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N° 6 June 2014

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Mr. Castagna, the Decree for the e-ticketing is a great success for the ITS sector. What are the main points of this “revolution”?
For all the Italian companies for the local public transport as well as for Club Italia (The Italian Association for the e-ticketing) is a great victory. The Decree shows how e-ticketing and clearing system are considered as the only way to make the public transport more modern and competitive.
We are aware that this Decree is not the solution to all the problems related to the public transport and therefore we are waiting for the whole project by the Italian Ministry of Transport to reorganise the public transport in our Country.
E-ticketing and reorganisation of the transport must be integrated with the whole system already existing.

What will be the requirements for companies to local public transport? And what will be the benefits for passengers?
The main challenge for the companies will be to make the whole system homogeneous as there are several existing e-ticketing systems throughout Italy and sometimes these are conflicting ones. However, I think that no system will be really useful if the validation of the ticket won’t be mandatory. Today, the validation is not mandatory both for tickets and carnet and this determined the real tariff evasion up to 20%.

Does the Decree define any standard for the supply? What suggestions would you give to the companies involved in ITS?
Today the existing supply is a high level one, even if really heterogeneous. And also technology already exists. The real answer is to work on a standardized system allowing the evolution of activities without obstacles from the supplier. To have a standard would mean to work all together to improve the standard itself.

How much time is requested before tickets become really electronic and interoperable?
Everyone talks about interoperability. However, the reality is a little bit different. With few exceptions that solved the problem at regional level, no one has managed the issues related to the clearing, that is the breakdown of revenues between companies.
I happened to hear so many times that the clearing can be done on the basis of the historical data. But if it is true, why do we have to spend public money for a system with no advantages for companies? In my opinion, these technologies aim at increasing the number of passengers and thus it is necessary to find operative solutions allowing a real revenue for the initial investment. And, again, this can be done through an effective validation system.

It looks like politics finally understood the importance of ITS and –ticketing to increase the demand of public transport with concrete benefits for users. Is it true?
As politics showed a really low interest for this sector in the past, we are really happy for the Decree. We would like to have a real change and not only a temporary answers to the crisis of companies. We did not approve the first draft of the public transport reorganisation. We would like these drafts to be shared with all the associations of the sector who already sent amendments and comments. Personally, I also hope that the mixture between politics and unions will come to an end, especially in the public transport. I hope politics will stop considering our companies has a way to get votes with terrible results for balances.

One last question on Cagliari: Ctm increased the number of passengers in the last years. What have been the strategies?
We focussed on technology and costumers. CTM, which I manage, has one of the youngest fleet in Europe. New fleet with full comfort and equipped with real time information through smart poles, sms and Ivr. An app available for IOs and Android was downloaded by 30.000 people and 25.00 users registered on the main social networks, this made the difference. We managed to change the behaviour of people by offering an efficient and comfortable service. In the last years, we also followed cultural projects, sport and entertainment events. We set music and theatre shows to attract people and convince them to use public transport. It worked! The next step in the next few days will be the payment of the ticket by phone.

Who is Ezio Castagna. Born in Roasio (Vc) September 26, 1944 and lives in Turin, he graduated in law. He began his career in 1970 in the National Cogne (steel) and then move on to the Group Egam (Iron-chemicals). In 1975 he was an established member of the Italian Society Coke Eni Group as Director of Personnel, then Chief Operating Officer. In 1990 he assumed the Executive Board. Since 1995 he holds the position of Deputy General Manager of AMSA, the Milan company of Environmental Services. Left Milan in 1998 to assume the current position of Director General of CTM SpA, the holding of public transportation in Cagliari. Currently he also holds the positions of Chairman of the World UITP Bus Committee (International Union of Public Transport) and President of Club Italia, the Italian association for the electronic ticketing. It 'also CEO of Parkar, parking and parking management company in the City of Cagliari and CEO of ITS - Company between the towns of' Area Vasta Cagliaritana; Member of Advisory Committee of ASSTRA, the Association of Italian Companies Transport and Member of the Board of Directors of the Consortium technological Technomobility of Cagliari. He was awarded "Public Manager of the Year 2012" arranged by Aidea (Italian Academy of Business Economics) and in June, 2014, in Paris, he received the prestigious "Talent in Mobility Award" in the category Best manager at the salon European Mobility "Transport Publics 2014".

