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N°3 March 2013

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*ANCI is the Italian Association for Municipalities

Anci set up the “National Smart City Observatory”. What is that exactly and what are the aims? And above all, what will anci do to reach an always greater diffusion of smart technologies for cities?
Anci, starting from the European framework for the development of smart cities, has the objective to support Municipalities wiling to go towards an intelligent and sustainable urban evolution, becoming the national voice for the demand side in front of both Government and privates. The general objective is to find an Italian way to smart cities able to exploit the typical asset of Italian cities. Anci wats to offer its concrete contribution both on political side and contents side. Cities like Genova, Turin and Bari represent Italian best practices to be used as a model by other Italian cities. However, if we look at single solutions, several Italian cities represent best practice. The National Observatory aims at putting together all important and relevant Italian experiences to spread these models also in other places, always respecting peculiarities of each area.

Smart mobility is a key aspect for the full realisation of smart cities. How is Anci dealing with this issue?
Structurally Cities are increasingly dependent on their transport systems. A smart city cannot exist without smart mobility but the country is not completely aware yet of the potential of smart mobility which is extremely urgent to solve needs and delays of urban mobility. Mobility needs to focus on traffic control systems, improving public transport, user information, more infringements, programming and assistance to travel, urban logistics, parking management systems and car-sharing and bike-sharing. All this can lead to quantifiable economic benefits both for administrations and operators of this market, which needs practical and coordinated actions to exploit scarce public and private resources available.

Municipalities suffer spending review and crisis. Did you find any alternative way for investments?
In Italy, resources for smart cities come from European calls and from the Ministry for Research and University (MIUR) with two calls both for south Italy and whole country for a 1 billion Euro value. The main obstacle for Municipalities, along with scarce resources, is the impossibility to access to Municipalities funding and to use technical structures to coordinate any new initiatives due to Italian law. Thus it is important to find alternative ways based on relationships between public and private to realize projects with common advantages such as revenue sharing. Also, it is important to learn from abroad examples such as pre- commercial procurement.

Article 8 of Decree Sviluppo Bis introduced several news for transport such as e-ticketing for buses and the possibility to pay tickets by phone. Municipalities are ready to spread these initiatives? What are main difficulties to implement these technologies?
Exactly, the Decree Sviluppo Bis introduced this interesting new technology: e-ticketing for public transport through smartphone and other tools for payment. The ticket can by paid by using credit on the mobile phone. Most part of actual smartphone have a special chip for checking the regular payment. This kind of experimentation already started in several Italian cities: Genova, Florence, Savona and Bari. However, it is too early to evaluate the effect on the control of tariff evasion.

TTS Italia, under request of the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport, in collaboration with several Italian associations of the sector, elaborated a proposal for the ITS National Plan that Italy is now submitting to the EC. In your opinion, what are the priorities for urban centres?
The priority for urban centres is the use of telematics applications and infrastructures already existing to create an urban ecosystem. In this ecosystem, infrastructures, vehicles and citizens must be interactive and mobility, both for good and people, must be an unicum to optimize and make sustainable, environmentally, socially and economically. Administrations have to work to create an accessible urban environment for citizens and tourists. Thus, not only ITS tools are needed but also data exchange is extremely important. In this new model of governance of territory, ITS play a central role to make cities accessible and safer. The challenge we launch to ITS sector is to support local administrations to create new models of governance for goods and people mobility.

Who is Graziano Delrio. Born in 1960, graduated in medicine, he studied between Great Britain and Israel. He is professor and researcher at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and he is also the author of several scientific papers presented both in Europe and America. In 2000, he was elected to the Regional Council of Emilia Romagna, major of Reggio Emilia in 2004 and reconfirmed in 2009. Since 2005, he is the vice president of Anci and from 2011, he is President of Anci.

