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N° 3 March 2014

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President Biscotti, with the crisis of the local public transport, private companies have different modalities and needs. Can you better introduce this sector? In your opinion, what are the priorities right now?
Limiting the discussion only to the segment of rubber, the local public transport sector has a great economic and social importance, unfortunately underestimated by institutions. We're talking about an industry that has annual sales of approximately 8 billion Euro, employs 90,000 employees and annually carries nearly 4 billion users by 50,000 buses that travel 1.8 billion miles. Investing in the sector, in the current economic phase, would enable a significant counter-cyclical leverage that in addition to making a significant contribution to achieving the goals of economic growth and employment, would improve the quality of life of the citizens of this country, helping to alleviate traffic congestion, polluting emissions, and to increase road safety. According to a study recently published the adoption of targeted measures to support the industrialization of the local public transport sector could get to generate an impact, direct and induced, of about € 17.5 billion in terms of added value, resulting in an overall increase in employment of about 465 thousand units. Clear and stable rules as well as adequate resources are required. On the first point we need to stop the bankruptcy projects concerning general reforms with no distinction among local public services. A focus on a few measures is needed to upgrade the national legislation of the sector and for coordination with the EU regulatory framework, thus favoring the gradual liberalization of the market; the overcoming of conflicts of interest between the functions of regulation and control and management functions; planning efficient and effective services. With regard to the financial framework, in the context of limited resources available, it is essential to enable appropriate measures to promote the optimal allocation of expenditure: rapid transition from historical expenditure criterion to an allocation of funding based on standard costs; return on the investment in the charges for service rather than through occasional measures of financing; definitive solution to the problem of delayed payments by the government. These are proposals that we have represented in a detailed manner to the competent institutions and, we hope, will be quickly implemented and translated into concrete measures.

What’s the relation between private companies and technologies? What are the most used systems? Are there any best practices?
In the recent past years, geolocalization services reached a great diffusion. This technology allows real time information and infomobility services as well as to participate in real time on the regularity of the service, too often influenced by external factors such as traffic unforeseeable and unexpected happenings. A more recent technology is the e-ticketing offering several opportunities: to integrate different payment systems; to reduce paper tickets; to upload on the same device several kind of tickets. Italian best practices in this sector are represented by Sadem in Turin and by Tibus in Rome.

With no economic crisis, how would ANAV companies organized? What technologies would they use?
In a period of great scarcity of resources, all the efforts of the companies are focused in providing service to users. The first concern is to have the budget for the purchase of fuel, for the replacement and renewal of the fleet, for the maintenance of vehicles. In such a deficient situation, the implementation of technological devices not essential to the effectiveness of the service offered is likely to become secondary. It therefore creates a paradox: the scarcity of resources requires substantial efficiencies, technology can play a central role in the pursuit of this goal, but there aren’t enough resources to implement them. Travelling with the imagination, I tell her that I'd like to see all the ANAV companies with bus equipped with optical guidance systems; traffic light priority for buses and vehicles of the local public transport that optimize fuel consumption by knowing the topography of the road that are going to go. Mediating between fantasy and reality, I tell her I'd be happy to see an AVM installed on every bus in circulation.

You often underlined that private companies have lower costs and can offer more competitive services. Can this goal be reached through technologies?
Assuming that the greater effectiveness and efficiency of private firms stems from factors unrelated to the technology, its use can bring real economic benefits, both with an actual saving of resources and with an increase in demand. Two examples. The ability to count passengers up and down at each stop allows to have real awareness of the employment rate of the vehicle, which is necessary to optimize the service. The opportunity to do so with passenger counting systems, ensures the continuity of monitoring and saves on the cost of paid agents specifically for the purpose. In addition, the ability to geo-localize vehicles and predict arrival times at bus stop greatly reduces one of the major factors of cost to the user: the wait at the bus stop, increasing the attractiveness, and therefore the demand of the local public transport.

The ITS National Plan was officially published and sent to Brussels. What are ANAV’s expectations?
One of the biggest challenges accompanying each type of innovation is the dissemination of innovation itself. Too often it happens that new discoveries or inventions are used by a few individuals and their diffusion occurs patchily. What ANAV wants from the ITS National Plan is to avoid discrepancies among companies: some at the forefront of technologies and other not interested in technology at all. The Plan asks for precise deadlines implement actions at national level. Another risk is to have technologies developing without common standards and without an harmonised framework: in the future we may have several systems not integrating with each other. The ITS Plan is aware of this danger and something has already been done: the decree defining standards and technical rules for e-ticketing systems will shortly enter into force.

