TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. N°9 October 2011
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TTS Italia new President appointed
On 25th of October the new President of TTS Italia has been appointed: Rossella Panero, Director of 5t, TTS Italia ordinary member since 2001. Mrs. Rossella Panero has got the degree in physics in 1988 at the University of Turin (Italy). She has been working for about ten years on projects in the field of telematic technologies for transport and traffic at companies of FIAT group (SEPA and Magneti Marelli) and during this period she has been involved in several research project founded by the European Commission (Prometheus, Quartet, ….). Mainly she has been involved in the development and marketing of Magneti Marelli car navigation system Route Planner. In the following period she has been employed for four years as Marketing and Sales manager at Divitech, a young company developing fleet management systems and control room software applications. In November 2001 she has joined 5T organisation as program manager and R&D team leader. Recently (march 2008) she has been selected by Gruppo Torinese Trasporti, main shareholder of 5T, as Head of ICT department. The same day, also the new Vice-Presidents have been appointed: Stefano Mellina (Famas System) and Alfredo Bolelli (Mizar Automazione). Finally, members of the board of directors have been appointed: Emilio Cera (Atac), Sergio Dondolini (Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport), Roberto Balduini (Octo Telematics), Carlo Lastrucci (Powersoft), Roberto Arditi (Satap), Adriano Scardellato (Targa Infomobility) and Antonella Di Fazio (Telespazio). "Our priority is the acknowledgment in Italy of the European ITS Directive as well as the definition of an ITS National Plan which is required within August 2012. – the new president explains – In a moment so delicate for Italian economy and for transport, the acknowledgment of the Directive might represent an important opportunity for the development. Also at local level."

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TTS in action


Conference: "The New World of Technological Systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet"
It will be held next 28 and 29 November 2011, in Bologna, the Conference "The New World Mobility Systems Technology - supply and demand meet," organized by TTS Italia and Club Italia. In urban and metropolitan areas there is a cross-disciplinary, involving the "Technological" Government of Mobility, payment systems and integrated public transport systems. The conference and the event exhibition "The New World of technological systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet," will be an opportunity to investigate the cases in Italy, Europe and worldwide, where, armed with a strategy of environment and economical sustainability, are addressed in an integrated fashion, innovation and management of all three systems for mobility in urban and metropolitan areas. The meeting between the demand side (public institutions, service companies, associations) and supply (producers, providers, etc..) aims to focus on opportunities and challenges for promoting innovation and development and will help the process of implementation by the Italian State, of the European Directive on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and interfaces with other modes of transport), scheduled for 27 February 2012.
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TTS Italia at the 18° ITS World Congress
TTS Italia, from 16 to 20 October, participated with a stand at the 18° ITS World Congress hosted by ITS America in Orlando, Florida. The Congress has represented one of the main meeting between demand and offer side of ITS systems at worldwide level and it is, therefore, a great opportunity for the promotion of Italian ITS sector, especially on North and South American markets. At the stand participated as partners 5t, TTS Italia ordinary member, and Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism.
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TTS Italia at the European Workshop on "Telematics for Automotive – A Pan-European Emergency Assistance: eCall"
TTS Italia will be participating on the next 15 November to the second edition of the ATA event on "Telematics for Automotive– A Pan-European Emergency Assistance: eCall". The event, organized by ATA (Technical Association for Vehicles), in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce of Turin and with the support of TTS Italia, will be focused on the Emergency Call. The Telematics traditionally used to satisfy the user needs related to the navigation, infotainment and connectivity will be seen from a different perspective as it is the safety. A pan European eCall will act as an assistant in case of an accident alerting the emergency services providing them some fundamental information (e.g. vehicle position) with the aim to reduce response time and accident consequences. Skilled and professional speakers coming from the Telematics and e-call chains will address topics related to regulations and standards, infrastructures and services, components and receivers. The automotive experience represented by the car manufacturer will support the discussion analysing the state of the art and future scenario based on the integration into the vehicle of the emergency call head unit. TTS Italia will be represented by its Secretary General, Olga Landolfi, Chairman of the session "Scenario of Infrastructures and Services".Among speakers, Francesco Mazzone, ACI, TTS Italia founding member; Marco Annoni, Telecom Italia, TTS Italia ordinary member. Is part of the Organising Committee, Francesco Lilli, Centro Ricerche Fiat, TTS Italia ordinary member.
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TTS Italia at the XVIII National Conference of SIDT-Italian Society of Transport Professors
The Chairman of the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia, Massimiliano Zazza, took part on the last 7 October to the XVIII National Conference of SIDT-Italian Society of Transport Professors, titled "The economic and financial sustainability, energy and environmental performance of transport systems and the contribution of technological innovation". The Chairman participated with a speech on "Intermodality, Transport and Safety – Identification, Traceability and Surveillance – Total integration of systems"..
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TTS Italia Chairman at the International Forum of logistics and road transport
The Chairman of the Technical-Scientific Committee of TTS Italia, Massimiliano Zazza, will be participating on the 4 November, at the International Forum 2011 of logistics and road Transport in Milan. The Forum was established by the States General organized in 2009 and in 2010 at the Fiera Milano. It represents an important opportunity to deepen understanding of current issues and meeting professionals, client and Institutions. TTS Italia Chairman will participate at the Workshop dedicated to "Intelligent Systems and Traceability".
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TTS Italia meets its members from Tuscany
On the last 29 and 30 September, TTS Italia met some of its members of Tuscany region: Tiemme, Sodi Scientifica, Intecs e MAIOR. These meetings have followed the request from members to meet TTS Italia at their headquarters to discuss problems of the single companies on market and evaluate future collaborations.
Source: TTS Italia

