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N° 9 October 2014

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What are the Liguria Region plans as per the fundings 2014-2020?
A special attention will be given to the sustainable urban transport. This aim is strictly tied to the support to infrastructures for connectivity that will contribute to the invest in the smart cities bot in urban and extra-urban areas. More in general, we will support sustainable mobility and thus the use of vehicles with law environmental impact in the public transport. Also, a support to the car sharing and to “charging hub” initiatives will be part of our efforts. Finally, our Region will develop an interoperable ticketing system.

What will be actions dedicated to mobility? There will be an emphasis on the technological side?
The Liguria Region recently has undertaken to guarantee the purchase of 350 new vehicles in the four years from 2014 to 2017, creating a large fleet renewal in the region, through appropriate financial instruments, both national and European. In this context also the provision of an integrated system of electronic ticketing is included to allow multimodal conversation with the on-board equipment installed on vehicles and responding to defined technical requirements and design. In addition, the purchase and installation of systems to measure the use of public services by users should be implemented.

Liguria Region has recently joined the Platform of Local Entities launched by TTS Italia , created to foster the dialogue between the demand and supply in terms of ITS. How do you think the rRegion can take advantage of this opportunity?
The Liguria Region wants to promote Intelligent Transport Systems through its policy for the sector. Through the project "3i plus - ITS platform for intermodal traffic information", and "Inforailmed" the transportation sector of the Liguria Region has been able to develop and implement the necessary "know-how" in the field of ITS, fundamental and necessary for a future dissemination of the issue both to local entities and companies for public transport. In the context of the changing and progressive development of ITS technology, it is necessary that the Liguria Region is continuously updated on the latest technical and regulatory actions taken at Community and national level. This is way we submitted the TTS Platform.

Liguria Region is defining a tender to award the public transport by 2015. Do you think the tender will contain key aspects of the service in terms of technology that the future manager must ensure?
The tender is issued by a specific Agency for the regional public transport. The tender will focus on priority actions elated to the support and promotion of the local public transport. The priority will be also given to technological interventions able to guarantee a more attractive public transport.

In the collective imagination, Liguria is often associated with the major ports of the country. For example, Genoa that is experimenting new technology architectures to ensure timing and leaner operations. What else is on the horizon?
The Ports Authority of Genoa has recently signed an agreement with the Italian Railways. They are both finalizing a simplified procedure allowing the transfer of containers of foreign goods at authorized locations outside the city port, connected along a corridor customs whose lines of development are covered by the national table E-Customs coordinated by the Customs agency.
In fact, the Port Authority has long had the Port Community System (PCS), through the E-Port system. Now, as part of the Integrated Platform Logistics developed by the Italian Railways, the aim is to extend and further streamline the logistics cycle port, extending the document interchange to the railway service and identifying possible solutions for interoperability with other platforms.
This will allow higher efficiency of the logistics system and the development and sustainability of the port traffic.

Who is Gabriella Rolandelli. She has a degree in Engineering. After several experiences as a freelancer, she taught at a middle school and in high school. Then she comes to the Liguria Region where she began immediately to work on the planning and management of mobility later becoming Head of Transport.

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MACNIL develops InfoSmartCity, the App for the user information in the city

Knowing the traffic congestion on city streets, hours of buses travelling at bus stops, parking available, working in progress on roads for refurbishment, changes in road signals and much more, in real time, by means improving the quality of life and optimize the resources of the municipalities.
Our Project it is the first to be able to experience the benefits of this innovative service of information on road conditions and traffic are going to be the Bari citizens, thanks to the App developed by MACNIL-Zucchetti group, in partnership with the University of Bari and the other partners related to the project SEMINA (Sistemi Evoluti per la mobilità Intelligente in Network Urbani Agili - Evolved Systems for intelligent mobility in urban Agile Network), which can provide users with an integrated monitoring of sustainable mobility and intelligent Bari.

