TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. N°5 May 2011
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Conference on "The role of ITS in road safety"
TTS Italia is organizing for next June 15, 2011, in Rome, a conference entitled "The role of ITS in road safety". The objective of this initiative is to propose a moment of debate and discussion on the impact of new technologies on transport safety, in order to define the national actions related to ITS required by the European Directive entered into force in August 2011. The conference is meant to represent a moment of reflection on the contribution that ITS systems can make to the safety of transport, in line with the European Directive on ITS and with the strategy outlined by the new White Paper on Transport published last March 28. The morning session of the event includes the participation of institutional representatives, such as Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Ministry for Internal Affairs as well as the round table "ITS and safety: benefits and development scenarios". The afternoon session will be dedicated to companies developing services and systems dedicated to road safety.

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TTS in action


3° Workshop of P3ITS - Pre-Commercial Procurement for ITS project
It will be held in Lyon, on the 9 June at the Congress Centre "Cité Internationale" (Salon Roseraie), the 3° Workshop of the P3ITS - Pre-Commercial Procurement for ITS. TTS Italia is part of the project consortium. The workshop will be the occasion to present the P3ITS "PCP for ITS Handbook" and the other outcomes of the project; share experiences about national implementations of PCP; hear about EU funding opportunities for European PCP projects; network with potential partners for collaborations on PCP. The P3ITS consortium is releasing its "PCP for ITS Handbook", describing the actions you need to undertake before launching a Pre-Commercial Procurement process in the ITS sector. PCP is an underutilised approach to procure innovative products or services. In this regard, P3ITS has engaged in a dialogue between procurers and ITS actors to investigate how it could be used for ITS deployment. The 3rd P3ITS workshop will also be an opportunity to share experiences about national PCP implementation and to hear about EU funding opportunities for European PCP projects. The workshop is targeting primarily public authorities (innovation agencies, procuring authorities, consultants), but is of interest for all parties involved in public procurement of ITS innovations.
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For registration, contact Ms. Valentina Casadei.

ITS Directive trans position: TTS Italia and Italian Ministry for Transport collaborate for public consultation on Italian activities
The transposition of ITS Directive, entered into force on the last August, at national level represents a turning point on ITS sector in Italy and al lover Europe. In this perspective, the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport, in collaboration with TTS Italia, is involving all Italian actors active in the field of ITS sector to share their view , experiences and knowledge within the public consultation on ITS activities in Italy. All the information collected will be elaborated by the Ministry for the report due to the European Commission in August 2011 and taken into account for future ITS policies.

Second edition of the on line training course on ITS of Politecnico of Turin and TTS Italia
The Department for Transport of the Politecnico of Turin, TTS Italia ordinary member, organizes in collaboration with TTS Italia the second edition of the innovative on line training course on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). The course will start on 20 June at the Politecnico of Turin and after that date the course will continue for the next months by distance thanks to a multimodal and interactive on line tool developed by the Politecnico with the support of the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport. The course is based on several on line lessons with sequential levels that the user will be able to manage as he prefers. However, the user has to pass each level to access the next one. The course will end on 15 November with the issue of the certificates to participants. This new edition will also include an optional session in English.

The Chairman of TTS Italia at the Workshop "Information technology in logistics. The fifth transport mode"
The Chairman of the Technical Scientific Committee of TTS Italia, Massimiliano Zazza, will participate at the Workshop organized by FLC (Freight Leaders Council) "Information technology in logistics. The fifth transport mode", to be held in Rome on 9 June 2011. FLC is involved in the promotion of Italian logistics system and the Workshop will be the occasion to present the result of the last study "Quaderno 21". The study analyses the key factors for the proper functioning of the logistics chain.
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TTS Italia at the 8° ITS European Congress in Lyon
From 6 to 9 June 2011, TTS Italia will be at the 8° ITS Europea Congress in Lyon, France, focused on "Intelligent mobility - ITS for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions" ( TTS Italia will be at booth B20 together with Autostrade per l’Italia, founding member, Pluservice and Telespazio, ordinary members.TTS Italia is one of the vent partners. Particular attention will be payed to the folliwing topics: Co-modal urban transport management; Electromobility; From cooperative systems to integrated mobility services; From smart concepts to successful implementation; Governance and business issues; Information and communication: providers and users; ITS for adaptive and resilient cities.