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COMPASS project releases its first newsletter
TTS Italia, has released the first newsletter for the European COMPASS (optimised CO-Modal PASSenger transport for reducing carbon emissions) project, which it is now involved in as a consortium partner. The newsletter is shared jointly with another European project, OPTIMISM (Optimising Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility), and reveals the first results and deliverables achieved by both projects and offers more details on their future objectives. Both projects are funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and are coordinated by UK academic institutions; COMPASS by the Transport Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University; and OPTIMISM by Coventry University Enterprises. The rationale behind the joint newsletter between COMPASS and OPTIMIS is based on the fact that the two projects show great affinities with each other, as well as sharing common objectives. Both projects propose a set of strategies, recommendations and policy measures, through the scientific analysis of social behavior, mobility patterns and business models, for integrating and optimizing the transport system. This will be based on the modeling and the assessment of the impact of co-modality and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems for transport. There is a cluster among some activities of the two projects and some results obtained in OPTMISM will be used in COMPASS, so it was decided to try and share knowledge on common issues.
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In September the 9° edition of Telemobility Forum
In Partnership with TTS Italia, Innovability and Clickutility Team organize the ninth edition of Telemobility Forum 2013, a reference point for the Intelligent Transportation Systems for the development of sustainable, efficient and safe mobility, and with particular attention on issues of satellite navigation and user information. The event will be held in Turin, at Centro Congressi Lingotto, from 26 to 27 September. Telemobility Forum attracts the international business community participating as a sponsor and visitor. The last edition was attended by 1952 visitors - 151 Speaker and 64 Sponsors, Exhibitors and Partners and 253 business meetings were organized. The new edition will be co-located with Green Cars (, the first event dedicated to technological innovation aimed at producing clean cars with low emissions, particularly in components, machinery, equipment, accessories and services, especially in the areas of styling and engineering.

Seminar “Smart City e sicurezza stradale” - Turin - 13 March 2013
It took place on March 13 in Turin, the seminar "Smart City and Road Safety", organized by the National Observatory of local Road Safety in urban areas ANCIUPI and that, among other speakers, was attended by the President of TTS Italia, Rossella and 5t Panero, TTS Italia ordinary member. The event is part of a program of themed events, in order to foster collaboration between institutional and private actors on the issue of road safety in cities. These events are part of the broader objective of the Observatory to act as a connection of activities related to road safety in urban areas, contributing to the consolidation and dissemination of the culture of road safety, in line with the guidelines set by the European Commission which provide a general framework for initiating concrete actions at national and local levels by 2020.

TTS Italia at Forum 2013: “Sustainable Logistics and Transport. For the environment, companies, mobility, economical and social development” - 28 February/1 March 2013 - Verona
TTS Italia, represented by its Secretary General Olga Landolfi, participated in Forum 2013: “Sustainable Logistics and Transport. For the environment, companies, mobility, economical and social development” held from 28 February to 1 March in Verona. The event was the occasion to meet for sector operators and institutions representatives. Among TTS Italia members, ACI, founding member, and Iveco, ordinary member, took part as speakers. The Forum was organized within the event Transpotec Logitech in which several TTS Italia participated as exhibitors: Fai Service, Iveco, Magneti Marelli, Telecom Italia, Viasat.
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TTS Italia at the seminar "From the monitoring of dangerous goods to road safety" – 12 March - Bari
TTS Italia, represented by its Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, attended the seminar "From the monitoring of dangerous goods to road safety" held on March 12 in Bari. The objective of the seminar was to illustrate the creation of a control panel for the transport of dangerous goods (TRAMPER). The objective of the Puglia Region through the construction of the Central Control Tramper is knowing and collecting information to monitor the movement of dangerous goods, informing in real-time business operators on potential risks in the road (weather, traffic, accidents), together with the institutional bodies responsible for the management of emergencies (accidents, fires, traffic jams). The seminar aimed to share the objectives of the project with the companies dealing with transport of dangerous goods, explaining the legal framework and the framework of the ITS initiatives.

