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N° 5 May 2014

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Mr. Dondolini, your Directorate General is now responsible for the National coordination and implementation of infomobility and Intelligent Transport System (ITS). What will do as per these issues? What will be the first steps?
The Directorate will work to implement the ITS National Plan and the first decisions will include the most mature sectors where we can get immediate results such as on board technologies, free infomobility services for users, traffic monitoring. The telematics platform IPIT (Public Index for Infrastructure and Traffic) is ready to be operative and it totally complies with the ITS European directives. Each market operator will have to share on line his data so that it is easier to have and spread completed and integrated information. As per the sector “underdeveloped”, the priority will be to monitor the on going actions and to specify the required activities to make the ITS Plan operative.

Your Directorate has recently drafted the new National Plan for road safety Horizon 2020. What are the priorities? How and when the document will be approved?
The Plan adopts the general objective defined by the European Community to reduce road fatalities by 50% by 2020 and identifies specific objectives to reduce road fatalities for weak road users: pedestrians (-60%); cyclists (-60%), bikers (-50%) and users involved in accidents (-50%). Also, there is a special principle inspiring the Plan: no kid has to die on the road. This is to protect a special category of weak road users. The first draft of the Plan involved all users, citizens, companies, public and private entities through a public consultation closed on 31 March 2014. The results of this consultation will be soon published. The final document will be sent to the involved Ministries (Internal Affairs, Education, Health) for their approval.

The Plan considers technologies as the right mean for a higher road safety. Especially, the Plan supports a greater spread f V2V and V2I communications as well as the eCall. What will be the first applications?
The Plan according to the European requests on ITS as well as to the National ITS Action Plan, promotes the use of the “Black Box” to extend the ITS services, the diffusion of the cooperative systems and advanced enforcement systems. When appropriate, the Plan will support Field Operational Test to evaluate the potential effects of these systems on real scenarios. As regards the eCall, Italy participated in the European project HeERO (Harmonised eCall European Pilot) which first phase ended in 2013. The project tested and validated the standards for the eCall defined at European level. The Italian test site was in Varese where the unique number for emergency was activated. The test offered the opportunity to evaluate the real obstacles to deal with to implement the eCall at National level and we are defining the overall framework of competences and responsibilities tied to the eCall.

Finally, how the National Plan will be funded?
The actual economic crisis make the resources for the funding quite limited. Therefore we need to optimize both objectives and timing. The Directorate may have the chance to fund the Plan through unused funds.

Who is Sergio Dondolini. Since 2008 he is the Director of the Directorate General for Road Safety of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, he started his career in private company, then passed in the Italian Railways where he was in charge of maintenance and fleet management. Subsequently he joined the Italian Ministry of Transport, and he was in charge of railways concession, before moving to road safety. With the new reform of the Italian Ministry, Dondolini became responsible on ITS.

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Projects of the month


Three major road projects in Lombardy with Aesys technology

Through the supply of variable message signs, Aesys is also contributing to the road network improvements throughout the Lombardy region of Italy. Aesys LED signs will be equipping Bre.Be.Mi—linking Brescia, Bergamo, and Milan—as well as the Milan East outer ring road and Pedemontana Lombarda highway.

The importance of Bre.Be.Mi.
The Bre.Be.Mi has become well known as the first European highway financed completely through future toll revenue and without tax revenue. The highway will be completed after 5 years in time for Expo 2015 and is a representation of Italian efficiency. Final testing is currently in progress with the opening scheduled in July with the President of Italy.
The project did not only build a new highway to better distribute highway traffic leading for reducing travel times, congestion, and pollution, but also built the accompanying bridges, tunnels, and water channels. The new road should provide better logistical support for new businesses.

The Aesys Solution
In the project Bre.Be.Mi, Aesys is the exclusive supplier of variable message signs. 26 signs being installed along the 62 km route will improve road safety with real-time messages as well as provide information at toll plazas through the installation of an additional 26 signs.

Towards Expo 2015
Aesys will additionally supply the Milan East outer ring road and the Pedemontana Lombarda highway. 130 LED signs have already been supplied with an additional 150 left to be delivered. One part of the delivery to Pedemontana Lombarda was completely turnkey with the inclusion of both steal supports and on-site installation.

