TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded with the aim to promote the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. N°8 September 2011
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TTS Italia at the 18° ITS World Congress
TTS Italia, from 16 to 20 October, will participate with a stand at the 18° ITS World Congress that will be hosted by ITS America in Orlando, Florida. The Congress represents one of the main meeting between demand and offer side of ITS systems at worldwide level and it is, therefore, a great opportunity for the promotion of Italian ITS sector, especially on North and South American markets. TTS Italia stand is number 1513. At the stand will be participating as partners 5t, TTS Italia ordinary member, and PIEMONTE Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism. For further information on ITS World Congress
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Conference: "The New World of Technological Systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet"
It will be held next 28 and 29 November 2011, in Bologna, the Conference "The New World Mobility Systems Technology - supply and demand meet," organized by TTS Italia and Club Italia. In urban and metropolitan areas there is a cross-disciplinary, involving the "Technological" Government of Mobility, payment systems and integrated public transport systems. The conference and the event exhibition "The New World of technological systems for Mobility - Supply and demand meet," will be an opportunity to investigate the cases in Italy, Europe and worldwide, where, armed with a strategy of environment and economical sustainability, are addressed in an integrated fashion, innovation and management of all three systems for mobility in urban and metropolitan areas. The meeting between the demand side (public institutions, service companies, associations) and supply (producers, providers, etc..) aims to focus on opportunities and challenges for promoting innovation and development and will help the process of implementation by the Italian State, of the European Directive on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and interfaces with other modes of transport), scheduled for 27 February 2012.
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ITS Russia and the Russian Ministry of Transport met TTS Italia members
It was held on September 14 in Rome at the headquarters of TTS Italia, the meeting between the CEO of ITS Russia, Vladimir Kruychov, and TTS Italia members. The meeting was organized within the Memorandum of Understanding signed between TTS Italia and ITS Russia in June during the ITS European Congress in Lyon.
Many member took part in the meeting, presenting projects, products and initiatives related to the field of mobility and traffic management. In particular, they have participated: 5t, Almaviva / TSF, Autostrade Tech, DBA Projects, Fai Service, Famas System, Italian Ministry of Transport, Mizar Automazione, Octo Telematics, Pluservice, Rome Mobility Services, Sodi Scientifica, Thetis and Telespazio.
Konstantin Tikhonov, representative of the Russian Ministry of Transport, also attended the meeting explaining the state of the art of transportation in the Russian Federation.

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EGNOS breakthrough on the road -Join the SCUTUM final workshop
The European Satellite Navigation system EGNOS is operational and provides services over Europe. EGNOS added value, compared to GPS, relies on its ability to provide enhanced accuracy and confidence in the position. Several European projects in the last three years have validated EGNOS-ready technologies and demonstrated EGNOS benefits for the road market. The SCUTUM project, coordinated by Telespazio, TTS Italia ordinary member, succeeded in a widespread adoption of EGNOS for the tracking & tracing of dangerous goods transported by road. eni, a leading oil company, has adopted the EGNOS/ SCUTUM solution to monitor around 300 tankers operating in Europe. SCUTUM also specified the standard for the implementation of EGNOS commercial services through a CEN Workshop. In the morning of the 9th of November 2011, on the occasion of the EasyWay Annual Forum in Rome, SCUTUM holds its final workshop. Divided in two parts, the event gives the opportunity to get to know real and outstanding examples of EGNOS business cases for the road market. In the first part, keynote speakers present the results of the SCUTUM project and other European experiences. In the second part, during a round table major stakeholders share their views and best practices related to EGNOS. For further information for both SCUTUM and the EasyWay Forum visit and
Source: Telespazio

His Excellency Abdullah Al Mogbel visits Verona’s Mobility Centre
The private visit of His Excellency Abdullah Al Mogbel, Deputy Minister of Transport of Saudi Arabia, who is also President of ITS ARAB, President of the International Road Federation in Washington and President of the Association of Public Transport companies of the Arabian Gulf, to the Mobility Centre of Verona came to a successful conclusion on 20th July. He was accompanied on his visit by the President and CEO of Mizar Automazione, TTS Italia founding member, Alfredo Bolelli. The Deputy Minister, who was welcomed by Enrico Corsi, Head of the Traffic and Mobility Dept of the City of Verona, Giorgio Zanoni, Arch. Bruno Pezzuto and the Deputy Commander of the Municipal Police, Lorenzo Grella, showed his appreciation of the efficiency and functionality of the integrated ITS services in the Centre. He also expressed interest in the implementation of a similar project in his own country.
Source: Mizar

