastructure and has chosen Targa Telematics as the technology partner to address this important challenge.
"We are once again proud to partner with ENEL and work synergistically to finalise the digitisation process", said Targa Telematics CEO Nicola De Mattia. "Our company is at the centre of an extremely dynamic market and has a key role in the development of car sharing and Mobility 4.0".
Source: Targa Telematics

OMNIA: the ITS integration platform of SWARCO MIZAR that will cover the city of Milan and the whole Metropolitan Area
Swarco Mizar, TTS Italia founding member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Milan for the upgrade and extension to the whole metropolitan area of the centralized traffic light and priority system software. Milan selected OMNIA to implement a unique centralized system suitable to implement coordination strategies involving all the traffic light intersections, to manage the whole traffic light system of the Administration, to increase the efficiency of staff, to reduce hardware and software maintenance costs of the whole system.
Source: Swarco Mizar

Public consultation on the new version of CWA 16390 for tracking and tracing the transport of goods
CEN has launched the public consultation on the new version of CWA 16390 "Interface control document for provision of EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services for tracking and tracing the transport of goods".
The document is the result of the work done by the experts who participated in the CEN Workshop CORE (CEN / WS CORE), part of the CORE (Consistently Optimized Resilient Secure Global Supply-Chains) project, co-funded by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Program , and having the purpose of revising the previous CWA 16390 (for the document published in 2012, click here). The project involves Telespazio, ordinary member of TTS Italia, and TTS Italia as well.
The result of CEN / WS CORE is the revision of CWA 16390 which is currently in public consultation, and introduces updates for obsolescents related to evolution of EGNOS services and extensions of receiver configuration to allow the use of EGNOS / EDAS / Multi-GNSS and to enable the use of new features with the latest technologies, such as the use of multi-GNSS receivers (GPS, EGNOS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou) and the ability to use the authentication service of the Galileo's Open Service.
The consultation is opne until 6 September 2017, and is available here
Source: UNI

Targa Telematics joins forces with the Confindustria Association as an acknowledged leading player in the field of technological and innovative solutions for the "Internet Of Cars"
Targa Telematics, TTS Italia founding member, has joined ANIASA, the National Association for the Car Rental Automotive Services Industry, which since 1965 as part of the Confindustria system has represented firms that provide hire vehicles without drivers and mobility-related services.
With the entry of Targa Telematics ANIASA will have attracted fifty members, giving further proof of the importance of new – and now rapidly spreading – forms of Mobility 4.0 and the evolution of the Internet of Cars (one of main branches of the Internet of Things), an area where the company is a key player in the development of innovative solutions for sustainable, digital and integrated mobility.
Targa Telematics AD Nicola De Mattia says: "Being part of ANIASA allows us to broaden our horizons and to grow in a context of continuous evolution and radical change. Membership of the association is an important opportunity for sharing ideas, projects and knowledge, and allows us to make our contribution to a booming market with our many years of experience and know-how".
The company offers high-tech solutions for diverse departmental areas ranging from asset management through company fleet operation, insurance telematics, devices for monitoring and reducing operating costs, emergency management and airport handling. Every day it works with over 2,000 companies, monitoring more than 250,000 vehicles through its devices. It is a first-choice also in smart mobility and car sharing and in the development of integrated systems, with the capability to cover all the requirements of effective fleet monitoring.
"The future", concludes De Mattia, "will present us important opportunities, which we must be able to fully grasp. For several years now, we at Targa Telematics have been involved with our partners in the co-creation development of innovative solutions for mobility, generating added value and keeping pace with and, indeed, sometimes anticipating epoch-making changes in the era of the digital revolution. We are confident that the collaboration with ANIASA will be a strategic and effective driver for Industry 4.0 for both parties".
Source: Targa Telematics

Telespazio and CORE project on the magazine "Platinum"
Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, tells about the European satellite navigation system EGNOS and the European project CORE on the Italian magazine "Platinum".
For the article (in English), click here
Source: Telespazio


TTS in action


Training day on ITS e C-ITS – 10 October 2017 – Turin
Within the Smart Mobility World (, TTS Italia will organise a training day on ITS and C-ITS (level 1): the aim is to present National best practices and interact with participants through the use of the training platform developed by the European project CAPITAL (Collaborative cApacity Programme on ITS Training-educAtion and Liaison), funded by the European Commission within the H2020 reaserach and innovation programme (Grant Agreement number 724106).

The training day will be held in Turin on 10 October 2017.
For the preliminary programme (in Italian), click here
The traingi day will be followed by a showcase: participant will visit I_HeERO booth at Smart Mobility World exhinition area, finding out more on eCall and progresses made at European level.
Finally, for all Smart Mobility World long (10 e 11 October), everyone will be able to test the CAPITAL training platform at TTS Italia stand in the exhibition area.

The participation to training day and showcase is for free but registration is mandatory. Please, contact:

The participation at Smart Mobility World is for free but registration is mandatory. Please, register here

Platform for Local Authorities: meeting between TTS Italia members and the City of Naples
Within the Local Authorities Platform, on July 18 in Naples, TTS Italia organized a meeting between its Associates and the City of Naples.
The City of Naples has initiated a series of projects in the ITS sector funded on the PON Metro 2014-2020 Metropolitan Cities - Sustainable Mobility and ITS.
The meeting, reserved for the TTS Italia Associates alone, and attended by more than 40 participants, was an opportunity for the City of Naples to illustrate the already planned ITS implementations that will be developed; and for associates to present innovative solutions that meet the City's need.
The City of Naples is particularly interested in the creation of an integrated mobility platform capable of monitoring and managing a number of inter-agency mobility subsystems including:
- Semaphore network, implemented and centralized traffic control systems (UTC subsystem)
- Management and monitoring of urban tunnels for the purpose of improving safety
- Monitoring and Management of TPL fleets
- Traffic flow monitoring

The following TTS Italia members participated in the event as speakers: Swarco Mizar, PTV Sistema, Pluservice, Aesys, Gruppo Viasat, Kapsch, Engineering, Tecsen, 5T.

