TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. N°10 November/December 2011
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TTS Italia presents its position paper on the transposition and implementation of the Directive on ITS
On the occasion of the Conference "The New World of Technological Systems for Mobility - the supply and demand meet," held in Bologna on 28 and 29 November 2011, TTS Italia presented its position paper on the transposition and implementation of the European Directive 2010/40/UE on the general framework for the deployment of Intelligent Systems in the field of road transport and interfaces with other transport modes. The position paper, illustrated by the new president of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero, highlights the issues that the Association believes priority in view of the transposition and implementation of the ITS Directive. The document also wants to be a first contribution to the jobs that are being undertaken by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the definition of the National Action Plan on ITS as required by the Directive. The position paper has also highlighted the Italian best practices on ITS as well as the critical issues that have impeded the full launch of the sector and yet, in fact, are preventing these systems from ensuring maximum benefits from both social and economic point of view.
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Conference: "The New World of Technological Systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet"
With more than 200 participants, it was held on 28 and 29 November 2011, in Bologna, the Conference "The New World Mobility Systems Technology - supply and demand meet," organized by TTS Italia and Club Italia. In urban and metropolitan areas there is a cross-disciplinary, involving the "Technological" Government of Mobility, payment systems and integrated public transport systems. The conference and the event exhibition". The New World of technological systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet," represented an opportunity to investigate the cases in Italy, Europe and worldwide. The meeting between the demand side (public institutions, service companies, associations) and supply (producers, providers, etc..) aimed to focus on opportunities and challenges for promoting innovation and development as well as to help the process of implementation by the Italian State, of the European Directive on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and interfaces with other modes of transport), scheduled for 27 February 2012.
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Interview with the President and the Secretary General of TTS Italia on "Strade&Autostrade"
During the work of the Conference "The New World of technological systems for Mobility - The supply and demand meet," organized by TTS in collaboration with Club-Italia and held in Bologna, on 28 / 29 November, the President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero and the Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, were interviewed by "Strade&Autostrade".
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The President of TTS Italia at ITN in Turin
TTS Italia took part in the third edition of ITN-Infrastructure Telematics and Navigation held in Turin on last November, 16 to 18. TTS Italia was represented by the new president Rossella Panero who took part in the session on "Programs and telecommunication infrastructure, spatial strategies and technological innovations." The session focused on telematics, navigation and localization, the key technologies of a mobile society and a market with significant growth potential. The session also investigated the projects for the "intelligent" management of land and infrastructure, from the applications designs that make infrastructure responsive to external inputs, to those for intelligent information from the territories. In particular, the intervention of the President "Towards the implementation of the ITS in Italy Directive: opportunities and national perspectives" focused on the work carried out by TTS Italia with the support of all its members and in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, its founding member, to implement a National Plan on ITS in response to the European Directive on ITS.

TTS Italia at the Conference "Andante con moto: the infomobile city"
TTS Italia took part in the Conference "Andante con moto: the infomobile city", held in Florence on 12 December. The conference was organized by the Province of Florence with the support of Mizar Automazione, TTS Italia founding member, SelexElsag, TTS Italia ordinary member and Thales.
The aim of the conference was to take stock at national level on Intelligent Transport Systems as well as on the results achieved by infomobility projects under the program ELISA, illustrating the innovative solutions implemented by the Province of Florence in collaboration with the City of Florence, the Tuscany Region and other initiatives promoted and implemented by other local authorities. The program Elisa is managed by the Prime Minister's Office - Department for Regional Affairs and in particular by PORE (Project Opportunities for Regions in Europe) with the technical assistance of Invitalia SpA, which have helped to organize the conference. TTS Italia took part in the conference represented by Olga Landolfi, Secretary General, with a speech related to the regulatory framework at European level in the field of ITS.

TTS Italia at the European Workshop on "Telematics for Automotive – A Pan-European Emergency Assistance: eCall"
TTS Italia took part on 15 November to the second edition of the ATA event on "Telematics for Automotive– A Pan-European Emergency Assistance: eCall". The event, organized by ATA (Technical Association for Vehicles), in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce of Turin and with the support of TTS Italia, focused on the Emergency Call. The Telematics traditionally used to satisfy the user needs related to the navigation, infotainment and connectivity will be seen from a different perspective as it is the safety. A pan European eCall will act as an assistant in case of an accident alerting the emergency services providing them some fundamental information (e.g. vehicle position) with the aim to reduce response time and accident consequences. Skilled and professional speakers coming from the Telematics and e-call chains will address topics related to regulations and standards, infrastructures and services, components and receivers. The automotive experience represented by the car manufacturer supported the discussion analysing the state of the art and future scenario based on the integration into the vehicle of the emergency call head unit. TTS Italia was represented by its Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, Chairman of the session "Scenario of Infrastructures and Services". Among speakers, Francesco Mazzone, ACI, TTS Italia founding member; Marco Annoni, Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member. Was part of the Organising Committee, Francesco Lilli, Centro Ricerche Fiat, TTS Italia ordinary member.

