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November/December 2012

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This month focus on… The second edition of the Conference “Nuovo Mondo”

great success for the second edition of the conference in Bologna institutions and local authorities agree: “The technological breakthrough of transport can’t be postponed anylonger”

2013 will be the year of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)

Nuovo Mondo 2, the event organized by TTS Italia, in collaboration with Club Italia in Bologna on 3 and 4 December, has decreed the opening of phase 2.0 in mobility. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the commissioners of many Italian cities attending the event, have made it clear that the time has come to fully implement all the steps needed to transform mobility in cities and on main roads of the country. The proposal for the ITS Action Plan, developed by TTS Italia in collaboration with many industry associations (including, ANFIA, Assoporti, ASSTRA, Federtrasporto, Unrae, Club Italia) and presented during the two days of Bologna, will be the fulcrum around which turn the activity recovery of the sector, but there will also be several local initiatives.

"We are focusing mainly on four pillars - Carlo Medaglia said, member of the technical secretariat of the Undersecretary for Transport, Guido Improta - First, we implemented the European Directive on ITS development in a decree, then we are working on the action plan, we are trying to coordinate the various initiatives and last but not least, we have allocated public funds to help projects off the ground such as those provided by the Ministry of Education for smart cities ". As noted by the President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero "the plan of ITS is not an option, but an obligation that Italy is taking to Europe resulting from the European Directive 2010/40/EU, acknowledged recently in the Development Decree." Once approved by the Ministry of Transport, the Plan must be submitted to the European Commission that will undertake verification of its implementation every three years.

Nuovo Mondo 2: ITS solutions more and more in line with market requests

For the second year in a row, Bologna confirms to be a great showcase of ITS. Many among the new products on display as part of the Nuovo Mondo 2, have been carried out starting from the demands of the market, a feature perhaps inevitable in times of economic crisis.

Autostrade Tech is the main supplier of technology for Ecomouv’, the French society born for the management of the écotaxe system, used to apply an ecolocic tax to trucks. Autostrade Tech is realizing on board units, systems for the localisation augmentation and the proxy system for vehicle management. The entire project is compliant with European legislation on interoperability for tolls.

Axis Communications presented its video solutions, the answer to the needs of the market of transport safety. These systems offer video surveillance very clear in real time which allow to manage safely and efficiently any accident so as to ensure the safety of passengers, personnel and property.

Famas System showed MRoad 500, the multi-function unit that supplies a complete picture of traffic and weather conditions and of the state of road surface. They also showcased STAR C-500 GP, the new ecological version of the well-tested STAR C-500 sensor able to detect stationary and moving vehicles and to classify the traffic flows.

In electronic ticketing, it is interesting the multi card services developed by Pluservice, able to assist the user in purchasing tickets as well as tourism services. It is a system based on multi-channel that allows to send to users various types of information that may affect traffic or support the network.

As per goods, the Road Advisor by Project Automation, is a monitoring system for dangerous goods which makes the highway intelligent: a series of cameras installed on the motorway "snapshot" the orange sign that by law distinguishes the loads of toxic substances transported by road. In this way, the infrastructure manager, is provided with cross data (type of substance, the origin of the vehicle) on traffic of dangerous goods transported over the network. One possibility already real thanks to Autovie Venete who installed the system on the Venice-Trieste stretch.

The system of traffic control Optima, made by SISTeMA, a spin-off of the University La Sapienza, purchased in 2009 from PTV, the largest group of German industry. The device, presented in Bologna, offers the possibility to monitor the flow of movement and to predict congestion, already tested in the control center of the traffic in Turin and currently underway for the implementation in Rome.

The eBus-C by Thetis, is a monitoring system for local transport that allows to inform travelers on public transport timetables in real time, already in use in Venice, Rome, Bologna, Liverpool, Malta, Beijing and New Delhi.

Finally, the services on the real-time traffic from TomTom, an application that, through the on-board devices, is able to warn the driver about the congestion and on the expected average speed on the section of road ahead. In particular, TomTom HD Traffic provides the precise locations and delays due to congestion on the road network, allowing programs to calculate the fastest route based on the actual duration of the trip. While TomTom HD Flow provides a detailed real-time view of traffic speed on the entire road network, designed to be easily integrated in the management of traffic or for the calculation of the duration of the trip.