For the photo gallery, click here

TTS Italia at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2017
TTS Italia participated in the 15th edition of the Asia Pacific Forum entitled "Metropolitan Transportation Infrastructure and Smart Cities", held in Hong Kong from 27-29 June 2017.
The focus of the event was the ITS for urban mobility and, in particular, the themes of autonomous guidance and cooperative systems, dealt with in the various sessions organized on 27 and 28 June.
On 27 June, during the "Mobility 2" session, Leonardo Domanico, TTS Italia Secretariat, held a speech titled "The Italian ITS Logistics Platform for the management of hazardous goods transport and parking area for heavy trucks". The intervention, which concerned the introduction of the National Logistics Platform and related services, especially for the transport of dangerous goods and the management of parking areas for heavy vehicles, arose the interest of the participants, especially considering the size and role played by Hong Kong port for the management of freight transport in Asia.
TTS Italia also shared the preliminary results of the European project NEWBITS of which it is a partner, primarily with the ITS Associations present at the event and who had been contacted and involved in the past months in the survey to collect barriers, enablers and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the deployment of ITS.
On June 29th, technical visits were organized at the Hong Kong Air Traffic Control Center, the high-speed rail line connecting Hong Kong - Shenzhen - Guangdong, ready for the third quarter of 2018, and a tour at the Hong Kong Harbor area of Hong Kong (Harbor Infrastructure).
On the occasion of the Asia Pacific Forum on June 27, TTS Italia and ITS Taiwan signed a Memorandum of Understaning (MoU) to foster cooperation between the two ITS Associations. The MoU was signed by ITS Taiwan President, Y.C. Chang, and the Secretary General of TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi. The signing ceremony was held at the ITS Taiwan stand in the presence of other ITS Associations of the Asian area: ITS Hong Kong , ITS Australia, ITS Japan, ITS Singapore, ITS Korea, ITS Indonesia, ITS Malaysia, ITS Thailand, ITS Canada and the National Center of ITS Engineering & Technology China.

ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2017: TTS Italia and ITS Taiwan sign MoU
On the occasion of the Asia Pacific Forum on June 27, TTS Italia and ITS Taiwan signed a Memorandum of Understaning (MoU) to foster cooperation between the two ITS Associations. In particular, the MoU aims to promote the exchange of information in the ITS sector, to cooperate on topics of mutual interest (road pricing, traffic information, vehicle security) and to support the development of ITS in Italy and Taiwan.
The MoU was signed by ITS Taiwan President, Y.C. Chang, and the Secretary General of TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi. The signing ceremony was held at the ITS Taiwan stand in the presence of other ITS Associations of the Asian area: ITS Hong Kong, ITS Australia, ITS Japan, ITS Singapore, ITS Korea, ITS Indonesia, ITS Malaysia, ITS Thailand, ITS Canada and the National Center of ITS Engineering & Technology China.
For the photo gallery, click here

TTS Italia at the ITS European Congress
This year the ITS European Congress exceeded all expectations by reaching 2,826 registrations including 952 delegates and 27 media professionals and journalists. Over 100 companies and organisations from 50 countries showcased the latest developments in intelligent mobility in the 5000sqm exhibition space at the Strasbourg Convention and Exhibition Centre. The delegates were able to choose from 100 sessions including Plenary, Executive, Technical, Scientific, Commercial and Projects sessions. Among the key topics, Connected and Automated Driving was the most popular followed by Mobility Services and Transport Network Evolution.
The theme of this year event was "ITS Beyond Borders" which was also the starting point for the second Mayoral Summit, held on Tuesday 20 June.
Among the participants in the exhibition area: Swarco Mizar and PTV Sistema, TTS Italia ordinary members.
The Congress focused particularly on the following topics: Connected and Automated Driving, Mobility Services (MaaS) and Transport Network Evolution.
Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, and UIRNet, TTS Italia supporting member, in particular, participated in a session titled "A way to ensure convergence between eCall, C-ITS and dangerous goods ADR specifications", concerning the use of telematic solutions for the transport of dangerous goods. In particular, Telespazio presented the architecture of the system developed in the CORE project (, of which TTS Italia is a partner, with an emphasis on data sharing between regional and national platforms, on the use of satellite navigation services multi-GNSS / EGNOS / Galileo, and the benefits in terms of prevention / risk management, transport reliability and increased security.
TTS Italia has also contributed to the dissemination of some of the European projects of which it is a partner: NEWBITS (NEW Business models for ITS,, SocialCar ( and CORE (Consistently Optimized Resilient Secure Global Supply-Chains) by distributing information material.


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14-15 September 2017, Milan
For further information, click here

26-27 September 2017, Rome
For further information, click here

8th International Congress on Transportation Research - 'The Future of Transportation: A Vision for 2030'
28-29 September 2017 - Thessaloniki, Greece
For further information, click here


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


For all the relevant tenders, click here

Italia-Bolzano: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Roma: Services for tunnels management
Italia-San Ferdinando di Puglia: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Venezia: Services for softwares development

TTS Italia wishes you happy holidays!
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