TTS Italia signs MoU with ITS China at the World ITS Summit
On 26 and 27 May TTS Italia took part in the ITS World Summit entitled "ITS, the upcoming city guide to easy life" organized by ITS China in Shanghai. The initiative was attended by the ITS Associations of Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand, and representatives of key stakeholders of the Chinese mobility, including the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the Transportation Committees of the municipalities of Beijing and Shenzhen, the agency mobility in Beijing, the public transport companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xian and Hangzhou, the Centre for Transport Planning in Shanghai.
The objective of this initiative was to take stock of the state of the art of ITS initiatives implemented in China and other countries present, so as to promote discussion and possible synergies. In this regard, on May 25, TTS Italia has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ITS China with the aim of encouraging partnership between the Italian and Chinese companies on training, research, trade cooperation, exchange of information and organization of bilateral workshops and seminars.
The actions taken during the ITS World Summit focused on some key issues related to the ITS sector, including supervision and management of urban and suburban mobility, use of RFID and GPS applications, opportunities and challenges of electronic fee collection.
The intervention of TTS Italia, presented by the Secretary General Olga Landolfi, has focused on the state of the art of ITS projects and initiatives promoted at national level for the management of mobility.
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Autostrade per l’Italia, Pluservice and Telespazio at the 8° ITS European Congress in Lyon
From 6 to 9 June 2011, Autostrade per l’Italia, TTS Italia founding member, together with Pluservice and Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary members, will participate IN THE 8° ITS European Congress in Lyon. The Congress will be focused on "Intelligent mobility - ITS for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions" ( TTS Italia members will welcome you at stand B20 for presenting their last ITS solutions and projects.

SISTeMA wins tender for road network monitoring
SISTeMA srl, TTS Italia ordinary member, in temporary association with Sistematica SpA, has won the tender issued by the Province of Rome related to the Project for the implementation of road network monitoring platform. The platform is based on the integration between traditional and innovative detection systems


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Targa Fleet 200 and 300: the smallest solution for fleet management
Targa Fleet. 200 and Targa Fleet.300 are the new products of the range of Targa Fleet by Targa Infomobility. The distinctive features of these products is the size: at just 80 grams Targa Fleet 200 includes a GPS receiver and a GSM module with SIM card included. The solution for fleet management by Targa Infomobility consists of a small and light GPS tracking device that allows you to locate the vehicle on which it is installed and a high performance Web platform, which meets all the requirements of the operator's fleet. Two models are available:
F200: GSM/GPRS, GPS, backup battery, triaxal accelerometer, GSM and GSP internal antenna.
F300: in addition to previous characteristics, it also has the relay for the engine block and emergency lights pilot.

Targa Fleet 200 (300 with engine block) represents the ideal solution for companies in needs of a simple, easy to set up, limited costs fleet management system. The speed of assembly, the internal antennas, small size allow the use of the product in different contexts and different types of vehicles: vehicles used for hire in the short to medium term, electric vehicles, trailers, construction equipment, Bobcat, motorcycles, etc.

Characteristics, Use, Applications
In addition to the functions of the tracking and satellite antitheft with engine block and motion sensor, the fleet manager has a tool through the web with a personal password to verify and compare flows and destinations, average fuel consumption and areas of expertise, as well as a valid support for diagnostics. The position of the car park is shown on European digital mapping in color and satellite maps, 24 to 24 hours, 365 days a year. In case of theft is available the Operations Centre that, in coordination with the Police, promptly activates for vehicle recovery. The analysis of the routes and activities are always accessible and listed in appropriate tabular reports to assess performances or possible areas for improvement.

For further information:
For contacts: info@targainfomobility.con

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Workshop: Information technology in logistics. The Fifth mode transport
9 June 2011, Rome
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Convention "The role of ITS for road safety"
15 June 2011, Rome
The program will be soon available on TTS Italia web site

19° Meeting Transport & Logistics
16-17 June 2011, Milan
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Second Edition of on line training course on ITS
20 June 2011, Turin
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Public Procurement of Innovation: Facing Societal Challenges, Delivering Better Public Services & Supporting SMEs To Innovate
27-28 June 2011, Turin
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ITS European Congress 2011
6-9 June 2011, Lyon, France
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10th eceee Summer Study-Energy efficiency first: The foundation of a low-carbon society
6-11 June 2011, Belambra Presqu'île de Giens, France
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Austrian Strategy Forum Electro-Mobility
6-7 June 2011, Vienna, Austria
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11° Asia-Pacific ITS Forum & Exhibition
8-10 June 2011, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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3° Workshop del Progetto P3ITS
9 June 2011, Lyon, France
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Clean Fuels, Clean Vehicles, Clean City
15-16 June 2011, Donosita - San Sebastien, Spain
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Second Annual Sustainable Mobility Convention
15 June London 2011, UK
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eTransport Conference & Exhibition-Sustainable MobilityTowards better ITS decision-making and impacts assessment for public authorities
22 June 2011, Brussels, Belgium
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IEEE Forum on Integrated and Sustainable Transportation Systems
29 June-1 July 2011, Vienna, Austria.
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Casavatore: Traffic lights
I-Melendugno: Services related to parking areas
I-Pesaro: Traffic light priority system
I-Qualiano: Services for parking areas management


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