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With more than 60 participants, the Conference on "ITS for the payment of mobility services: from e-ticketing to MaaS. Analysis of the context and TTS Italia position", organized by TTS Italia, was held in Roma on the 14th of December.

TTS Italia, in the context of a specific Working Group, considered appropriate to express its position on this issue as a National ITS Association which brings together the main national stakeholders on the subject of transport technologies, and in particular of the innovative payment systems services for mobility services. The position of the Association was the fulcrum of the event, with the aim of highlighting problems and obstacles that limit the market development of modern payment systems, and to formulate proposals to promote the dissemination and full use of such systems by the end-user in an efficient and secure manner.

The position paper was introduced by Olga Landolfi, TTS Italia Secretary General, who illustrated and explained the contents in detail.

The contents of the position paper were then further discussed within two panels. The first one on "Evolution of the payment systems for mobility services" was coordinated by Rossella Panero, TTS Italia President and involved:
Lorenzo Bannerman (AIPARK); Maurizio Rotondo (AISCAT); Massimo Roncucci (ASSTRA); Stefano Andreani (; Claudio Claroni (Club-Italia); Massimiliano Gallo (Mastercard).

The second panel discussion on "Opportunities fo MaaS in Italy" was coordinated by Carla Messina, Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports and involved:
Valentino Sevino (AMAT Milan); Raimondo Orsini (National Observatory for the Sharing Mobility); Giuseppe Mascino (Pluservice); Giuseppe D'Angelo (Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces).

The conclusion of the day were entrusted to Carla Messina, Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports.
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TomTom Maps is a leading global provider of maps and traffic data and online APIs across cloud, mobility, analytics, and smart cities. With our ever-growing 19 trillion location data points collected from our community of over 550 million connected devices, TomTom Maps is on a daily mission to harness our location data to empower businesses around the world create ground breaking, location-aware technologies. To learn more visit


TomTom Route Monitoring to Help Connect Cities to People
TomTom (TOM2) has recently announced the launch of TomTom Route Monitoring, designed to address the growing road congestion challenges faced by Smart Cities worldwide. TomTom Route Monitoring is a service that helps traffic managers, event managers and emergency service dispatchers monitor travel times and delays on routes of interest – as they happen – and inform the public of delays and alternative routes through smartphones, in-car systems and variable message signs.

With today's announcement, TomTom is enhancing its suite of traffic products that help connect and better inform all mobility stakeholders. TomTom Route Monitoring is available on the recently announced TomTom Maps APIs Developer Portal.

"Location and traffic aware technology is a critical requirement for smarter cities", says Ralf-Peter Schäfer, VP Traffic and Travel at TomTom. "It's important that cities understand where traffic and delays are – but it's just as important that this information is communicated with the public. This is why we developed TomTom Route Monitoring – connecting smart cities with people, and significantly contributing toward greener, safer, less congested and more liveable environments."

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M-SCHOOL the ITS system that...will pave the way to school!

In the Sustainable Mobility pavilion at the ECOMONDO fair held in Rimini from 7 to 11 November, big success for the AVM M-SCHOOL system, which Trento MOVALIA's start-up company of the FAMAS group, TTS Italia's ordinary partner, has developed for START Romagna in the town of Rimini.

Starting with the next year, more than 700 schoolchildren getting on the 21 school bus diesel Euro 5 and the 6 new natural gas supplied by Iveco, will make check-in and check-out up and down the bus at the presence of an aboard companion, with an electronic card.

The vehicle on-board unit, connected in real time with the core application M-SCHOOL via cloud, manages student information files, plans the route (in-going and out-going are not at fixed stops but at the boys house addresses or at dedicated collection points), generates time-tables, displays the position of the bus, lets you know how many and which students are still on the bus.

Other innovation, anything but secondary, the school service will be equipped with a companion (present in each bus) for both directions upon, returning with tablet and appropriate M-SCHOOL application (app) for verification.

Last not least, parents can interact and be notified promptly of any problems along the way or customized information, receiving them directly on their smartphone.

"It's simple, reliable and innovative both in technology, and in the business model" – says Alfredo Bolelli, CEO at MOVALIA, "and it has shown interest not only from START Romagna and the municipality of Rimini but also by other operators and representatives of municipalities that visited the fair. Thanks to this, MOVALIA could convince an operator organized and inclined to innovative transportation services as START Romagna and we are eager to show on the field our efficiency. We are confident that M-SCHOOL, like other ITS solutions already offered by MOVALIA, will pave the way for innovation also to other operators."


