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N° 9 October 2013

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During the 20° ITS World Congress held in Tokyo, Japan, 14-18 October, TTS Italia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ITS Israel on the 17 of October. The MoU has been signed respectively by TTS Italia President, Rossella Panero, and ITS Israel Chairman, Ur Omry with the aim of fostering partnerships between Italian and Israelian companies in the ITS sector with a special attention to training, research, business cooperation, best practice exchange. The MoU was born under the European project MEDUSA (MEDiterranean follow Up for EGNOS Adoption) coordinated by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member. The project acts as a catalyst for the introduction and development of the European satellite navigation (EGNOS and Galileo) in the countries in the Euromed area, which includes the states of North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) and the Middle East (Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria). The MoU between TTS Italia and ITS Israel represents an additional means of development and deployment of ITS and in particular EGNOS satellite navigation services in anticipation of Galileo.

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News of the month


ACI: sustainable mobility to be further developed in Italy
Italy needs to further develop the sustainable mobility and nowadays is unable to keep up Europe. This is the main result of the International Forum of local police, organized by ACI, TTS Italia founding member. Comparing fleet, traffic accidents, sustainable mobility, environment and energy, public transport, infrastructure, facilities of the local Police, penalties and destination of the proceeds of fines in the various cities, and puts them in the international scenario, ACI has highlighted the many differences in circulation systems at the urban level that also generate social and economic imbalance to the detriment of citizens. The data on urban mobility show an Italy divided and lagging far behind Europe.
Source: Ruote per Aria

Aesys wins tender for variable message signs in the metro stations of Rome
Aesys, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Atac Spa, TTS Italia founding member, for the design, supply and installation of 96 variable message sign for the line B of the metropolitan in Rome.
Source: TTS Italia

On October 10 was held in Florence the eighth MTRAM User Meeting organized by Maior, TTS Italia ordinary member, for its customers and the industry of the local public transport. A year characterized by a more than 150 participations and over 70 companies represented. These numbers attest to the interest of the employees to focus on innovation to boost public transport in Italy. The MTRAM User Meeting confirms as national event dedicated to the planning and management of the service in which such a large number of operators can meet, discuss and put in common the experience and "know how to do well" for each company.
For further information on the meeting, please contact: Luigi Cuseo
Source: MAIOR

In Florence the winner is the public transport with MAIOR
Among the winners of the world cycling championships held in Florence there is certainly also the local public transport: enhanced and adapted to the new road, has allowed citizens and tourists to move freely in the city. A goal achieved thanks to MTRAM, the MAIOR solution, TTS Italia ordinary member, for the programming and management of local public transport services implemented by the transportation companies in Florence. The system has allowed to plan and optimize the service provided during the nine days of the world championships, allowing to respond promptly to the needs of user mobility. “After the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006 and the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, MTRAM also contributed to the success of the 2013 World Cycling Championships in Florence. But the most important event for our customers is the service to be provided every day. For this we offer a solution for the planning and management of local public transport to meet the specific needs of each customer in relation to the context in which it operates. Whether it's a service urban, suburban or mixed MTRAM is the right answer for optimizing the local public transport companies.” Comments Antonella Albano, CEO of MAIOR.
For any further information on MTRA, please contact: Luigi Cuseo
Source: MAIOR

In November the Workshop “ITS for a more sustainable city: Technology progress and political support ” with the European project Compass4D
On 4 November, the European project Compass4D is organising the workshop "Intelligent Transport Systems for a more sustainable city: Technology progress and political support" in Verona. Compass4D involve sas partners: Swarco Mizar, TTS Italia founding member, Telecom Italia and Municipality of Verona, both TTS Italia ordinary member. Hosted by Compass4D partner Municipality of Verona, this international workshop will look at the current development of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) in the political agendas and at the technology and innovation needed to improve the whole transport systems and services in European cities.
The workshop includes speakers from the public authorities and the city of Verona as well as representatives of the telecommunications and automotive industry.
A press conference with Verona's Mayor Flavio Tosi will be organised before the workshop.
The workshop is free of charge but registration is needed
For registration, click here
For the program, click here
For further information on Compass4D, click here
Source: Compass4D