InfoSmartCity ( is a new App (for Android) that people can download for free to receive real-time updates on the state of urban traffic, the travel times of the main public transport routes, parking information and a range of information utilities: from chemists to weather, events, people, communications urgent public administration to citizens' reports that will highlight issues related to the maintenance of city streets, to denounce situations of danger (episodes of stray dogs, accidents, robberies, etc.). A direct channel to the community to talk to the City Council.

Thanks to an innovative satellite tracking device fixed on board public transportation vehicles, on 'smart' citizen, Bari Municipality Operations Centre receives precise real-time traffic, and will be able to develop operational reports for analyzing of strategic municipal policy and supporting public transportation and fast intervention in an emergency. In addition, the system allows citizens to know, through information boards located on the major roads, any queues and accidents, and real-time information on weather.

In conclusion, another key of advantage for government and citizens is the safety of the public transport workers.

All cities can activate an App InfoSmartCity and ask for information on the project contact:
The SEMINA project, is financed by the EU funds of Apulia Region 2007-2013 is developed by Planetek, Macnil, Sitael and the Polytechnic of Bari. The project is finally supported by the Apulia Region, InnovaPuglia to the Municipality of Bari and AMTAB (Public Transport of Bari).
For further information and contacts:



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Aci officially starts the campaign Sleep stop
Sleep at the wheel causes over 40,000 accidents every year in Italy alone, nearly 240,000 throughout the European Union: accidents are often very serious, with a mortality risk more than double those determined by other causes. That’s why ACI, TTS Italia founding member, launched and officially started the campaign "Stop Sleep", highlighting the benefits of a short stop to sleep during the long car journeys and urging Italians to become more aware of their own mental and physical ability to drive. The aim of the campaign is to promote the recognition by drivers of every little sign of tiredness at the wheel, preventing the risk of the sudden falling asleep, taking a short rest, even just 15-20 minutes. To help motorists to be aware of their own limitations at the wheel and of some diseases often underestimated or ignored, it has been developed a questionnaire, published on the website The project provides outreach training sessions aimed at drivers in a tour that will cover several Italian cities, from Turin to Caltanissetta, passing through Genoa, Florence, Rome and Lecce.

ACI wins tender issude ny the Italian Ministry of Transport for infomobility services
ACI, a founding member of TTS Italia, has won the tender issued by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Department for Transport, navigation, general affairs and personnel - General Directorate for Road Safety for telephone service (call center 1518 ); production service of Infomobility bulletins at regional level; discovery service, input and monitoring of Infomobility news not acquired automatically by the information system of the CCISS (Coordination Centre Information Highway Safety).
Source: TTS Italia

Atac: more user information with the Nodes project
Atac, TTS Italia funding member, is one of the partner of the European project NODES (New Tools for Design and Operation of Urban Transport Interchanges), that will build a toolbox to support European cities in the design and operation of new or upgraded interchanges, as a way to provide greater support, services and satisfaction to the travelers and users, as well as to interchange operators and those societal and economic actors depending on the efficiency of interchange operations. Thanks to the project, Atac implemented in Rome, at one of the most crowded metro stop (Flaminio) displays with the times of departure and passage of buses, totems information available to passengers, with maps and tourist information leaflets about the services offered by Atac. The aim is to improve the operation of interchanges and thus the efficiency of the urban transport system.
Source: ATAC