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Projects of the month


“B.U.NE.T. – Bike’s Urban NEtwork in Torino”: the new journey planner dedicated to the bicycle mobility in Torino and his province is on-line!

“B.U.NE.T. – Bike’s Urban NEtwork in Torino” is the first infomobility service in Italy dedicated to cycle mobility. It is totally supported by Public Administration. The Municipality of Torino and the Province of Torino funded the project and 5T S.r.l. realized it in partnership with [TO]BIKE, the bike sharing service of Torino. 5T is the in-house providing company owned by the Municipality and the Province of Torino, specialized in ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems. B.U.NE.T. allows citizens to plan their trips, both by using their own bikes and by using bike sharing service, available in metropolitan and provincial area. The calculation of the system is mainly based on three parameters:
- Security: the journey planner prefers cycle lanes and low traffic areas for a bike-friendly trip
- Faster trip: the journey planner tries to reduce the travel time
- Altimetry: the journey planner prefers flat path, especially for travels in provincial area.

If the cyclist choose the bike sharing service, the system is able to send the user to the station equipped with available bikes, closer to the starting point. At the arrival point, the system suggests the closer station with available parking spaces. For this reason the whole bike sharing network is located on the map ([TO]BIKE service in Torino and other services in Western municipalities). These stations provide real time information about the availability of the bikes and of the parking spaces. The B.U.NE.T. project was completely achieved with open source technologies. The journey planner system is based on Open Trip Planner (OTP) technology. OTP is an open source project, launched in 2009, aimed to the development of an open platform delivering infomobility services. 5T customized the OTP system of the B.U.NE.T., considering the cycle mobility features of the streets in Torino and province, in order to satisfy the needs of the users. The service is based on Open Street Map cartography . OSM tries to create free maps daily updated by the users.

In order to improve the quality of the service, 5T uploaded all the cycle lanes of the considered area on OSM. In detail:
- 290 metropolitan cycle lanes
- 2604 provincial cycle lanes
- 151 cycle lanes for tourists, belonging to the Royal venues tour “Corona delle Delizie”

The service is available on or on the portal of the city “Torino in Bici”. For any further information or reports, users can send an e-mail to:

For contacts:
Francesca Marinetto

Experimental project "Mobility and road safety, adult generations on the move" Cycle of seminars arranged by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Mobility Agency of Rome

The experimental project "Mobility and road safety, adult generations on the move" is currently progressing in Rome. It is designed to suggest to vulnerable citizens the best practices for a safe, responsible, intelligent and sustainable mobility. Developed by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Rome Municipality, Mobility and Social Support Departments in collaboration with the Agency for Mobility and Senior Citizen Coordination Services of Rome, the project is among the first in Italy, and the first in Rome to involve old generations on the theme of journeys in urban areas. The trial will end in October 2014.

During the meetings with citizens, careful attention will be devoted to road safety: awareness of the risks and correct behaviors when acting as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists; ability to assess environmental situations; awareness of self-capability, self-assessment and self-regulation; move with the children; importance of the safety features of the vehicles.

The discussion will take also care of "Local public transport, sustainable and alternative mobility", with the analysis of the public transport network in Rome; the benefits and risks on the bike paths; the bike-sharing service as an alternative transport mode; the car sharing and the car pooling. And, finally, bus / tram / metro ticket: how and where to buy it and the facilities dedicated to people over 70.
The photographic exhibition "What I would change…." has been promoted within the project. The aim of the exhibition is to give voice to the citizens of the third generation allowing them to tell the city through their eyes, and at the same time raise awareness of the institutions on what are the shortcomings, deficiencies or irregularities in terms of city road safety and mobility.


