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Conference: "The New World of Technological Systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet"
It will be held next 28 and 29 November 2011, in Bologna, the Conference "The New World Mobility Systems Technology - supply and demand meet," organized by TTS Italia and Club Italia. In urban and metropolitan areas there is a cross-disciplinary, involving the "Technological" Government of Mobility, payment systems and integrated public transport systems. The conference and the event exhibition "The New World of technological systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet," will be an opportunity to investigate the cases in Italy, Europe and worldwide, where, armed with a strategy of environment and economical sustainability, are addressed in an integrated fashion, innovation and management of all three systems for mobility in urban and metropolitan areas. The meeting between the demand side (public institutions, service companies, associations) and supply (producers, providers, etc..) aims to focus on opportunities and challenges for promoting innovation and development and will help the process of implementation by the Italian State, of the European Directive on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and interfaces with other modes of transport), scheduled for 27 February 2012.
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Meeting between the Undersecretary of Italian Ministry of Transport and Connekt/ITS Netherlands
It took place on July 11, at the headquarters of the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the meeting organized by TTS Italia between the Undersecretary of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Bartolomeo Giachino and the delegation of the Dutch Connekt / ITS Netherland, composed of the CEO, Nico Anten and Machteld Leijnse, Programme Logistics Manager, for a discussion on the activities and programs carried out in Italy and the Netherlands in the field of logistics. Meeting was also attended by the Secretary General of TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi, and the Chairman of the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia, Massimiliano Zazza.

TTS Italia signs MoU with ITS Russia
On last June, in occasion of the European Congress on ITS in Lyon, TTS Italia, represented by its Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ITS Russia, represented by its CEO Vladimir Kryuchkov. The purpose of the MoU is to establish a bilateral relationship and develop cooperation between ITS Russia and TTS Italia in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Particular attention will be given to improving membership value and promoting research, educational and commercial cooperation between the two Associations.

News of the month


MIZAR wins a new contract with FLASH in the heart of Italy
1078 buses, 12 depot subsystems, 5 AVM Operating Centres and a Regional Public Transport Supervisor constitute the system that Mizar Automazione TTS founding member, is going to deliver to the public transport operators Tiemme TTS Italia ordinary member, and SITA, for the management of the urban and extra-urban public transport of the southern area of the Toscana Region: including the cities of Siena, Arezzo, Grosseto and Piombino. Mizar will supply installation, start-up, test and maintenance of the whole system. After many successes elsewhere in the world, this marks further confirmation for MIZAR’s public transport solutions in Italy. Today the FLASH PTM/RTPI system manages more than 10000 buses in Europe and has already entered North Africa and Middle East countries.
Source: Mizar Automazione

SMA wins contract to supply access control systems
Systems for Meteorology and Environment SMA SpA, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by IREN Emilia SpA for the supply of access control systems and automation in the collection centers operated by the same IREN Emilia SpA The final value the contract is Euro 313.74 1982.
Source: TTS Italia

Telecom Italia wins the provision of detection and monitoring systems of vehicles
Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Entity for Forest of Sardinia for the provision of a system for the detection and monitoring of vehicles of that authority. The final value of the contract is Euro 595 477.00
Source: TTS Italia

TTS Italia members at the 15° EPA Congress - Parking: the New Deal
It will be held form 14 to 16 September 2011, in Turin, the 15° European Parking Association (EPA) Congress, titled “Parking: the New Deal”. Parking industry has to provide more to its customers – greater attention to their needs, higher quality and better standards. The technical means are there and technology offers us better opportunities for the future. This Congress will give every participant a greater insight into the opportunities for the future, ways of solving problems and delivering a better service. It will also give the parking industry a better insight into how we can best meet the aims and aspirations of towns and cities. The congress is also about getting better recognition for the parking industry and an understanding frompoliticians, policy makers and others that getting the approach to parking right is critical for the success of towns and cities. The professional programme of the 15th EPA Congress has been developed by a Scientific and Technical Committee composed of 20 members from 6 different countries, representing 15 different disciplines related to the general field of urban mobility. Among the members, Prof. Antonio Musso, from the University of Rome La Sapienza- Faculty of Engineering, TTS Italia ordinary member. Among the speakers of the Congress, there will aslo be several TTS Italia members: ACI, founding member; Politecnico di Torino, Centro Ricerche Fiat and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome La Sapienza, all TTS Italia ordinary members.
For further information on the congress: Italian)
Source: TTS Italia


Product of the month


SIMIS (Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Integrated System) by Intecs S.p.A
In the field of ITS the heterogeneity of products and formats often ends up tying the public authorities to choose a supplier and all the applications needed for the connection between the operations room and installed sensors. The public authorities often need to expand and manage their systems using an interface that makes available all the knowledge sources in a single framework. The SIMIS has been created with the aim of unbinding the world of sensors from the data processing and management systems. The development of SIMIS has followed a modular approach that allows to obtain a system composed of independent components, each of them with its own specific functionality within a centralized control room that can also operate in a distributed environment. This approach allows to obtain high scalability and adaptability for the system in order to meet the needs of the public authorities and making it the ideal solution for extremely heterogeneous operating environments, ranging from small urban and industrial areas to more complex metropolitan scenarios. The scalability is possible at both HW and SW levels so that the user can have a high level of customization. The SIMIS integrates:
- parking and flow sensors using proprietary technology, it is also possible the integration of commercial sensors and surveillance systems;
- a connection system among the centralized server and devices on the road, allowing the transport of information. Solutions are available through proprietary wireless network or telco operator;
- a middleware for the collection and storage of data in order to provide both real time and offline information;
- interface modules for integration with existing systems (eg VMS panels management, info by text message, heterogeneous data acquisition);
- a simulation engine for macro/meso traffic type that allows end user to develop and update real-time estimation of traffic flows over the entire area of interest;
- a set of services that can be scaled according to user needs: parking management, vehicle tracking, real-time flow sensing and statistical models;
- cartographic and textual interfaces that allow local and web access to the services.
The SIMIS is highly scalable and allows to meet the specific needs of each customer, reducing costs and development time for new features.

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15° EPA Congress
14-16 September 2011, Turin
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Intertraffic China
7-9 September 2011, Beijing, China
For further information click here

79° Annual Meeting and Exhibition-International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association
10-14 September 2011, Berlin, Germany
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Securing and protecting Public Transport Systems
14 September 2011, London
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Transport and Ticketing at NFC World Congress
19-21 September 2011, Sophia Antipolis, France
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Urban Transport and Mobility Europe 2011
20-21 September 2011, Vienna, Austria

ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Cannero Riviera: Equipments for average speed control
I-Messina: Transport equipments and support products for transport
I-Monza: Telematic system


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