The ITS Action Plan at a Glance

Making the Italian transport system more secure, efficient and clean. In short, more smart. And This is the objective of the proposed action plan of ITS, which is currently being examined by the Ministry of Transport. In recent years, the field of ITS in Italy was characterized by a certain liveliness regarding development and implementations. However, there are still problems that hinder the full take-off, first of all high fragmentation of interventions and the lack of integration between systems which often adds to the lack of adequate funding. The indications of the Plan seek to fill these gaps. It emerged, in fact, the need for a national program to support research in the field; the ability to create a unique database on the benefits of different applications according to a model already in use in the United States, to encourage the deployment of technologies on a large scale and not just experimental or pilot; rethink the classification of roads taking into account their technological equipment; support the spread of e-tickets for bus, tram and metro to be used in several cities; update the national architecture of ITS (Artist) trying to predict open and interoperable systems; provide logistics platforms computerized and unified for goods and reliable data and certificates for infomobility.

In particular, the document reflects the priority actions for each of the four areas identified by the EU directive:

For the first area - optimal use of data relating to road, traffic and mobility – the creation of a database on the traffic information and mobility to be implemented by 2014 and the development of infomobility services reliable and certified to be implemented by 2015.

For the second area - continuity of ITS services for traffic management and freight – there are seven priorities: development of integrated multimodal mobility for people and goods (2014), use of ITS for the management of multimodal transport goods and passengers (2014-2015), use of ITS for the management of intermodal terminals (2014-2015), to encourage the use of ITS for the management of local public transport (2014), to promote the adoption of interoperable electronic ticketing systems (2014), to ensure continuity of services to the national network and along the border (2016), to promote policies of Smart Mobility in urban and metropolitan areas (2015).

The third area - ITS applications for road safety and for transport security - requires eight priorities: the development of the system of national eCall (2015), construction of secure parking areas for commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles (2015 ), ITS services for insurance companies - Black Box (2014), development of security services in local public transport and transport nodes (2015), deployment of ITS for safety in tunnels (2015), to promote the diffusion of enforcement systems (2013-2014), to encourage the spread of ITS for the control of road (2014), promotion of advanced driving assistance systems (2016).

Finally, the fourth area - the link between the vehicles and the transportation infrastructure - requires two main priorities: deployment of V2V and V2I for cooperative driving (2017) and monitoring the status of the road in adverse weather conditions and for the purposes of maintenance (2015-2016).

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TTS in action

Radio 1 interviews TTS Italia President
The President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero, has been interviewed by Radio1 to discuss the importance of ITS and all the benefits they can ensure.
For the interview (available only in Italian), click here
Source: TTS Italia

TTS Italia President on “Uomini e Camion”
On 4 December, the radio programme “Uomini e Camion”, interviewed the President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero, who talked about the official presentation during the Conference “Nuovo Mondo” in Bologna of the proposal elaborated by TTS Italia for the Italian ITS Action Plan. The interview was also the occasion to discuss on benefits from ITS both for economy and users.
For the interview (available in Italian), click here

Workshop “Fostering ITS Policy”- Bologna, 5 December 2012 – Presentations available
It was held on 5 December in Bologna the Workshop “Fostering ITS Policy” jointly organized by TTS Italia and IRF (International Road Federation). The aim of the Workshop was to present the results of the ITS Policy Committee, of which TTS Italia is a member. The event offered the occasion to discuss the role of ITS within the normative framework as well as in the research and educational sector, with a special focus on benefits and opportunities ITS can guarantee. As speakers, several TTS Italia ordinary members took part: Bruno Dalla Chiara, Politecnico of Turin; Gaetano Fusco, University “La Sapienza” of Rome; Pier Paolo Porta, University of Parma/VisLab. TTS Italia has been represented also by the Secretary General, Olga Landolfi. As representatives of IRF, took part Josef Czako, Chairman IRF Policy Committee on ITS and Caroline Visser. To the final Panel Discussion took part Luca Studer, from Politecnico of Milan, TTS Italia ordinary member and Roberto Ferrazza, Chairman of Easyway.
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News of the month

Aci: 67° Conference on Traffic
Organized by ACI, TTS Italia founding member, it was held in Rome on 28 November the “67° Conference on Traffic”. the theme of the Conference was the smart mobility for smart cities, by innovating policies for transport. TTS Italia took part in the vent represented by the Secretary General, Olga Landolfi.
Source: TTS Italia

