TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. N°1 April 2010
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TTS Italia named the new Chairman of the Technical-Scientific Committee
Mr. Massimiliano Zazza, from Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, was named as news Chairman of TTS Italia Technical-Scientific Committee on last 22nd of March by the Executive Border. The main scope of TTS Italia technical activities in the 2010 is to concretely contribute to the elaboration o fan Italian ITS Action Plan, as foreseen by the European Directive on ITS under approval. This is a great challenge for TTS Italia that, through Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport coordination, would like to play a key role in the discussion of ITS priorities in Italy as well as on the measures to implement them, through an active participation of TTS Italia members. Massimiliano Zazza, since 1999, is part of the General Directorate for Informative and Statistics Systems and Communication in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. He graduated in Mathematics in Rome at "Tor Vergata" University. He worked for "Ferrovie del Sud-Est" ("South-East Railways") from 1982 to 1998 as computer scientist before starting his work at the Ministry. To Mr. Emilio Cera, previous TTS Italia Chairman, heartfelt thanks for his passion, dedication and for the great job done within TTS Italia.

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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


News of the month


Autostrade per l'Italia wins tender for infomobility services for BMW Group
Autostrade per l'italia, TTS Italia founding member, through the controlled Infoblu, has won the tender submitted by BMW Group for the supply of infomobility services at European level. The tender has been won in association with the English ITIS and the French TDF/Mediamobile under the name MILE that will supply innovative information on road traffic and conditions as well as on real time travel times. MILE has been created to merge competences, technologies and know-how at local level with the aim to guarantee innovative services of information at European level. The new services will be available on BMW vehicles from 2011.

Source: Autostrade per l'Italia

Mizar manages Skopje traffic Utopia system
Mizar, TTS Italia founding member, has won the tender submitted by the Transport Sector of Skopje, capital of Macedonia, for the supply of the central software for the traffic control for a total value of 197.000 Euro. The contract, already signed by Mizar, will guarantee Skopje a better management of the traffic flow as well as the bus priority in 30 intersections thanks to Utopia system by Mizar. Skopje has already programmed:
- the extension of Utopia to further 100 intersections;
- the implementation of OMNIA/MISTIC systems for the supervision and control of the mobility;
- the integration of the PTM/AFC system developed for the public transport fleet.

Source: Mizar

Politecnico of Turin organizes a training course on ITS with TTS Italia
The Department for Transport of the Politecnico of Turin, TTS Italia ordinary member, organizes in collaboration with TTS Italia an innovative training course on ITS. The course will start on April the 12th at the Politecnico of Turin and after that date the course will continue for the next three months by distance thanks to a multimodal and interactive on line tool developed by the Politecncio with the support of the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport. The course is based on several on line lessons with sequential levels that the user will be able to manage as he prefers. However, the user has to pass each level to access the next one. The course will end on the 15th of July with the issue of the certificates to participants.

Source: TTS Italia

Powersoft wins tender for the supply of 2.500 on board unities
Powersoft, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender submitted by Rete Italiana Ferroviaria (Italian Railways Network) for the supply of 2500 localization on board units based on the railway standard communication GSM-R as well as for the supply of a central software for the management of the communications Centre/On Board/Centre. Powersoft has won the tender thanks to its on board platform PowerLAC and to the open architecture of its Operative Centre.

Source: Powersoft

Thetis participates in Hannover Messe 2010 with the Italian solutions for the sustainable mobility
The department for the ITS and the Unity for Energy of Thetis, ordinary member of TTS Italia, will take part in Hannover Messe 2010 from 19th to 23rd of April. The topic of the year is the sustainable mobility and Thetis will present some of its news products as well as a selection of its most recent projects at International level. Among the main Thetis international projects there are: control access system in Beijing (2004-2008); the management through GPS of the buses lines for the Olimpyc Games in Beijing (2007-2009). These two projects aim at the implementation of an innovative system for the integrated management of the public transport, of the traffic flow and for the quality of the air in the Chinese capital. During the recent Olimpyc Games in Beijing, the two systems were implemented in the framework of the Chinese-Italian cooperation of the Italian Ministry for the Environment. Thetis operates in the field of development and management of innovative applications and projects in the environmental, energetic and territorial sectors as well as in the civil engineering. In Hannover, the specialization in the environmental engineering will play a key role: at the Messe 2010 will participate the Unity for Energy involved in the consultancy and design for the renewable energies.

Source: Thetis



TTS in action


TTS Italia participates to P3ITS (Pre-commercial Public Procurement for ITS) European project
On the last 28th of January, in Brussels, the kick off meeting of the P3ITS Project was held. The P3ITS (Pre-commercial Public Procurement for ITS) is a European projects that lasts 18 months and is coordinated by ERTICO. Its aim is to investigate how pre-commercial procurement can promote innovation and support the development of favorable market conditions for a wide deployment of ITS for cooperative systems. TTS Italia participates in the project within three different work packages: activities for needs and requirements for the innovation and deployment conditions of cooperative ITS services; analisys of pre-commercial procurement models and mechanisms; activities related to the consolidations, recommendations for stakeholders and roadmap for implementation thereof. The team of the project is composed by: POLIS, Dutch Ministry of Transport, North Denmark Region, ITS Netherlands, Austriatech, Belgium Department for Mobility, EGIS, CDV, Trasnport Initiative Edinburgh, ITS Bretagne, Evolving Systems Consulting.

Source: TTS Italia

TTS Italia presents its activities for the 2010
On the 1st March 2010, TTS Italia presented its activities for the 2010. The meeting was held in Rome at TTS Italia office at the presence of the President of the Association, Mr. Gioacchino Gabbuti. The aim was to show, and share together with TTS Italia members, the proposal for the activities of the year 2010 elaborated by the Technical- Scientific Committee. The activities, presented by a representative of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, are organized in 4 macro areas as in the ITS Directives, under approval at the European Parliament. Each of these areas has its own milestones and output with the final objective to draw an Italian Action Plan on ITS.

Source: TTS Italia

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LOGISTICA PUNTO A CAPO-Solutions to manage changements and plan future strategies
21 April 2010, Salsomaggiore Terme (PR), Italy, at Palazzo dei Congressi (Viale Romagnosi, 7).
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Bologna: Software for transactional treatment and personal software

I-Cagliari: Peripheral units

I-Catania: Satellite navigation Systems or global positioning (GPS or equivalent)

I-Genova: Teleccomunication system

I-Lodi: Videosurveillance system

I-Milano: Safety system for railway

I-Pisa: parking systems

I-Potenza: traffic monitoring services


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