The City of Torino was awarded with the SMAU Prize “e-Government: The champions of reuse”

On 14 May 2014, the City of Torino was awarded with the SMAU Prize “e-Government: The champions of reuse” for the project SI.MO.NE. – Sistema Innovativo di gestione della MObilità per le aree metropolitaNE - funded by the national program ELISA and coordinated by Torino.
The project ended in 2012 and led to the definition of a national architecture for the mobility management and traffic data exchange , which can be also used by other local governments. The technical coordination was entrusted to 5T – Telematic Technologies for Transport and Traffic in Torino -, an in-house provider company of the City of Torino, specialized in ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems, and TTS Italia ordinary member. Other public authorities were involved, such as the City of Bologna, the City of Genova, the districts of Firenze and Cagliari.
The project’s solution, which has been awarded, is the software “Floating Car Data (FCD) Aggregator”. This software permits to monitor traffic conditions in real time in a defined area, thanks to the use of FCD produced by fleets of equipped vehicles or by telephone operators, and it can be deployed by other local public governments.
5T supervised the design, the development and the implementation of this solution in order to increase the extension of the current systems for tracking information, on one hand by reducing the necessary infrastructure on the territory, and on the other hand by improving the rapidity and the relevance of the information provided to drivers. Therefore the solution allows the traffic monitoring on large areas without the installation of expensive traffic sensors but with the reduction of maintenance and management costs.
Insurance companies, mobile operators and car fleet managers are the suppliers of FCD; this data is integrated and properly processed by the aggregator, through the communication protocol SI.MO.NE., also developed by 5T. Thanks to the acquisition of these data, it is possible to recreate the traffic situation on the reference road network: the quality of the information becomes more exact, urban planning improves and real time traffic information services are provided to benefit citizens.
The system is already operative in the partner cities of the project. With regard to the City of Torino and Piemonte Region, it represents the main model of the Traffic Operation Center, managed by 5T, through which are monitored more than 34,000 km of regional roads and thanks to the service “Muoversi in Piemonte”, citizens are constantly informed with real-time information.
The City of Torino and 5T are extremely dynamic in promoting and publicizing the project solutions, through conferences, public events and offering technical and organizational support to local governments wishing to apply for the reuse solution. In the project’s web site,, the updated version of the SI.MO.NE. protocol in its third edition and the software package of the Aggregator are now available.

For contacts: Francesca Marinetto


Product of the month


Excise Tax Refund... Be Careful with Devices

Tax exemption on diesel fuel allows companies that use industrial machinery to produce motive power and cut production costs by getting a refund on excise tax on diesel fuel. All companies using fixed equipment and self-propelled machinery for production purposes, such as those operating in the building, harbour, extractive, mining, manufacturing, waste disposal and material recovery can request tax exemption on diesel fuel. Vehicles authorised to travel on roads (e.g. lorries) are excluded.
Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 504/95, Circulars 5/D of 12/03/2010 and 25/D of 11/08/2011 issued by the Italian Customs Agency, companies can therefore get a reduction in excise tax on diesel fuel today equal to €0.43/litre by installing a Data Fuel Tracer (DFT) in the machine. DFT is a high-technology device patented by Tecno Srl, partner of Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, in line with the requirements set out by the Customs Agency. It is the only tool that allows actual diesel fuel consumption to be certified by recording the rpm of the engine during the actual operation time. It can be installed on any industrial machine without requiring any electronic or structural modification. To this regard, it is worth noting that the Customs and Monopolies Agency recently issued a few guidelines on application of the benefit provided for by Italian Legislative Decree 504/95 concerning the requirements that the devices must meet.
In Table A attached, which can be viewed here, as far as the measurement tools are concerned it reads, “the programming in the device (and, in particular, the so-called k factor) must not in any way be modifiable either on-site or remotely”. Moreover, reference is made to several reports received from the Authority regarding operators that "make use of service companies that measure the hours of operation and the rpm of three-phase motors to receive tax benefits remotely with special electronic equipment that uses mobile telephone and telecommunication technologies". To this regard - again in Table A attached - the Authority clarifies that, "this equipment does not replace the stand-alone measurement tools described previously, which must always be installed on machinery and which are the only devices recognised for measuring the data necessary for determining authorised consumption". After the circular goes into effect, the Authorities will carry out inspections at the Companies that received approval for the tax benefits and relevant refunds in order to check that the measurement tools and any other devices used for reporting meet the rules set out in the document. In the case of non-conformities, Companies may be subject to audits on the truthfulness of the data presented and the relevant correctness of the refunds obtained. Viasat and Tecno have designed a solution that also includes completion of all the paperwork necessary for presenting the application to the Customs Agency to get the benefits offered. The Data Fuel Tracer (DFT) measurement tool and satellite device for electronic reading (and automatic processing of the daily report sheet to use to get the refunds using the Viasat Web Console computer platform) absolutely meet the criteria this regulation lays down. Our specialists are available to provide all necessary advice.