TTS Italia position paper on ITS Directive on "Thinking Higways"
"Thinking Highways" has announced the presentation of TTS Italia position paper on the transposition and implementation of the European Directive 2010/40/UE on the general framework for the deployment of Intelligent Systems in the field of road transport and interfaces with other transport modes. The position paper was illustrated during the "New World of Technological Systems for Mobility" conference held in Bologna on 28 and 29 November 2011, by the President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero.
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TTS Italia publishes "TTS Italia in 2011"
During the exchange of greetings which took place on December 20 in the presence of the President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero, members of the Board of Directors and its associates, TTS Italia presented "TTS Italia in 2011," a brochure that describes the main activities carried out by the Association together with and for its members.
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Workshop "Canada-Italy: partners in Automotive, Connected Vehicles & Innovation" - February 8, 2012, Turin
The Embassy of Canada, also in collaboration with TTS Italia, is organizing for next February 8, 2012, in Turin, the Workshop "Canada-Italy: partners in Automotive, Connected Vehicles & Innovation". The Workshop, which includes the organization of B2B meetings will be held at the Convention Center "Incontra". The event sees the collaboration of Confindustria, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Piemonte Agency, Industrial Union of Turin, APMA (Automotive Parts Manufactures Association), APRE (Agency for European Research promotion) and ANFIA (National Association for Automotive Industry). The agenda of the workshop will be available in January 2012.
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News of the month


ACI presented the book "Guidelines for the design of pedestrian crossings'
On November 16, ACI, TTS Italia founding member, has presented in Rome the book "Guidelines for the design of pedestrian crossings." Among others, there were interventions by Enrico Gelpi, ACI President and Sergio Dondolini, from the Italian the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia founding member
Source: ACI

Enea and Atac sign memorandum of understanding to explore projects of info-mobility and transport
Atac, TTS Italia founding member and ENEA, TTS Italia ordinary member, together with Roma Capitale, the Italian Space Agency, Poste Italiane SpA, Rome City Investment and the University "La Sapienza" of Rome signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at establishing a working group to identify and select projects to be funded by private or public on various economic sectors including digital technology, the environment, energy, info-mobility and public transport.
Source: AREA

Maior wins contract to manage infomobility data
Maior, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the field of integrated mobility system planning and logistics of the Tuscany Region, for the provision of services for creating, managing and updating of databases related to geographic place names, graph roads, access, numbers, permanent and temporary orders, routes, timetables and public transport trips. The total final value of the tender is 536.250.00 Euro.
Source: TTS Italia

Project Automation wins contract for the redevelopment of the air monitoring system
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by ARPA Umbria for the upgrading of the network of air quality monitoring and related hardware and software, provision of new analyzers, new meteorological sensors, new cabins, cabins relocation, disposing obsolete equipment, construction of calibration center, maintenance until the end of December 2012. The total final value of the tender is 973925.00 Euro.
Source: TTS Italia

SCUTUM Final Workshop: a milestone for EGNOS in road transport
On the 9th of November SCUTUM held its Final Workshop in Rome, hosted by the EasyWay Annual Forum. The event, opened by Ms. Diani (GSA), attracted stakeholders from several Member States and sectors such as industry, public authorities, service providers and media. SCUTUM and EGNOS2road projects were presented. Both projects are coordinate by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member. Mr. Herenda from EasyWay acknowledged the possible exploitation of both projects’ results in the EasyWay framework. During a round table, moderated by Mr. Pagny (MEDDTL), the audience and the panellists had the opportunity to share their views on possible EGNOS exploitation in the road and freight transport sectors. The representatives of the Ministries of Transport from various Member States and Mr. Marrazza from Italy’s Presidency of Council of Ministers presented their vision on the opportunities of SCUTUM’s results in the light of the European ITS Directive and the eCall. Mr. Lindholm from ERTICO welcomed SCUTUM’s substantial results contributing to a widespread use of satellite navigation for a more efficient mobility and transportation system in Europe. Mr. Trampini from eni, presently the largest adopter of EGNOS in Europe, showed how EGNOS fits into the company strategy of enhancing safety and efficiency of hazardous material transport. A presentation on the CEN Workshop Agreement SCUTUM, the technical specification elaborated in the project, was delivered by Mr. Mechin (MEDDTL) during an EasyWay Annual Forum session dedicated to DATEXII.
The presentations are available here. The SCUTUM publication "EGNOS in dangerous goods transport", which reports on the project’s key concepts, was distributed during the event and is available here
For further information about SCUTUM visit
Source: Telespazio