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The NEWBITS project for new ITS business models

The market for 'Intelligent Transport Systems' (ITS) is changing rapidly: topics like urbanisation, sustainability and digitalisation are changing the environment as well as the near future. Despite the investments in technology development and feasibility demonstrations, the systematic market penetration of ITS applications remains a major challenge. The Horizon 2020 project NEWBITS ('NEW Business models for ITS'), also involving TTS Italia among partners, is facing this challenge, aiming at providing a deep understanding of this ever-changing world by analysing the current European market and developing potential new business models and incentives in order to accelerate a successful ITS deployment.

A market research analysis was conducted within the scope of NEWBITS to gain valuable market insights and a sound basis for the development of innovative business models. It analyses the market, identifies key stakeholders and defines value chains for each of the 4 case studies addressed within NEWBITS.

All case studies, which are based on actual pilot projects, have been carefully selected and validated as representative for the current ITS market, covering several transport modes - road, rail and inland waterways. In addition, different geographical areas and ITS services were captured: Next to a carpooling service in Spain, an urban traffic control solution in Italy and a synchromodal track-and-trace solution for container transport in the Netherlands, a predictive maintenance solution for railway operations in the United Kingdom was investigated.

The full market research analysis will be available soon on To find out more about NEWBITS and current project news visit and follows us on Twitter (@NEWBITS_CITS) and LinkedIn (NEWBITS Project).

Pluservice signs the Campania Regional Monitoring System for local public transport

According to the results of the latest fact-finding survey carried out in 2016, there are as many as 3220 buses, 87 trolley buses and 54 tram supplied to the 112 operators that provide the local public transport service on the territory of the Campania region.

In order to govern this impressive and complex operational reality, in 2016 the establishment of a Regional Service Center (RSC) – the heart of the whole ITSC project – was strongly required as part of a plan launched at the beginning of this decade by the regional government for the implementation of the Campania ITS.

Clear and explicit goal of the ITSC project was the promotion, development and use of modern information technology in order to rationalize and fine tune the increasingly scarce resources available to the local public transport, offer new citizen-oriented services and improve the security of the local public transport services.

To do this, ACaMIR – the regional agency appointed to the realization and management of the entire project – intends to proceed by equipping all the vehicles, both existing and new ones, with modern technologies offered by the ITS market, in order to create the conditions for the development of new services and governance models.

In the process of setting up its Regional Service Center, the ITSC project envisages the creation of a Regional Monitoring System (RMS), a Regional Selling System (RSS) and a Regional Infomobility System (RIS).

In particular, the Regional Monitoring System is entrusted with the task of communicating with all the peripheral technology in order to better realize the monitoring, communication, control and regulation of local public transport services carried out by the various road and maritime transport operators of the Campania region.

Therefore, all the technological systems with which the local public transport operators in the region will be equipped, are connected to the RMS with a continuous exchange of data and information.

In 2017 the implementation of the RMS system has been contracted out to Pluservice, the company based in Senigallia, Italy. Thanks to the experience of a few years ago in the realization of the Regional Service Center (RSC) of the Piedmont Region hosted in 5T in Turin, Pluservice is proceeding with the implementation of the system. The development will be based on the most modern and fundamental standards and concepts of interoperability, in order to make the future RMS perfectly integrated with the complex regional mobility management system which consists of the operator control centers (OCC). They can be physically implemented at the companies' premises or virtualized at the RMS itself for all the operators that are not able to equip themselves with the necessary technological infrastructures.

Each OCC is responsible for the management and collection of service data. To do this, the OCC integrates the functions of an AVM operation centre dedicated to each operator and which is connected to all the peripheral devices on board of the vehicles (position, validation, passenger counter, on board infomobility and video surveillance devices).

In summary, the RMS:

  • Manages for the entire Campania region both the scheduling of the public service – railway, road and maritime – and the actual service provision, acquired through a direct connection with the technological systems of the operators or through a direct monitoring of the vehicles;
  • Draws up the final balance of the provided service which will constitute a certification of the assigned service and which will include the data of the service supplied, carried users and the validation data of tickets;
  • Processes the data in order to publish an efficient information service to users;
  • Ensures the collection and logging of operating data (final data on the amount of hours travelled, covered Km, transits at stops, transits on the major nodes of the transport network, etc.) and information related to security;
  • Produces reports and statistics for a clear summary of the data collected with various levels of analysis and aggregation.

