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N° 7 July/August 2014

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The implementation of the ITS National Action Plan could be a great opportunity for growth and "spending review" for the entire transport sector. This is the message sent out by Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia, during the workshop "The National ITS Action Plan: opportunities and problems of implementation" held in Rome on July 16 and organised by TTS Italia after the approval on 12 February 2014 of the ITS National Plan from the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
Speeding transport, making the movement of people and goods interoperable, sustainable and environmentally friendly would bring benefit both to society and economic. "The document, commissioned by the European Commission, approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in February - continues Panero - must be translated into real action in the short term."

Although the field of ITS in Italy is an important fact, with peaks of excellence and some ongoing initiatives, there are still some problems. "There’s a lack of tools for a precise implementation- said Olga Landolfi, Secretary General of TTS Italia in her introduction speech - it would be useful to have a unified coordination, a definite timescale for the implementation of the interventions. In addition, there is still a lack of knowledge of the subject by Public administration and university courses are rare for the preparation of professionalism."

TTS Italia thinks that a national architecture should immediately be created in order to harmonize initiatives; also it is urgent to implement the reuse of best practices; provide public funding for cutting-edge projects; and create a database of the benefits to disclose to customers the results of the application of technology.

It is worth mentioning that the application of the Five-Year ITS National Plan ITS could lead to the increase in capacity of more than 10% of existing infrastructure, doubling in five years the turnover of the ITS sector in Italy (estimated at 500 million Euros from TTS Italia in 2012), a significant increase in employment of highly specialized and a general improvement of the living conditions of citizens by reducing pollutant emissions, and increasing both efficiency of the transport system and security.
The actions that would revolutionize transport and the logistics in Italy would require investments much shorter than those for the construction of new infrastructure with a faster rate of return. Among the possibilities for financing, TTS Italia has identified the great opportunity of the new POR (Regional Operative Programme) 2014-2020 co-financed by Europe that could give new impetus to the regional ITS plans.

The debate
Among the proposals that emerged during the workshop, the main one is a stronger involvement of institutions in the implementation of the ITS Plan. Affect the largest number of local and government agencies seems to be the most appropriate way to achieve the goal in the short term. For this purpose, TTS Italia initiated the establishment of a Platform of Local Authorities to facilitate the matching of demand and supply. The aim is also to carry on the dialogue with the associations involved in the preparation of the Plan, joining forces for the application. The report of the workshop was sent to the attention of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Maurizio Lupi.
Also, during the debate three main issue emerged both from the speakers and the audience: the urgency for open data in order to have useful and well spread App. The city of Rome is already collaborating with Transport for London to learn better how to manage open data and the necessary normative. A second issue is tied to the request from the local public transport representatives of the compulsory validation on board the bus to make the electronic ticketing competitive. Finally, the participants to the Workshop asked for a greater use of ITS to support and ease the freight transport.

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Debating in Amman about the use of satellite navigation for freights and road in the Euromed region