News of the month


13 proposals from ACI-Legambiente to Governament and Local Authoritues
ACI, TTS Italia founding member, and Legambiente, Italian association for environment protection, at the end of the European week for the mobility, have presented "Mobility for all in the city of the future": 13 proposals for a sustainable mobility. ACI and Legambiente urge the adoption of a framework law to implement a plan that allows the mobility of the medium and long term to enable effective governance. For this purpose the standard framework designed by ACI and Legambiente should include an Impact Assessment Mobility, a kind of procedure, that is considering the implementation on the basis of access to mobility services. The standard framework should also establish uniform criteria to guide administrators in choosing the measures to be taken to limit the traffic. Not only identifying the types of vehicles according to the technological equipment, as well as alternative transportation, signage ad hoc restrictions, and a methodology for ex-post evaluation to measure the results and allow to communicate them to citizens. The investment priorities for mobility, according to ACI and Legambiente, should be given to local public transport fleet, to become less polluting and more appropriate to the extension of the city center and to the number of inhabitants. This would first enhance the accessibility to urban centers and then you could possibly consider the introduction of road pricing in large areas, defining uniform criteria for defining pricing policies. ACI and Legambiente also underline the importance of the development of residential parking spaces, expanding the promotion of rational paid parking, with rates differentiated by area and time. Particular attention is given to vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, disabled people) for which you would have to allocate more resources for the construction of pedestrian and cycle networks. For a better traffic conditions along the main traffic arteries, however, you should create greenways with no parking zone. To promote the spread of modern cars, safer and more environmentally friendly, especially in urban areas, it is required a national plan of economic incentives for families. And to build a true culture of sustainable mobility, the two associations recommend to promote with more conviction incentive mechanisms for car-sharing, car-pooling and training for the responsible use of private vehicles in urban areas.
Source: Eco dalle Città

Atac enters "ViviFacile/Tpl" project
Atac, the Agency for the Mobility of Rome, TTS Italia founding member, has entered the project "ViviFacile/Tpl", promoted and managed by the Italian Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation. The service will enable users to receive free news via SMS on public transport service. The experimentation of the service has started both in Rome and Venice, the two Italian cities that entered the project. To use the service, users needs to register on transport companies web site and select the type of information they would like to receive. Other Italian cities will soon enter the project such as Cagliari, Lanciano, Milan, Novara, Padova, Savona, Trapani, Urbino: more than 90.000 citizens involved.
Source: Clickmobility

Atac: higher safety for tpl passengers and drivers
Within the end of 2011, 180 busses of Atac, the Agency for Mobility of Rome, TTS Italia founding member, will be equipped with armored cabs, already present on the new buses purchased. Three hundred vehicles will also be equipped with a video surveillance system and by the end of 2012 across the fleet will be 'installed a button with which drivers can contact the emergency operations center.
Source: ADN Kronos

