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N° 6 June 2016



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Smart roads closer and closer: the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has started from the streets to launch the challenge to digital infrastructure, putting into practice the instructions in Def 2016 and National ITS Action Plan of which TTS Italia has elaborated a proposal under the Commitment of the Ministry of Transport.. The journey began with the meeting of 22 June with the Minister Graziano Delrio and introduced by Ennio Cascetta, coordinator of the Technical Mission Structure, with the participation of experts, stakeholders and industry players, including TTS Italia. The initiative is a clear answer to the work carried out by the Association in the past years.

The Smart Road project. The first step is to start a "stakeholders engagement" to define by the end of July the minimum standards to be applied for the digitization of road infrastructure. The Ministry led by Delrio is seriously willing to engage the technological revolution in transport. "The digital transformation of the transport infrastructure - reads a note - is the ability to improve the quality, safety, use and make tools to generate data and services that facilitate the mobility of people and goods, facilitating and simplifying transport. The digital revival of the industry is also an enabler of sustainable growth, smart and inclusive factor of the country".

Useful and smart works. "We have given priority to useful works - said Minister Delrio - now we say that these works have to be smart." Delrio has gone even further." The renewal of motorway concessions will be bound to the technological investments - said the Minister - We are deciding the time and manner but we will do in a hurry. The digital revival of the industry is an enabler of sustainable, smart and inclusive growth of the country." The challenge is impressive. Italy has an extension of the road network of 179,024 kilometers, of which 5,872 of highways entrusted to 24 dealerships, and 25,566 km, of which 937 of highways, entrusted to Anas. There are also more than 43 million cars traveling (according to 31st January 2016 data), and globally analyses tell us that the fleet is intended to increase.; in 2020 up to 90% of the population will have a mobile phone; in 2018 the value of the global market for connected vehicles will be of 40 billion euro, standing still the European objective of reducing emissions by 20% by 2020.

Investments. MIT also looks to huge investments in the sector: the European Commission, for example, has allocated about 30 billion euro up to 2020 on infrastructure, including 6.5 billion in Italy. Among the hypotheses that the Ministry is studying, that of tying the disbursement of funds to the adoption by the infrastructure managers of the minimum technological standards.

Technologies. The project aims at creating a network of road-side sensors able to collect and exchange information. Technology will be fundamental in all the infrastructure phases as well as for driving experience: technology can ease and improve the evaluation and the results of infrastructures and needs.

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PTV SISTeMA is a Rome-based company which develops software products for real-time traffic control and info-mobility.

Born in 2004 as a consultancy company, in 2009 evolves in a university spin-off from the Transport Engineering Department of Roma Sapienza University. Since 2011 the company is part of PTV group, a German company world leader in logistics and transport.

Nowadays PTV SISTeMA is deeply integrated into PTV group as a main center for technological development in the ITS field. Its modular software products, like PTV Optima for proactive traffic control and management, are fully integrated with other PTV software solutions for logistics and off-line planning like PTV Visum.

In recent years the company has significantly grown inside PTV group, although maintaining an R&D background from university and a peculiar Italian soul (all the development of real-time products is strictly made in-house in Rome). As a proof of this growth, the company has delivered in recent years a significant number of national and international projects including: the implementation of a multi-modal journey planner service covering the whole Austrian network (70000 Km, VAO project), the monitoring system of Ile de France highways around Paris for the Direction des routes Ile-de-France (DIRIF), a single monitoring system covering the whole Piedmont Region (34000 Km, in partnership with 5T) and Catania (in collaboration with Catania University), just to mention some.

The transport engineering background at the heart of the company has produced a number of software products able to model traffic in real-time and to quickly forecast its evolution in the future providing communities and users with tools for the proactive mobility control and evaluate in real-time intervention scenarios. Among these products, surely we can highlight: PTV Optima, a modular suite for the integrated traffic management, real-time simulation of its future evolution and of possible management scenarios of both scheduled and unexpected events, PTV Hyperpath journey planner which integrates in a client/server logic the possibility to model present and future traffic conditions setting new standard for multi-modal mobility, PTV Balance e PTV Epics for adaptive traffic light control, etc. etc.

