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N°5 May 2013

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We are in a very important moment for the smart mobility. The Decree ITS, recently signed by the Ministries of Transport, Internal Affairs and Research, poses considerable challenges. In particular, the collection of traffic information and its dissemination to users. What are Region doing about that?
First of all we must say that in Italy, there is a delay in the application of new technologies to transport. The inter-ministerial decree does not take into account that for activities of this type managerial and structured organization investment is necessary. At present, with the significant cuts that have been made to transport, it becomes very difficult to implement a system. You are likely to shift the cost of all this on the shoulders of the user. We will start a confrontation with the new government to communicate our need for resources, otherwise many of these activities can’t be fully developed. Yet, I am aware of the great benefits that the knowledge of flows of our mobility would lead to the system both in terms of road safety and for the improvement of the private mobility. The knowledge of flows would enable the planning of local public transport avoiding what I have called "the great crowded", while on the front of the goods we could improve the transport of dangerous goods, often rejected and ignored.

Another challenge required by the decree is the harmonization at national level of smart mobility projects. The Ministry of Transport have created a committee for the verification of compliance of local projects. What do you think?
I am not worried by projects standardization: the protocols are enough today. It would be enough to have a national architecture for harmonized choices. Instead, the need of locating information in space and time is crucial to evaluate. That is, to standardize the method by which the data are acquired and, consequently, the validation and certification of the information. The decree does not take this into account. I hope that the ministerial committee will define points of reference in this regard, as it is necessary to have highly specialized technicians to identify the way for the certification of data.

The Committee shall deliver a binding opinion on the projects of local authorities...
The decree does not even tell what is the required level of planning. I shall focus more on the problems between the theory and practice. What tools will we need to achieve all this? It takes system integration and a cultural shift. A national system of validation and certification of data is not covered by the decree. The decree stops at the authorization to the data collection, but then it doesn’t say how to collect the data: it will take the experts to define the methodology. In short, I see long way to go and I do not see the managerial mentality, uncommon in public administration.

What do you think are the steps to take?
I can tell you how we are moving within the Commission, which I chair. For the first time I asked to operate in a unified manner and I received the approval of all the regions. We have created several commissions and one is dedicated to ITS, to study problems tied to these systems with the aim of adding a technical specification even on ITS for tenders. This is the basis for an Italian standardization. We cannot wait for the timing of the Ministry: local public transport is our priority. Within 4 months we have to review the minimum services. We have an obligation to bring improvements in public transport. This makes the use of auctions almost mandatory. I think the first tenders will start by September.

In the Proposal for a national Action Plan on ITS, prepared by TTS Italia in collaboration with many transport associations and presented at Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, it is indicated a standardization of tenders as well as its benefits for the evaluation of the investment. Is this a proposal you could evaluate?
This is something we cannot add to tenders. However, it would be of great interest to have a central entity for the elaboration of ITS benefits. The law requires the mandatory reporting of data in the national forum that would later be echoed in the contract. At this point it should be on the Centre to make the analysis of the benefits. The law requires the mandatory reporting of data to the Osservatorio Nazionale that would later be echoed in the contract. At this point it should be on the Osservatorio to make the analysis of benefits.

Returning to the specifications. You have already idea of the standard required?
Sure. Electronic ticketing, GPS for minimum services and unique multifunctional support, that is an interoperable ticket that can be the basis for other services such as car sharing, hotels, etc. We are also preparing standardized protocols that allow us to act on the whole regional and interregional network.

What kind of dialogue do you have and have had on this issue with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport?
So far 95% of our dialogue was not with the Ministry of Infrastructure, but with the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the issue of funds. We never had the opportunity to have a table of experts of transport. I hope that the situation will change with this new government. I'll go ahead anyway.

Exactly the funds. Very often local governments collide with the usual refrain of the scarcity of resources. How are you addressing this problem?
We have two possibilities: either someone puts money or if we put the ITS in the tenders, we will remove services to citizens in terms of reduction of buses and trains. The problem is not only the ITS. We have old fleets on which to put new technologies, this would be a contradiction.

Finally, what are your priorities for Campania region?
The introduction of electronic ticketing. We will soon test the hardware and software system on regional trains with user-testimonials to verify the operation. We are introducing counter passengers to combat tax evasion and improve safety; the identification of the position and velocity of the vehicle with GPS or ground sensor; and the electronic ticketing with payment per kilometer. This is my model with which I shall compare with other regions.