ISIS: new TRIP publication on Innovative Technologies just Released
TRIP, the Transport Research and Innovation Portal, has just released the “Innovative Technologies” Research Summary. TRIP gives an overview of research activities going on at European and national level, and the “Innovative Technologies” publication provides structured overviews of research results achieved mainly at EU level. Coordinated by ISIS, TTS Italia ordinary member, “Innovative Technologies” covers all technology innovations applied to the transport system or to its subsystems, and related to all transport modes. The broad range of research topics have been grouped according to four main areas: advanced vehicle design technology; innovative materials and vehicle construction; engine technology; and innovation in transport organisation. The Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) gives you an The publication is available only in electronic format by clicking here
For contacts:

The new initiative form the School of Management and Decision Sciences of the University La Sapienza in Rome
The School of Management and Decisions Sciences of the University La Sapienza in Rome has planned for this academic year a series of lectures held by distinguished speakers at international level. These lectures, taught by great worldwide recognized experts, will give a unique opportunity to executives and practitioners to be aware of the up-to-date management methodologies and tools. Within this initiative, Andrew Gelman, full professor at the Columbia University held three classes from 23 to 25 October titled “The Best Ways to Learn from Data”. The classes were held at the Department for Statistics, TTS Italia ordinary member. The course offered practical advises as well as methodological insights for social scientists and other applied statisticians. It also provided guidance into the process of building and evaluating models. Data analysis, variables transformations and graphical summaries of the results are emphasized. Finally, some challenges were discussed that researchers have when trying to learn from real big data.
Source: Università La Sapienza

The on board computer becomes an App: Drive2Go presented DST Plus
During a conference on local public transport held in Gorizia from17 to 19 October, Drive2Go, TTS Italia ordinary member, has presented for the first time at National level, DST Plus transforming the on board computer for fleet monitoring in to an App for smartphone or tablet . developed by Drive2Go in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, DST Plus consists of DST inertial device, Android App DST Plus mobile and of Web App DST Plus monitor. DST Android application embedded on tablet available for the driver which is interfaced with several services information in addition to driving style indexes, working shifts, next stop, ahead of time, delays etc. DST Plus is able to supply information also to on board and on the road systems. It is also equipped with QR code which allows users to look at time schedule and other additional information at real time basis. Driving data, real time tracking and other on board information are transmitted via GPRS or UMTS to the Drive2Go cloud datacenter and then published on the DST Plus monitor. The company can therefore control and certify regularly the fleet status in addition to other data from the field.
For any further information:
Source: Drive2Go

Permanent Council of the Automotive in Italy
It has been established to the Ministry of Economic Development, the Permanent Council of the Automotive. At the meeting were the actors Fiat, Anfia Unrae , Federauto and Aci, TTS Italia founding member, in addition to the Minister for Economic Development Flavio Zanonato, the ministries of Transport and Education and the Unified State -Regions Conference .
The organism is dedicated to the car, to identify possible courses of action for the recovery of a sector hard hit by the crisis and of particular importance for the Italian economy.
Source: Trasporto-Italia

Project Automation wins tender for limited traffic zones in Milan
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Milan for the supply and installation of the control system through electronic gates access to the newly established Limited Traffic Zone "Low Emission Zone".
Source: TTS Italia

Swarco Mizar expands in Former Soviet Union
Recently, Swarco Mizar, TTS Italia founding member, awarded a contract of more than 250.000€ for the pilot project of the OMNIA platform in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The city, designed to be an innovative city, is defined the future „Dubai of the steppe“. For this reason, the local partner has chosen Swarco Mizar ITS solutions, able to integrate several applications. The project “Intelligent Transport System in Astana city”, based on Swarco Mizar solutions, plans the improvement of road traffic, thanks to OMNIA solution, for the adaptive traffic light control of 42 intersections. OMNIA will also integrate CCTV software for traffic monitoring. The whole system has to be ready for the beginning of 2014.