In particular, the development of the RMS was requested to Pluservice, which aims to:

  • Monitor and check in real time the fleet of travelling vehicles on the regional territory, through connection with the OCC or directly with the vehicles of companies not equipped with autonomous OCC;
  • Acquire data for the certification of the service performed;
  • Analyse the information collected through sophisticated business intelligence tools;
  • Disseminate the data collected according to the Open Data paradigm.

The provision of the RMS includes a customization of myCicero, the well-known service by Pluservice that makes available an APP for smartphones (Android and iOS) that allows the planning of intermodal journeys with related payment of tickets and the parking payment of private vehicles.

The advantages for all the stakeholders of the transport sector are obvious:

  • For the Region:
    • Use of collected data to improve the service transport policy (data driven decision).
    • Possibility of promoting more effective multimodal transport services that foster the use of public transport.
    • Possibility of launching rewarding policies towards the local public transport operators that mostly pursue the quality of the service provided.
    • Possibility of providing innovative infomobility services for citizens and tourists.
  • For the operators:
    • Use of collected data to improve the service planning (data driven decision).
    • Fleet monitoring in real time that allows prompt interventions in order to control and improve the service quality.
    • Reduction of extraordinary maintenance costs by receiving in real time the notification of events and alarms (e.g. power-on lights of temperature, levels and pressure).
    • Improvement of the quality of information services offered to users.
  • For the users
    • Increased punctuality of the local public transport service.
    • Reliable and real-time information on possible delays and / or disruptions also on mobile information channels (App).
    • Possibility of using a Travel Planner for the service planning that provides all travel solutions on the regional territory.
    • Have the feeling of living in a region that pays attention to public mobility.

News of the month from TTS Italia partners


TTS Italia welcomes new members!
Following the approval of its Board of Directors, TTS Italia welcomes five new members:

– AVR ( expert in information systems and IoT systems applied to mobility and infrastructure management as well as systems dedicated to the user's inflexibility. AVR has recently been involved as partner in a major European project, AUTOPILOT, focused on roadside implementation of self-guided vehicles.

- NMi ( is a world leader in certifying precision and reliability of the Smart Mobility and ITS instruments (ANPR, speed meters, charging columns for motor vehicles, etc.) according to the various international and national standards, ensuring a quick entry into the market for operators in the sector. It is also founder and promoter of the realization of new European / international standards to foster technological progress and meet the needs of all operators in the Smart Mobility / ITS world.

– QMap ( supports public and private companies to increase the competitiveness of their products and services based on georeferenced digital information. It realizes ITS products and services, with a specialization in the field of inflexibility. All QMap solutions are based on the Qube Map Geo-Space Platform (QM) and the information provided is accessible via API.

– Tandem ( an insurance broker focused on risk management in transport and logistics; in particular, it provides services for tracing and monitoring of vehicles and goods (especially dangerous ones) for risk management and reduction in order to ensure a reduction of RCA to freight transport companies.

– Vitrociset ( involved in highly competitive and extremely diversified markets - from defense to security, logistics to transport, space and smart cities - and is continually enriched by continued investment in R&D. The main areas of activity are: Transport and Infrastructure, with particular focus on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); Space and Big Science; Defense; Internal security.

Source: TTS Italia

ACI promotes the comparison between electric vehicle and traditional fuels to draft a framework on the future mobility
Electric cars and traditional fuels increasingly 'clean' compared in the 72nd Conference of Traffic and Circulation, organized by the Automobile Club d'Italia, founding member of TTS Italia, held November 22 in Rome. The report, "Which energies will move the car?", curated by the Filippo Caracciolo Foundation - ACI Study Center, collects the opinion of the highest national and international experts in the sector. Petroleum products still meet 96% of the demand for mobility, not just on the road, a datum that suggests an evolving medium-long term scenario, also because all the institutional strategies indicate, in perspective, a decisive contribution from the electric. More than 1 car on 2 registered in Italy in the last year is diesel; 5% of new vehicles are LPG and natural gas is an underestimated energy carrier in a country like Italy that excels on the market and the supply network. The decisive challenge will be in investments in research and development of car manufacturers, and in technological progress, which will increase both energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of traction.
Source: ACI

