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European Commission: Transport 2050 for a competitive transport
The European Commission has announced a comprehensive strategy, Transport 2050, to create a competitive transport system that will increase mobility, remove major barriers in key areas, and fuel growth and employment. The plans propose to dramatically reduce Europe's dependence on imported oil and cut carbon emissions in transport by 60% by 2050. This will require a major transformation in Europe's current transport system. Key goals include: no more conventionally fueled cars in cities; 40% use of sustainable low-carbon fuels in aviation; at least 40% cut in shipping emissions; and a shift of medium-distance intercity passenger and freight journeys from road to rail and waterborne transport. EC vice-president responsible for transport Siim Kallas said, "Transport 2050 is a roadmap for a competitive transport sector that increases mobility and cuts emissions. We can, and we must, do both. The widely held belief that you need to cut mobility to fight climate change is simply not true. Competitive transport systems are vital for Europe's ability to compete in the world, for economic growth, job creation and for people's everyday quality of life. Curbing mobility is not an option; neither is business as usual. We can break the transport system's dependence on oil, without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. It can be win-win." The Transport 2050 roadmap to a Single European Transport Area sets out to remove major barriers and bottlenecks in many key areas across the fields of: transport infrastructure and investment, innovation, and the internal market. The aim is to create a Single European Transport Area with more competition and a fully integrated transport network that links the different modes and allows for a profound shift in transport patterns for passengers and freight. To this purpose, the roadmap puts forward 40 concrete initiatives for the next decade. Among these are: a 50% shift away from conventionally fueled cars by 2030, phasing them out in cities by 2050; achieve essentially CO2-free movement of goods in major urban centers by 2030; close to zero fatalities in road transport by 2050, with a 50% reduction by 2020; by 2030, 30% of road freight over 300km (186 miles) should shift to other modes, such as rail or waterborne transport, and more than 50% by 2050, with the majority of medium-distance passenger transport going by rail.
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Technical-Scientific Committee meeting to discuss National Plan on ITS
After the meeting held last December at the headquarters of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on ITS Directive, the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia is on the way to a new phase of the work and activities related to the National Plan on ITS. TTS Italia, represented by its Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, took part, 21 and 22 February, at the Workshop organized by ERTICO in Brussels to discuss the progress of the activities conducted at national level as regards the Action Plan on ITS. The event provided a further opportunity for exchanging information, case studies and initiatives with other Member States on the development of National Plans on ITS. Following the Workshop, and in anticipation of the upcoming deadline of August for the preparation of a report to the European Commission on National activities and projects related to priority sectors, has been held on the 1° March a meeting between members of the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia to discuss and define together the next steps necessary to implement at National level the priority actions.

TTS Italia at the World ITS Summit China 2011
TTS Italia, represented by its Secretary General Olga Landolfi, has been invitate to partecipate as Keynote speaker at the "World ITS Summit China 2011" that will be held on 26 and 27 May in Shanghai. Launched by dal Rail Transit Magazine and organized by ITS Cina and HNZ Industry Media Group, the event under the theme of"ITS, to guide the upcoming city easy life" will gather the leaders and experts from governments, associations and enterprises to introduce the updated policy and investment hot points in ITS field, to focus on the latest equipments, technical achievements and successful cases, and to look forward to ITS’s future.

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Fai Service: interview to CEO Mr. Primo Santini
Infly has interviewed Mr. Primo Santini, CEO of Fai Service, TTS Italia ordinary member. For the interview, click here (the attachment is in Italian).

Kick-off meeting of the Italian partners of HeERO project: 5 TTS Italia members among participants
On the last 14 February, it was held at the Digitisation and Technological Innovation Department of the Ministry of Education and Innovation, the first meeting of the Italian partners of HeERO, the pan-European project for the deployment of pilots for the eCall project. Over the next three years, the nine European countries forming the HeERO consortium will carry out the start-up of an interoperable and harmonized 112-based in-vehicle emergency call system. They are all sharing the same high-level objective: prepare the local 112 eCall infrastructure necessary for the provision of a sustainable service for their citizens and share their experiences with the other EU members and associated states. The consortium’s member countries – which will implement, test and operate eCall pre-deployment pilots – include Italy, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic, Greece, The Netherlands, Croatia, Finland and Sweden. For Italy, the actors involved are the Department as a participant and coordinator of the Italian partners that are: ACI, TTS Italia founding member, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Magneti Marelli, Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary members, and Areu. It is also expected the participation of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Transport, TTS Italia founding member, acting as institutional representatives. A car equipped with eCall system calls automatically (or manually) to the nearest emergency center. Even if passengers are not able to speak, for example due to injuries, a minimum set of data (MSD), which includes the location of the accident, is sent automatically to the center. In this way, emergency services, are able to know - in real time - that there was an accident and where it exactly converges to provide relief thereby increasing the survivability of a wounded. eCall is estimated to have the potential to save up to 2,500 fatalities annually in Europe when fully deployed. In Italy, HeERO will be implemented in the province of Varese and will complement the 112 system already operating in the only central of the 112 realized by the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with Areu, the Regional Agency for emergencies. The project is divided into six work packages management, implementation, testing (operation), evaluation, dissemination and recommendations, and receives a 50% co-financing by the EC.
Source: Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Maior offers services to local public transport companies
Maior, a company active in the field of planning-regulation and management of computer services for local public transport,and TTS Italia ordinary member, together with TRT-Trasporti e Territorio, is offering its know-how, to clients and partners though integrated packages and single services according to specific needs of the market of local public transport. 
For further information,click here (the attachment is in Italian)
Source: Maior