For further info, please contact: Lorenzo Meschini -
Antonio Privitera -


Optima PUT ETA

Optima PUT ETA is the new module which integrates public transport inside PTV Optima, realizing in the practice a conceptual leap from traffic to mobility management in a truly inter-modal fashion.
Among the functionality offered by the module, we have:

  • Actual position of public transports vehicles available on Optima platform thanks to the integration of several data sources.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of public transport to the stops integrating a lot of information on both the actual and forecasted traffic state (both public and private, including roadworks, accidents, weather conditions, etc. ). The system is able to provide a much more accurate and reliable ETA than most of the equivalent systems on the market¹.
  • Automatic generation of alerts in case of delay on given transfers exceeding a given threshold (Transfer Alert)
  • Integrated management of public transport lines (closure, unexpected events management)

The new system has already been purchased and will become functional on the first production projects in the next months. We believe this to be an important step for PTV Optima evolution towards public and multi-modal mobility.

It is also possible to integrate the module inside the multi-modal journey planner PTV Hyperpath, establishing new standards for what concerns efficiency and customizability in the choice of optimal path for multi-modal users.

The system allows for a significant improvement of both the user experience for the integrated transport user and of the public transport management. Typical use cases includes, for example:

  • Augmented info-mobility (reliable ETA, automatic transfer alert, line closure events) for the users through info panels, web portals and mobile apps.
  • Transfer Alerts on very long delays for public transport design improvement.
  • Real-time proactive management of line closures and accidents.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI), e.g. average delay on a line, maximum delay on a line, etc., available for public transport management.

¹ See the interview to Lorenzo Meschini below.


a Lorenzo Meschini, CEO di PTV SISTeMA

  • On the market, there are already a number of systems for the public transport ETA. Why do you believe yours to be a different approach to the problem?

    On the technical side, the first issue is that the ETA systems currently on the market are based on algorithms (typically statistical or historical) which are too naïve to be really reliable for example in case of congestions or accidents on the network.
    The real issue however is that the information are almost never truly intermodal, so the majority of forecast systems is not able to take into account the impact of a transport system on another one. To give you a simple example, in Roma most of the buses often travels on lanes shared with private vehicles, being subject to slow down due to congestions and accidents between private vehicles.
    Our strength is in the integration of plenty of information on the traffic state both actual and forecasted on the basis of Optima algorithms and models. This allow us to evaluate the ETA in an effective way and, more important, to manage situations (like, for example, what happens if a road accident delays my bus and I miss my train connection) which are not manageable for many of the systems currently on the market.
    In addition to that, Optima PUT ETA contains much more and represents for us an important change of direction of which we are very proud: evolve from traffic management to mobility management in a truly multi-modal way. In this sense we would like to look at mass mobility and private transport as two faces of the same coin.
  • What is the approach that distinguishes system in the ITS world? And what are the long-term perspectives?

    PTV SISTeMA is born with a strong engineering background and it is deeply rooted in the R&D world. As such we aim to produce technological solutions, more than services. This choice favors the continuous technological advance of our products and privileges system integrations rather than closed solutions. Our idea of mobility is an integrated system with thousands of actors (public transport users, private transport users, private and public companies, goods in transit, etc. ), therefore the approach we have chosen is to provide communities with technological products going beyond apps for single users or closed monitoring systems. We would like to provide a single platform able to collect information from traffic and GPS sensors, limited access zones, parkings, traffic lights, etc. , and elaborate them to make them available to both single users and control centers, with evident advantages for all the stakeholders. These services can be made available to single users through web portals and apps, but the integration make the advantages much more significant for both users and service providers. On the long term, our perspective is surely a significant extension of our product functionalities towards integrated multi-modal mobility. In this sense, Optima PUT ETA represents a first important step, but the surprises have just begun...

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The Aesys displays support the most waited for summer event

The floating piers", i.e. the floating docks, is the name of the object-most waited for summer event, which will represent an extraordinary show case for Lake Iseo, attracting about 500,000 people.

To walk on the water of a lake will not be a problem ... but only for two weeks!
In fact, from 18 June, it will be possible to walk on a floating pier to reach Mont'Isola, the largest lake island in Europe, and other minor islets of Lake Iseo, starting from the Brescia Sulzano shore.

Meaning and numbers of the event
The floating pier path was designed by artist Christo, famous for having produced gigantic works in real landscapes, modified them temporarily, for example "bundling" monuments or laying out long cloth sheets in natural places. The floating piers will not be only a free artistic and sensory experience, but also a great tourist and economic event, which is estimated to attract more than 500,000 people in the Lombardy lake, with great worldwide echo.

