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N° 8 September 2013

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During your speech on last July at the TTS Italia conference at the chamber of deputies, you said you would suggest to Maurizio Lupi, the Italian Ministry for transport, to start a work table on transport and logistics, did you do that? What did the Minister answer?
Yes i did. it is important to work on logistics for a better mobility both of goods and people. i think that a work table to define priorities would be helpful for the economic recovery of Italy. it would be necessary to arrange the rule on port logistics systems, by entering the recognition of the role of the regions ports and, allow two up to three major ports the trial of a major financial autonomy; to repair the standard on minimum costs with the agreement between client and road transport and accelerating the establishment of the single customs office.

Smart mobility and smart cities are fundamental nowadays. What are the plans from the Minister on ITS development?
The Ministry is already carrying out an important awareness action and promotion of the whole innovation sector that must be the basis for the revival of logistics in our country. For the growth of the country, it is necessary to recover the competitiveness: we always ask more to private to develop new business models but on the other hand the public sector should imagine new possibilities of governance based on the contribution from ITS.

The National ITS plan was supposed to be sent to brussels one year ago. When it will be officially launched?
The plan was born to ride the development of ITS technologies in a perspective of growth up to 2020. The national strategy for ITS must identify the most effective operations for optimizing resources and achieve the results require at National and European level. On this point, our country has encountered some problems that still do not allow to collect benefits of technology implemented, including the high fragmentation of experiences in the sector and the resulting inability to integrate the different systems. The government has otherwise well clear priorities and is acting daily to completely adopt the plan.

As undersecretary for transport you already know how ITS are fundamental for the development of freight transport. Which actions are still missing? What are the indications from the government?
Particular attention should be given to the promotion of large systems for the mobility of goods through rail and water without forgetting the road transport especially for the last mile; the air transport which is crucial for our country, for example for the Made in Italy; the precision engineering. Its must be able to support this process and help Italian companies to become competitive at worldwide level thanks to a greater efficiency, quality and punctuality. The ministry must lead this action by promoting with its own funds specific projects such as eCall, black box and platform for the logistics.

Who is Bartolomeo Giachino. He was born in Piemontese and was a director in the Italian Society for the Mont Blanc Tunnel, manager in E. Breda, adviser in Fiat, director in TNT and executive member of CNEL. In 2008 he was appointed by Silvio Berlusconi Undersecretary for Transport, which he held until 2011. In 2009 he became President of the Council for road transport. By Decree of 19 June 2013 he was appointed Advisor to the Minister of Transport, Maurizio Lupi.

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Shorten the waiting time at bus stops, improve the regularity of the public means and accelerate the speed of public transport in the city. Manage fleets more efficiently, increasing the comfort of the journey, making bus and subway transportation more accessible and attractive for commuting in urban and suburban areas. The improvement of local public transport also passes through the extensive use of the solutions ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). This is an indication that TTS Italia, provided on last 12 September to the Transports Commission of the Chamber of Deputies during a hearing within an investigation on local public transport.

The technological revolution of public transport should go through several steps. First, service contracts should provide precise indications on minimum ITS services that operators should ensure. Monitoring systems allow to improve fleet use, while the electronic ticketing would give the possibility to fight the tariff evasion. The implementation of video surveillance and alarm systems would help to raise the level of safety on board and in stations, while the mobile information would give greater confidence to users on the usability of the services. Finally, the regulation of traffic through the traffic light priority and surveillance of lanes would be valid solutions to increase the average speed of public transport.

"With the application of these solutions there would be benefits for the entire system - said Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia - For passengers who have an adequate service, but also for companies of local public transport and for public administrations. Not to mention the important effects on the economy of the country: to give impetus to the development of this market is equivalent to giving greater certainty of return on investment for companies in the sector that would result in a positive impact on employment levels of young highly qualified."

For all the above interventions is essential to ensure the financial sustainability for both the phase of initial investment and for the phase of management and maintenance, so as to avoid what has happened in recent years, which have unfortunately seen the exit from the market of some excellent supplier companies in the industry. In the ongoing situation of crisis which the sector of the local public transport is experiencing, the definition of ad hoc incentive mechanisms is an absolute priority to cover investments to be made. In other words, you must define rewarding mechanisms that can provide both local governments and public transport companies a strong incentive to invest on the adoption of ITS.