The next 21 October, Jordan will host a Euromed regional event focused on the use of the satellite navigation (Global Navigation Satellite Systems - GNSS), and particularly of the European GNSS (E-GNSS), for freight and road transport.
Organized by the Euromed GNSS II/MEDUSA project, under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport of Jordan, the event will aim at sharing experiences and best practices, and discussing about strategies and possible ways forward in relation to the use of the satellite navigation for freight and road transport in the region.
The event will give the occasion to present the main results of the “case study” conducted by MEDUSA, with the involvement of the Royal Jordanian Customs and the aid of the Ministry of Transport of Jordan. Since April 2014, supported by the European companies involved in MEDUSA, the Royal Jordanian Customs are having the opportunity to test and validate the use of E-GNSS, and specifically of EGNOS, for tracking and tracing containers shipped across the Mediterranean sea and vehicles transporting goods in Jordan.
This Jordan’s “case study” is one of the technical assistance actions implemented by MEDUSA, and it represents the first real experience of EGNOS services’ usage in the most distant areas from Europe.
MEDUSA belongs to the EU Euromed Transport Programme, and its objective is to promote the adoption of the E-GNSS, by the Euromed countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia).
GNSS technology is applied to several user applications, being transport the most important one in all domains, primarily aviation, road, maritime, rail, freight transport and logistics. MEDUSA project includes a programme of specific technical assistance actions, for the Euromed countries, in order to facilitate the introduction and exploitation of GNSS services in their markets.
The wide adoption of advanced technology, also including satellite navigation, for freight and road transport applications (i.e. the Intelligent Transport Systems - ITS) enables the implementation of smart mobility and the enhancement of goods transportation/traffic volumes increasing.
During the event, the participants from the Euromed countries will have the occasion to share the lessons learnt from the Jordan’s “case study”, and to be informed about relevant best practices in Europe and in the Euromed region, as well as to debate about strategies and possible ways forward, in the light of national interests and common regional perspectives.
Opened by an institutional panel, with representatives of the Jordan Ministry for Transport and the European Commission, the event will consist of a session dedicated to the Jordan’s “case study”, and a session addressing opportunities in other Euromed countries, including the presentation of European success cases as examples of suitable paths to guide the GNSS operational introduction and adoption.
At the conclusion of the event, the participants will elaborate guidelines and recommendations, to be possibly translated into action plans for the Euromed countries.


News of the month


ACI: traffic and congestion costs 5 billions Euro to Italy
ACI, TTS Italia founding member, released a new study “Muoversi meglio in città per muovere l’Italia” (Better transport for a better Italy): only on the 6 most populated Italian cities the congestion costs 5 billion Euro a year. ACI explains how the bad transport conditions keep on stopping the economic recovery of the country and a better quality of life. Local and national resources are requested to make Italian cities competitive and in line with the European standards but most of all a new politic approach is the real urgency. The Italian mobility is really unbalanced and mainly based on the use of the private car used by the 59% of citizens. To reach better mobility conditions, ACI suggests to: orientate behaviors and mobility demand; define times and schedules for loading and unloading goods; support telecommuting; computerize the information desks; relocate offices; introduce incentives for businesses that collaborate to manage the procurement of goods. A big contribution should be represented by car and bike sharing; road pricing and parking areas which could help in reducing travel times and pollution. Two other main point are represented by lean design and infomobility services.
Source: ACI

Kiunsys at SMAU in Florence
After the successful launch of the first smart parking project realized in Pisa in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, Kiunsys, TTS Italia ordinary member, took part at SMAU Florence and Tuscany Technologica, two trade shows of innovation and industrial research dedicated to the best national and international realities and aimed at help companies in improving productivity with innovative and unique solutions. The event, held on July 9 and 10, 2014 was the opportunity to have a test and a close look and at the solutions by Kiunsys dedicated to smart cities.
Applying cloud, sensing and RFID technologies with an Internet of Everything viewpoint and a clear focus on innovation and return on investment, Kiunsys answers the specific needs of municipalities and public companies responsible for the management of urban mobility, parking and City Logistics. Thanks to a significant market penetration - 600,000 RFID Mobility Pass, 162,000 tourist buses permits, 27,000 eCUDE RFID and 1,200 parking sensors - Kiunsys is already one of the leading players in Smart City scene at national and European level. At SMAU Firenze Kiunsys presented the two most successful solutions for Smart Mobility:
- INeS Cloud: One-Stop Shop for the management of urban mobility
INeS Cloud is a cloud platform modular, flexible and scalable, designed and developed by Kiunsys to meet the needs of companies and public bodies responsible for the management of urban mobility, parking, city logistics and concessions. It offers more than 200 menu items and 100 analytical reports for the management of the operational processes related to mobility, permits and city logistics. INeS Cloud also supports web and mobile payment services and is renowned for its high level of versatility that makes it the ideal solution to effectively answers to the specific needs of small and large cities.
INeS Cloud integrates with all the sensing and RFID products of Kiunsys - RFID Mobility Passes, Tap&Park, Parking Spot Sensors, UHF RFID Mobility Gates, RFID Street Control - creating solutions tailored to fully cover the whole processes related to urban mobility and parking management.
- Infoparking: the smart parking solution for a more sustainable mobility
It is a solution for exactly addressing the motorist to available parking spaces, thanks to the detection of the occupation of single parking lot by wireless sensors and a cloud platform for the integration of infoparking services. Sensors on the floor of each parking lots detect whether they are available or occupied. Several data units collect the information and send it to INeS Cloud that enriches and integrates it to draw an exact and real-time overview of the parking spaces in the city. Infoparking services via web, mobile and variable message signs guide drivers to available parking spaces.
Parking Spot Sensors and INeS Cloud represent an innovative ITS solution that, in addition to providing analytics related to parking, has a positive effect on the reduction of urban traffic caused by vehicles cruising searching for an available parking space, which represents the 30% of the total traffic.
Source: Kiunsys