News of the month


ACI: here it is arrivato a Roma Tommy the electronic bollard for Rome
It’s start in Rome the national testing of Tommy, a park electronic bollard built by ACI, a founding member of TTS Italia, for the protection of parking spaces allocated to disabled people. Tommy is fitted with a photovoltaic panel for feeding and a remote control that controls the movement. Distributed by an Italian company, is used for the first time on public roads open to traffic in order to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. The national testing of Tommy is the result of collaboration between ACI, ACI Consult, a non-profit organization Insettopia, and the City of Rome. The name Tommy comes from Tommaso, autistic son of the Insettopia founder. The testing will last three months and then the systems will be used at national level.
Source: Ruote per Aria

HeERO wins the iMobility Award 2014
The iMobility Awards Ceremony took place at the stand of the European Commission at the ITS European Congress, Helsinki, on Wednesday 18 June 2014 at 5.30pm. Hermann Meyer, CEO of ERTICO – ITS EUROPE, and Lina Konstantinopoulou, iMobility Support Coordinator, welcomed the attendees highlighting the importance of the iMobility Awards in recognising and promoting ambitious and innovative iMobility deployments, paving the way to safe, smart and clean road mobility. In the national/local category, HeERO I and II - represented by Mr Andy Rooke, ERTICO – ITS EUROPE – received the Award by Aldo Celasco, ACEA for the project's outstanding contributions to successfully deploy eCall at national level. Several TTS Italia members are involved in the eCall project: ACI, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Magneti Marelli, Telecom Italia.
Source: ERTICO/TTS Italia

In Pisa the first smart parking project in Europe branded Deutsche Telekom and Kiunsys
On June 24th in Pisa there was the official press conference to launch the Smart Parking Project  signed by Deutsche Telekom in partnership with Kiunsys, TTS Italia ordinary member, and the City of Pisa. The project, realized in the historic center of Pisa to optimize the inner city parking, to reduce urban traffic and to analyze Big Data Traffic, is the first important result of the partnership between Kiunsys and Deutsche Telekom, the leading European telco company. Kiunsys, in fact, was selected by Deutsche Telekom as their technological partner of smart city solutions for urban mobility in Europe. The choice, made after a technological and market scouting on the main emerging realities in the world, further rewards the constant commitment of Kiunsys in developing innovative and practical responses to the urban mobility needs. Founded in 2011 by the collaboration of three Italian companies focused on research and innovation in smart mobility, in less than three years Kiunsys has become one of the major players in the market of Smart Urban Mobility, Smart Parking and City Logistics, achieving a significant market penetration - 600,000 RFID Mobility Pass, 162,000 tourist buses permits, 27,000 eCUDE RFID, 1,200 parking sensors in 25 Italian municipalities. The pilot project concerns an infoparking system: thanks to 72 Kiunsys Parking Spot Sensors installed in Piazza Carrara, in the historic center of the city, motorists will find parking more easily by consulting the available spaces with Tap&Park and with to variable message signs. Avoiding vehicles cruising for a free parking space will make a significant contribution to the reduction of total traffic and urban pollution. Also, Big Data produced by the system will allow to analyze traffic flows in order to optimize future solutions.
Source: Kiunsys

Kiunsys won the M31 Italia Special Award
Kiunsys's rapid rise in the Italian market of Smart Urban Mobility, Smart Parking and City Logistics and the impressive numbers achieved with its own technologies - over 600,000 RFID Mobility Passes, 162,000 tour buses permits, 27,000 RFID eCUDE, 1,200 parking sensors - have earned the M31 Italia Special Award at the Startup of the Year 2014 contest. Kiunsys, TTS Italia ordinary member, was one of the ten finalists shortlisted for the Startup of the Year contest sponsored by PNICube - Association of Italian Academic Incubators and Business Plan Competition, in collaboration with the University of Pisa, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Scuola Normale Superiore, University of Florence and University of Siena, that rewards Italian companies characterized by innovative services and technological and economical high level market performances.
Source: Kiunsys