Mizar Automazione hosts a delegation from Lithuana visiting Turin
The 26th July saw a delegation from Vilnius, consisting of the mayor, Arturas Zuokas, the Deputy Mayor, Romas Adomavičius, the Councillor, Vice President of the Committee for the Protection of the Environment, Miroslavas Monkevi?ius and the Deputy Director of the City Maintenance and Transport Department, Algirdas Šešelgis, in visit to the Mizar Automazione’s headquarters in Turin, TTS Italia founding member. Also present was Alexander Swarovski, Vice President for Business Development of the Swarco Group. During the day, the delegation visited the Control Centre of the 5T System, TTS Italia ordinary member, where they were received by the President of 5T, Mario Carrara and the Director of the Centre, Rossella Panero. In the late afternoon, they were welcomed by the Mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino and the Head of Mobility, Claudio Lubatti. In this meeting, the potential for cooperation between the two cities was underlined in the context of the European programs, such as the "Smart Cities" initiative, as well as the opportunities for the supply and installation of systems produced by companies of the Swarco Group, such as Mizar’s ITS applications, the LED technologies for street lighting by Futurit and automated parking systems.
Source: Mizar

Octo Telematics wins contract for infomobility services
Octo Telematics, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by ANAS SpA, TTS supporting member, for the infomobility service for real-time detection of the road traffic conditions on the extensive of primary interest at national level . The total value of the contract is Euro 350,000.00.
Source: TTS Italia

Pluservice wins contract for applications software programming
Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Association "Torino Città Capitale Europea" for programming services of application software. In particular, the competition involves the construction and commissioning of a informatic system including: software for the control center Pyou, the APN network server, including software configuration management software for N. 100 POS, management software, N. 500 terminals RFID read / write, 4 laptop computers complete with accessories. The system supplied by Pluservice will handle the Pyou card according to a multi-service, multi-operator management and integrating the ticketing system of the province of Cuneo again supplied by Pluservice.
For information on Pyou h card. Total final value of the contracts is 379 000.00 EUR.
Source: Pluservice / TTS Italia

Project Automation wins three tenders for the mobility management and video surveillance
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the City of Genoa for the construction of a new system of supervision of the mobility in the city of Genoa. Total final value of the contracts is 430 000.00 EUR. Project Automation has also won the bid made by Blue Area SpA for the supply and installation of a system of access control to restricted traffic zone (ZTL) of the historic city of Imola. Total final value of the contracts is 279 426.00 EUR. Finally, the Project has won the tender issued by the city of Rapallo for the supply and installation of a surveillance system within the municipal area. Total final value of the contracts is equal to 748 000.00 EUR.
Source: TTS Italia

Softeco Sismat develops mobile application for multimodal transport and traffic information in European cities
Softeco Sismat, TTS Italia ordinary member, has developed a new application to assist you while travelling and provide easy mobile access to multimodal travel and traffic information for Android smartphones and tablet PCs. The application has been developed within the In-Time project, of which Softeco Sismat is a partner.The application, e-miXer In-Time, uses data and services available through the In-Time Commonly Agreed Standardised B2B Interface to provide several Location Based Services (LBS) and Multimodal Journey Planning. The data accessible through e-miXer In-Time are made available by the cities themselves and therefore the service provided may differ from city to city - always according to the needs of the city. The actual user position – automatically provided by the phone – or a specified location (address, POI) can be used to plan a journey from one place to another or to get information about Parking Places, Public Transport Stops or Traffic Alerts in the proximity of the user. Additionally, once a journey is planned, users can search for LBS information around the start, destination or intermediate points. Any of these points, in turn, can be used as the start or destination point for another journey, depending on the user’s needs and preferences.
Source: In-Time Project

Softeco Sismat participates in the European project "Co-Cities"
Softeco Sismat, TTS Italia ordinary member, participates in the European project Co-Cities (Cooperatives Cities), began in January 2011. The EU co-funded pilot project Co-Cities (Cooperative Cities) aspires to extend and validate existing mobility services to improve current traffic information management in cities and urban areas. The novelty about the Co-Cities services is their cooperative feature permitting the end users to report their feedback to the traffic management. The project will run for 3 years and pilots will be tested in the cities of Bilbao, Munich, Prague, Reading, Vienna and in the Tuscany Region site (this site will include information services available in different Tuscany cities and over the regional area). Softeco Sismat is the Technical Coordinator of the project Co-Cities and principal partner in the development of technological infrastructure - based on the results of the previous project in-time ( - which manufactures infomobility services and the exchange of information between users and mobility management systems. Softeco Sismat will coordinate the development and deployment of the infrastructure of "cooperative" mobility in the 6 pilot sites and will be responsible, more' directly, of the technology of Co-Cities and technical support for experimentation in Tuscany.
For more information on Co-Cities, click here