A4 Holding celebrates its 65° anniversary
A4 Holding celebrates this year its 65° anniversary of activity in the management and development of communication infrastructures.
In 1952 Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A, TTS Italia founding member, was born with the main aim to connect two existing motorways: Milan-Brescia and Padova-Venice.
Since then, a lot has been done, integrating skills and design skills into the realization and management of large infrastructures. With the new organizational setup and with A4 Holding at the helm of the governance system, the substance of the Group's ability to promote initiatives in the field of communication and mobility infrastructures was reshaped.
€ 448.5 million of revenues, an Ebitda of € 211.7 million, or 47.20%, a net result of 22.8 million and 235 km of managed motorways: the 2016 figures of the new industrial model which today includes all the abilities and excellence that reside within the Group.
Within the Group ITS, and especially traffic monitoring systems, toll systems and access control, are one of the main focus managed by A4 Mobility, TTS Italia ordinary member.
Source: A4 Holding

5T activates the first IoT industrial gateway open for all
After more than a year of experimentation, 5T, TTS Italia ordinary member, installed the internet-based IoT (Internet of Things) gateway in LoRaWAN in the framework of "The Things Network" worldwide initiative.
For Turin, this is the first device installed in a fixed manner, with industrial features and able to guarantee stability and high levels of service.
The Things Network is an initiative born in Amsterdam in 2015 with the idea of creating a world-class, free and open world network. Start-ups, universities, businesses, individual citizens: everyone can benefit from it and everyone can contribute to the expansion of the network.
LoRaWAN technology allows you to connect cost-effective devices (remote controls, sensors, counters) with the ability to receive and transmit small amounts of data at distances in the order of miles without the use of Wi-Fi or mobile operators. Devices of this type have very low power consumption and can run in complete autonomy for years, without requiring maintenance or replacement of batteries.
The 5T's antenna is the first stable, professional, and highly reliable installation. The antenna is located in the center of Torino, and can count on the resilient 5T data center infrastructure, which includes redundant fiber optic connectivity and black-out power.
For mobility monitoring, 5T has hundreds of sensors and related devices distributed across the metropolitan and regional areas. The experimentation of new technologies and transmission solutions, such as LoRaWAN, enrich the 5T strategy in R&D with the aim of ensuring the connectivity needed to deliver the different services to the citizen that 5T manages on behalf of its members.
Source: 5T

Indra consolidates its leadership in tunnel management technology in the United Kingdom, after being awarded a contract with Highways England
Indra, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been awarded a contract with Highways England, the public body in charge of operations, maintenance and improvement of roads in England, to implement a management system for its tunnel estate.
This project is part of a contract that foresees the option of implementing the solution successively in all tunnels, until covering all 13 managed by Highways England, for €10 million.
Indra has been awarded the contract with Highways England, competing against up to 35 international companies on the Crown Commercial Service Traffic Management Technology 2 framework, many of them with a broad work experience with this client.
Indra's prior work with Transport for London (TfL), the body in charge of London's transport system, has been essential, for which it has recently and successfully developed a complex project for the centralised and efficient management, and with greater security, of the city's 12 road tunnels, in addition to the 90 kilometres of metropolitan roads that connect with these.
With this new contract for Highways England, Indra launches its relationship with England's road traffic authority, and positions itself as a technology benchmark for tunnel management in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it reinforces its ranking in this country as one of the world's leading smart technology providers for transport.
Indra will equip the tunnel estate with its proprietary Horus smart management platform, currently considered the world's state-of-the-art tunnel control solution, which will be deployed in the cloud for controlling the infrastructure from any centre.
Horus enables the integrated management of the tunnel's different Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and safety systems, allowing for automated incident management. It offers operators real-time information and a unique perspective of everything that occurs in the tunnel, enabling decision-making and operational efficiency, in routine and emergency situations alike. In addition, it contributes to reducing the risk of incidents and speeds up management, optimises resource management and offers drivers greater safety and service quality.
Another advantage of the Indra solution is that it permits the integration of multiple tunnels for centralised management using a single interface. Specifically, Horus's scalability, which allows for expanding its scope to manage other tunnels, uses open standards to guarantee compatibility with future developments, and its capability for integrating with the country's traffic management system, have been key aspects in the award.
Currently, all of the Highways England tunnels are individually controlled using local systems installed in each tunnel, wherefore the Indra solution entails significant improvements of operational efficiency, by offering an integrated vision and centralised information for real-time decision-making.
This project with Highways England reinforces Indra's position as global intelligent technology provider for transport, with projects in more than 50 countries, and as one of the leading companies worldwide in the development and implementation of comprehensive traffic and road management and control solutions.
Tunnels equipped with Indra's control systems are the best rated in all EUROTAP studies since the publication of the EU Directive EU 54/2004 on minimum safety requirements for tunnels. The Indra Horus solution has been implemented in recent years in some of the world's most emblematic tunnels, like those mentioned in London, the Dublin Port tunnel, in Ireland; the Chenani tunnel in India, the largest in southeast Asia; the Marao tunnel in Portugal, the longest of the Iberian peninsula; or the Renacer tunnel of the Bogota-Villavicencio highway in Colombia. The company also has references of these types of singular infrastructures in other countries, like China, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, and Spain.
Indra's state-of-the-art technology and unique experience is added to its service adapted to the most demanding clients. Indra has been acknowledged in the United Kingdom for its customer, partner and provider relationship model, as the first Spanish company to obtain BS11000 certification, and this same year has been chosen by NATS, the company that provides air navigation services in the United Kingdom, as Supplier of the Year, after successfully deploying its next-generation iTEC system at the Prestwick air control centre, which manages the whole of Scotland's air space.
Furthermore, the joint collaboration between Indra and Transport for London in implementing the urban tunnel integrated management system in London was awarded at the 2016 ITS Spain Awards, and was a finalist for the "Best IT Project of the Year" award given by England's APM (Association for Project Management).
Source: Indra