Who is Nicola Biscotti. He was born in Apricena (Foggia), he is married and with two daughters. Biscotti has always been the chief of the family firm focused on people transport. He is now the General Director of ACAPT, CEO of SAPS and EUROBUS, Vice President of Roma Marche Linee. He has been also in Confindustria for a long time: ANAV president from 2004 to 2008, now coordinator of Caipet and member of Federturismo.

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Projects of the month


Impressed by Smart Mobility of Pisa, Deutsche Telekom chooses the Tuscan city for its first Smart Parking project.

Since many years, Pisa has been standing out for its great Smart Mobility qualities thanks to the solutions realized by Kiunsys for the management of innovative mobility and parking services. Since 2006, in fact, Pisa has successfully adopted many of the software, hardware and RFID products by Kiunsys such as, for example, Tap&Park, the mobile app for parking payment, the 30,000 PisaPass, the RFID Mobility Passes that facilitate all the management activities of urban permits (LTZ, tour buses, blue badges, etc.) and INeS Cloud, the One Stop Shop for urban mobility and parking, used by citizens and businesses. In 2009, the PisaPass project won the RFID Italian Award in the category "Projects of social and environmental relevance", thus confirming, in advance, the innovative capacities of the city of Pisa in Smart Mobility field. This strong predisposition to be smart, has contributed to the Deutsche Telekom choice that recently selected Pisa as the ideal city for the launch of the first Smart City project signed by the German telecommunications giant. The pilot stage of the project concerns the realization of a system about available parking spaces based on wireless parking sensors placed in Piazza Carrara, in the historic centre of Pisa. The solution will enable motorists to find parking with ease through their smartphone and thanks to variable-message signs, avoiding the useless and time consuming cruising for a vacant space and thus contributing significantly in decreasing urban traffic congestion.

For further information:

For contacts: Paolo Lanari -

GEMCO and MEDUSA in Tunis - Deep diving into EGNOS for ITS and ICT in North Africa

GEMCO hosted an event focused on the use of E-GNSS, primarily EGNOS, in the domains of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and for ICT. Organized with the support of MEDUSA, the event catalyzed the interest of start-up companies, SMEs and researchers, stakeholders operating in the field of “geolocalization”. The state of the art and the European best practices in the most attractive applications were presented by a delegate from the GSA (the European GNSS Agency,

The attendees had the opportunity to discuss on the use and the exploitation of EGNOS today, and in the perspective of Galileo. The experiences engendered by success stories in the Maghreb area were also considered, including the ability of E-GNSS to possibly empower their capacity in terms of new products and services.

The event was also an occasion for networking, fostering partnerships and cooperation, facilitating exchange with MEDUSA and GEMCO.

Only a few months after its inauguration, GEMCO has considerably increased its awareness and it is a point of reference for initiatives related to E-GNSS in the region.

The event’s material is available for download on the project’s website at this link


Product of the month


MACNIL technologies aid infomobility and Smart Cities

Nowadays, Monitoring and regularize the urban traffic represents an absolute priority for a smartcity. Currently the technology gives important tools for improving urban viability which allows the infomobility managing and control, or rather system integration for supplying useful information in realtime through info panels extended in many places in the city.
That is way is born LOCALIZZ@ SMART CITY INFOMOBILITY created by MACNIL, informatics and telecom firm, established In Gravina in Apulia, Italy. MACNIL is Telecom Italia official partner for monitoring and improving roads viability. It is about an innovative telematics device for GPS control, which is installed on the public transportation vehicle. An operative centre based into a city hall office is going to view realtime traffic and congestion. The system will allow to download operative reports useful for citizen mobility and supporting public vehicle and police in case of emergency. Besides the system will allow citizens to know the congestion level on the main roads through Info Panel either through an APP on personal smartphone.
The final important advantage for Public Sector and citizens is about making safe the municipal vehicle and public operators in order of prevented eventual abuses, road rules violation and public safety safeguard. Among the pioneer Municipality in Italy, which has choosen our technology there is the important City of Bari in Apulia Region.

For further informations:


News of the month


Almaviva wins tender for videosurveillance system
Almaviva, TTS Italia, ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Ministry for Internal Affair for the extension of the videosurveillance system for on board fire brigades vehicles.
Source: TTS Italia

Car pooling: Roma Servizi per la mobilità launches the first integrated system for public transport
To support the car pooling trend, Roma servizi per la mobilità, TTS Italia ordinary member, has developed a system to be used from the portal (for tablet and smartphone). Through the web, the car pooler offering a trip can define time, route and agenda for displacements. The trip is always an integrated solution with the local public transport. The service is twofold: to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and to reduce the cost for people who need to use the car. The solutions offered by the car pooling are multiple: only car, car and public transport, only public transport. The system suggest the best route with real time calculation of the local public transport.
Source: Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