SCUTUM project comes to an end
On 6 December 2011, eni ( hosted the final meeting of the SCUTUM project, coordinated by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, in the presence of Ms. Fiammetta Diani from GSA and team members. Mr. Trampini, eni "Vice President - Safety Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Direction", and Mr. Laurenti, General Director at Italy’s Ministry of Transport, explained how SCUTUM’s results fit into their activities and strategies. In less than two years, SCUTUM has become the landmark European experience for the deployment of EGNOS applications in the road transport of dangerous goods, and its results have gone beyond research. SCUTUM led to the adoption of EGNOS in a real business case and to the market readiness of a product based on EGNOS, namely LCS. The LCS is a Telespazio product, which is a "plug-in" solution that enables easy retrofitting of existing GPS systems to use EGNOS Commercial Service. SCUTUM has also widely promoted EGNOS added value in land transport and mobility applications, and it has also developed a European technical specification for commercial services based on EGNOS¹. SCUTUM results have been recognized to be interesting for other road applications and they will possibly pave the way for the introduction of EGNOS in other transport sectors, primarily railway. The publication "EGNOS in dangerous goods" and a movie have been produced for promoting SCUTUM’s main concepts and results.
SCUTUM publication and movie are available at For more information on the LCS, please visit
Source: Telespazio

Second edition of the on line training course on ITS of Politecnico of Turin and TTS Italia
It was held on the last 15 November the final lesson of the second edition of the innovative on line training course on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) organized by the Department for Transport of the Politecnico of Turin, TTS Italia ordinary member, in collaboration with TTS Italia. Experts and professors took part to the final meeting, available for answering participants questions.
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Source: Politecnico Turin/TTS Italia

SISTeMA wins contract for traffic control in real time
SISTeMA srl, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by 5T for the design, construction and commissioning of a software platform for monitoring, prediction and control traffic in real time on the road network of the Piemonte Region. The total final value of the tender is € 584,000.00
Source: SISTeMA

The European Community to invest on VisLab from Parma University
Prof. Alberto Broggi, form Univeristy of Parma, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been selected by ERC (European Research Council, as one of the best European researchers and will receive a grant of about 1.8 million Euro (2.5 million USD) to continue and strengthen his researches in the field of enhancing road safety by means of innovative driving assistance systems and automatic driving. The European Community’s aim, through the ERC Advanced Grant, is to promote particularly innovative research streams with high scientific and strategic interest on themes proposed by the researchers themselves, who must have 10+ years of leadership in their research area. The European Research Council received more than 2100 project proposals and, after a peer review handled by experts in the field, selected only a few projects that will be 100% founded by the European Community. In the field of computer engineering, only 3 Italian researchers have been selected. The project proposed by Prof. Broggi stems from the intense research activity that his group, the VisLab (, has been successfully conducting for more than 15 years. The project will focus on highly risky research, i.e. on themes of strong industrial interest but characterized by a high economical risk due to the product realization distance. Besides offering the possibility to conduct researches on highly innovative themes, the grant will allow VisLab to anticipate the industrial needs, so to be ready to offer its know-how as soon as the application of the newly developed technologies will be of direct interest to companies. The project founded by ERC is aimed at acquiring 3 new vehicles to join those already available to VisLab and developing innovative perception systems in order to provide them with automatic driving. The project will last 5 years and will support the hiring of about 6 researchers.
Source: VisLab