New web site for Sodi Scientifica
Sodi Scientifica, TTS Italia ordinary member, has renewed its website: The web presence is now characterized by a new graphic and a next-generation technology platform that ensures uniformity of presentation, efficient indexing for web researches, good level of accessibility and also use from mobile platform (smartphone) and easier research and identification of the content on the web site. It was also amended part of the contents, which will be updated according to the needs of customers and stakeholders.
Source: Sodi Scientifica

Project Automation wins two tenders for ITS supply
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Trani (South Italy) for the rental service of digital systems for the automatic detection of violations of traffic rules. The final value of the tender is 241 920,00 Euro. Project Automation also has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Vercelli (North Italy) for the realization of a system for detecting vehicles in limited traffic zone, construction of a multipurpose operations center, deployment of point shooting of the video surveillance system and equipments for control/emergency of the land, implementation and integration of a management system of video surveillance, implementation and integration of a network of communication between the system of videosurveillance and equipments for control/emergency of the land. The final value of the tender is 336 076,33 Euro.
Source: TTS Italia

Solari Udine wins tender for the supply of information systems
Solari Udine, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (North Italy) for the supply of monitors and infoterminals for local public transport. The final value of the tender is 450 000,00 Euro.
Source: TTS Italia

Telecom Italia and ATM present a new service for mobile ticketing
Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member, and ATM, the agency for public transport in Milan, presented "MobilePass", a new mobile ticketing service addressed to all users of public transport in Milan. The new payment system of the ATM cards of Milan is based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and a software configured by Telecom Italia that will enable citizens to purchase and validate tickets for public transport through their mobile. The service will now be tested for six months and then gradually extended to all customers of the transport in Milan. From 11 April who will be able to experience the service can purchase three types of urban monthly subscription: ordinary, students and seniors without the need to go to a store. To validate the subscription the user will have to bring the phone, even off, to endorsement of buses, tramways, tubes etc.
Source: ATM


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Telemaco Internet Booking
The platform Internet Booking is conceived with an innovative vision, modular and integrable with the IT systems of the companies involved.
The module is included within a complete ERP solution, the Superdriver® system, and is integrated with procedures of Telemaco sales and ticketing services, AVL management module and Fleet Management module.
Internet Booking, with a targeted and integrated approach, is aimed at sharing information generated by the system between users, involved companies and their sales network (agencies, portal, etc…).
Today, more than 4000 agencies of over 30 transport operators sell through Internet Booking for an overall amount of around 180 million Euros in transactions.
Such a platform has been realized also for managing tourist services (tours, packet trips, etc…).

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Freight logistics as opportunity for local sustainable economic growth and for qualification of knowledge
8 April 2011, Bologna
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Workshop "UIRNet: integrated logistic and intermodality. National system and regional synergies"
15 April 2011, Rome
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The enterprise of logistics
20 April 2011, Salsomaggiore Terme
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59° UITP World Congress and Exhibition
10-14 April 2011, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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High-level event on pre-commercial procurement – towards a smarter research and innovation procurement strategy for Europe
11-12 April 2011, Budapest, Hungary
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Viajeo seminar: Brazil-EU Cooperation on Sustainable Transport
12 April 2011, Sao Paolo, Brasil
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Commercial Vehicle Show
12-14 April 2011, Birmingham, UK
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International Forum "Transport Infrastructure in Russia : Innovation-based Development"
21 April 2011, Moscow, Russia
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Alghero: Parking equipments
I-Casteggio: System for road violations detection
I-Milano: Videosurveillance and safety systems
I-Palermo: System for road violations detection
I-Solofra: Parking meters
I-Unione dei Casali: System for road violations detection
I-Volla: Videosurveillance system


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