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N°7 July/August 2013

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Honourable Meta, the smart city issue is involving both politics and public opinion. For sure, smart mobility is fundamental for their development. In your opinion, what are the best strategies to face the technological renewal in transport?
A whole system born in the xx century needs to be rethought and adapted for the technologies of xxi century. i remember the proposal made in a recent research, “the european house”, to implement a pilot project in a specific area of the country so that citizens can touch the benefits from the smart mobility. on the other way, the risk is to keep the discussion only among technicians. the work to carry out is huge as it goes from interactive infrastructure to the management of traffic flows and to all that new small and big technological innovations that can make the life of people simple. i think all actors are totally available. the most important issue is that confrontation must be really aimed at common good. all the rest, economic benefits included, will follow.

Italy, despite having excellent experiences in this field, it is still a bit late when compared to the international scene. According to your experience as Member of Parliament, what are the difficulties that the world of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) met?
A global view is probably what we have missed so far: there isn’t a national strategy. this is becoming really expensive.

In the beginning of this legislature a series of consultations have been launched, what idea do you have of the situation? What will be the most important choices in the field of transport you are striving for?
We have just started a survey on the local public transport, one of the emergency national most underrated: it strictly concerns the life of millions of commuting, who often spend daily on public means the same time they spend with their family. There is also an emergence for infrastructure: they must be smarter and more interactive. To begin, it would be very important to implement the measures contained in the digital agenda that could improve people’s life, such as the e-ticketing.

Who is Michele Meta. Born in May 1953 in the South of Lazio region, he is married and has two kids. He was elected regional councillor in the Lazio region in 1990, in 1994 he becomes Democratic Party leader for the Lazio Region. From 1995 to 2000 he is councillor for transport, from 2001 to 2006 is regional secretary of Democratic Party in Lazio region. He becomes deputy of Chamber in 2005. Finally, he is elected as President of the transport commission at the deputies chamber.

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Great success for the Conference organized on 10 July by TTS Italia at the Chamber of Deputies

A continuous dialogue with the Government and Parliament on smart mobility and technologies in transport. This is the result obtained from the Conference "ITS and smart mobility: it is time to choose" organized by TTS Italia at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The event, strongly backed by the leaders of the association, with the aim of attracting the attention of institutions on the issues of smart mobility at a crucial time for the development of the sector, has collected a lot of signatures, but also launched an unmistakable message: the priorities outlined in the proposal that TTS Italia presented during the conference are priorities for the entire country, to re-launch the economy and the evolution of society and the welfare of the citizens.

A message that the representatives of the Government and Parliament have well received. Sharing and openness to dialogue came from the Undersecretary of Transportation, Rocco Girlanda and from the Presidency of the Transport Commission of the Chamber, while an operational proposal was made by former Secretary of Transportation and current adviser to the Ministry of Transport which, occurring in closure of the session, said: "I will recommend to the Minister to start a table on transport and logistics that work on the choices to be made immediately to set in motion the change."

At the conference took part, together with Government representatives, also transport associations and Italian Railways representatives: all speakers agreed on the importance of ITS both for goods an people transport as well as on the importance to implement ITS to reach important social and economic goals.