Kapsch TrafficCom awarded contract for nationwide tolling system in Bulgaria
Kapsch TrafficCom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been awarded the contract to implement a nationwide tolling system in Bulgaria for trucks over 3.5 tons, including technical configuration and provision of technical support. The contract also extends to introduction of an electronic vignette for passenger cars. The project will run for 19 months and comprises the delivery and setup of 500 terminals for registering and issuing electronic vignettes, 100 enforcement vehicles, 100 weigh-in-motion facilities, and 100 tolling gantries as well as a data center and a back office. Kapsch TrafficCom has seven months in which to complete the infrastructure.
For the Bulgarian contract, Kapsch TrafficCom will be implementing the company's proprietary, satellite-supported vehicle identification and toll collection system. The system makes use of on-board tracking devices which employ satellite technology to determine the position of the trucks and automatically collect the tolls.
The advantage of this solution lies in its flexibility, which allows tolls to be calculated on the basis of distance driven, vehicle weight, road category, time of day, and current traffic situation. Tolls will be collected on all class I, II, and III roads, i.e. on all paved roads. That encompasses 16,000 to 18,000 kilometers, or approximately 80% of the road network. "Bulgaria is a key market for us in an extremely promising regional environment," according to André Laux, COO of Kapsch TrafficCom. "We are quite pleased to be able to commence implementation after a very time-intensive bidding phase," he adds.
Source: Kapsch

Project Automation wins tender for traffic lights system in Milan
Project Automation, ordinary member of TTS Italia, was awarded the tender issued by the Municipality of Milan for the supply of field industrial computers necessary for the renewal and completion of the traffic light centralization system, including installation costs, extension of the 5-year warranty and ordinary maintenance for 5 years.
Source: TTS Italia

Tecnositaf wins tender for ANAS Vergilius system
Tecnositaf, TTS Italia ordinary member, in collaboration with Sinelec, has won the tender issued by ANAS for the acquisition, with a framework agreement, of the Vergilius plus ANAS System and technological equipment of various types to be installed on the ANAS SpA road network.
Source: TTS Italia

The monitoring of hazardous goods: the CORE project
The CORE project is heading towards its final months officially ending in April next year, so the results of focused research and findings from the demonstrations are now coming together. CORE tells about these results on its last newsletter. One of the focus is on the Italian pilot, coordinate by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, and dedicated to tracking and monitoring hazardous goods by an integrated system of global sat-nav technologies (GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite Systems) under a CORE mission to improve safety.
For the newsletter, click here
Source: CORE Project

Tokyo Motor Show: news from TomTom
During the Tokyo Motor Show, TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has announced several important news regarding TomTom HD Maps, TomTom Traffic and a new partnership with ZENRIN, the leading Japanese mapping company.
As for TomTom HD Maps, the company announced the completion of the expansion of its High Definition (HD) Map to the streets of Japan with 18,000 km coverage. With this new area, which joins Europe and the United States, the coverage of TomTom HD Map has reached the total of 380,000 km. TomTom HD Map with RoadDNA is a revolutionary product offering highly accurate digital maps that help stand-alone vehicles on the road and planning maneuvers, even when traveling at high speeds.
TomTom also announced the introduction of TomTom Traffic in Japan. This new step extends the service to 69 countries, for a total population of more than 5 billion people. The company is also expanding Lane-Level Traffic, a key feature for autonomous driving. Already able to identify traffic levels in different lanes in road intersections, TomTom Traffic is now able to differentiate between traffic flows into High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) lanes and regular lanes.
Finally, TomTom has also announced a new partnership with ZENRIN, Japan's leading mapping company, which will enable Japanese drivers to benefit from advanced mobility services for the future. This new partnership also underscores TomTom's commitment to provide the best solutions in every part of the world and responding to the challenges posed by intelligent transport, smartcity and autonomous driving.
Source: TomTom