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For contacts: Francesco Signori-


News of the month


Conference “Intelligent solutions for the future mobility” in Bolzano
It was held on the 23 May, in Bolzano (North Italy), the conference “Intelligent solutions for the future mobility” organised by several local authorities. Within the conference, a number of Workshops have been organised, especially one focused on the future perspective for ITS, in collaboration with Famas System, TTS Italia ordinary member, and supported by the project «The Green Mobility of the Future», financed by the European funding for the Regional Development (FESR). The Workshop analysed the smart perspectives of the future mobility: what are ITS? How to use the ICT technologies for a better transport? How to support a green mobility? In this occasion also the ITS National Plan has been presented. Among the speakers of the day: Famas System, University of Naples and Politecnico of Milan, TTS Italia ordinary members.
Source: TTS Italia/Famas System

Selex ES wins tender in Genoa
Selex ES, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Genoa for the service of maintenance of implants, equipment and systems relating to the activities of the automated operations center and access control to restricted traffic zone of the historic center of Genoa City.
Source: TTS Italia

Seminar on "Destination for the income from the Sanctions of the Code of the Road: Why is everything always so complicated?
Organised by ACI, TTS Italia founding member, and Federmobilità, it was held in Rome, on the 28 May, the seminar “Destination for the income from the Sanctions of the Code of the Road: Why is everything always so complicated?”. The day was opened by the President of ACI, Mr. Angelo Sticchi Damiani and there was the participation of: the Italian Ministry of Transport; the department for mobility of Milan; the department for mobility of Turin.
Source: Federmobilità

Starts the “SmartBus” project by ENEA for the transport on demand
It was launched on the 19 May, the “SmartBus”, project focused on the local public transport on demand. The project, developed by ENEA, TTS Italia ordinary member, is carried out in the Italian city of L’Aquila and is supported by the Mobility Agency of L’Aquila, the Municipality of L’Aquila and by the Department for the Smart City of L’Aquila, along with the University La Sapienza in Rome. The experimental service aims at fostering the mobility from and to the city centre for the users working in that area through a dedicated service of transport on demand. The service can be booked by computer, tablet or smartphone. The user needs to be registered on the dedicated web site ( and then to indicate day and time when the transport is required. Shouldn’t the service be available on the requested day/time, the user will be advised by a proper message on his phone or by email. At the moment, the transport service includes 11 stops involving the main points of the historical centre. Once on board, the user is recognised through a bar code provided along with the registration.
Source: Clcikmobility

Viasat at a Workshop on logistics in Turin
Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, took part n the Workshop “Innovating logistics: organisation and hi-tech to compete. Experiences from Europe, China and Russia”, held in Turin on the 29 May.
The Workshop was organised by ELMED (European Logistics Mediterranean Association), and aimed at strengthening the partnerships between companies in Europe, Russia and China.
Viasat was represented by its Vice President, Massimo Getto, with a speech on “Telematics for growing” to illustrate numbers and cases on the use of telematics for saving money and for a greater efficiency.
ELMED has been created by National logistics associations from Italy, France and Spain to support the cooperation among companies working in the Mediterranean Area. The network is open to any company having interest in the South Europe. Recently, also Greece and Brasil took part in the Association.
Source: Viasat


TTS in action


Rome and Turin subscribe the Platforms for Local Authorities launched by TTS Italia
The city of Rome and the city of Turin have subscribed the Platform for Local Authorities launched by TTS Italia on the last February. In anticipation of the implementation of the National ITS strategy by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia proposes the establishment of a Platform for Local Authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities), which aims primarily to create a table of comparison between the world of the offer, a strong presence in the Association, and the demand side. The Platform will offer Local Authorities support and training services useful for the local implementation of ITS. The main aim of the Platform is to raise the awareness of local authorities on the tangible benefits that ITS can bring through measures of knowledge and information for decision-makers and technicians, operational support and training.


The Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia launches a new Working Group on payment systems
A new Working Group on payment systems within ITS was launched in Rome on the 14 May as part of the 2014 activities of the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia. The new Working Group, composed by experts, aim at providing the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with the necessary technical support in relation to the modes of payments for the mobility. The Committee also set three other Working Groups: the interconnection and integration of platforms for multimodal freight transport; classification of roads on the basis of actual ITS services; black boxes and connected vehicle.


TTS Italia at the Panel “Transport innovation for efficiency and safety. Lessons learned and perspectives for the period 2014-2020”
TTS Italia took part in the Panel “Transport innovation for efficiency and safety. Lessons learned and perspectives for the period 2014-2020”, organised by the Campania Region on the last 29 May in Rome.
TTS Italia was represented by the Chairman of the technical-scientific Committee, Emilio Cera.
The Panel aimed at discussing the actual situation of the local public transport and how the ITS can contribute to greater level of safety and efficiency. The Panel was a moment of discussion and comparison between key actors of the sector and offered a state of the art as per the innovation level in Italy.