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In November the final event of the European project COMPASS – Rome, 13 November 2013
COMPASS (Optimesed CO-Modal PASSenger Transport for reducing carbon emissions) will held its final conference in Rome on 13rd November 2013 for presenting its results and focusing on ICT solutions for co-modality. TTS Italia is actively involved in the project as a partner. COMPASS started in November 2011, and looked at the existing information available on passenger journeys in Europe, drawing extensively on work that has been undertaken in previous European-funded projects. Existing sources of information and data have been used to identify and describe the key trends in mobility patterns in the 21st century, based on current and future passenger needs. Existing sources of travel survey data have been exhaustively researched, with a particular focus on the role of ICT in data collection and management, and recommendations will be made on improving data collection in passenger transport to meet future needs. COMPASS is in the process of identifying ICT-based solutions that have the potential to improve co-modality in passenger transport and these potential solutions will be assessed through a number of case studies. The assessment of ICT solutions for improved co-modality is being based on a framework that emphasises the contribution of each solution to reduced carbon emissions. There will also be an investigation into how best to present solutions for improved co-modality to those stakeholders in transport operations and planning who will be responsible for their implementation, to ensure the best possible take-up of recommended solutions. Finally COMPASS will derive conclusions and recommendations for national and EU transport policy and actions.  The final conference in Rome will present some of the project's key findings as well as present some of the most interesting solutions found, and will seek feed-back from the representatives of policy makers and other stakeholders as well as researchers and the transport industry.
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Telemobility Forum for a sustainable, integrated and connected mobility
Mobility meets technological innovation on 26 and 27 September in Turin at Telemobility Forum, an initiative that is part of the event Smart Mobility World: 30 conferences for 150 speakers representing public institutions, the world of research, communication, business. The 9° edition of Telemobility Forum, held at the Centro Congressi Lingotto, is organized by INNOVABILITY, CLICKUTILITY TEAM and GL EVENT in Partnership with TTS ITALIA. The speakers at Telemobility Forum will share expertise and perspectives to meet the needs of public and private mobility. Topics on the agenda: mobile payment, in other words the possibility that the smartphone will be able to make all economic transactions with the advantage of traceability and safety, info-mobility, as a new frontier of the interaction between the public and private sectors, and the new ITS technologies, an opportunity for the country to create new economic sectors starting from the technology platforms that integrate the services.
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TTS Italia at the fourth workshop on “User information” of the RITS-Net project
On 15 and July, TTS Italia participated in the fourth workshop on “User information” of the RITS-Net project. The event was divided in two sessions: an European and international day focused on best practices for Infomobility and a second day dedicated to local speakers and project partners. The Secretary General of TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi, moderated both the local session and international sessions, while Leonardo Domanico, responsible for project and new activities in TTS Italia, took part at the local session with a speech on the legal framework for ITS in Italy. Pluservice and ISIS, both TTS Italia ordinary members, are partners of the RITS-Net project. RITS-Net aims at enhancing regional sustainable transport policies via an increased knowledge and understanding of the full potential of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions and ways to deploy them. The final objective is to help Regions developing individual ITS regional plans to be integrated in each overall mobility master plan and provide a common methodology to be further replicated.
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News of the month

Almaviva improves services for Italian railways passengers
Almaviva, TTS Italia ordinary member, realized the project Data Center shrinK for the Group of the Italian State Railways. The model has allowed the Group to migrate its legacy IT system into the HyperCED ® of Almaviva, creating the largest private cloud of Italy. Thanks to this model, the Italian State Railways Group improves service levels offered to travelers and to all its stakeholders without additional costs, leaving out all the complexities of the IT infrastructure, with the guarantee of high standards and of managerial flexibility. HyperCED ® by AlmavivA is a mix of scalability, technology and statistical models of saturation of computing resources that transforms the IT infrastructure into a service on demand with capacity for real-time provisioning. The system has been certified according to the strictest quality and management standards, with particular reference to safety, able to accompany into the cloud public and private medium and big organizations, active in various fields.
Source: Italian State Railways Group

Telespazio at the first public demonstration of the capabilities offered by the Galileo satellite navigation system
The July 24, 2013 at the Fucino Space Centre, managed by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, the first public demonstration of the capabilities offered by the satellite navigation system Galileo will be held: the latest work in the field of technological innovation in Europe's aerospace. The entry into service of Galileo is scheduled for early 2014 and will rely on 30 satellite devices that will orbit on 3 inclined planes with respect to the Earth's equatorial plane at an altitude of about 24,000 miles above the surface of our planet. The logistical advantages offered by this new satellite service will be manifold. Galileo will enhance the signal availability in urban areas and allow for a precise geo-location of users than is currently provided by the NAVSTAR GPS. Moreover, the coverage of the satellite signal will be extended to the more inaccessible geographical points of the Earth, such as regions at high latitudes (> 75 °). In addition, Galileo will consolidate the geopolitical position of Europe: the satellite service will in fact be guaranteed even in the case in which the United States should put out GPS - as has already happened in times of conflict - because it will be completely independent of the orbital network in the U.S. The presentation event, to be attended by the Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Industry, entrepreneurship and space, Antonio Tajani and Minister of Education, University and Research Maria Chiara Carrozza, in addition to the Minister of Economic Development Flavio Zanonato, marks a turning point in the history of European conquest of space.
Source: European Commission in Italy

Telespazio, TTS Italia and Ministry of Transport discuss dangerous goods transport on Strade & Autostrade
The need to better coordinate the efforts of public and private entities in view of important innovations for the transport of dangerous goods, such as the recommendation of the tracking. This is one of the findings of the seminar "Managing the Transport of Dangerous Goods: initiatives, problems and solutions" organized by TTS Italia last April at its headquarters and reserved exclusively to its members. On the Italian review Strade & Autostrade Massimiliano Zazza, Ministry of Transport, Antonella Di Fazio, Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, and Olga Landolfi, TTS Italia Secretary General, discuss the issue.
For the article (available only in Italian), click here Source: TTS Italia/Strade & Autostrade