Autostrade per l’Italia signs US$3.86 billion satellite toll contract in France
Autostrade per l’Italia (ASPI), TTS Italia founding member, signed the US$3.86 billion contract awarded earlier on in 2011 for the heavy vehicle satellite toll system of the motorway network in France. ASPI leads a consortium also including French telecom group SFR with a six per cent stake, defence group Thales with 11 per cent, IT specialist Steria with three per cent, and transport firm SNCF with 10 per cent. The project is designed to monitor vehicles above 3.5 tonnes on a 15,000 km network, through a satellite transmitter and 4,000 check points. The toll should be of $0.17 per km, and it is estimated that 600,000 devices will be installed for regular users, and 200,000 for occasional users. The system will be operational from July 2013, and the concession has been assigned until 2024; in this period, ASPI should earn around US$277 million per year, while the French government will pocket an estimated $1.66 billion. The Italian firm will invest over $832 million in the project, using credit lines granted by a consortium including Mediobanca, Credit Agricole, Banca Imi, UniCredit, Caisse des Depots and Deutsche Bank.
Source: ITS International

DBA Progetti interview on Thinking Highways on opportunity business in Russia
Raffaele De Bettin, from DBA Progetti, TTS Italia ordinary member, has been interviewed by Thinking Highways on opportunity business in Russia.
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EGNOS breakthrough on the road -Join the SCUTUM final workshop
The European Satellite Navigation system EGNOS is operational and provides services over Europe. EGNOS added value, compared to GPS, relies on its ability to provide enhanced accuracy and confidence in the position. Several European projects in the last three years have validated EGNOS-ready technologies and demonstrated EGNOS benefits for the road market. The SCUTUM project, coordinated by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, succeeded in a widespread adoption of EGNOS for the tracking & tracing of dangerous goods transported by road. eni, a leading oil company, has adopted the EGNOS/ SCUTUM solution to monitor around 300 tankers operating in Europe. SCUTUM also specified the standard for the implementation of EGNOS commercial services through a CEN Workshop. In the morning of the 9th of November 2011, on the occasion of the EasyWay Annual Forum in Rome, SCUTUM holds its final workshop. Divided in two parts, the event gives the opportunity to get to know real and outstanding examples of EGNOS business cases for the road market. In the first part, keynote speakers present the results of the SCUTUM project and other European experiences. In the second part, during a round table major stakeholders share their views and best practices related to EGNOS.
For further information for both SCUTUM and the EasyWay Forum visit and
Source: Telespazio

Project Automation wins tender for speed control system
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tendere issued by the Province of Brescia for the provision of a speed control system on SP 510 Sebina Orientale in Pisogne (Brescia). The final value of the contract is 379 506,00 EUR.
Source: TTS Italia

Pluservice wins tender for service centre of e-ticketing in Piemonte Region
Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by 5t,TTS Italia ordinary member, for the design, construction and commissioning of software modules to implement in a computer system called CSR-BIP which is the service center dedicated to the management of electronic ticketing system in the PiemonteRegion. The CSR will instead be the regional center where all the data related to the integrated public transport ticket of Piemonte converge, a large and ambitious project, unique in Italy, which will bring the citizens of that region to use a single e-ticket to get around by all means public throughout the region, no longer worrying about having to change as a function of the bus ticket that you want to take. In this regard, Pluservice had won thetender last year for the provision of electronic ticketing system for the province of Cuneo. The final value of the contract is 130 000.00 EUR.
Source: Pluservice

SISTeMA wins tender for floating car data management
SISTeMA srl, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender bidden by the Municipality of Bologna for the development of a module for the management of floating car data fro traffic control center of Bologna.
Source: SISTeMA

Training day on "AVM systems for collective transport: operation, integration with other systems and technical support"
It will be held on the next 22 November, in Florence, the training day on "AVM systems for collective transport: operation, integration with other systems and technical support", organized by MemEx, in collaboration with ANM and Tiemme, TTS Italia ordinary. The training day is also organized with the contribution of TTS Italia, and the agency for transport of Florence, Treviso, Forlì. The aim of the training day is to define a realistic framework of the operation and management difficulties of AVM systems at local level also compared to the monitoring and regulation of public transport means, to the integration with other e-ticketing systems and information to users, to the role of entities and state of the market. The day will be divided in four session: presentation of AVM systems for public transport, their role and benefits; analysis of integration and interoperability difficulties of AVM systems; analysis and discussion of required conditions both technical and economical; comparison between demand and offer side.
Source: TTS Italia