Telespazio and the MEDUSA on ITS International
The European project MEDUSA (MEDiterranean follow-Up for EGNOS Adoption), is lead by a Euro-Mediterranean team coordinated by Telespazio, TTS Italia member. MEDUSA belongs to the Euromed GNSS framework, part of the Euromed Transport Programme, whose objective is to extend/exploit the use of E-GNSS (the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems, primarily EGNOS - the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service, and in view of Galileo) in the Euromed countries.
Telespazio tells about the project on ITS International. For the article, click here
Source: Telespazio

Telespazio and the SCUTUM project on InsideGNSS
The magazine InsideGNSS reports the conference organized by the European Commission entitled "European GNSS: actions for road transport, logistics and multimodal dangerous goods" held on 20 February in Brussels. In four sessions, the speakers offered a European panorama regarding the use of satellite navigation services in various regulated applications in the transportation industry: the new generation of digital tachographs, tracking of dangerous goods, logistics and multimodal toll. The conference was an opportunity to discuss the issues contained in the Action Plan of the GNSS Applications with particular reference to the best practices that use the services provided by the European satellite navigation systems (E-GNSS, EGNOS and Galileo). Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, in particular, took part in the event by discussing the project SCUTUM, of which was the coordinator, and the importance of EGNOS services today in view of Galileo, for the transport and tracking of dangerous goods.
For the article, click here
Source: Telespazio

The National Transport Authority of Ireland has chosen MAIOR to implement an advanced Public Transport Data Management System
MAIOR, the Italian leader in software solutions for public transport management, and TTS Italia ordinary member, has recently won a tender by the National Transport Authority of Ireland (NTA) for supplying a new Data Management System (DMS).
The solution will be based on a central data repository that will collect and integrate the planning and AVM data of the public transport operators in Dublin (buses and rail). It is already foreseen to add in the future also data from electronic ticketing systems. Among the key features of the solution are the automatic procedures that calculate the required Key Performance Indicators notifying any variations, the capability to produce standard and ad-hoc reports with various levels of detail, and the intuitive web-based user interfaces to analyze and manage data and parameters.
The purpose of the DMS is to facilitate the monitoring and regulate the performance of bus services operated under Public Service Contracts in Ireland. The DMS, acting as a key information driver, will also enable operational improvements by the operators running the contracted services and will facilitate Key Performance Indicators created within the DMS to be monetised into operator performance bonuses and penalties and as costing tools to improve service quality.
As well as monitoring bus operations, the DMS will play a key role in identifying infrastructure pinch points, from which bottleneck issues may be inferred.
The solution will be based on MTRAM, the modular and integrated suite by MAIOR, that allows operators and authorities to manage the entire cycle of public transport, from service planning to passenger information.
The value of the MAIOR solution relies on the experience gained in similar DMS implementations and in Business Intelligence solutions and on the in-depth knowledge of data management processes and workflows typical of the public transport sector.
For more info, please contact:
Source: MAIOR