The new challenge of autonomous driving vehicles by VisLab
during the PROUD-Car Test (Public ROad Urban Driverless-Car) 2013 event, on July 12, in Parma, a vehicle moved autonomously and in total safety on a mixed traffic route (rural, freeway, and urban) open to public traffic, with nobody on the driver seat. Recently other similar systems have been realized by other researchers and auto makers all over the world, but this has been the first time that nobody was in the driver seat, to underline the system robustness. The vehicle is not remotely controlled, but on the contrary it is full of sensors to perceive the surrounding environment; the on board systems interpret the traffic situation e react accordingly, acting on steering and changing speed in autonomous mode (with no human intervention). The vehicle has been realized by VisLab from Univeristy of Parma, TTS Italia ordinary member. This experiment, organized by University of Parma – Dep.of Information Engineering, VisLab, and DISS (University Center for Advanced Research on Road Safety), was made possible thanks to the cooperation of: Direzione Centrale della Motorizzazione Italiana, Ministero dell’Interno – Polizia Stradale, ANAS, Comune di Parma, Polizia Municipale, and Camera di Commercio di Parma. The most complex part of this experiment is the handling of real traffic, both in a highway setting (ring around Parma) and in a urban setting (downtown Parma). An element that greatly increased complexity is the need to negotiate roundabouts (of different size and shape), underpasses, pedestrian crossings, artificial bumps, traffic lights, since these articulated situations require a deep environmental interpretation by the on-board system.
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Source: VisLab

Viasat: una soluzione per il recupero delle accise sul carburante
Through Viasat Fleet (Tax Back), Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, supports both road transport companies and those that use industrial machines to produce a driving force in the procedures for access to the foreseen facilities (recovery of excise duties on fuel) and in the activities of reporting. In particular, the device Runtracker Viasat, installed on heavy vehicles, transmits the data to the center every day, which are then made available directly to the web console to compile the tax register required to get the rebate on excise duty. For fixed and self-propelled machinery for production, such as those operating in the construction industry, ports, mining, quarrying, manufacturing, waste disposal and material recovery, there is also another type of equipment: it is the DFT (Data Fuel Tracer), a high-tech device, which is mounted on the machine operator together with Runtracker Viasat. This apparatus DFT is stamped and sealed in the presence of an official of the Customs agencies to prevent tampering or fraud. The device detects the cumulative number of engine revolutions and the hours of operation and, according to standard tables, defines the fuel consumption. Again, the electronic meter DFT, through the device Runtracker Viasat, transmits daily useful information which is then stored on the online platform Web Console to enable automatic processing of the sheet of daily reporting for obtaining refunds.
Source: Viasat