Who is Sergio Vetrella. Full-time Professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the University Federico II of Naples, the Neapolitan Sergio Vetrella is also Chairman of CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre). Appointed by the President of the Republic, Commander of the Order of Merit, he was senator from April 2008 to July 2010. At the present, he is councilor for transport in campania region and coordinator of the commision for infrastructure, mobility and government of land of the conference of autonomous regions and provinces.

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COMPASS project releases its first newsletter
TTS Italia, has released the first newsletter for the European COMPASS (optimised CO-Modal PASSenger transport for reducing carbon emissions) project, which it is now involved in as a consortium partner. The newsletter is shared jointly with another European project, OPTIMISM (Optimising Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility), and reveals the first results and deliverables achieved by both projects and offers more details on their future objectives. Both projects are funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and are coordinated by UK academic institutions; COMPASS by the Transport Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University; and OPTIMISM by Coventry University Enterprises. The rationale behind the joint newsletter between COMPASS and OPTIMIS is based on the fact that the two projects show great affinities with each other, as well as sharing common objectives. Both projects propose a set of strategies, recommendations and policy measures, through the scientific analysis of social behavior, mobility patterns and business models, for integrating and optimizing the transport system. This will be based on the modeling and the assessment of the impact of co-modality and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems for transport. There is a cluster among some activities of the two projects and some results obtained in OPTMISM will be used in COMPASS, so it was decided to try and share knowledge on common issues.
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European project SEE-ITS releases its first newsletter
The European project SEE-ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems in South East Europe) has released its first newsletter. TTS Italia is among the Stakeholders of the project SEE-ITS financed within the Transnational Cooperation Programme. The project aims at stimulating cooperation, harmonization and interoperability between isolated Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in South East Europe.
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In September the 9° edition of Telemobility Forum
In Partnership with TTS Italia, Innovability and Clickutility Team organize the ninth edition of Telemobility Forum 2013, a reference point for the Intelligent Transportation Systems for the development of sustainable, efficient and safe mobility, and with particular attention on issues of satellite navigation and user information. The event will be held in Turin, at Centro Congressi Lingotto, from 26 to 27 September. Telemobility Forum attracts the international business community participating as a sponsor and visitor. The last edition was attended by 1952 visitors - 151 Speaker and 64 Sponsors, Exhibitors and Partners and 253 business meetings were organized. The new edition will be co-located with Green Cars (, the first event dedicated to technological innovation aimed at producing clean cars with low emissions, particularly in components, machinery, equipment, accessories and services, especially in the areas of styling and engineering.
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TTS Italia at “General focus on Mobile Transport in Italy” – 19 June 2013 – Roma
The 19th of June will be held in Rome, the event " General focus on Mobile Transport in Italy", organized by Club-Italia with the support and patronage of ASSTRA, AIPARK, Federmobilità and TTS Italia. The experiences of Mobile Ticketing started many years ago, with various technological solutions for the generation and payment of the ticket on the move. Initially, mainly sms were used, and the solutions are then evolved to the App with the advent of Smartphones.SmartPhone totally changed the potential that the customer has on his device and quantity and quality of available services have grown as well. The event will involve institutions, transport and parking companies, industry players, telecommunications, banking to agree on a common path of interoperability in the mobile payment.
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TTS Italia at the 2° Shenzhen International ITS Conference and Expo in China
TTS Italia, represented by the Secretary General Olga Landolfi, participated in the 2° Shenzhen International ITS Conference and Expo held in Shenzhen, China, on 26 and 27 May. The Secretary took part as speaker at the plenary session with the speech “ITS: the Italian way for a Smarter Mobility” focused on Italian initiatives and solutions in the ITS sector, analized in the framework of the ITS Decree and Italian normative context. Also, the event was the occasion for signing two Memorandum of Understanding between TTS Italia and ITS Shenzhen and ITS Hong Kong. The MoU have the aim of promoting the partnership between Italian and Chines companies as per training, research, cooperation, information exchange, and organization of workshop and initiatives in the sector of ITS.
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TTS Italia at the final Workshop of the European project COSMO
On 16 May, the final event of the European project COSMO took place in Salerno, organized by the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno with the support of TTS Italia, Swarco Mizar and Ertico. The Workshop focused on the achieved results with a special attention for the three pilot sites (Salerno, Vienna, Gothenburg). In the evening , after a demo tour within the Campus of Salerno University, ACAM, Asfinag, Atac, Municipality of Verona, Province of Florence and University of Salerno took part to a round table on the potential, prospects, policies of deployment activities coordinated by Olga Landolfi, Secretary General of TTS Italia.