Budapest inaugurates modernized public transport system
The Hungarian capital, Budapest, has inaugurated a new automatic vehicle location (AVL) system for the city’s public transport authority, BKK, which includes an all-new, modern operational control center, as part of a scheme to thoroughly modernize public transport in the city. Part of the city’s ambitious FUTÁR project, the aim was to increase the reliability of public transport services and to provide better information for passengers. IVU Traffic Technologies AG, TTS Italia ordinary members, implemented the project in in only two years with standard products from its ‘IVU.suite’, using the company’s ‘IVU.xpress’ process, which defines specific project steps, so that the standard software from the suite can be installed rapidly in disparate IT environments. In the course of the project, the previous systems were replaced by a modern AVL system, with additional functions being included. The modules of the IVU.suite provide the basis for controlling some 2,200 buses, trams and trolley buses operating on 220 lines in the Hungarian capital. The fleet management system ‘IVU.fleet’ ensures that the control personnel have a complete overview at all times of the current traffic situation, the locations of all vehicles, and any events or congestion. All the vehicles, including the transport boat services on the River Danube, have been equipped with an ‘’ on-board computer to provide the necessary real-time data for operational control and also for the passenger information service. The devices are so flexible that they can easily be adapted to suit the widely varying demands of the mixed BKK fleet. The most obvious signs of the comprehensive modernization of the public transport system are the new digital passenger information displays that have been set up at some 300 stops all over Budapest. The displays are directly connected by means of ‘IVU.realtime’ to the operational control center and they provide live departure times to the nearest minute for all vehicles and ferries from the stops or connection nodes. For the future, BKK is planning further investments in infrastructure and technical equipment. “Our aim is to constantly improve our system and make public transport more attractive,” said Dávid Vitézy, the CEO of BKK. “By 2030, we would like to have a share of 80 % environmentally-friendly transport modes in Budapest.”
Source: Traffic Technology Today

Card Project awards the Best Practices for innovation prize
Card Project, TTS Italia ordinary member, has awarded the prize for Best Practices for Innovation organized by Confindustria Salerno. Card Project won thanks to the “I/O Pass” solution for the the recognition of a physical and/or legal person. It is a solution for the recognition of a physical and / or legal person and for managing access to services, whether they are accessible on the web either through physical access, such as ecological islands, hospitals, government offices, parking lots, in total safety. The system has been designed to function in real time to allow the immediate management of access lists for a given gate digital and / or physical. The proposed solution is innovative as it uses for the recognition of the identity of the person an object already in the possession of citizens, thus avoiding additional costs due to additional distribution of products and reducing drastically the time of service activation. The person can be recognized through Id card, e-passport, NFC Smartphone.
Source: Card Project

The SITUS project from the Salerno University as European best practice
The University of Salerno, TTS Italia ordinary member, was among the frontrunners in the European Union for the use of 'Intelligent Transport Systems' (ITS). The project SITUS-TP (University of Salerno computerized information system for public transport), which included a free shuttle that connects the bus terminal to the main users areas, is one of the best practices in Italy on that front. The project SITUS-TP has been realized with the technical support of Swarco Mizar, a founding member of the TTS Italia. To make the point is the latest European Commission report on the implementation of EU legislation that promotes the use of intelligent transport systems in the different Member States. "It 's time to put the user at the heart of our transport policies," said EU Commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas, who has called on EU Member States to take further action to make the data, such as real-time traffic information, schedules and delays, more easily accessible. One of the problems identified in the report is that of the extreme fragmentation of the EU in the area of services of this type, often due to a lack of good quality data.
Source: Università di Salerno

VisLab systems on Italian television
VisLab's vision systems (MYXTRY, short for My Xtra Eye) installed in Venice was used by popular Itaian TV program 'Striscia la Notizia' and demonstrated its functionality in detecting boats speeds. VisLab is the Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (VisLab) of Parma University, TTS Italia ordinary member, and is involved in basic and applied research developing machine vision algorithms and intelligent systems for the automotive field. Have a look at the video, here
Source: VisLab

Famas System wins tender for a traffic monitoring system in Tuscany
Famas System, an ordinary member of TTS Italia, has won the tender issued by the Tuscany Region for the supply, installation and maintenance of a system for automated monitoring of traffic flows on regional roads. The system is composed of 92 major stations all equipped with traffic sensors, 8 wit asphalt sensors and 35 with the cameras, the necessary communications equipment and related software.
Source: TTS Italia

Pluservice wins tender for a multimodal travel planning
Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Insiel SpA - Friuli Venezia Giulia Region for the supply of software licenses in unlimited user license temporally and quantitatively, necessary for the implementation of a system of multi-modal travel planning to operate in the context of the Integrated Tourist Information System for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. The system is integrated with the one for the control of the local public transport being.
Source: TTS Italia