VisLab presents its autonomous driving adventure on national channel RAI 3
On the last September 5, Prof. Alberto Broggi, from VisLab, was a guest at the transmission "GEO Magazine" on the national channel RAI 3, to tell the adventure of autonomous driving vehicles departed from Parma last July and arrived in China in October after more than 13 000 Km. VisLab is a spinoff company of the University of Parma, TTS Italia ordinary member, it is involved in basic and applied research, developing machine vision algorithms and intelligent systems for different applications, primarily for the automotive field.
Source: VisLab

Workshop: "The European satellite navigation system EGNOS / Galileo for road applications: the project EGNOS2road"
It was held on September 21, at the headquarters of TTS Italia, the Workshop "The European satellite navigation system EGNOS / Galileo for road applications: the project EGNOS2road " within the project EGNOS2road. The project EGNOS2road responds to a call of the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry), in order to carry out a technical and economic evaluation of the use of European satellite navigation systems EGNOS and Galileo for two extra-urban and urban road applications: electronic toll collection and fleet management. The project, ended on last July 2011, was conducted by an Italian team, composed of Telespazio (as coordinator), TTS Italia ordinary member; Società Autostrada Tirrenica and Autostrade per l’Italia, TTS Italia founding member; Magneti Marelli, TTS Italia ordinary member; Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. The purpose of the meeting was to present / promote the project results, and share tips and ideas with the members for possible future activities.
Source: Telespazio


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Magneti Marelli telematics solutions - TBOX
Magneti Marelli is an international company committed to the design and production of hi-tech  systems and components for the automotive sector, based in Italy (Corbetta, Milan). Active for several years in the field of ITS, Magneti Marelli, thanks to its know-how and its e-skills, has developed infotelematic solutions for several Services Providers in both Original Equipment and After Market, with the aim of enabling the vehicle to provide services forinfomobility, safety and comfort. The technological solution Marelli is dictated by market trends and still in line with future European regulations and implementations such as eCall eToll.
The telematics offer Magneti Marelli, proposed on the market in cooperation with service providers, can cover several aspects of the value chain: design / marketing of customized products, the service network (Checkstar Service Network), a multi-lingual help desk and co-marketing solutions study.

The "telematic box" or TBOX, developed for professional applications, combines the interoperability and flexibility of the consumer world with the quality and the technology required in automotive design and production, typical of a society oriented to the first plant.
It is a unit equipped with wireless communication technologies (GSM / GPRS) and satellite (GPS). To allow the provision of services in line with market demand, the device also integrates a 3-axis accelerometer, 2 digital inputs and 1 analog input for interfacing sensors / external devices, a serial port, a K-line interface for vehicle data acquisition and diagnostics. Also integrates an internal rechargeable battery to allow the use of the system even in the absence of power to the vehicle. The solution is configurable. For special needs you can customize the functionality. There are possible connections with external devices such as speakers and microphone, Smart Display / PND, smart card reader SW architecture, flexible and modular, allows the system to develop and integrate custom applications designed to address the needs of specific customers, such as fleet managers (logistics companies, carriers), insurance, etc.
In particular, the application software for the insurance TBOX provides Services Provider, in addition to satellite tracking, which allows you to track the vehicle if stolen (Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)), the data needed for the reconstruction of the crash, for profiling of the insured and therefore for the customization of policies based on parameters such as kilometers traveled, vehicle use, driving style (such as "Pay As You Drive" (PAYD))

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Men and means of transports as characters of freight transport – late Technologies and choices
26 October 2011, Rome
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Mobilitytech 2011
24-25 October 2011, Milan
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Demand Management and Urban Governance Conference
6-7 October 2011, Goteborg, Sweden
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Intelligent Transport System Ireland Conference 2011
6-7 October 2011, Galway, Ireland
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EQUIP AUTO-Green Tech 2011
11-15 October 2011, Paris, France
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18° ITS World Congress on ITS
16 - 20 October 2011, Orlando, Usa
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FLIPPER project final conference
21 October 2011, Almada, Portugal
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Facilities Management and Maintenance Workshop
23-25 October 2011, Nashville, Tennessee, Usa
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8th China Urban Intelligent Traffic Forum
29 October 2011 -1 Novembre 2011, Shenzhen, China
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy

I-Firenze: ground-air telecommunication services
I-Roma: Consulting services for informatics systems and technical support
I-Selargius: Road infringements detection system


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