TTS Italia welcomes its four new members!
Following the decision of the Board of Directors of 7 May, TTS Italia welcomes four new members: -Aesys, (, specialized in displays and variable message signs; -Kiunsys, (, active in the sector of Smart Mobility and Smart Parking; -Tec Systemas Engineering, (, part of the Group La Semaforica and with a special focus on systems sector; -Valdani, Vicari & Associati, (, international society for management consultancy.
Source: TTS Italia

TTS Italia organises information day on ITS Decree and eCall Regulation
At the presence of many TTS Italia members and associations of transport sector, it was held on May 7, in Rome, at the headquarters of the TTS Italia, the information day on the Decree for the Dissemination of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy published in Official Journal on 26 March and the Regulations Officer (EU) No 305/2013 of the Commission of 26 November 2012 supplementing Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the implementation of a harmonized interoperable emergency call (eCall) system throughout the European Union. The meeting represented a moment of information and in-depth content, implications and opportunities for the field of ITS of these two legislative acts of extreme importance for the development of ITS in Italy.
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News of the month

ACI for road safety with project R.O.A.D
It started in Olbia, Sardinia, the project R.O.A.D. (Reduction in Olbia Accident Death) for road safety, born from the synergy between ACI, founding partner of TTS Italia, the Municipality and the DICAAR. In the first 8 months, the project has already defined an initial set of tools aimed at the prevention of road accidents, optimizing the flow of traffic and its effects on the environment. R.O.A.D. has a triple objective: strengthening the road safety capacity of government; spreading a new culture of responsible mobility, the effective development of the Municipal Plan for Mobility and Road Safety. The first step was the establishment of the municipal Observatory for mobility and accident rates to collect data on traffic and accidents and monitor the effectiveness of the measures adopted. Also, several pilot project were activated in the field of training for the responsible and sustainable mobility: young guys at school and university students were involved with special workshops and practical demonstrations.
Source: Trasporti-Italia

IVU presents its algorithm for optimal control of the shifts
IVU Traffic Technologies AG, TTS Italia ordinary member, has presented its solution IVU.crew APD for personalized shift management. This optimization tool is based on an algorithm for automatic assignment of shifts and is particularly effective for the management of shifts within the applicable related Italian law. "The algorithm is designed in such a way to schedule shifts of staff in a personalized way, while taking into account both the need to optimize the work, and the directives of the European legislation on daily and weekly rest- explained Cristina Massari, Head of commercial division IVU Italy".
Source: RIVU Traffic Technologies

IVU wins UITP Award 2013- London project is winner in the ‘Information Technologies’ category
More than 240 companies from 40 countries submitted applications for the ‘Grow with Public Transport’ International Awards of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), and the winners were announced at the UITP World Congress in Geneva on Sunday. The awards are given to innovative public transport projects which contribute to the sustainable improvement of the quality and quantity of public transport. The introduction of the dynamic passenger information IVU.realtime in London is one such project. IVU Traffic Technologies AG, TTS Italia ordinary member, received the award in the category ‘Information Technologies’.
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Source: RIVU Traffic Technologies

Kiunsys: over 500.000 Mobility Pass RFID distributed!
Kiunsys, TTS Italia ordinary member, which successfully applies RFID technology in building innovative solutions for the management and real-time control of the things in the city, recently exceeded the 500.000 Mobility Passes distributed. The Mobility Passes are cards equipped with passive UHF RFID tag, designed and optimized for the automatic identification of vehicles, buses, commercial vehicle, permits, goods, people and payments. Thanks to the RFID cards, Kiunsys builds customized solutions to meet specific requirements in terms of mobility services, parking and urban logistics. The Mobility Passes facilitate all the verification procedures: the reading can be done through a simple smartphone or via RFID Mobility Gates, up to a distance of 6 meters and at a speed of 120 km/h (within the legal limits of Italian legislation). Also, the integration of Mobility Passes with blue badges (CUDE) and city passes, makes easier and more effective the permits management and control, preventing any counterfeit. The step from object to Smart Objects is as simple as revolutionary: an RFID tag is enough to enter in the Internet of Things. The RFID tags, consisting of a chip and a small antenna, are capable of receiving and transmitting the information contained in the chip, transforming simple objects - in our case, vehicles and permits - in Smart Objects able to interact with the city and to contribute in the creation of Big Data. The Mobility Pass by Kiunsys, which continues the path taken in 2007 and awarded with the RFID AWARD 2009, are worldwide confirmed with the development of innovative systems for vehicles automatic identification and with the adoption of the electronic car plate (e-plate), which together open up interesting perspectives in terms of free flow, smart parking, intelligent traffic lights, traffic security and much more.
Source: Kiunsys