TomTom brings real-time traffic information inTurkey
Drivers in one of the world’s most congested countries, Turkey, can now get real-time traffic information. TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has launched its Traffic real-time information service across the country, which includes congestion forecasting guidance that indicates whether a jam is growing or dispersing, and estimates how long the delays will last. Available in 37 countries, the Traffic system provides precise and up-to-date traffic information for highways, major roads and secondary roads using OpenLR location referencing. The company’s latest Traffic Index ranks Turkeys largest city, Istanbul, second in the world for overall traffic congestion levels, with 62% of road networks in the city facing higher congestion levels during peak travel times. The city’s congestion levels are unlikely to improve, as car sales are growing rapidly in the country, with the latest data from the Automotive Distributors’ Association (ODD), showing passenger car sales in 2013 rose by 19% from the previous year. “As we expand our global footprint, we continue to focus on creating easy-to-use solutions to ease the global traffic congestion problem,” said Ralf-Peter Schaefer, head of traffic at TomTom. “We know that traditional responses to tackling congestion, such as building new roads, or widening existing ones, are no longer proving to be effective. However, by empowering drivers, businesses, and governments with real-time traffic information, we can help ease levels of congestion in Turkey and around the world.”
Source: Traffic Technology Today

TTS Italia welcomes two new members
Following the Board of Directors on 15 July 2014, TTS Italia welcomes two new members:
- Continental Automotive Trading Italia Srl (, part of the Continental Group, it is one of the main worldwide supplier of electronics and mechatronics for the automotive sector
- Unipol Gruppo Finanziario Spa (, mainly operates in the insurance and banking markets and caters to over 10 million customers with a full range of financial and insurance products including the black boxes.


TTS in action

SAVE THE DATE Conference on “ITS within the programme 2014-2020” – 3/4 December 2014 – Rome
Following the definition and approval of the 2014-2020 Structural Funds programming, TTS Italia is organizing for 3 and 4 December 2014, in Rome, the conference "ITS within the programme 2014-2020"
The goal of the event is to involve regions, municipalities and metropolitan areas to understand how much and how ITS will be present in their activities for the next six years, how much and how ITS can bring benefits in the country. In addition to local authorities, the institutions will be present to learn about the actions planned for the ITS sector in the short to medium term with the Structural Funds and to understand how to take advantage of them to make a real innovation. The conference will be structured in a part of the congress and exhibition area reserved to Members of TTS Italia, to present their innovative solutions to the world's demand.
More information will follow in the coming weeks.


In November the new edition of Smart Mobility World - 13/14 November 2014 - Turin
The next edition of Smart Mobility World, the European  reference event for the mobility of the XXI century, will be held in Turin, at the Lingotto Conference Centre, next 13 and 14 November. An initiative organized in Turin, European guide for the development of ITS services and Infomobility ‘for’ smart cities’, and for the development of technologies for Green Cars and Sustainable Transport.
The event, organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italia - Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of the Chamber of commerce of Turin, of the main institutions of Piemonte region and the partnership of some of the most prestigious national and international Associations, including TTS Italia. Last edition, ended on September 27, has received positive feedback from sponsors, all the institutional system of Turin and has reported significant numbers, such as:
- more than 3.000 qualified professionals
- 150 between sponsors, exhibitors and partners,
- 234 speakers and 28 conference sessions,
- more than 500 B2B meetings between companies and buyers.

New components will enrich the well-established Conference & Expo, extending the schedule of Smart Mobility World 2014 which will be developed over 5 days. To find out more about the event, please visit:


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Assago: services for toll fee collection
Italia-Caltagirone: Software and information systems
Italia-Macerata: Road signs
Italia-Minturno: Services for public administration
Italia-Roma: Consulting services for projects management
Italia-Verona: Special services for people road transport


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4-5 September 2014, Limerick, Ireland
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FOT-Net Data International Workshop on Data Sharing
7 September 2014, Detroit, USA
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ITS World Congress 2014
7-11 September 2014, Detroit, USA
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eCall Days Germany 2014
16 - 18 September 2014, Berlin, Germany
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International Conference Connected Vehicles
18 September 2014, Brussels, Belgium
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European Transport Forum
23 September 2014, Brussels, Belgium
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2014 ITS Arizona 21st Annual Conference
24 - 25 September 2014, Mesa, AZ
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European Transport
29 September - 1 October 2014, Frankfurt, Germany
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ITS FORUM 2014 2nd Edition
30 September 2014, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
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