Viasat to the TruckEmotion 2013 in Monza
Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, participated in the 2013 edition of the TruckEmotion 2013 held in from 11 to 13 October in Monza. TruckEmotion ® is a platform of services and products dedicated to the truck, in which operators and market experts come together to discuss the most important issues in the sector. Viasat has proposed, during the event, training sessions and counseling targeted, providing a team of experts in telematics, to spread the culture, study and propose solutions for transport companies.
Viasat also has participated with a point at the exhibition area.
Source: Viasat Group


Projects of the month


Cities Move Forward Sustainable Mobility Actions with QUEST

On 5 September 2013, QUEST hosted its final conference in Budapest, Hungary. QUEST is a EU-funded initiative, standing for “Quality management tool for Urban Energy efficient Sustainable Transport”.
Offering ad-hoc assistance by an external expert - the QUEST Auditor - the project addresses a key challenge faced by small and medium-sized cities, who are eager to implement sustainable mobility policies and actions, but seek right tools and expertise. ISIS, the Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems, is a partner in the QUEST consortium and played a leading role as QUEST Auditor for the Italian pilot cities of Padua, project partner city, Treviso, Reggio Emilia, Pisa and San Benedetto del Tronto. Padua was the very first city to try out the QUEST methodology, inspiring the other Italian pilot cities to join ISIS’s call and test QUEST.
Running from May 2011 to the fall of 2013, QUEST involved a total of 46 cities from 14 European countries. During the final ceremony, cities who followed the QUEST methodology, and committed to implement identified actions, were awarded an official QUEST certificate, acknowledging their efforts for creating sustainable urban environments. The event gathered a total of 80 attendees, including international experts, authorities and stakeholders, who discussed the project’s main outcomes, the QUEST methodology, as well as the European policy framework for sustainable urban mobility.
QUEST final conference celebrated the project’s conclusion, with a view at what’s next: how can a larger number of cities implement sustainable mobility actions? QUEST methodology proved to be a success and can be replicated by further administrations. ISIS is ready to assist other cities, in quality of QUEST Auditor, to make sustainable mobility a reality. Furthermore, a QUEST Academy has just been established and will continue to train auditors throughout Europe, safeguarding the high quality of the QUEST method.
Presentations from the conference and the final agenda can be downloaded here
More information on QUEST are available on the project website.
For contacts: Giuffre Giovanna
Stefano Proietti

Pan-European eCall - The Italian project HeERO best practice in Europe

Save up to 2,500 lives each year on Europe's roads and save more than 20 billion euro of social spending, reducing up to 50% the response times of emergency services following an accident: these are the targets of the eCall system, which will be mandatory on all new cars by the end of 2015.
But how does eCall work? In the event of a serious accident, the eCall device in the vehicle automatically generates a call to the 112 which, we remind, is the European Unique Number (NUE) of the public service for emergency calls; when the rescue centre closest to the crashed vehicle responds, the device immediately sends a set of data, including the exact GPS position of the vehicle, and then establishes a voice connection with the operator of the rescue centre. Once acquired additional information about the emergency in progress, the centre coordinates the emergency services to be sent to the accident site.
The call can also be activated manually, with the same effects, via a dedicated eCall button.
To promote the eCall system and calibrate its set-up, nine European countries (Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Romania and Sweden) with 40 public and private partners including automakers, automotive operators and mobile network operators have given rise to the European project HeERO (Harmonised eCall European Pilot), co-funded by the European Commission.
Italy is present in the project HeERO with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which is coordinating the project, Magneti Marelli, Centro Ricerche Fiat CRF, Telecom Italy, AREU (Regional Emergency Urgency - Lombardy) and the Automobile Club of Italy.
The Italian pilot, unique in the European context, is characterized by the fact that it has implemented the eCall system on a end-to-end, real chain and not into a simulated environment. For example as centre to manage the eCalls it has choosen an operative centre of the real 112, which is the operational centre of the NUE 112 of Varese, which represents, in Italy the first example of a 1st level PSAP completely adequate to the standards required by the European Unique Number 112.
This PSAP has been upgraded by AREU (Regional Emergency Urgency - Lombardy), both hardware and software, in order to receive the emergency eCalls, while Telecom Italy has modified the telecommunication networks operating in Varese, both fixed and mobile, to route the eCalls towards the 112 NUE centre.
For contacts:
Marco Marrazza:

The Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office opens in Tunis

On 23 October 2013 Telespazio opens in Tunis the Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office (GEMCO), on behalf of the European Commission and in the framework of the MEDUSA (MEDiterranean follow EGNOS Up for Adoption) project for which Telespazio is coordinator. GEMCO will be placed in the largest Tunisian technology park, Elgazala Technopark, and will be a catalyst for the introduction and development of satellite navigation services in the countries in the Euromed area, which includes the states of North Africa (Algeria , Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) and Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria). Clustered with polytechnics and science faculties that are part of Elgazala Technopark, GEMCO will act as incubator for new ideas and initiatives, will facilitate the relevant start-up, and will contribute to cooperation and sharing of best practices between Europe and Euromed countries on the use of satellite navigation services EGNOS/Galileo in various application domains (mainly aviation, freight transport, road, rail and maritime). In the period July-August 2013, MEDUSA launched a call for ideas open to the Euromed countries in order to collect ideas on activities and projects to be implemented in the framework of GEMCO. The opening ceremony of the offices will be held in Tunis on October 23 in the presence of representatives of the European and Tunisian institutions. A public workshop will also be held during which the GEMCO Work Plan, developed on the basis of received ideas, will be presented. From October 2013, thanks to MEDUSA, GEMCO will be a reference point for the development of the European Satellite Navigation in the countries around the Mediterranean basin. For more information on the activities of MEDUSA and GEMCO, please visit the project website at the following link
For contacts:
Antonella Di Fazio


Product of the month


With Mycicero the parking is getting Smart in Bologna

The service called myCicero, that enables to pay the parking with the mobile phone, will be soon active also in Bologna. It was made possible also thanks to the collaboration with ATC Spa, the company appointed to manage the Parking Plan of the Bologna Municipality.
myCicero platform, developed by Pluservice, allows to activate and deactivate the parking using a smartphone or a traditional mobile phone and pay only the real minutes used.
In order to use myCicero it is necessary to sign up via web on or by smartphone (downloading the free app myCicero available in the AppStore, GooglePlay and Windows Marketplace) and recharge the Parking Credit with the credit card or online bank transfer.
If you have a smartphone downloading myCicero app it is possible to detect the personal GPS location, display the nearby car parks, activate the parking with a click and extend the time without reaching the car again.
If you have a traditional mobile phone it is possible to activate and deactivate the parking with a free phone call (NO CALL system), through an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) or through an SMS service using the numbers written on specific road signs.
With myCicero it is possible to park, using the same Parking Credit, also in many other cities that joined the platform: Cervia, Pesaro, Ancona, Senigallia, Falconara Marittima, Numana, Fermo, Bra, Olbia plus Ravenna and Taormina very soon .

For further information visit the website
For contacts:
Giulia Fanesi


TTS in action


"ICT for co -modality: the way forward" - COMPASS final conference - 13 November 2013 - Rome
COMPASS (Optimised CO-Modal PASSenger Transport for reducing carbon emissions) will held its final conference "ICT for co-modality: the way forward" in Rome on 13rd November 2013 for presenting its results and focusing on ICT solutions for co-modality. TTS Italia is one of the project partners. COMPASS started in November 2011, and looked at the existing information available on passenger journeys in Europe, drawing extensively on work that has been undertaken in previous European-funded projects. Existing sources of information and data have been used to identify and describe the key trends in mobility patterns in the 21st century, based on current and future passenger needs. Existing sources of travel survey data have been exhaustively researched, with a particular focus on the role of ICT in data collection and management, and recommendations will be made on improving data collection in passenger transport to meet future needs. COMPASS is in the process of identifying ICT-based solutions that have the potential to improve co-modality in passenger transport and these potential solutions will be assessed through a number of case studies. The assessment of ICT solutions for improved co-modality is being based on a framework that emphasises the contribution of each solution to reduced carbon emissions. There will also be an investigation into how best to present solutions for improved co-modality to those stakeholders in transport operations and planning who will be responsible for their implementation, to ensure the best possible take-up of recommended solutions. Finally COMPASS will derive conclusions and recommendations for national and EU transport policy and actions.
The final conference in Rome will present some of the project's key findings as well as present some of the most interesting solutions found, and will seek feed-back from the representatives of policy makers and other stakeholders as well as researchers and the transport industry.
The participation to the conference is free but registration is welcomed.
For the draft programme: click here
For the registration form: click here
For any further information on COMPASS, please visit project web site
For any further information on the conference, please contact: Laura Franchi