Safety Tutor: positive effects for road accidents reduction
Safety Tutor, is a system for measuring average speed of vehicles conceived, designed and developed in 2005 by Autostrade per l’Italia, TTS Italia founding member, which has progressively installed the system on those sections of the network characterized by a higher mortality rate. Only the Traffic Police, a supporting member of TTS Italia, is entitled to the management of the Tutor by Autostrade per l’Italia for free. Unlike the normal speed camera, which measures the instantaneous speed of the vehicles in a fixed point of a road section, the Tutor measures the average speed between two sections distant even several kilometers, in order to provide a reliable measure in an extended stretch to detect infringements, without penalizing those who exceed the speed limit for short distances such as, for example, during overtaking. Already one year after its introduction (December 2005), significant reductions in accident rates (-22%) were found. The mortality rate decreased by 50% in the first year of use and the one on injured by 34% in the case where the device was installed. The data expressed by Autostrade per l’Italia show that on 31 December 2012, the coverage of the territory included 318 portals, on 235 routes, for more than 2,900 kilometers of asphalt controlled. The system works in all weather conditions and lighting, automatically acquires type and plate number of the vehicle, ensure the ownership of the vehicle via the database of the MCTC, the road police intervenes for the detection of the data, the printing of the minutes and the notification.
Source: ASAPS

SISTeMA at the London Conference “Shaping Transportation”
SISTeMA, TTS Italia ordinary member, will participate in the “Shaping Transportation” Conference & PTV Vision Global User Group Meeting (UGM) to be held on 18 and 19 June in London at Cumberland Hotel Marble Arch. The event is organized by PTV Group and, in addition to the regular meeting of users of software products PTV around the world, will include the participation of key actors and decision makers in the world of intelligent transport. The two-day conference will develop into presentations and workshops focused on the issues of global transport: the first day will be devoted to ongoing changes affecting the planning, policies, and funding of infrastructure, and the second will focus more on new technologies and new software platforms developed by PTV Group in support of the issues highlighted during the previous day.
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Source: SISTeMA

Solari Udine wins tender for parking meters supply in Florence
Solari Udine, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Servizi alla strada S.p.A. for the four years supply of parking meters for the new parking area in Florence.
Source: TTS Italia

SWARCO MIZAR awarded contract for infomobility system in Cyprus
At the end of April 2013, the Cyprus government and SWARCO MIZAR, TTS Italia founding member, have signed a contract for the installation of an integrated system (based on OMNIA and MISTIC solutions by SWARCO MIZAR) for the real time monitoring of traffic (using SWARCO high performing iTravel sensors), for the video surveillance of road network and for the provision of related infomobility services for users (both ordinary citizens and competent authorities) who will be informed about accidents, news of road works and parking availability in the city of Nicosia. The system will operate on the main roads of the capital, with the possibility of future expansions to cover the whole island. After the end of works, planned for 2014, there will be a maintenance period of six years.
Source: Swarco Mizar

SWARCO MIZAR: spotlight on Tirana Urban Traffic Control launch
The Tirana Traffic Control and Management Centre has been officially inaugurated on the 14th of May. The successful event was attended by several personalities of the Albanian government such as Mr. Lulzim Basha, Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Sali Berisha Albanian Prime Minister, Mr. Fabio Serri, director of the EBRD Office in Tirana, Mrs. Jorida Tabaku, deputy mayor of Tirana and Minister for Integration. The realization of the Control Centre, which gives Tirana the look of an advanced city as the other European capitals, is based on TTS Italia founding member SWARCO MIZAR’s ITS solutions. The Operative Control Centre (TOCC) was completed in full compliance with contract requirements. Some of the expected advantages for the city: the improvement of traffic on the road network, thanks to OMNIA ITS solution for traffic light control, and the prompt information disclosure to final road user. MISTIC platform by SWARCO MIZAR will also guarantee the continuous monitoring of traffic status, the management of SWARCO Futurit Variable Message Signs, which are placed in the most crowded area of the city, and the management of closed circuit televisions that will also provide benefits in terms of security.
Source: Swarco Mizar

Tec Systems Engineering at Intertraffic in Istanbul
29-31 May, the new edition of Intertraffic Istanbul will be held. Tec Systems Engineering, TTS Italia ordinary member, will participate and present its platform ITS TMacs. Tec Systems Engineering will be waiting for you at Hall 10, stand F-17 with La Semaforica.
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Source: Tec Systems Engineering

Telecom Italia wins tender for videosurveillance system
Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Mazzara del Vallo for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a videosurveillance system within the municipality.
Source: TTS Italia