Project Automation wins tender for traffic control
Project Automation, TTS Italia, ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Florence for the supply of a detection system of traffic flows on different road sections located in the City of Florence.
Source: TTS Italia
Source: Viasat

Telespazio tells about MEDUSA project and EGNOS on ITS International
Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, and coordinator of the MEDUSA project tells on ITS International about the importance and added value from EGNOS. MEDUSA (MEDiterranean Follow-Up for Adoption EGNOS), within the framework of the Euromed GNSS II, explores the potential of EGNOS and related services through targeted actions to knowledge and the transfer of technological capacity. The countries involved are those of the Euromed region: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. MEDUSA also manages the Galileo Euromed Cooperation Office (GEMCO), a cooperation structure located in Tunis that acts as a reference point for the Euromed countries relative to the E-GNSS.
For the article, click here
Source: Telespazio

TomTom presents the new Traffix Index in Milan
TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, presented in Milan the new Traffic Index, the worldwide report of the main congested cities (in Italy and in the world) arrived at its fourth edition and published every six months. TomTom began in 2007, thanks to the support of the millions of customers of its satellite navigation systems, in order to collect anonymous real travel times of billions of daily movement, thus building a database that can monitor the actual behavior of traffic in each hour , day and month of the year, in more than 200 urban areas of the planet. The TomTom Traffic Index provides an index of congestion in% (which % more time it takes to travel a busy route, compared to that used in a regular situation), the delay in the peak relative to the flow of the night traffic, the busiest days of the year, and other data, putting in ranking the cities of Italy, Europe and the World. Compared to the last index of about 6 months ago, Italy has seen even an improvement of Milan (4th busiest cities - was 3rd in 2013) with an index of congestion by 27%; Turin is only 8° with an index of 20%. The three busiest cities in Italy, according to TomTom, are then Palermo (39%), Rome (37%) and Italy (28%).
Source: Eco dalle Città the green solution for the innovative road transport
It was born the project, a circuit for web promotion and sharing of services for transporting goods and people, where the customer and supplier meet every day and at any time directly and with great ease. The objective of is to become the reference point for the world of national development of advanced services ranging from dedicated insurance policy to satellite telematics solutions, from the unlimited road assistance to the claims management, from financial certification to prepaid credit cards. is based on the Blu Economy by Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, and brings together the largest satellite fleet of the country (over 35 thousand vehicles tracked).
Source: Viasat

Urbelog: “The test phase within 2014.” Interview to Marco Annoni
Marco Annoni fromTelecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member and coordinator of the URBELOG (URBan Electronic LOGistic) project, tells the Italian online review Eco dalle Città about the project, aimed at more efficient logistics in the urban areas through the creation of a telematics platform for shared information among distribution operators, public administrations and logistics associations. Several TTS Italia members are involved in the project: Selex, Iveco, Politecnico di Torino.
For the interview (available in Italian), click here
Source: Eco dalle Città

Viasat Group expands in the English market
It ended on 20th of June the Merger and Acquisition international operation that brought to the integration of Viasat Group, TTS Italia ordinary member, and the English Enigma Telematics, specialized in fleet management services.
Viasat acquired the 70% of Enigma shares completing its international competences and capability . business to consumer; business to business; business to insurance,; booming sector.
Source: Viasat Group