TTS Italia at the conference “Transports 2.0: the innovation for improving the efficiency and the quality of freight and people transport” – 22 October - Rome
TTS Italia took part at the conference “Transports 2.0: the innovation for improving the efficiency and the quality of freight and people transport” held in Rome on the 22 October. TTS Italia was represented by its Secretary General, Olga Landolfi who participated in one of the two roundtable organised within the conference: “To innovate the local public transport”. The second round table was on “ To innovate the freight transport”. Among the speakers of the days, there was the Ministry for Transport, Maurizio Lupi.
For the photo gallery, click here

TTS Italia at the POSSE project Workshop - 7 October - Milan
TTS Italia has been one of the speaker of the project POSSE (Promoting Open Specifications and Standards in Europe) Workshop held in Milan on the 7 October within the event Move.App Expo. The Workshop of the POSSE project, supported by TTS Italia, presented and discussed the European experience on standardization and mobility as well as the Italian public administrations point of views in the mobility sector. The Workshop also investigated the relationship between ITS and Open Data. The Intelligent Transport Systems are now widely used in many cities and regions to manage traffic and support travelers through various schemes such as, among others, the control of traffic on specific areas of the city, the information in real time, the traffic light priority for public transport, ticketing smart card, the management and addressing the parking area. ITS are often developed in the absence of standards and specifications at European level. The European project POSSE, will undertake a range of activities to facilitate the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience on how to develop, implement and maintain open specifications and standards for ITS and traffic management. POSSE will draw up good practice guidelines covering the processes and considerations required for the specification and implementation of open ITS systems and standards drawing on lessons learnt and tips from two existing open specification frameworks, namely UTMC and OCIT/OTS. The POSSE project runs from January 2012 until December 2014. POSSE was set up to raise awareness of the need for open specifications and standards for road-based transport management and to share the experiences of existing open system frameworks in Europe. A central objective of the project is to build the capacity of transport authorities to implement open specifications and standards. To this end, POSSE will facilitate knowledge transfer between the existing open standards and specifications frameworks (UTMC in the United Kingdom and OCIT/OTS in the German speaking part of Europe) and public authorities wishing to move towards open systems. These public authorities, referred to as the POSSE Transfer Sites, are the cities of Burgos (ES), Pisa and La Spezia (IT) and Klaipeda (LT), the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Czech Transport Research Centre (CDV).

Smart Mobility World: presenatios available on line!
The presentations related to the Smart Mobility World, held in Turin in September and supported by TTS Italia, are now available on line.
For the presentations:
For the photo gallery:
Source: Smart Mobility World

ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Catanzaro: Illumination systems for tunnels
Italia-Enna: Videosurveillance systems
Italia-Napoli: Maintenance services
Italia-Palermo: Maintenance services for measuring and testing devices
Italia-Perugia: Maintenance services for electronic devices
Italia-Roma: Highways and roada design
Italia-Taormina: Videosurveillance systems


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Compass4D Workshop "ITS for a more sustainable city"
4 November 2013, Verona, Italy
For further information, click herei

ICT for co-modality: the way forward - COMPASS project final conference
13 November 2013, Rome
For further information,

The Inter-American Development Bank meets Italian banks for a focus on Infrastructures and private sector
21 November 2013, Rome
For further information, click here

7-8 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium
For further information, click here

Emergency Call Forum: Where Do We Go From Here?
7 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium
For further information, click here

17th IRF World Meeting & Exhibition
10-14 November 2013, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
For further information, click here

Public Procurement of Innovation & Pre-Commercial Procurement
14-15 November 2013, Krakow, Poland
For further information, click here

Smart City Expo and World Congress
19-21 November 2013, Barcelona, Spain
For further information, click here

UITP Conference in Strasbourg
19-20 November 2013, Strasbourg, France
For further information, click here

interactIVe and eCoMove Final event
20-21 November 2013, Aachen, Germany
For further information,

Truck & Bus World Forum
21-22 November 2013, Lyon, France
For further information, click here

2nd HeERO International Conference
21 November 2013, Bucharest, Romania
For further information, click here

Czech ITS Forum on using super-computing principles in transportation
25 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium
For further information, click here

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