The Aesys displays for traffic information
In this context, while on the pier there will be 170 lifeguards to watch over the safety of people 24 hours a day, a system of 7 Aesys variable message signs will provide real-time useful information on the road traffic conditions, to make traffic as smooth as possible and guide car drivers to the Iseo shores.

Information displayed on the App My InfoCity
The novelty of this provision is that the displays are pinpointed, and it will be possible to consult the messages that they show in real time also on App My InfoCity, developed entirely by Aesys and downloadable for free on Android and iOS.

Not only traffic signs but also passengers information
The traffic VMS are added to other Aesys displays that for years "stroll around" the lake such as the line and destination indicators installed on the boats, and the approximately 25 LED signs at the docks of the various landings, which show the times of arrival and departure of these boats.

For contacts:

News of the month from TTS Italia partners


Aci: car costs to Italians 148 billion Euro
Car costs to Italians 148 billion Euro. This is stated by ACI - Automobile Club d'Italia, TTS Italia founding member. The most relevant data elaborated by ACI for its annual report show a decrease in costs for fuel but higher costs for car maintenance. Also, the number of car per inhabitant is increasing, especially in Umbria and Trentino regions. An increase has also been registered for the average age of cars, attested around 13 years.
Source: ACI

Almaviva: ITS for regional trains in Lazio
Almaviva, TTS Italia ordinary member, has supplied new ITS solutions for regional trains in the Lazio Region: 22 on-board monitors to display the images captured by 32 cameras installed on board trains; a "people counter", able to count the passengers getting on and off at each station thanks to sensors placed close to the doors. The systems will be initially installed in 44 trains and within December 2016 all trains will be equipped. The aim of the initiative is to ensure a safer and more comfortable trip to passengers.
Source: Corriere Comunicazioni

European Pathways to Introduce EGNOS and Galileo for Dangerous Goods Transport
Every year the transport of dangerous goods amounts to more than 154 billion tonne-km on European roads, railways and inland waterways (source: Eurostat, year 2013). When speaking about dangerous goods movement, traceability and monitoring are not only a matter of an intelligent and efficient logistics. They also imply aspects related to security and safety, being a concern common to involved industries and authorities.
For this reason, tracking & tracing the shipment of dangerous goods requires an efficient collection of timely and precise information about the various operations.
Among these initiatives, the project SCUTUM (SeCUring the EU GNSS adopTion in the dangeroUs Material transport, concluded in 2011, and coordinated by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, exhaustively and successfully demonstrated that EGNOS provides precise and reliable localization and tracking, and thus it is particularly suitable for monitoring the transport of dangerous goods.
Read the article on "ScienceDirect":
Source: Telespazio

Kapsch TrafficCom reaches a new objective into City Access Management in Italy.
Kapsch, TTS Italia ordinary member, was awarded three new contracts for City Access Management in Bologna, Bergamo and Pizzo Calabro. Kapsch TrafficCom was the first company to design, plan and implement an automated system to control access to city centers in Italy, a country which was a pioneer in the creation of limited traffic areas to safeguard the historical heritage and the quality of life within its cities. Throughout the years, Kapsch TrafficCom established its position among market leaders in the automated access control business by installing over 569 access points in more than 52 municipalities. The implementation of these three new projects will be finalized during the next months and will further strengthen Kapsch leadership in this domain.
Within the summer, 13 new cameras will be installed to control the accesses to Bergamo Città Alta, the charming upper city, which is crowded with tourists especially during the sunny season. A part of these cameras will substitute pilomat road blockers, the remaining ones will replace manual controls.
In the centre of Bologna, 22 outdated cameras will be substituted by new models and the whole system of video surveillance will be upgraded.
The third project on which Kapsch TrafficCom is working, concerns the activation of 3 new video surveillance gantries in Pizzo Calabro, one of the most picturesque coastal boroughs in Calabria. The system will guarantee the control of accesses in the town's main square. The aim of the municipality is to assure the security of pedestrians and solve the parking issue in the city centre, in particular during the crowded summer season.
"Cities worldwide are becoming more and more aware of the importance of managing traffic in a smart way. Italy was one of the first countries in the world to introduce the concept of limited traffic zones and, also thanks to Kapsch contribution, automated systems to manage accesses to these areas. We are proud that Municipalities with whom we have been working continue to confirm their trust in our traffic management capabilities, and we expect that in the future more and more municipalities, also outside Italy, will ask us to help them to manage circulation in city centers", said Andreas Hummer, General Manager of Kapsch TrafficCom Italy.
Kapsch TrafficCom launched its city access management activity in Bologna in 1994 and it was the forerunner of all the automated systems in Italy. Since then, Kapsch has installed similar systems in many important Italian cities, including Rome, Naples, Turin, Ravenna, Salerno, Piacenza, Bergamo and Bardonecchia. Moreover, the same system has been adopted internationally as a Kapsch solution for urban traffic control.
Source: Kapsch