Tiemme host the 77th edition of the UITP meeting
The 77th edition of the meeting of UITP (International Association of Public Trasport) was held in Siena on the last 15 November, organized by Tiemma SpA, TTS Italia ordinary member. Great interest was aroused by the visit of the Commission "Information Technology and Innovation" Delegation in Arezzo composed of members coming from all over the world. "Mobility is a fundamental right - said Simiani, President of Tiemme - we are public operators and we feel even more strongly the duty to work in order to provide practical services that can boost the use of our resources as an alternative to private cars also to safeguard our environment. " "The meeting of these days is a key opportunity for discussion and dialogue in which we could share ideas and projects to be developed also to give our major contribution to another great challenge facing the city of Siena in the coming years, that is the nomination for European Capital of Culture in 2019. Siena has always been at the forefront of mobility management. Just think of the ability to anticipate the timing of the introduction in Europe of limited traffic areas already in the 60s. Siena is also constantly at the top for the national public transport supply and the number of persons carried on board public transport. For this, I am convinced that the city has all it takes to win a very ambitious and fascinating challenge, and for which, for our part, there is right now all the availability and support possible. "- Concluded his speech, the president of Tiemme, Simiani.
Source: Clickmobility

Training day on "AVM systems for collective transport: operation, integration with other systems and technical support"
It was held on 22 November, in Florence, the training day on "AVM systems for collective transport: operation, integration with other systems and technical support", organized by MemEx, in collaboration with ANM and Tiemme, TTS Italia ordinary. The training day has been also organized with the contribution of TTS Italia, and the agency for transport of Florence, Treviso, Forlì. The aim of the training day has been to define a realistic framework of the operation and management difficulties of AVM systems at local level also compared to the monitoring and regulation of public transport means, to the integration with other e-ticketing systems and information to users, to the role of entities and state of the market. The day will has been divided in four session: presentation of AVM systems for public transport, their role and benefits; analysis of integration and interoperability difficulties of AVM systems; analysis and discussion of required conditions both technical and economical; comparison between demand and offer side.
Source: TTS Italia


Product of the month


Hyperpath by SISTeMA
HyperPath is a complete software solution for personal routing on multimodal transport networks with road infrastructures and transit line services. It is a highly powerful and flexible journey planner that allows users to find their optimal path between two given points in space, within both urban and intercity contexts. HyperPath is an on-line system, specifically designed for intermodal trips, to provide a web service for the personalized computation in real-time of the best route from an origin to a destination, in a given day and time, taking into account the estimated, current or forecasted traffic conditions and any source of service availability information. The system can be accessed through the web, also from smart-phone dedicated pages. It is made by two main components: a web client application (developed in php and javascript), that allows the final user to formulate via internet his/her path requests through any (current) browser and to display as well as navigate the resulting route indications in text and map forms; a server core application (developed in VisulBasic.Net), that receives the path requests and processes them through sophisticated extremely performing algorithms. On the server side, HyperPath is a dynamic routing engine for searching and describing the optimal journey strategy on an intermodal transport network, in presence of travel times and costs that vary during the day, due to congestion or service availability. Given a desired departure time, HyperPath finds a dynamic shortest route in terms of generalized cost, possibly with personalized weights for each path request, by means of an exact, but extremely efficient, shortest path algorithm, developed ad-hoc. Specifically, it takes into account in the optimization the estimated/forecasted performances that will occur at the actual time when the user will travel on each link of the network. HyperPath then describes the resulting itinerary through a suitable sequence of textual travelling instructions, each one associated with a geometrical entity on a reference cartography. On the client side, HyperPath is a user-friendly web application to support the submission of a path request, that allows entering all the required parameters besides origin and destination, such as the departure day and time or any travelling preferences. The solution, that is in general a sequence of road links and transit lines, can then be easily navigated on the map exploiting the correspondence for each suggested action (e.g. turn left on that street, walk for 500 meters on that road, board that line at that stop) between its textual instruction and geometrical entity. HyperPath includes also a software module for geocoding and reversed geocoding, that allows for disambiguation of address and POI, when providing the origin and destination of the trip or any waypoint. It has a free textual search, where the user can input all the information without a specific order. The input text is then automatically translated into geographic coordinates to identify the corresponding point on the street map. In presence of ambiguities, for homonyms or typos, the system proposes a set of possible alternatives, among which the user can choose the desired one. As an alternative, the user can specify directly each trip terminal by clicking a point on the digital map; in this case reversed geocoding is applied to identify the closest address to the selected point. No fancy hardware is required; a dedicated standard machine running the travel planner application, including the search engine and the web site, is enough. In the following we describe in detail the main features and functionalities of the product.

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ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Bergamo: Traffic ligths maintenance
I-Firenze: data bank service
IRL-Wexford: Navigation and global positioning system
I-Torino: maintenance services
I-Trecase: parking management


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