TTS Italia tells about the proposal for a National ITS Action Plan
The article by TTS Italia on the proposal for a National ITS Action Plan is now available, published on the Italian review “LeStrade”.
For the article (available in Italian), click here

News of the month

Collaboration between TomTom and Toyota Motor Europe
At the Geneva Motor Show, TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary members, announced that Toyota Motor Europe (Toyota) will offer its TomTom HD Traffic as standard in all vehicles with Toyota's next generation Touch&GO navigation and infotainment systems from early 2014. The traffic information service combines data from multiple sources, with location data provided via its OpenLR royalty-free, open source technology. TomTom will collaborate with its partner Harman to integrate TomTom HD Traffic into the next generation Touch&Go multimedia platform.
Source: ITS International

Drive2Go participates in the Driving Style Academy for a more environmentally friendly and safe driving
Thanks to the collaboration between Drive2Go, TTS Italia ordinary member, ASSTRA, ANAV, Autodromo di Modena, Driving Style Academy (Academy DS) was born, the first school of practical training for eco-driving and safe driving, dedicated exclusively to drivers of public transport, companies for waste collection and environmental Sanitation and road freight transport operators. The main objective of the Academy is to provide professional drivers the concepts and practices necessary to optimize their driving style in terms of reduced fuel consumption and emissions and increase safety and driving comfort. The DS Academy is based at the Autodromo di Modena and relies on the "training" version of the system DST (Driving Style Tools), the detection technology driving style, developed by Drive2go in collaboration with the Department of Electronics of Politecnico di Milano.
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Source: ASSTRA

From 18 March "Guys, lets’ go with Atac”
The second edition of the initiative by Atac, TTS Italia founding member, “Guys, lets’ go with Atac” started on 18 March. Drivers of buses and trams, subway drivers, tickets checkers, maintenance engineers and assistants to customers tell students in elementary and middle their work. The project was born from the collaboration among Atac, the Administration of Rome, the Department of family, education and youth and the Department of mobility policies. The project as well as involving more than 2,500 children in the third, fourth and fifth of primary schools, this year is also extended to about 300 middle school boys who will carry out study visits within the manufacturing sites of Atac. In the previous edition of 2012, the project joined 100 classes of 20 institutes, involving a total of 2,000 students. The project's goal is to tell the world and the systemic complexity of public transportation to reveal the skills, professionalism and technologies that enable you to move any day in a tough town like Rome. In addition, the project aims to encourage the younger generation to use public transport in order to appreciate its value, follow the rules and, therefore, accept the inevitable economic contribution through tickets.
Source: Clickmobility

Interview to Viasat Group President
It is now available on line, the interview to Domenico Petrone, the President of Viasat Group, TTS Italia ordinary member.
For the interview (available in Italian), click here
Source: Viasat Group

IVU Traffic Technologies newsletter is now available!
IVU Traffic Technologies, TTS Italia ordinary member, has released its new newsletter!
Download here!
Source: IVU Traffic Technologies

Kapsch to provide truck parking system for MDOT
Kapsch, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been selected by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and its consultancy partner, HNTB, to deliver a Truck Parking Connected-Vehicle System at five sites along the state’s I-94 corridor. The system will consist of a 5.9GHz DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) in-vehicle unit and roadside equipment with customized application software that together provide drivers with real-time truck parking availability information from MDOT facilities and private truck stops. The new system is the first truck parking system to be deployed in North America using 5.9GHz, which is the chosen technology for USDOT’s Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot program. The in-vehicle segment of the new system will consist of a location-based application running on Kapsch’s TS3306 5.9GHz DSRC On-Board Unit (OBU) and a truck parking application user interface hosted on an off-the-shelf Android-based tablet. The roadside segment will feature the company’s MTX-9450 5.9GHz DSRC WAVE Transceiver, which will interface with MDOT’s Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) that will provide real-time truck parking availability data. The system is expected to be fully delivered by December 2013. Although the contract has a rather low volume, it has a high strategic significance
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Logistics inefficiency costs to Italy 40 billions Euro
Logistics inefficiency costs to Italy 40 billions Euro. This is one of the results of the study “Road freight transport” by ACI, TTS Italia founding member, and Anfia (National Association for automotive) presented during the event Transpotec Logitec in Verona.According to the study, the logistic inefficiency stops the productivity of the country, increasing delivery times and making more difficult relationships among companies as per supplies. Italy should develop an intermodal system. Finally, according to the Logistic performance index (Lpi) Italy is in the 24th place in the world for logistics, after the most part of European countries.
Source: Trasporti-Italia

Project Automation wins tenders for videosurveillance, speed and air quality control systems
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Fasano for the supply, installation and maintenance services for CCTV systems in public areas of the City of Fasano. In addition, Project has won the tender issued by the road police of the municipality of Lecce for the location, installation, routine maintenance and repairs of fixed positions for the automatic control of the passage with red light and of speeding. Finally, Project Automation has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Caltanissetta for the supply and maintenance of a system for air quality control.
Source: TTS Italia

