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Mr. Maran, you recently have become the delegate for mobility in ANCI (National Association for the Italian Municipalities). What are the commitments that you intend to carry on at national level?

The requests that ANCI presented to the Government the need for a revolution of the rules of the Highway Code and to rethink the city by focusing on pedestrians and cyclists as protagonists. The proposed framework, which has been shared with municipalities and associations, regards both the application of existing rules, such as the possibility of a more advanced signs at traffic lights for cyclists, and legislative changes. In particular, we strongly support the transformation of city centers - with the exception of the main streets - in 30 km / h areas. We think this result should be achieved through the realization of spaces dedicated to socialization using furniture even on the road, such as planters, benches, terrace, bicycle racks in collaboration with commercial activities and not by cameras or interdictions. The Ministry of Transport showed great interest in these initiatives and so we hope to get some first results within a few months.

ANCI launched the “National Smart City observatory”. The smart mobility seems to be fundamental to reach smart cities. How will you proceed to spread smart technologies for cities?
The path in Milan has already been activated and is well demonstrated by the success of sharing services the city provides. The most recent one is EQ Sharing, the electric car sharing of Milan: quads to use with a subscription to circulate freely and with zero impact in the city. In addition, the Ministry for Instruction, University and Research has recently selected several smart projects submitted by the Municipality of Milan within the tender “Smart Cities And Communities And Social Innovation”. Some of these projects, elaborated in partnership with private companies, university or research bodies, are focused on smart mobility such as the project dedicated to logistics in urban areas, realises with Telecom and Selex.

Milano has been defined as the “National laboratory of the new mobility” and in the ICity Rate 2013 is listed as the first Italian city for smart mobility. In your opinion, what were the winning choices?
The best answer is given by the numbers by which Milan was ranked: over 70 projects on smart technological innovation, sustainable mobility, energy-saving; 15 Digital Island just opened (which will double by February 2014); 64 new Apps grown from 140 'data set 'available on Open data; more than 6,000 km of optical fiber; over 3,300 bikes for sharing; 23,000 subscribers to bike sharing service; and 50,000 subscribers to car sharing. These are the numbers that have allowed Milan to rank on the podium.

It is possible to create the conditions to reproduce this model in other cities? Finally, the spread of technologies for mobility in Italy is suffering regulatory delays. The ITS National Plan requested bty the European Comission by August 2012 hasn’t been submitted yet. Do you think that clear policies might help also municipalities in the mobility sector?
The possibility of replication depends both on the choices of individual authorities and the attention the Government will give the theme. As ANCI we will also tackle the theme of new clear rules that allow the development of systems for sharing.

Who is Pierfrancesco Maran. Born in Milan in 1980, he got a degree in political science and worked as consultant. In 2006 he became councilor of Milan entering the Commission for mobility and environment and focusing his activities on the local public transport. He is the national delegate for ANCI for public tranport and mobility; President of ICS (Initiative Car Sharing) and member of the Council for the Coordination of the 21 italian agenda.

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ACI wins the Best Practice Certificate
ACI, TTS Italia founding member, has won the Best Practice Certificate created by EPSA - European Public Sector Award with the project “3.000 foreign drivers become ambassadors for the road safety”. This year topic was the proposal of alternative solutions during economic crisis and nearly 600 participants from 36 European countries took part in the edition. ACI awarded the prize because focussed on a peculiar aspect of our society: road safety problems tied to foreign drivers. The project carried out by ACI involved many participants, government departments and media, reaching very positive results.

Aesys and Pluservice wins tender for smart pols
Aesys and Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by ATP, agency for the public transport in Sassari (South Italy) for the supply of 66 smart poles with related control centre.
Source: TTS Italia

Autostrade per l’Italia launches My Way
It was launche on 2 December the new information service by Autostrade per l’Italia, in collaboration with Sky, My Way. The service will offer drivers real time information on traffic on motorways and big cities thanks to 1,5 million of sensors. The information will be given through radio and television, every day. Information will also be available in streaming on
Source: Trasporti-Italia

Bologna launches the smart parking with mycicero
In Bologna, started on 11 November, the new experimental service allowing to pay for parking using the smartphone or the mobile phone without the need for coins for the parking meter or coupons "scratch and pause." To use the system, the driver needs to register his details on the site, platform developed by Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, leaving the cell phone number, the license plate of the car and preferred method of payment, download the specific "App" and purchase a minimum of 5 Euros to be used for the parking payment. The download of the App is the fastest way to pay the parking. However, also other ways are possible: for example by sending a text message from mobile phone to a free dedicated number.
Source: Clickmobility