Compass4D Workshop – 4 April 2014 – Halmond – The Netherlands
In the past few years, the deployment of intelligent transport systems (ITS) has been very high in the political agendas of the European Commission (through specific directives) and city authorities (though the development of urban mobility plans). Cities are now ready for the full implementation of ITS and are waiting for smart and cost-effective mobility solutions. Also the users, such as fleet operators, are asking for smarter solutions to save fuel and reduce the emissions' impact on the environment.
Compass4D, involving also Swarco Mizar and Municipality of Verona, both TTS Italia members, is the missing link between policy and action.
In a combined workshop and showcase event, we will discuss the necessary actions: What should cities do? What do cities expect from the industry? What is the role of European, national and local authorities? Which are the appropriate business models to guarantee a successful C-ITS deployment?
On 4 April, the Compass4D consortium welcomes you to Helmond (The Netherlands) to answer these questions and to show some of the ITS services for safer and cleaner transport in a real traffic environment.
A high level panel of ITS experts, user groups, public authorities and politicians (including EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn) will give their views on smart mobility deployment.
The participation is for free but registration is required.
For the programme, click here
For the registration, click here
For further information on Compass4D, click here
Source: Compass4D/TTS Italia

Famas System wins tender for the creation of an ITS laboratory
Famas System, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the University of Catania for the supply for the creation of an ITS laboratory with the aim of monitoring, analysing and controlling the traffic in an urban area.
Source: TTS Italia

Lem Reply wins tender for mobility plan
Lem Reply, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Marsala for the elaboration of a strategic plan for mobility.
Source: TTS Italia

Pluservice wins tender for Local Public Transport systems
Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Ferrovie della Calabria S.r.l for the supply, installation and commissioning of an Integrated system Hardware / Software for the transmission of information to the Certification of the Local Public Transport service also provided with an electronic ticketing system on board.
Source: TTS Italia

Sustainable mobility: Thetis heads to Denmark
Thetis, TTS Italia ordinary member, an engineering and environmental and technological services company with headquarters in the Venice Arsenal, is involved in a new project. The city of Copenhagen has selected Thetis for an important sustainable mobility project. The Venice-based company will participate in a pilot project to improve public transport management and passenger information in the city of Copenhagen.
This Danish city, which has always been at the forefront of applying sustainability principles to urban mobility, is enlisting the services of international experts in the sector.
The project entails simulating the real-time integration of various systems, including:
- A multimodal public information system that encompasses all means of transport (cars, trains, buses, metros, bicycles);
- A public transport management system;
- A parking system integrated with passenger information;
- A traffic and environmental pollution monitoring system.
The final objective of the project is to develop solutions that provide a reduction in pollution and vehicular traffic while also improving the availability of information to residents. The pilot project is expected to be completed by April 2014.
A few of the salient elements of the proposal included Thetis’ technological expertise in intelligent systems for managing public transport fleets and the environmental field, as well as a team of experts that includes the participation of important international partners like the French companies Ixxi and Systra and the multinational corporation Parkeon.
The city of Copenhagen is investing in technological innovation projects, which have been recognized as key elements for reducing climate change emissions and road traffic while promoting sustainable transport. On this note, it is fitting to mention that Copenhagen has just received the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2014 and has decided to become a zero-emissions capital by 2025. In addition, it received a prestigious prize from the international organization ERTICO (Intelligent Transport Systems and Services for Europe) for its sustainable mobility solutions for cyclists and pedestrians.
A leading player on the national and international stage, Thetis is heading to Denmark after having gained considerable international experience in the field of sustainable mobility in China, India, Georgia, Malta and, most recently, Liverpool and Newcastle in England.
With this new project, Thetis further strengthens its presence in the international market in the fields of sustainable mobility and environmental pollution reduction.
Source: Thetis

Swarco Mizar wins tender for fleet monitoring system and for e-ticketing system
Swarco Mizar, TTS Italia founding member, has won the tender issued by Sardegna IT S.r.l. c.s.u for the design and supply of a system of monitoring of the AVM fleet and an electronic ticketing system SBE, to be installed on board the means of local public transport companies ATP Nuoro and Sassari and at the trackside of the same companies.
Source: TTS Italia

The interviews from MACNIL
The Ceo and the technical director of MACNIL, TTS Italia ordinary members, collected several particiaptions and inteviews of relevance for the ITS sector:
- Mariarita Costanza, MACNIL technical director, RAI 1, “Porta a Porta”, click here
- Nicola Lavenuta, MACNIL Ceo, LA7, “Coffee Break”, click here
- Mariarita Costanza, V° National Salon for Female entrepreneurship in Turin, click here
Source: MACNIL


TTS in action


TTS Italia at the final conference of the 3i+ project
TTS Italia, represented by the Secretary General Olga Landolfi, took part at the final conference of the 3i+ project, held in Florence on the 27 March. 3i+ (ITS Platform for interregional intermodal infomobility) started in 2011 with the aim of developing infomobility services for the interregional and intermodal transport of people. The event presented the final results of the project as well as the results gained by Tuscany in the field of ITS. The conference has been characterised by the parallel section “ITS in action” dedicated to students from university to comment both ITS solutions and the event. The Secretary General told about the Italian framework for ITS.