SDG Nexus release article on telematics benefits
SDG Nexus, TTS Italia ordinary member, released an article on the several benefits of telematics on the Portal “Tutto Flotte”.
For the article (available only in Italian), click here
Source: SDG Nexus

The SCUTUM project on GPS World cover
The project SCUTUM (SeCUring the EU GNSS adopTion in the dangeroUs Material transport), coordinated byTelespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, is on the cover of the review GPS World dedicated to EGNOS and Galileo.
For the review,
For further information on SCUTUM,
Source: Telespazio

Turin pilot site for the URBELOG project
Turin is to become the pilot site for the project “URBELOG, URBan Electronic LOGistic”. The project involves several TTS Italia ordinary members: Iveco, Politecnico di Torino, Selex Es and Telecom, leader, and aims at developing an innovative telematics platform for the “last mile” management in logistics. The objective is to create an efficient, sustainable and costs saving logistics. The value of the project is around 13 millions Euro.
Source: Eco dalle Città

Turin test site for the INSeT project
Turin has been selected as test site within the project INSeT (Interoperable National System for e-Ticketing). The aim of the project is to strengthen the interoperability among e-ticketing systems of public transport in Italian smart cities; high speed railway services and other services for citizens tied to health and culture. INSeT involves AV Technology and Consorzio Triveneto, TTS Italia ordinary member. The project wants to answer to a new kind of mobility characterised by an increasing number of people moving daily from a region to another: INSeT aims at defining standardized rules to foster integration. The value of the project is between 16 and 19 Millions Euro.
Source: Eco dalle Città

Workshop: “ITS: technologies, methods and applications in road transport” – 11 March 2013 – Turin
It was held in March 11 in Turin the Workshop "ITS - Technologies, methods and applications in road transport", organized by the Politecnico di Torino, TTS Italia ordinary member, with the support of TTS Italia, as well as the network of university for training on ITS and the publisher of the new book on the theme of the workshop, which was presented. The workshop was attended by the President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero, and by several TTS Italia members as speakers: University of Naples Federico II; University of Rome La Sapienza; Politecnico di Milano, Autostrade per l’Italia; Magneti Marelli.
For the photo gallery, click here before 4 March.
Source: TTS Italia/Politecnico Torino

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Axis Axis upgrades security at Airport Fontanarossa

The main airport in Sicily and the first in Southern Italy with high domestic traffic and several connections to mid-range European and extra-European destinations had an outdated video surveillance system that could no longer ensure ideal control of apron surveillance. The low-definition analog system it used did not offer sufficient image quality and left some of the airport’s areas uncovered. To salvage the former investment, management decided to resort to employing Axis video encoders to transfer the infrastructure to IP and integrate Axis HDTV digital cameras in strategic points that could cover all the airport’s aprons. To provide enhanced efficiency and share information with other public safety institutions, the infrastructure of the network designed for the apron was separated from the local network.

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Powersoft, TTS Italia ordinary member, developped DEVA, the Revolutionary multimedia device that integrates solar power, bidirectional wireless A/V communication, without installation costs. Equipped, with several sensors (microphone, presence detector, twilight switch and temperature / humidity / pressure sensors) and various connection methods (GSM, GPS, GPRS) DEVA can be used in a nearly limitless number of applications. Designed for smart cities it could be used to keep secure and under control large areas such as public gardens, transport hubs, car parks and anywhere else where there are difficulties in distributing public messages over large areas due to installations constraints and/or lack of existing communication infrastructure.

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EnergyMed 2013
11-13 April 2013, Naples
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Intelligent Transport Systems: new trends and perspective after the Decree Sviluppo Bis
18 April 2013, Rome
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Workshop "Enablers for Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services"
16 April 2013, Brussels, Belgium
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ROad SAfety of Lives IN Europe
23-25 April 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


I-Orbassano: Control equipments installation
I-Palermo: Software for planning
I-Riposto: Videosurveillance system
I-Roma: Systems maintenance
I-San Cataldo: Videosurveillance system

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