TTS Italia signs MoU with ITS Australia
During its mission in Melbourne, Australia, TTS Italia and ITS Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the 1° May 2014. The Mou was signed by the secretary General of TTS Italia, Olga Landolfi, and the Prtesident of ITS Australia, Brian Negus, with the aim of fostering partnerships between Italian and Australian companies in the ITS sector with a special attention to training, research, business cooperation, best practice exchange. the mission of TTS Italia in Australia was the occasion for Workshop, meetings, technical visits and for discussing the ITS World Congress 2016 to be held in Melbourne.
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10° ITS European Congress – Helsinki – 16/19 June 2014
Organised by ERTICO-ITS Europe and hosted in Helsinki, it will be held from 16 to 19 June the 10° ITS European Congress with the title “ITS in your pocket – proven solutions driving user services”. As a unique platform dedicated to the trends, achievements and opportunities in European markets, the Congress annually brings together a wealth of decision makers at the highest level, thought leaders, technologists, researchers and a wide range of related experts. It distinguishes itself by the high number of participants, the great diversity of market segments, and the unparalleled quality of its programme.
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In November the new edition of Smart Mobility World - 13/14 November 2014 – Turin
The next edition of Smart Mobility World, the european  reference event for the mobility of the XXI century, will be held in Turin, at the Lingotto Conference Centre, next 13 and 14 November. An initiative organized in Turin, European guide for the development of ITS services and Infomobility ‘for’ smart cities’, and for the development of technologies for Green Cars and Sustainable Transport.
The event, organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italia - Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of the Chamber of commerce of Turin, of the main institutions of Piedmont and the partnership of some of the most prestigious national and international Associations, including TTS Italia. Last edition, ended on September 27, has received positive feedback from sponsors, all the institutional system of Turin and has reported significant numbers, such as:
- more than 3.000 qualified professionals
- 150 between sponsors, exhibitors and partners,
- 234 speakers and 28 conference sessions,
- more than 500 B2B meetings between companies and buyers.

New components will enrich the well-established Conference & Expo, extending the schedule of Smart Mobility World 2014 which will be developed over 5 days and structured in the following way:

12/13 November INTERNATIONAL PRE-CONFERENCE - Lingotto Congress Center
The international character of the event is confirmed by the “Connected Car”, a two- days pre-conference and on two days dedicated to on board technologies for the management of the interaction vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure. This brings up an international business community that will participate both as a sponsor of the visitor.

13/14  November CONFERENCE & EXPO - Lingotto Congress Center
As in the previous edition the Conference & Expo will be divided into three forums: ITN Infrastructure & tecnologies for the Smart City, Telemobility Forum and Green Cars Forum.
It will covers the following topics:
- ITS & Satellite Navigation
- Emergency & Safety
- Infomobilita’ & Digital Media
- Galileo / Glonass / GPS  Smart City Logistics & Parking
- AVL/AVM & Fleet Management
- E-Ticketing, NFC & Mobile Payments
- Digital Signage for Mobility
- GIS & Geocontents
- On Board Telematics & Car Sensors

News 2014:
- Local public transport and regional railways
- Infrastructures and technologies for parking
- Road Safety

A great networking event, a unique, exclusive, informal meeting opportunity to be the protagonists together with the major national and international players in the industry.

An event that will see the public trying the mobility of the twenty-first century in the streets of the city of Turin. The centre of Turin, the living room of Italy, will for three days become the scene of a large outdoor festival based on the major innovations that will designate mobility in the twenty-first century. Windows of visibility regarding mobility in the future extended to new target groups: citizens and lovers of innovation in the high-tech and automotive industries. The scene of this major exhibition will be Piazza S. Carlo, Piazza Castello, Piazza Vittorio, Piazza Lagrange, and many other charming locations. Test drives and special trials.

For any further information on the event, please visit:


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Alberobello: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Atripalda: Parking meters
Italia-Bari: Consultance services
Italia-Roma: Certification services


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Citytech 2014 - Edizione Roma
10-11 June 2014
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4th International Conference CAR INTERIORS
June 17-18 2014 - Turin
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Port&ShippingTech 2014
26-27 June 2014, Naples
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XI Congreso de Ingeniería del Transporte
9-11 June 2014, Santander, Spain
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Transports Publics 2014, il Salone europeo della mobilità
10-11-12 June 2014, Paris, France
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Congreso Panamericano de Ingeniería del Transporte 2014
11-12-13 June 2014, Santander, Panama
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European Space Solutions 2014
11-13 June 2014, Prague, Czech Republic
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The first European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)
12-13 June 2014, Sopot, Poland
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10th ITS European Congress - ITS in your pocket – proven solutions driving user services
16 – 19 June 2014, Helsinki, Finland
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Transport logistic China 2014
17- 19 June 2014, Shanghai, China
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3rd Annual World Congress of Emerging InfoTech 2014
19-21 June 2014, Dalian, China
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