For the hearing video (available only in Italian), please visit TTS Italia web site,

News of the month

In November the Workshop "Intelligent Transport Systems for a more sustainable city: Technology progress and political support" with the Compass4D project
On 4 November, the European project Compass4D is organising the workshop "Intelligent Transport Systems for a more sustainable city: Technology progress and political support" in Verona.
Hosted by Compass4D partner Comune di Verona, TTS Italia ordinary member, this international workshop will look at the current development of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) in the political agendas and at the technology and innovation needed to improve the whole transport systems and services in European cities.
The workshop includes speakers from the public authorities and the city of Verona as well as representatives of the telecommunications and automotive industry.
A press conference with Verona's Mayor Flavio Tosi will be organised before the workshop.
The workshop is free of charge but registration is needed.
For the registration:
For further informatio on Compass4D: Source: Compass4D

Autostrade Tech wins tender for toll data elaboration
Autostrade Tech, TTS Italia founding member, has won the tender issude byAutovie Venete for the data elaboration of toll system as well as for software for traffic control.
Source: TTS Italia

5T: less traffic in Turin
Less than ten percent. In so much the decline in traffic in the city of Turin as measured by 5T, TTS Italia ordinary member, the company that manages on behalf of the City the traffic equipment. Rossella Panero, director of 5T, and TTS Italia President, confirmed a downward trend in traffic density in recent years, with a less than 10% on average between the beginning of 2010 and September of this year, accompanied by a decrease of private traffic even within the limited Traffic Zone. These data were collected through the systems for the management and monitoring of the traffic: 330 controlled intersections with dynamic traffic lights, over 3,000 traffic sensors in the asphalt, 25 air traffic sensors, 71 infrared cameras monitoring in 23 intersections, 2 speed control systems, 36 security checkpoints on the limited Traffic Zone which have been activated in recent months as many information panels.
In addition, 5T is a technical partner of "Pumas", Regional Planning Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space, the European project whose activities were launched in July 2013 and will end in June 2015, thanks to which Turin will develop a plan for the management of clean delivery of goods.
Source: Eco dalle Città

From 16 September the new classes at the Drive Style Academy a Modena
Thanks to the collaboration between Drive2Go, TTS Italia ordinary member, ASSTRA, ANAV, Autodromo di Modena, Driving Style Academy (Academy DS) was born, the first school of practical training for eco-driving and safe driving, dedicated exclusively to drivers of public transport, companies for waste collection and environmental Sanitation and road freight transport operators. The main objective of the Academy is to provide professional drivers the concepts and practices necessary to optimize their driving style in terms of reduced fuel consumption and emissions and increase safety and driving comfort. The DS Academy is based at the Autodromo di Modena and relies on the "training" version of the system DST (Driving Style Tools), the detection technology driving style, developed by Drive2go in collaboration with the Department of Electronics of Politecnico di Milano. From 16 September, the new classes and courses have started divided in parties in the classroom and practical parts, supported by the use of the technological system DST (Driving Style Tools) version of Training. In these courses, once the driving sessions is over, the students return to the classroom to the computer to check their driving style, mistakes and learn the methods used to improve and make driving more virtuous from the standpoint of ecology, economic viability and security.
For any further information,
Source: Drive Style Academy

MAIOR wins tender for data warehouse design and development
MAIOR, TTS Italia ordinary member, in collaboration with e-Lios, a spin-off of the Camerino University, has won the tender for the design and development of the local public transport data warehouse del of Marche Region. Innovation, integration and interoperability are the distinctive elements of the proposed project by MAIOR which will allow the Marche Region to use a powerful new tool for dynamic analysis of all the data of local public transport to support the processes of planning and programming services. The project will unify in a modern data wharehouse timetables and routes, numbers of passengers, vehicle fleet, tariff system and regional contributions. The system will be able to acquire both real-time data services programmed by the companies operating on the territory and the final data from the AVM systems ensuring the Marche Region a database constantly and automatically updated. The experience gained by MAIOR in many projects of Business Intelligence solutions made with mobility agencies and in-depth knowledge of the mode of management of information typical of the public transport companies have further enhanced the project proposal chosen by the Marche Region to extend the useful tools for promoting an effective and efficient governance of mobility.
For further information
Luigi Cuseo
Source: MAIOR

Pluservice wins tender for e-ticketing in Florence
Pluservice, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Ataf Gestioni S.r.l. for the design, supply, installation, operational start-up, testing and maintenance of an integrated electronic ticketing system for the payment of mobility services in the Metropolitan Area of Florence, including related support services.
Source: TTS Italia

Project Automation wins tender for traffic monitoring
Project Automation, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by the Municipality of Brindisi to supply systems for classification and monitoring of traffic.
Source: TTS Italia