IVU Traffic Technologies at the IT-TRANS 2014
IVU, TTS Italia ordinary member, will be present also this year at the IT-Trans, the 18. – 20. February 2014 in Karlsruhe. In addition to the “historical” products of the IVU.suite will be presented some important new modules, such as the ticketing and online-booking system IVU.fare.ticket and the Apps for mobile phones regarding customer information, ticket purchase etc. During the conference sessions of the event there will be two IVU presentations - one relating about the IVU project for the Transport company "Transport of London" which was awarded in 2013 by the UITP in Geneva for the Information Technologies category, in consideration of its contribution to the improvement of the quality and quantity of public transport in a sustainable manner.
For more information contact:
Cristina Massari

Kapsch presents V2X communications platform
Kapsch TrafficCom, TTS Italia ordinary member, is presenting its new EVK-3300 communications platform for V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicles and Infrastructure) communication at the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium Forum in Munich. The new EVK-3300 platform is directly targeted at car manufacturers and suppliers. The platform has various ways of being integrated into vehicles: CAN, Ethernet, USB and diverse input and output options for specific adaptations. The 802.11p radio module provides access to V2X radio communication, the optional WLAN/3G/4G module facilitates communication via alternative channels. Smartphones or tablets are linked to the EVK-3300 via Bluetooth to display messages, a GNSS receiver enables the exact position of the vehicle to be pinpointed, which can then be transmitted to other vehicles using the same communications system. With the help of the integrated security module, the EVK can also function as an independent ITS station in the vehicle. Kapsch has developed an ITS G5 Protocol Stack that is platform-independent to meet these requirements.
“Our V2X communications platform offers a great number of possibilities in the V2X domain. It enables car manufacturers and suppliers to integrate this new technology into vehicles in diverse ways and test it. V2X and the EVK-3300 system will soon enable completely new and until now inconceivable applications to become reality”, explained R Tugrul Güner, V2X program manager and head of new technologies at Kapsch. He provided some examples, “Informing drivers when the traffic signal will turn green, that there are roadworks in the left-hand lane in 1km, a vehicle 500 meters in front of you has made an emergency stop, or an emergency vehicle is approaching you in the right-hand lane; this is all information that can improve the flow of traffic, enhance safety and optimize the comfort of car drivers.”
Source: Kapsch

Kapsch wins tender for limited traffic zones management
Kapsch TrafficCom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the municipality of Bollate for the supply, implementationa and maintenance of the system for the limited traffic zones management for 3 years.
Source: TTS Italia

Mantua renews its urban mobility services with a Smart City view
Mantua keeps abreast of the time and follows the example of the most virtuous Italian and International Smart Cities: choosing to fully innovate its urban mobility services with technologies ensuring better use, management and control performances. Aster - Territory Services Agency of the City of Mantua chose, therefore, to rely on the expertise and products by Kiunsys, TTS Italia ordinary member. Characterized by the presence of around 50,000 residents and of a sizeable tourist flow, Mantua requires a valid integrated system for the management and control of different types of services:
- parking and related permits/authorizations
- LTZ permits for access and transit
- Blue Badge, CUDE - European parking card for disabled people
- tour buses permits for parking (reservation and payment) and transit
- mobility services payments.
In addition to INeS Cloud and to the RFID MobilityPasses, the solution offered by Kiunsys includes the adoption of the new CUDE declined in electronic format and equipped with RFID tag, and of Tap&Park, the app for parking tickets mobile payment. Thanks to Tap&Park, citizens of Mantua can pay only the actual parking time, with their smartphone, no longer need coins.
Source: Kiunsys

Project Automation wins tender for road speed control
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the city of Grugliasco for the rental service of fixed devices for the automatic detection of speed and traffic light offenses, including installation, maintenance and repairs, and its center of administration. In addition, Project Automation ha salso won the tender issued by the municipality of Caltanissetta for the implementation of an urban videosurveillance system.
Source: TTS Italia