ACI-Istat report on road safety: European targets are still far
ACI, TTS Italia founding member and Istat have released a new report on road safety for 2011. The report underlines that Italian roads are getting more and more safer. However, the number of accidents could be limited with a higher awareness of road users. In 2011, compared to 2001, the number of road victims is -45% even if the greater number of accidents is still among vulnerable users of the roads.
Source: Eco dalle Città

ACI presents study on Local Transport
On 29 October, Atac, TTS Italia founding member, has welcomed a Chinese delegation of more than 30 representatives of Beijing companies active in the mobility and transport sector. The meeting has been opened by the Director of the Institutional relationships and Special Projects. Followed a presentation on TTS Italia activities by the Secretary General of the Association, Olga Landolfi, and a presentation by Mr. Spirito from Atac on the actual condition of Italian transport and mobility. The delegation has then visited the traffic control centre managed by Atac.ACI, TTS founding member, on public transport in Italy, recently published in collaboration with the University Federico II of Naples, underlines the needs of a greater intermodality in public transport as well as the importance of the optimization of the rail transport: Italy has nearly 20 Km of rail network for each million inhabitants compared to and average of 54 Km in the other European countries. ACI underlines the importance of a greater efficiency of the existing infrastructure as well as the evaluation of alternative sources of financing.
Source: Eco dalle Città

Atac at the first summit on Local Public Transport with the biggest European cities
It was held on 11 December, in Rome, the first summit of the Local Public Transport with the biggest European cities: “The Local Public Transport of the big cities can help revitalize Europe?”, a round table with representatives of transport from Berlin (BVG), London (TfL), Madrid (Metro de Madrid), Moscow (Moscow Metro), Paris (RATP) and Rome, with Atac, TTS Italia founding member. The participant took the occasion to take stock of the situation on the future of mobility.
Source: ASSTRA

Cape Town and the STADIUM project welcome the European Commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn
On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the entry into force of the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Europe and South Africa, the Ministry of Science and Technology of South Africa hosted a series of events from 5 to 9 November. The European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, was present at the events in South Africa. During her visit, some experiences of participation by South Africa to projects of the Seventh Framework Programme have been presented. In particular, in Cape Town, were presented the activities of the pilot project STADIUM implemented to provide support to the transport service during the World Cup in 2010. Among the partners of the STADIUM project there are a lot of TTS Italia members: : Atac e Mizar, founding members; Isis, Pluservice and Thetis, ordinary members.
For further information on the project:
Source: Pluservice

Cediss at the Smart City Exhibition in Bologna
From 29 to 31 October it was held in Bologna the Smart City Exhibition on communication, quality and development within the smart cities. Cediss, TTS Italia ordinary member, in collaboration with ATC and TPER, agencies for public transport, took part in the event presenting the experimentation of the remote control of two urban parking areas.
For further information on the event:
Source: Cediss

Project Automation wins tenders for quality air monitoring and for LTZ monitoring
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, for the supply of a system for the control of Limited Traffic Zones also including maintenance. In addition, Project has also won two more tenders respectively issued by the Municipality of Pescara and by the Province of Bolzano for the supply of systems for quality air monitoring.
Source: TTS Italia

Solari Udine wins tender for the supply of electronic boards
Solari Udine, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Rete Ferroviara Italiana SpA for the supply and installation of A/P indicators at Termini station in Rome.
Source: TTS Italia

The Agency for Mobility in Rome presents its report on tram and rail transport
It was presented on last 25 October the Report on rail and tramways transport elaborated by the Agency for Mobility in Rome, TTS Italia ordinary member to show present and future project for a better transport by rail and tram. The rail transport is indicated in the report as the basis for a better mobility. Project and intervention described in the report aimed at moving transport from private to public and at reducing pollution from transport. The report also underlines how all the listed projects will have positive effects on the occupational rate within Lazio Region.
Source: Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

Ticket bus by smartphone in Pesaro with Pluservice
After Pesaro Parcheggi, also Adriabus makes a step towards digitization, with a new app for smartphones and tablets, which will allow customers to purchase ticket and bus pass easily and quickly using the most innovative communication tools .The application, developed in collaboration with Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, can be downloaded for free from the Android and Apple stores and provides an innovative service to all customers traveling by bus, who can purchase or renew subscriptions and tickets directly on their digital device, using the most secure online payment methods such as Paypal or credit card. This is the first platform of its kind in Italy and marks a turning point that reinforces the approach of Pesaro Parking and Adriabus also towards customers 'technologically advanced'.
Source: Pluservice