Viasat recovers 100% of heavy vehicles stolen
According to the latest available data of the Traffic Police, were recorded in Italy 2,402 thefts of trucks a year (200 per month, more than 6 per day). The findings of the stolen vehicles were 1,523. The use of the Black Box greatly reduces the frequency of theft and is decisive in the recovery of the medium. These are some data emerging from the Trucking Dossier launched by Viasat Group, a leader in satellite security, an ordinary member of TTS Italia. The problem - the statistics say - is that even when the truck is found, for the most part this is already deprived of the goods transported, causing major economic damage to the company. The categories more targeted are electronic devices, high-fidelity audio, household goods, clothing and metals. Comparing the national average data, with those relating to heavy vehicles equipped with satellite system by Viasat, it emerges the effectiveness of the latter, both in terms of reduction in frequency and findings of the vehicle. Specifically, the 100% of stolen heavy vehicles equipped with Viasat satellite system is found.
Source: Viasat


TTS in action

Interactive Workshop – “The ITS National Plan: opportunities and critical” – 16 July 2014 – Rome
Following the adoption on the last 12 February by the Italian Ministry of Transport, of the ITS National Plan, TTS Italia will held an interactive Workshop in Rome on the next 16 July: “The ITS National Plan: opportunities and critical”. The aim of the vent is to create a debate and comparison between demand and offer side involving some of the main Italian stakeholders of the sector. The debate should stimulate the emerging of positive aspects and eventual critical of the adopted Plan.


SAVE THE DATE Convegno “ITS in the 2014-2020 programming – 7 October 2014 - Rome
In the light of the definition and approval of the 2014-2020 Structural Funds programming, TTS Italia is organizing for next October 7, in Rome, the conference "The ITS in the 2014-2020 programming."
The goal of the event is to involve Regions, Municipalities and metropolitan areas to understand how much and how ITS will be present in their activities for the next six years, how much and how ITS can bring benefits in the country. In addition to local authorities, the institutions will be present to learn about the actions planned for the ITS sector in the short-medium term with the Structural Funds and to understand how to take advantage of them to bring a real innovation. The conference will have both a congress and exhibition area reserved to Members of TTS Italia, to present their innovative solutions to the demand side.


Naples subscribes the Platforms for Local Authorities launched by TTS Italia
The city of Naples have subscribed the Platform for Local Authorities launched by TTS Italia on the last February. In anticipation of the implementation of the National ITS strategy by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia proposes the establishment of a Platform for Local Authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities), which aims primarily to create a table of comparison between the world of the offer, a strong presence in the Association, and the demand side. The Platform will offer Local Authorities support and training services useful for the local implementation of ITS. The main aim of the Platform is to raise the awareness of local authorities on the tangible benefits that ITS can bring through measures of knowledge and information for decision-makers and technicians, operational support and training.


In November the new edition of Smart Mobility World - 13/14 November 2014 - Turin
The next edition of Smart Mobility World, the European  reference event for the mobility of the XXI century, will be held in Turin, at the Lingotto Conference Centre, next 13 and 14 November. An initiative organized in Turin, European guide for the development of ITS services and Infomobility ‘for’ smart cities’, and for the development of technologies for Green Cars and Sustainable Transport.
The event, organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italia - Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of the Chamber of commerce of Turin, of the main institutions of Piemonte region and the partnership of some of the most prestigious national and international Associations, including TTS Italia. Last edition, ended on September 27, has received positive feedback from sponsors, all the institutional system of Turin and has reported significant numbers, such as:
- more than 3.000 qualified professionals
- 150 between sponsors, exhibitors and partners,
- 234 speakers and 28 conference sessions,
- more than 500 B2B meetings between companies and buyers.

New components will enrich the well-established Conference & Expo, extending the schedule of Smart Mobility World 2014 which will be developed over 5 days. To find out more about the event, please visit:


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Campagnano: Parking areas management
Italia-Campagnano: Average speed control systems
Italia-Gallipoli: Average speed control systems
Italia-Livorno: Telematics services
Italia-Melfi: Parking areas management
Italia-Roccasecca dei Volsci: Average speed control systems
Italia-Vigevano: Parking meters


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Interactive Workshop – “The ITS National Plan: opportunities and critical”
July 2014 – Rome
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