TomTom and Microsoft join forces to bring location-based services to Azure
TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, and Microsoft announced today they will partner to bring enterprise-grade location-based services to Microsoft's Azure platform, based on TomTom's maps, traffic and navigation software. TomTom plans to integrate its services into Azure to make it even easier and more flexible for developers to build and manage enterprise, mobile, web and "Internet of Things" applications that are location aware. "Location is fast becoming a critical component of a broad range of applications and services. Teaming up with Microsoft will bring our technology to a much broader developer community on a platform they are already familiar with," said Harold Goddijn, TomTom CEO.
"Making TomTom's services available through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform will allow developers and our customers to make location a core part of their cloud-based applications," said Peggy Johnson, EVP of Business Development at Microsoft. Location based services from TomTom are used by the world's leading companies. They rely on TomTom to provide the most up-to-date maps, real-time traffic information and traffic-avoiding navigation.
Source TomTom

Vix Technology awarded at the National Transport Award in London
On the occasion of the National Transport Awards, sponsored by the National Transport Department, held in London on October 12, 2017, Vix Technology, TTS Italia's ordinary member, was awarded the "Transport Supplier of the Year" award.
The jury wished to reward the project results for the payment on buses via the contacless credit cards made in collaboration with the Stagecoach group.
The project implemented the largest EMV contactless in system in UK for commercial carriers operating the public transport service.
The system provided by Vix Technology is currently in use for 8 regional transport companies integrated into the Stagecoach network and after one year of operational launch, approximately 2.7 million cEMV transactions were processed.
The use of the cEMV payment tool within the Stagecoach Bus Network has already exceeded the initial targets, recording a very positive growth trend.
Vix is committed in completing the EMV adaptation of board systems of the entire fleet of customers, which is scheduled for December 2018.
Source: Vix Technology


TTS in action


TTS Italia at ASSTRA/AIIT conference on "ITS in local public transport, overview in Europe and Italy"
TTS Italia, represented by the President Rossella Panero, participated in the conference organized on 30 November in Roma e by ASSTRA and AIIT on "ITS in local public transport, overview in Europe and Italy".
An effective urban mobility policy is one of the main goals pursued by Transport Companies in recent years. The continuous increase in mobility demand has encouraged the use of a new technology-based approach in which information, management and mobility control work in synergy, optimizing the use of infrastructure, vehicles and logistic platforms, in a multimodal perspective.
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), based on the interaction between computing and telecommunications, make it possible to transform transport into an "integrated system", where traffic flows are distributed in a balanced manner between the various modes, for greater efficiency, productivity and, above all, transport safety.
ITS systems for traffic management and mobility are in operation in many Italian cities; moreover, nearly 80% of Local Public Transport Enterprises are equipped with fleet monitoring and tracking systems, aimed at improving the service offer.
The benefits of an evolution of ITS systems are a valid motivation to continue to stimulate the development of the phenomenon; among the benefits that can be found are: reduced travel times, reduced number of accidents, reduced congestion, reduced pollutant emissions and reduced energy consumption.
These were the premises of the event during which a large window on European experiences was opened, and then the four studies conducted by ASSTRA for Open Data; Privacy and New Technologies; Client Customer Relationship Management; External reserved area were presented.
TTS Italia, in particular, has participated in the Roundtable "ITS as an Impact for the Quality and Efficiency of LPT Service", which involved the Institutions and key stakeholders in the sector, in a debate on future expectations, opportunities and the main criticisms for their realization.
Among the speakers of the day: 5T, Tiemme and Roma Servizi Mobilità, ordinary members of TTS Italia.

TTS Italia at the conference on public transport organised by Club Italia
TTS Italia, represented by the President Rossella Panero, took part at the conference on "Eticketing in public transport: the national framework", organised by Club Italia and
The event, which took place in Rome on November 28, was the occasion to present the case histories of some of the leading Italian companies active in the ticketing sector, as well as to discuss the subject in a special round table that, together with TTS Italia, has seen many other industry associations and representatives of the Institutions involved.


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


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