In November the new edition of Smart Mobility World - 13/14 November 2014 - Turin
The next edition of Smart Mobility World, the european  reference event for the mobility of the XXI century, will be held in Turin, at the Lingotto Conference Centre, next 13 and 14 November. An initiative organized in Turin, European guide for the development of ITS services and Infomobility ‘for’ smart cities’, and for the development of technologies for Green Cars and Sustainable Transport.
The event, organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italia - Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of the Chamber of commerce of Turin, of the main institutions of Piedmont and the partnership of some of the most prestigious national and international Associations, including TTS Italia. Last edition, ended on September 27, has received positive feedback from sponsors, all the institutional system of Turin and has reported significant numbers, such as:
- more than 3.000 qualified professionals
- 150 between sponsors, exhibitors and partners,
- 234 speakers and 28 conference sessions,
- more than 500 B2B meetings between companies and buyers.

New components will enrich the well-established Conference & Expo, extending the schedule of Smart Mobility World 2014 which will be developed over 5 days and structured in the following way:

12/13 November INTERNATIONAL PRE-CONFERENCE - Lingotto Congress Center
The international character of the event is confirmed by the “Connected Car”, a two- days pre-conference and on two days dedicated to on board technologies for the management of the interaction vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure. This brings up an international business community that will participate both as a sponsor of the visitor.

13/14  November CONFERENCE & EXPO - Lingotto Congress Center
As in the previous edition the Conference & Expo will be divided into three forums: ITN Infrastructure & tecnologies for the Smart City, Telemobility Forum and Green Cars Forum.
It will covers the following topics:
- ITS & Satellite Navigation
- Emergency & Safety
- Infomobilita’ & Digital Media
- Galileo / Glonass / GPS  Smart City Logistics & Parking
- AVL/AVM & Fleet Management
- E-Ticketing, NFC & Mobile Payments
- Digital Signage for Mobility
- GIS & Geocontents
- On Board Telematics & Car Sensors

News 2014:
- Local public transport and regional railways
- Infrastructures and technologies for parking
- Road Safety

A great networking event, a unique, exclusive, informal meeting opportunity to be the protagonists together with the major national and international players in the industry.

An event that will see the public trying the mobility of the twenty-first century in the streets of the city of Turin. The centre of Turin, the living room of Italy, will for three days become the scene of a large outdoor festival based on the major innovations that will designate mobility in the twenty-first century. Windows of visibility regarding mobility in the future extended to new target groups: citizens and lovers of innovation in the high-tech and automotive industries. The scene of this major exhibition will be Piazza S. Carlo, Piazza Castello, Piazza Vittorio, Piazza Lagrange, and many other charming locations. Test drives and special trials.

For any further information on the event, please visit:


10° ITS European Congress – Helsinki – 16/19 June 2014
Organised by ERTICO-ITS Europe and hosted in Helsinki, it will be held from 16 to 19 June the 10° ITS European Congress with the title “ITS in your pocket – proven solutions driving user services”. As a unique platform dedicated to the trends, achievements and opportunities in European markets, the Congress annually brings together a wealth of decision makers at the highest level, thought leaders, technologists, researchers and a wide range of related experts. It distinguishes itself by the high number of participants, the great diversity of market segments, and the unparalleled quality of its programme.
For any further information, please visit:
For the registration:
Early bird registrations close on the 11 of April 2014.

The interview of TTS Italia Secretary General on Oggiscienza
Oggiscienza, on line magazine for the scientific research, has interviewed the Secretary General of TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi on ITS and sustainable mobility.
For the interview, click here


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Firenze: Software programmation
Italia-Gallipoli: Videosurveillance system
Italia-Ischia: Parking areas services
Italia-Ispra: GPS devices
Italia-Napoli: Parking areas services
Italia-Palermo: Maintenance services
Italia-Roma: Railway services


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Compass4D Workshop
4 April 104, Helmond, The Netherlands
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Transport Research Arena
14-17 April 2014, Paris, France
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6th Russian International Congress on ITS
21-23 April 2014, Moscow, Russia
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13th Asia-Pacific ITS Forum & Exhibition
28-30 April 2014, Auckland, New Zeland
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