Project Automation wins tender for limited traffic area control
Project Automation SpA, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Forlì for the supply, installation and maintenance of a limited traffic area control system.
Source: TTS Italia

Rome: goal achieved at the European Cycling Challenge
The European Cycling Challenge, ended a few weeks ago, has involved this year 47 big and medium cities. For the third consecutive year, also the City of Rome took part in the initiative, coordinated by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, TTS Italia ordinary member. During the contest 205.000 Km have been cycled, the 18,5% more compared to the 2015 edition and 1617 participants have been involved. Rome, in particular, has reached its goal of 200.00 Km.
Source: Mobility Press

VIASAT GROUP enters the market in Poland acquiring 100% of CMA Monitoring
The internationalization project of Viasat Group – a leading company in the design and production of electronic automotive systems with satellite communications technology and TTS Italia ordinary member - is progressing at a steady pace with the acquisition of 100% of Polish company CMA Monitoring. In January, Viasat Group announced the creation of the Portoguese newco BluSat, extending its presence in Europe after Spain, Romania, United Kingdom and of course Italy, as well as indirect coverage of almost 30 countries across Africa, Middle East and in Latin America thanks to distribution agreements with local businesses".
CMA Monitoring operates in Poland in the fleet segment, which accounts for 95% of the revenues (the remaining is done on the market of monitoring private and commercial buildings), with over 19.000 assets connected to their platform. Two head offices, Warsaw and Bytom (Katowice), 6 commercial offices, 96 employees and a Security Operation Center, operating 24x7x365.
The Polish market is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, where satellite telematics is booming, no doubt encouraged by its strategic geographical position which places Poland at the center of European trade routes.
"CMA Monitoring features - Marco Petrone, Head of Corporate Development of Viasat Group stated that- are congruent and complementary with those of the rest of the Group: call to service, excellent performance and quality of products developed and made in Europe; customer satisfaction guaranteed by a local professional team with a significant experience. This deal makes Viasat more competitive and react to the growing market demand in order to our direct Pan-European presence ".
Source: Viasat Group S.p.A.

Webinar - Compass4D – "Up-scaling C-ITS and market roll-out"
The Compass4D project is one of the most successful stories in terms of C-ITS deployment in Europe. Co-funded by the European commission under the CIP – Competitive and Innovation Programme, the project ended in 2015 but the seven pilot cities continued to operate their services outside the European funding together with about 50 public and private organisations. The partners involved in the continuation operations have extended the coverage areas in the 7 cities as well as in other cities, added new C-ITS services, and increased the penetration rate of equipped commercial or public transport vehicles. 6 months later, a webinar has been organized on the 27th of June to at the progresses made with a special focus on Copenhagen and Verona, TTS Italia ordinary member. Copenhagen is considered as one of the European front-runners in C-ITS and also the host of the ITS World Congress in 2018, whilst Verona is announcing their plans for 2016 and the roadmap for 2017-2018 in the Veneto Region.
Industry organisations involved in the continuation include Dynniq and Swarco (Compass4D partners) and Technoloution (external to the Compass4D project initiative). They outlined the services they are deploying and the commercial opportunities behind them. For further information on Compass4D, click here
Source: ERTICO

TTS in action


Study on "The Italian ITS market: state of the art and future development" - 7th July 2016 - Rome
On the 7th of July, TTS Italia will present, in Rome, the study "The Italian ITS market: state of the art and future development" with an event organised under the patronage of the Italian Ministry for the Economic Development. The study will show the actual impact of the Intelligent Transport Systems on the Italian market considering the turnover, ITS applications, import/export, especially focusing on the ITS offer side. The presentation of a study will be followed by the round table "ITS in Italy: a reality to exploit", involving the main Italian actors from Institutions as well as from road, rail, logistics, industry.