TomTom releases Version 6.0 of HD Traffic in the UK
TomTom, TTS Italia ordinary member, has introduced the latest version of its real-time traffic information service, HD Traffic 6.0, into the UK. Consumers will find that avoiding congestion will be a lot easier, since the new service can detect roadworks, road closures and traffic jams five times more accurately than previous versions. The service includes two new congestion-forecasting features, which indicate whether a jam is growing or dispersing and estimates how long congestion will last. The service also uses information from GPS data sources to correct roadwork reports received from official sources, which means drivers are less likely to be routed via shut roads, avoiding unnecessary detours and frustration. Tests show that HD Traffic 6.0 recognizes up to 65% more blocked roads than the previous Version 5.HD Traffic 6.0 reports the locations of traffic jams on highways up to 15 times more precisely then industry-standard Traffic Message Channels (TMCs). The new version analyses historical congestion trends to indicate whether a particular traffic jam is growing, stable or dispersing and is also able to use the data to estimate how long the congestion will last. Both features are highly useful for more accurate routing and ETA calculation and government organizations will be able to benefit by using the new features for improved active traffic management.
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Products of the month


The new ticket validator by Solari Udine

VBT2010 is a ticket validator of travel documents used in the railway sector. The rounded profile and the refined design of the chassis allow the ticket validator to fit in with all the types of architectural structures located in railways. The curved shape allows the diffused reflection of the light and as a consequence it provokes a “moving” effect. This contributes both to a more dynamic design as well as to avoiding annoying glares, which can disturb the user and reduce the message readability and the general usability of the machine. The wedge-shaped outline allows all components to be effectively integrated for all types of equipment.

For further information, click here

The Railway Led Signal Light by Solari Udine

LED durability, efficiency and reliability have permitted the realization of the Railway LED Signal Light. It has been mechanically and electrically conceived to ensure absolute compatibility with the previous lamp devices. Therefore their replacement and commissioning can be carried out in a very short time. The luminous uniformity and intensity of the three coloured LED signals are constantly controlled, fulfilling in this way the first class of the UNI 9296 Norm. This Railway LED Signal Light guarantees a fourth safety integrity level (SIL4), according to the safety CENELEC Norm: EN50126, ENV 50129. Moreover the Railway LED Signal Light is designed to guarantee a high reliability level even in harsh environmental conditions (A6 class), taking into account ambient stresses (vibrations, temperature excursions, atmospheric overvoltages, electric faults etc.), thus conforming to Railway Norms.

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Project of the month


“Students today, citizens tomorrow: lessons of mobility and safety on the road”

The demo project "Students today, citizens tomorrow: lessons of mobility and safety on the road" promoted by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Agency for Mobility of Rome will start on January and it will be closed in March 2013. The project will be developed in seven schools of Rome, involving the students of the three middle schools for a total of 21 classrooms and over 500 students. The strategy is to focus on training in order to create a generation of responsible citizens and for a new awareness on the issues of urban, sustainable and intelligent mobility, and on the rules for a correct behavior on the road. The education of the new generations, in fact, plays a key role in prevention policies, it is part of the plans promoting active participation. It includes stimulus situations to solve problems and to develop a greater awareness. In synthesis, the project encourages young people to reflect on the concepts of Safety, Sustainability, Intelligence and Economy of urban transport which represent the "basic awareness" of all subsequent choices: personal, supportive, institutional. The lessons in the class will be taught by a team of teachers comprising officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and from the Agency for Mobility; the part dedicated to intelligent transport systems will be developed in collaboration with TTS Italy Association. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is taking care of the staff preparation for operational activities in schools, also taking advantage of experts in psychology and sociology. If successful, the project, that includes monitoring and evaluation activities, will be developed in other Italian cities in the next school year.

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5° National Conference on Tram: “Engeneering and economy of the system in the Public Transport”
31 January - 1° February 2013, Rome
For programme and registration,

5th Conference on EU Space Policy
29-30 January 2013, Brussels
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40° Atexpo Congress
30-31 January 2013, Paris, France
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I-Delianuova: Videosurveilance system
I-Firenze: Equipments for parking areas management
I-Montesarchio: Vidoesurveillance system
I-Taranto: Displays

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