Project Automation wins tender for videosurveillance system
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, issued by the City of Cagliari for the development of a software for managing the integrated videosurveillance system of Police.
Source: TTS Italia

Targa Infomobility wins tender for fleet monitoring
Targa Infomobility — Divitech, TTS Italia ordiary member, has won the tender issued by ENELfor the monitoring service in remote control of the ENEL fleet (Black Box).
Source: TTS Italia

Telecom Italia wins tender for the TRAMPER information system
Telecom Italia, ordinary member of TTS Italia, has won the tender issued by InnovaPuglia SpA for the implementation of the Information System of the Central Control of Regional Transport of Dangerous Goods (TRAMPER). In particular, Telecom will be responsible for providing software solutions and IT infrastructure for the construction of the central for the monitoring and control of the transport of dangerous goods, maintenance, technology support and training.
Source: TTS Italia

Viasat at the Move.App Expo in Milano
Viasat, TTS Italia ordinary member, took part in the International Forum "Move.App Expo - Transport & Logistics & Technology Smart mobility", dedicated to technological innovation and policies for the mobility of people and goods, which took place in Milan from 11 to 15 October 2014.
In particular, Visat participated in the conference entitled "Multimodal logistics chains. Concrete and innovative proposals for a national policy for the modal integration of the freight transport." The session was set as a meeting and discussion open to the public, whose protagonists were the stakeholders in the freight and integrated logistics. The companies were asked to express their needs, the technicians to illustrate the major issues in the field with the possible solutions and the representatives of the political and institutional to put forward proposals for action. The aim was to take stock of the Italian transport system in the wider European context, compose guidelines for the relaunch and promote concrete proposals for viability in favor of a greater synergy between the various methods of cargo handling, vital sector for the growth of the entire country m.
Source: VIASAT


TTS in action

TTS Italia President at the ASITA conference in Florence
The President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero, took part in the 18th Conference ASITA (Federation of Scientific Associations for Territorial and Environmental Information held in Florence from 14 to 16 October.
For the plenary session, focused on Geodata, the TTS Italia President gave a contribution about the national regulatory framework for the ITS sector. The fil rouge was the comparison between the supply of open data / open map of the Public Administrations and the application of the same by the private sector. The area took into consideration was the Tuscany region, one of the Italian excellence for this sector.
Source: ASITA/TTS Italia

Liguria Region enters the Platforms for Local Authorities launched by TTS Italia
The Liguria Region has subscribed the Platform for Local Authorities launched by TTS Italia on the last February. In anticipation of the implementation of the National ITS strategy by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, TTS Italia proposes the establishment of a Platform for Local Authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities), which aims primarily to create a table of comparison between the world of the offer, a strong presence in the Association, and the demand side. The Platform will offer Local Authorities support and training services useful for the local implementation of ITS. The main aim of the Platform is to raise the awareness of local authorities on the tangible benefits that ITS can bring through measures of knowledge and information for decision-makers and technicians, operational support and training.

SAVE THE DATE Conference on “ITS within the programme 2014-2020” – 3/4 December 2014 – Rome
Following the definition and approval of the 2014-2020 Structural Funds programming, TTS Italia is organizing for 3 and 4 December 2014, in Rome, the conference "ITS within the programme 2014-2020"
The goal of the event is to involve regions, municipalities and metropolitan areas to understand how much and how ITS will be present in their activities for the next six years, how much and how ITS can bring benefits in the country. In addition to local authorities, the institutions will be present to learn about the actions planned for the ITS sector in the short to medium term with the Structural Funds and to understand how to take advantage of them to make a real innovation. The conference will be structured in a part of the congress and exhibition area reserved to Members of TTS Italia, to present their innovative solutions to the world's demand.
More information will follow in the coming weeks.


ITS relevant tenders in Italy


Italia-Milano: Radio communication devices maintenance
Italia-Selargius: Monitoring devices supply


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