TomTom “Traffic” available in Russia
TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has made its real-time traffic information system, ‘Traffic’, available in Russia. For the first time, the country’s navigation application providers, automotive partners and government departments will be able to pinpoint the precise location of traffic congestion and minimize delays by re-routing traffic to avoid congested areas. The company’s ‘Traffic’ system provides precise and up-to-date traffic information for highways, major roads and secondary roads using OpenLR location referencing in 32 countries in North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The Traffic system includes congestion forecasting features to indicate whether a jam is growing or dispersing, and estimates how long the delays will last. In Russia, TomTom Traffic will be available as a service direct to consumers’ in-car devices or as a bulk feed for businesses and government agencies, both using industry standard delivery formats, including TPEG and Datex2 technologies. The results of the company’s Annual Congestion Index, which was released in April 2013, showed Moscow to be the most congested city in the world. “In a bid to help tackle congestion in Russia, we are excited to extend our world-class Traffic service to this territory,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of traffic at TomTom. “When comparing 161 countries across five continents in our 2012 Annual Congestion Index, Moscow was clearly the most congested overall. This illustrates the pressing need to tackle congestion in this region. Therefore, we are pleased to expand our services into Russia to reduce traffic delays across the country.”
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Products of the month


TEP OF Parma CHOOSES IVU.pool FOR infomobility by IVU Traffic Technologies

TEP SpA, a company that manages public transport in the city and the province of Parma, chooses IVU for the management of the printing system and timetable information to the public. The company has chosen to integrate IVU-pool system into its structure, a system that manages, thanks to its data base and its particularly efficient user functions, all the channels of information for travelers: information on displays at bus-stops, travel planner in internet, timetable information through call centers or sent by SMS. Through the acquisition of the system IVU.Pool TEP can now handle in a fully automatic way the different versions of timetables issued by the company, releasing information relating to trips accompanying them with specific and detailed notes.

For contacts: Cristina Massari

MyCicero by Pluservice: a tourist guide but also a personal assistant
An application for the daily life, from the public transport to the parking system

ts name, myCicero, recalls the local tourist guides that lead visitors to the archaeological wonders in Rome, with their way of speaking that recalls the rhetoric of the ancient Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero. It is simply called myCicero the computer platform implemented by Pluservice, the Italian company from Marche Region, known for the provision of infomobility services and systems. Actually, the new system was thought as a personal guide for citizens and tourists and to make them aware of the best services and opportunities offered by the territory. It is possible to visit the myCicero platform at the website or by downloading the free app on the smartphone (Android e iOs). myCicero is already providing a high number of information: from an interactive map (that well known by Google) to all the public transport and parking services, in addition to the marketing, touristic and cultural offer. But this is not all: myCicero allows to buy bus tickets, renew the personal season ticket or pay the real parking time without thinking about coins and vouchers. In the next months further useful features for booking and purchasing will be available: from the seats in the theatre to the promotional coupons. Eventually, it is important to note the myCicero’s feature called “glocal”: a single App with contents that are continuously updated according to the specific location in which the user is querying the system. To this date all the public transport services of Marche, Tuscany and Sardinia Regions are available online, as well as transport services of several provinces such as Bari, Cuneo, Padova, Pavia, Chieti, Pescara, Vicenza, etc. with the possibility for some of them to buy single tickets and season tickets. As for the parking payment, the recently launched service has been adopted by several cities such as Pesaro, Ancona, Falconara Marittima, Cervia, Ravenna, Fermo and Taormina and many more all over Italy expressed their strong interest.

more and visit the website


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21° Meeting Transport & Logistics
12-13 June 2013, Desenzano del Garda
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Focus on Mobile Transport in Italy
19 June 2013, Rome
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9° ITS European Congress
4-7 June 2013, Dublin, Ireland
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Smart Cities Annual Conference
5-6 June 2013, Budapest, Hungary
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ITS for Connected Mobility
18-19 June 2013, Monaco, Germany
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10th Jubilee International Conference TransNav 2013 on "Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation"
19-21 June 2013, Gdynia, Poland
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II International Symposium of Young Researchers TRANSPORT PROBLEMS
24 – 25 June 2013, Katowice, Poland
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Seminar on Rural ITS
26 June 2013, London
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V International Scientific Conference Transport Problems 2013
26 – 28 June 2013, Katowice, Poland
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Joint ITU/UNECE Inland Transport Committee (ITC) workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems in emerging markets - drivers for safe and sustainable growth
27 June 2013, Geneva, Switzerlands
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


I-Lesina: computer services
I-Roma: videosurveillance system
I-Roma: consulting services on telecommunications
I-San Ferdinando di Puglia: videosurveillance system
I-Scilla: videosurveillance system

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