Regione Piemonte and 5t awarded for the BIP e-ticketing system
Regione Piemonte and 5t, TTS Italia ordinary member, have been awarded in Paris with the Calypso Award as Best Customer Value for the e-ticketing project “BIP”. The prize awards every year those who contributed to the promotion of the Calypso technology, used by the BIP project and recognised as international standard for the e-ticketing systems. The BIP project, funded by the Regione Piemonte and involving more than 100 regional companies, introduced a smart card he public transport payment and will make easier the intermodality within the whole region.
Source: Clickmobility

“The Essential of ITS” – 5/6 December 2013 – Turin
ITS-EduNet, the European, independent network for further education in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) organised on 5 and 6 December “The Essential of ITS”, a short course on ITS held in Turina t the Politecnico di Torino, member of ITS-EduNet and TTS Italia ordinary member. The course was a comprehensive insight into state-of-the-art methods, technologies and into the benefits of ITS on an academic level.
Source: ITS-EduNet/TTS Italia

The Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office (GEMCO) kicks off and signs a Letter of Intent with Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF)
On the 23rd of October, the European Delegation to Tunisia inaugurated the GEMCO office at Elgazala Technopark in Tunis, at the presence of representatives of Tunisian Institutions and European Commission. Several delegates from six Euromed countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) attended the inauguration ceremony and the workshop organized by the Euromed GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) II project called MEDUSA, coordinated by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, that is also in charge of operating the office.The day kicked off by an Institutional panel with key note speeches from European Commission, European Delegation in Tunis and the Ministry of Transport of Tunisia that reaffirmed the interest of Tunisia towards EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) and Galileo and the mutual cooperation in the field of E-GNSS (European - GNSS) recalling the joint statement signed between the Minister of Transport and Vice-president Tajani one year ago.The second part was mainly dedicated to share the European experiences in using EGNOS and the views for Galileo in civilian applications, as well as to discuss the possibilities for cross-fertilisation with the forthcoming GEMCO activities. During the third part, focused on reviewing the several ideas submitted in the framework of the call for ideas closed last September, the speakers - from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia - presented their proposals and their priority themes concerning the use of GNSS in their countries and in the Euromed region.
The event’s material is available in the section “Other Activities”. 
In addition, on the occasion of the “Arab ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Incubators Workshop and Arab Technoparks Meeting” organized by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Regional Office for the Arab States and Elgazala Technopark, GEMCO signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with the ASTF ( also acting as coordinator of the Arab MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Regional Challenge to the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC).
Capitalizing on the parties’ common vision fostering the exploitation of the GNSS, this LoI strengthens a bilateral relationship based on a plan of joint activities identified upon mutual benefits and addressed to the Arab Euromed countries, for:
- Supporting the development and contributing to the innovation linked to the services/products based on the European GNSS (EGNOS and Galileo);
- Promoting research, educational, and commercial cooperation towards their networks.
This agreement constitutes a first and important step of the new born GEMCO towards the cooperation in the field of satellite navigation with other entities in the Euromed area.
GEMCO staff’s contact:
Source: Telespazio

The Politecnico di Milano launches Greenmove
The Politecnico di Milano, TTS Italia ordinary member, has launched the project “Greenmove” involving eight Departments of the Politecnico and focusing on the vehicle sharing. Greenmove is a multi-disciplinary research, which focuses on different aspects and fields, to create a flexible system of sharing, which is suitable for different targets and different user needs. The fields of research include from the environmental to the economic one, with the creation of a true "business model". In addition, the experimental part of the project opens up new fronts in the field of social innovation and sharing, not just a vehicle created ad hoc, but also for private cars. All this is made possible by a technologically advanced platform: the "Green Box", a sort of black box, which can be implemented on any vehicle, making it automatically part of the sharing. The “Green Box” also works actively as a data collection station, ranging from the vehicle's geolocation analysis of driving style. The project is based on open data, accessible and usable by all people, especially by the operators who already offer a car sharing service.
Source: Eco dalle Città

TomTom and Citilabs held the ”Innovation Day” in Milan
Citilabs and TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, organised the “Innovation Day” held in Milan on the last 6 December. The event was aimed at showing the benefits arising from the integration of geospatial data and historical traffic data provided by TomTom with software solutions for transport planning and traffic engineering produced by Citilabs. Among the guests of the day, “SPEA Ingegneria Europea” and “Serenissima Mobilità Srl” who shared they experiences using TomTom traffic data and Citilabs software.
Source: TomTom