TTS Italia at the 1° AUTOMOTIVE conference - 4/5 July 2016 - Turin
TTS Italia, represented by the Presidente Rossella Panero, will participate in the 1° Automotive conference which will be held in Turin on the 4th and 5th of July 2016.
AUTOMOTIVE 2016 Conference, with its first edition, aims to become the forum of the national community to present and discuss the most recent results of scientific and  technological research for the automotive industry, with particular emphasis to applications and new trends. The Conference covers all aspects of the segment focusing on electrical vehicles, connected autonomous cars and related mobility.
AUTOMOTIVE 2016 will bring together in an annual national event, spread over two days, the electronic automotive community with the Information and Communication Technology one.
The Steering Committee includes experts from the Academic world, Associations, Key Industrial Stakeholders and Regulatory Authorities.
AUTOMOTIVE 2016 will be structured in two days with key-note speech of national and international players, technical sessions and panel discussions. Current automotive scenario will be presented and discussed with its national and international perspectives, together with development trends and the regylatory framework.
A Technical Exhibition with Company attendance will be held.
AUTOMOTIVE 2016 is aimed at an audience of professionals active in automotive, including designers, manufacturers and users of technology, as well as analysts and investors interested in this sector in great development and of high social impact.  
TTS Italia, in particular, will take part in the Round table on "The mobility within Smart Cities: scenarios and perspectives".
Among the speakers of the two-days event, also several TTS Italia members: Politecnico di Torino, Magneti Marelli, 5T, Politecnico di Milano, STMicroelectronics, Telecom Italia, and Swarco Mizar.
For the registration and further details:

SAVE THE DATE - Conference "ITS & PON Metro 2014-2020: opportunities and programmes in the metropolitan cities" - 21/22 September 2016 - Palermo
TTS Italia, in collaboration with the City of Palermo and Sicily Region, will oragnise on the 21st and 22nd of September 2016, in Palermo, the conference "ITS & PON Metro 2014-2020:opportunities and programmes in the metropolitan cities". The event will involve all the 14 metropolitan Italian cities and will especially focus on the initiatives carried out by the cities of Palermo, Messina and Catania within the PON Metro programme. The event will also involve the Agency in charge of the PON Metro funds.

TTS Italia at the Conference on "Guidelines for the use of bank cards in the transport e-ticketing"
TTS Italia took part in the Conference "Guidelines for the use of bank cards in the transport e-ticketing", organised by Club Italia and held in Rome on the 22nd of June 2016.
The guidelines for the use of the bank EMV standard in the transport e-ticketing have been developed by Club Italia in collaboration with its members to delineate a state of the art at national and international level. In Italy the adoption of the standard is still at an early stage. The guidelines elaborated addresses both private companies and institutions.
TTS Italia took part in the round table "European and worldwide best practices on the use of the EMW standard: state of the art and national perspectives". Among the speaker of the vent, also several TTS Italia members: Almaviva, Pluservice and Tiemme.

Al via i lavori di OITA: primo incontro ufficiale del Comitato Tecnico Scientifico
OITA - the Centre for Interdisciplinary Food Transport - organized on June 8 in Rome, the first official meeting of the Technical Scientific Committee, an opportunity to take stock of the state of the art on food transport, share the work plan of the Observatory, and kick off the projects and first scientific research. The Technical Scientific Committee is the think tank with the aim to ensure that ensure that the activities of handling, logistics and distribution of food and medicines are carried out with appropriate means and under hygienic conditions, safety and quality of consumer products destined for citizens.
TTS Italia, represented by the Secretary General Olga Landolfi, is one of the member of the Technical Scientific Committee.
Source: OITA

TTS Italia at the ITS European Congress in Glasgow
TTS Italia took part at the workshop "Skills and training programme on ITS deployment to support public authorities", organised by ERTICO within the 11° ITS European Congress, held in Glasgow, 6-9 June 2016. The event focussed on the public authority pushed to be more and more involved in ITS and technology. Therefore a greater knowledge of ITS and technology is requested as well as of their social and economic impact. The workshop also discussed the opportunity to create best practice exchange at European level. TTS Italia, in particular, presented its Platform for the Local Authorities and the activities carried out since 2014.


Save the date


AUTOMOTIVE conference
4-5 July 2016, Turin
For further information, click here

Presentation of the study "The ITS market in Italy: state of the art and future development"
7 July 2016, Roma
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


For all the relevant tenders, click here

Italia-Mantova: Urban Mobility Plan
Italia-Roma: Consultant services
Italia-Roma: Videosurveillance systems

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