Product of the month


Mass transit video surveillance goes digital
Bringing the benefits of network video onboard in the transport industry
Public transportation authorities are experiencing increasing pressure to provide a safe and secure environment for passengers and staff in their transit systems. As a result, more and more surveillance cameras are being installed in vehicles and rail cars around the world. Such installations have traditionally included analog CCTV cameras, with the drawbacks of high installation costs, limited image quality and difficult remote access. Until a few years ago there were no alternatives, but today the market –for both onboard and infrastructure installations- is rapidly moving to digital network video solutions.
Now, thanks to the possibilities given by IP technology, it’s possible to implement an efficient and unique video surveillance solution that offers a superior image quality, remote accessibility, easy, future-proof integration, scalability and flexibility, cost-effectiveness and distributed intelligence.
Thanks to over than 25 years of networking excellence, proven installations across all continents, and being the world’s leading expert, Axis has been the first company to see in the transportation market the need of dedicated cameras, and in 2009 Axis launched the AXIS 209FD Network camera: the very first IP camera of the world specifically designed for mobile installations.
Axis’ dedication to this segment continued with new products, like the AXIS M31 Series & AXIS Q8108 (NVR): developed especially for buses and trains.
Axis’ network video products have been installed in many demanding environments, including mass transit in Stockholm, trains in Zurich, metro in Moscow, buses in Madrid. Axis onboard cameras and recorders withstand vibrations, shocks and moisture, and provide valuable features such as:
High-quality images that leave no room for misinterpretation
Built-in tampering alarm that automatically alerts if a camera is covered or manipulated
Flexible and cost-efficient installation
Wide temperature range
Battery back-up to handle short periods of power drop.
Many mobile and infrastructure installations are already in place and Axis is receiving a growing number of requests for implementations on rail bound vehicles, rail tracks, depots or stations. The interest is especially high for larger systems, where the flexibility and openness of an IP-based solution enables installation and continuous operation. But the larger the installation is, the larger the challenge becomes to detect and point or review the relevant situations. As a result, events and activities are missed, and suspicious behavior is not noticed in time to prevent incidents. This has led Axis to the development of intelligent video (IV). Intelligent video is about reducing the vast amount of information contained in video, making it more manageable for systems and persons. Intelligent video surveillance systems automatically perform an analysis of captured video, and automatically use the resultant data. Building this sort of analytics into network cameras creates a reliable and versatile video surveillance system, and drastically reduces workload for the staff. Furthermore, intelligent video allows the operator to use the video surveillance system more pro-actively by giving early warnings about situations that could be potential risk scenarios. Intelligent video systems can also extract video and data from surveillance video streams and integrate that information with other applications, such access control systems, creating new benefits and opening up strategy possibilities for a better operation efficiency.
Axis is the world leader in IP video, helping its transportation customers to:
Create a safer transportation environment
Reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti
Efficiently monitor cargo and property
Reduce incident response times
Quickly decide the correct incident response
With experience from multiple large transportation projects all over the world, Axis enables you to stay one step ahead within mass transit.
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Green City Energy ONtheSEA
10-12 November 2011, Genova
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Vision 2020 and Possible Scenarios for the European Supply Chain
10-11 November 2011, Bologna
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2° European Workshop - "Telematics for Automotive: a pan-European Emergency Assistance: eCall"
15 November 2011, Orbassano (Turin)
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ITN - Infrastructure Telematics and Navigation
16-18 November 2011, Turin
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Presentation of the volume "Guide lines for the design of road crossings"
16 November 2011, Rome
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Conference "The New World of Technological Systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet"
28-29 November 2011, Bologna
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TranspoQuip Latin America 2011e
22-24 November 2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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9° PTV AG ITS Conference
23-24 November 2011, Berlin, Germany
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2011 Conference Polis & the European Economic and Social Committee - Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions
29-30 November 2011, Brussels, Belgium
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Truck and Bus World Forum
30 November-1 December 2011, Lyon, France
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Giugliano in Campania: Services for parkings
I-Napoli: Services for parkings management
I-Piacenza: Fiber optic cable for data transmission
I-Roccasecca dei Volsci: Devices for average speed control
I-Villabate: Maintenance of traffic lights


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