TomTom releases the Index Traffic 2013
TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has released the sixth edition of its Traffic Index, which reveals that on average, commuters around the world are spending 8 working days a year stuck in traffic. The company’s Traffic Index is one of the world’s most accurate barometers of traffic congestion in 169 cities across six continents. It compares travel times during non-congested hours (free flow) with travel times in peak hours, and takes into account local roads and highways. Based on the comparisons, the report has compiled the top ten most congested cities, ranked by overall Congestion Level, in Q2 2013: Moscow 65%; Istanbul 57%; Rio de Janeiro 50%; Warsaw 44%; Palermo 40%; Marseille 40%; São Paulo 39%; Rome 36%; Paris 36%; and Stockholm 36%. In the North American report, Vancouver has surpassed Los Angeles for the first time ever as the most congested city. The top ten most congested North American cities were: Vancouver, Canada; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Honolulu; Seattle; San Jose; Toronto, Canada; Washington; New York; and Montreal, Canada. “We are seeing a clear pattern, which shows that congestion levels increase as economies emerge from recession. The traditional responses to tackling congestion, like building new roads or widening existing ones, are no longer proving effective. The way traffic is managed needs significant change,” said TomTom’s chief executive officer, Harold Goddijn. “The findings from the Traffic Index also show that real-time traffic information has the potential to ease congestion in urban areas by routing drivers away from gridlock, and help commuters to make smarter decisions.” The company’s head of global traffic research, Nick Cohn, commented, “Deep research into traffic is a natural by-product of TomTom’s work, since we deliver products that help drivers avoid traffic and delays. It will be interesting to see how cities and drivers react to our findings. In the meantime, our research helps keep a pulse on the shifts in traffic patterns, as we work to find new ways to tackle congestion.”
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Traffic information by TomTom in Brasil
TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, launched its new service for traffic information in Brasil. According to the latest Traffic Index released by TomTom, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are listed among the more congestioned cities in the world. TomTom service is already active in 33 countries among North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zeland.
Source: Traffic Technology Today

TTS Italia welcomes six new members
Following the Board of Directors of 16 December 2013, TTS Italia welcomes six new members:
- Agenzia Provinciale per la Mobilità di Bolzano (
- Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione (
- Mac&Nil (
- Lem Reply (
- Trenitalia (
- Uirnet (
Source: TTS Italia

VisLab presents BRAiVE in Denmark
VisLab, The Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (VisLab) of Parma University, TTS Italia ordinary member, presented BRAiVE and its results with a keynote at Geoforum, Kolding, Denmark, on November 5, 2013. The keynote was delivered by Prof. Alberto Broggi in the morning, while in the afternoon BRAiVE drove autonomously in downtown Kolding. BRAiVE, VisLab’s most advanced prototype, was also showcased to the conference attendees and the public (about 750 people). For further information on BRAiVE, please, visit:
Source: VisLab


Projects of the month


Dorothy and SPeeD: the new projects from KIUNSYS

To study and analyze the state of the art of city logistics solutions with the aim of defining common guidelines to be adopted as European standards and to create innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions: these are the directives of DOROTHY, the European project of which Liberologico, parent company of Kiunsys, is a partner with other 25 organizations and companies from four countries: Italy, Romania, Spain and Portugal. DOROTHY, acronym for Development Of RegiOnal clusTers for researcH and implementation of environmental friendlY urban logistics, is funded by Seventh Framework Programme [FP7-REGIONS-2012-2013-1] and it’s coordinated by Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione of the University of Florence. The project is inspired by the contents of the Flagship Initiative for a Resource-Efficient Europe Under the Europe 2020 Strategy, one of the seven priority initiatives proposed by the European Commission as part of the ten-year growth strategy developed by the European Union. For further information, click here

People with disabilities must have access to goods, services and assistive devices. Similarly, their access to transport, facilities, and information and communication technologies must be ensured in the same way as for able-bodied people”. (European Disability Strategy 2010-2020) The SPeeD project, co-funded by Sardegna Ricerche, is placed in this range and fully follows the EU directives for a common strategy to strengthen the participation of disabled people in society and economy and to improve the full exercise of their rights.
SPeeD suggests, in fact, a Smart Parking solution specifically directed to people with disabilities and based on the adoption of the electronic CUDE: the newest blue badge version, recognized at European level and equipped with RFID tag.
Thanks to a service available on mobile devices (app, web, SMS), people with disabilities will be able to easily plan their movements and easily take advantage of their reserved parking stalls. In addition to improving the mobility of people with disabilities, the project also addresses the widespread problem of the illegal occupation of parking spaces reserved for disabled people.
Liberologico, parent company of Kiunsys, in partnership with CRS4, FISH - Sardegna Onlus and the Associazione Ciechi Ipovedenti Retinopatici Sardi, will develop an Internet of Things platform, hardware and software.
For further information, click here