Projects of the month FOR ROAD SAFETY

The lack of road safety is a plague that hardly hits the human society. The second Global Road Safety week of the United Nations is just finished and - once again - we are reminded that yearly more than one million people are road traffic victims. In 2012, almost four thousand people even in Italy lost their lives becoming part of this statistics. Our behavior on the road is the key element for road safety: ITS technologies can contribute to a good drivers' information, traffic enforcement and control, actions that affect drivers' behavior on the road. Motorway operators, applying provisions and contracts with Governments, assume a wide range of tasks related to the correct building and management of Motorways. They invest to ensure the safety and the correct circulation of traffic, by providing the construction of the infrastructure, its equipment/facilities and its signing in the best possible way. But this is not enough: the human behavior is still beyond all those measures. campaign is stressing on the risky behaviors and, on the other hand, those good behaviors that can improve the road safety. The basic idea of the campaign is the providing of instant messages, that can be perceived at a glance from a driver not necessarily careful and aware.
So, it’s a campaign in line with the trends of nowadays life, it’s is easy to be spread through the web. To reach this target, it the technique of cartoons was chosen , designing strips whose target is not limited to give a road safety message, but to even try to be eye-catching and possibly funny. The web portal has reached more than its own first year of active life. It went online since late 2011 in its complete and actual shape. From December 2011, so a year and a half ago, it has begun a great growth, but already in mid-February 2011, for the first time, the 1,000 daily visits was reached and later visits were still in a growing phase. More than 1,700 pages of content today compose the campaign website (including web pages, PDF and other formats). More than 100 articles and news developed on purpose, mostly included in the section dedicated to "operation and technologies". Recently a new page for internet research has been created and it contains news regarding road safety coming from more than 70 sources in Italian, English and French. Many of these articles have been published thanks to the contribution of authors from the SINA group or from the motorway operators of the SIAS Group. Moreover, many papers were developed thank authors from partners, e.g. from the Italian Ministry of Interior, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the United Nations and the National Association of Motorways (Aiscat). The website make now available about 350 movies on road safety subject and more than 110 pictures, mostly provided by the motorway operators., this year, also launched important initiatives on the printed papers. For example, the national Italian newspaper Il Giorno, from April to now, has devoted 12 full pages to the project, interviewing key officers among the partners of the road safety campaign. Moreover, the 10 articles of the magazine LeStrade were published starting from September 2011. The newsletter of the campaign it’s a further effort that, on a monthly basis from more than a year, tries to keep us connected to our readers, suggesting to them interesting ideas possibly in a light and funny way, but surely on a serious matter. Flyers were distributed in motorways and tens of thousands booklets were distributed in schools as part of the "championship of Journalism" or as part of the initiative “snapshots of safety”. Other printed material such as calendars, bookmarks, safety bracelets, 38 millions of toll tickets with road safety messages and other printed materials are also part of the campaign. The culture of road safety was spread among people, in main events, among children, in middle schools, in high schools , within universities, cooperating with partners or local authorities, in television programs, through radio broadcasting, etc. etc. This initiative, although was born from a spark of the technical officers of the ASTM-SIAS motorway group, went beyond the perimeter originally planned and predictable, given the support of a hundred, maybe two hundred experts or maybe more, who appreciated "the Purpose" and "the Method", adopting this campaign and providing in the case a small, a large or a very large contribution, all the contributions that shaped and led to the current results of this first phase of work to promote road safety among road users. The partnership of the campaign reached more than 40 partners including distinguished institutions of great prestige that are highly committed to promote the road safety. The campaign is still open to new partners or to those that just want to collaborate spreading road safety messages. Obviously each one among us is a user of the road and each one of us can find ideas by subscribing the newsletter (... or maybe enrolling the youngest people around us).

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SWARCO MIZAR in Tirana: T-UTC (Tirana Urban Traffic Control) Launch

In May, the Tirana Traffic Control and Management Centre has been officially inaugurated. The successful event was attended by several personalities of the Albanian government such as Mr. Lulzim Basha, Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Sali Berisha Albanian Prime Minister, Mr. Fabio Serri, director of the EBRD Office in Tirana, Mrs. Jorida Tabaku, deputy mayor of Tirana and Minister for Integration. The realization of the Control Centre, based on SWARCO MIZAR’s ITS solutions, made Tirana as advanced as gives as the other European capitals.
“”Modern” cities in the near future will have to step up their efforts to promote increased safety and ease in moving, supporting these actions with a careful policy of energy consumption reduction and environmental impact. For years, we have been working to offer solutions to improve traffic and public transport management, but also information services for final users, through innovative and technologically advanced systems. The project of Tirana is the first example of integration of ITS solutions, realized in a capital of the Balkans and we believe that this achievement can be one of the leading forces for the deployment of ITS systems in the countries that are looking with increasing interest in their own social development”.
Eng. A. Bolelli, SWARCO MIZAR President

In particular, SWARCO MIZAR’s ITS solutions implemented in Tirana are: OMNIA, mobility integrated solution and MISTIC platform, which allows, among other things, real time information for users. SWARCO Futurit variable message signs will be installed in most crowded areas, whereas closed circuit televisions will provide benefits in terms of security.

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5° Forum Port&ShippingTech
19- 20 September 2013, Genova
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9° Telemobility Forum
26-27 September 2013, Turin
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4th East & Central Africa Roads & Rail Infrastructure Summit 2013
20-21 August 2013, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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XXVIII International Baltic Road Conference
26-28 August 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania
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i-Transport Conference 2013
3-4 September 2013, Midrand, South Africa
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ITS and Road Safety Forum Qatar 2013
16-17 September, 2013, Doha, Qatar
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ITS Australia Summit
18 – 20 September 2013, Sydney, Australia
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11th European Platform of Transport Sciences congress ETC2013
19–20 September 2013, Prague, Czech Republic
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European Transport Conference 2013
30 September 2013 - 2 October 2013, Frankfurt, Germany
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


I-Napoli: Videosurveillance system
I-Bari: Computer services
I-Cagliari: Computer devices
I-Ispra: Supply of data related to light vehicles
I-Milano: Railway systems
I-Napoli: Videosurveillance systems
I-Oristano: Parking areas management
I-Pistoia: Parking areas management
I-Potenza: Computer devices
I-Venezia: Access control systems

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