For contacts (on both projects):
Paolo Lanari, CEO Kiunsys


TTS in action


COMPASS hosts its final event in Rome organised by TTS Italia
The COMPASS project final conference, “ICT for co-modality: the way forward”,hld in Rome on the 13rd of November and organised by TTS Italia, was an opportunity to present the main results of the project.
Existing sources of travel survey data have been exhaustively researched, with a particular focus on the role of ICT in data collection and management, and recommendations have been made on improving data collection in passenger transport to meet future needs. COMPASS has identified ICT-based solutions that have the potential to improve co-modality in passenger transport and these potential solutions have been assessed through a number of case studies. The assessment of ICT solutions for improved co-modality was based on a framework that emphasised the contribution of each solution to reducing carbon emissions.
Within COMPASS there was also an investigation into how best to present solutions for improved co-modality to those stakeholders in transport operations and planning who will be responsible for their implementation, in order to ensure the best possible take-up of recommended solutions. Finally COMPASS derived conclusions and recommendations for national and EU transport policy and actions.
The conference covered the main issues related to the project, for example: key drivers for future mobility patterns; results of selected case studies (travel planner of the Regione Marche, grass roots car sharing in Austria, future interurban public transport in Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodship); some of the main ICT solutions for improving co-modality that are included in the Handbook of ICT solutions developed as one of the main results of the project; business models for ICT solutions; and the impact of ICT solutions on a European scale with the related assessment of scenarios. The participation of a representative of the OPTIMISM project typified the collaborative work carried out by COMPASS which has built on a substantial body of knowledge on co-modal and intermodal passenger transport.
Finally, an important idea of the way forward in this area of research in transport R&I in Horizon 2020 was offered by the European Commission project officer.
One of the main aspects of the final conference was the opportunity for feedback from the representatives of policy makers and other stakeholders, researchers and transport industry professional who were present at the conference. Effective feedback sessions were introduced to the conference programme. Of particular interest was the feedback session with the debate on ICT scenarios involving representatives from ISIS, SEStran and DoT Volpe Center who offered their vision on future scenarios as well as their ICT experiences.
All presentations given at the COMPASS final conference can be downloaded from the COMPASS project website at
More than 80 people participated, including researchers, students, transport and technologies industries representatives, automotive representatives, associations active in the field of transport and technologies; public administration representatives; EC representatives.
For presentations and press release, click here
For the photo gallery, click here

TTS Italia at the Seminar “Interregional Intermodal Infomobility” – 12 December 2013 – Genoa
TTS Italia, represented by the Secretary General Olga Landolfi, took part in the Seminar "Interregional Intermodal Infomobility" held in Genoa on the 12nd of December. The seminar was organised as part of the project 3i Plus (ITS platform for inter-modal traffic information), started in 2011 with the aim of favoring the territorial accessibility through infomobility services for intermodal and interregional transport of all people, the route planning, the management of real-time mobility information and value-added services based on location. The event, in particular, has provided an opportunity to present the architectural solution and technology developed by the project illustrating a preview of the prototype federated travel planner (TP-3iPlus), and to present the knowledge and experiences developed within the framework of ITS by public and private entities that operate in the sector.
TTS Italia has participated as a speaker with a speech regarding "policies and national strategies on ITS."

Workshop Horizon 2020 – 17 December 2013 – Rome
Following the launch of the new European Calls, TTS Italia has organized in Rome for its members, a Workshop to present the tenders 2014-2015 within the new European Commission programme Horizon 2020. The event was aimed at informing the participants on the new financing opportunities for research and innovation on the ITS sector. The new rules of participation as well as novelties related to international cooperation were illustrated. After the Workshop, TTS Italia took the occasion to present its 2013 activities and to launch the new activities planned for the 2014. Finally, institutional presences and best wishes for the coming Christmas closed the day.

ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Desenzano del Garda: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Marino: Services for parking areas management
Italia-Roma: Software for interconnection platforms


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