Space projects in Rome
It was held in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo, from 30 August to 6 September, the 14th edition of the touring European Space Expo, organized by the European Commission under the patronage of the City of Rome. European Space Expo highlighted the crucial role of space technologies for the European Union and aimed to show visitors how the space, as well as activities and space applications, have a direct impact on the daily lives of citizens. Among the speakers, even Telespazio, TTS ordinary member.
Source: TTS Italia

Second USER Meeting IVU Italia in Rome - Exchanges of experiences with more than 50 participants
IVU Italy, TTS Italia ordinary member, following the great success from the USER Meeting of 2012, the first organized at its headquarters, on 26 and 27 September again hosted their own businesses for the convention of 2013. As part of the meeting, along with discussions and technical presentations focused on the latest news of the IVU.suite and future projects, have been included interventions by customers. The presentations this year have dealt mainly with the issues and optimization-mobility. Participants and engineers of IVU consider very important these concrete evidence, as they offer the opportunity to ask specific questions and discuss issues related to the performance and actionable solutions.
For more information:
Cristina Massari
Source: IVU Traffic Technologies

Solari Udine wins tender for infomobility system
Solari Udine, TTS Italia ordinary member, has won the tender issued by Aeroporti di Roma for the supply, development, installation and support of an infomobility systems for passengers (Flight Information Display System - FIDS).
Fonte: TTS Italia

Swarco Mizar systems in Kazan
The Kazakh magazine Host City recently posted an article on applications of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) on its territory, with particular reference to the system of traffic management OMNIA implemented by Swarco Mizar, TTS Italia founding member.
For the article, click here
Fonte: Swarco Mizar

The new challenge of autonomous driving vehicles by VisLab
During the PROUD-Car Test (Public ROad Urban Driverless-Car) 2013 event, on July 12, in Parma, a vehicle moved autonomously and in total safety on a mixed traffic route (rural, freeway, and urban) open to public traffic, with nobody on the driver seat. Recently other similar systems have been realized by other researchers and auto makers all over the world, but this has been the first time that nobody was in the driver seat, to underline the system robustness. The vehicle is not remotely controlled, but on the contrary it is full of sensors to perceive the surrounding environment; the on board systems interpret the traffic situation e react accordingly, acting on steering and changing speed in autonomous mode (with no human intervention). The vehicle has been realized by VisLab from Univeristy of Parma, TTS Italia ordinary member. This experiment, organized by University of Parma - Dep.of Information Engineering, VisLab, and DISS (University Center for Advanced Research on Road Safety), was made possible thanks to the cooperation of: Direzione Centrale della Motorizzazione Italiana, Ministero dell'Interno - Polizia Stradale, ANAS, Comune di Parma, Polizia Municipale, and Camera di Commercio di Parma. The most complex part of this experiment is the handling of real traffic, both in a highway setting (ring around Parma) and in a urban setting (downtown Parma). An element that greatly increased complexity is the need to negotiate roundabouts (of different size and shape), underpasses, pedestrian crossings, artificial bumps, traffic lights, since these articulated situations require a deep environmental interpretation by the on-board system.
For further information and videos, and
The PROUD event has been presented in Las Vegas on 3 September within the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference.
For further information on VisLab:
Source: VisLab

TTS Italia members at Smart Mobility World and Workshop Connected Car
It was held in Turin at the Lingotto Congress Centre in September 26 to 27, with an international session on the 25th, Smart Mobility World, the first Italian initiative to offer a comprehensive and integrated view on the issues Smart City and Green Mobility. Smart Mobility World was organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italy-Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, City of Turin, Piemonte Region and Confindustria Piemonte, in partnership with TTS Italia. Several TTS Italia members of TTS Italian took part in the Smart Mobility World with exhibition spaces and / or interventions to the various sessions: Autostrade Tech, 5T, CRF, ESRI, ISMB, Iveco, Kiunsys, Magneti Marelli, Pluservice, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Selex ES, Sistema, Softeco Sismat, Tecnositaf / Anas, Telespazio, TomTom, Viasat.
Furthermore, as part of the Smart Mobility World, in September 25, there was the Workshop on "Connected Car" organized by TTS Italia. The objective of the Workshop was to make a point of the situation on the European and global initiatives and on connected vehicles and to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices with key players in the industry. Several members of TTS Italia participated as speakers: Autostrade Tech, Magneti Marelli, Municipality of Verona, Tecnositaf, Viasat Group.
Source: TTS Italia

TTS Italia members for the European Mobility week
The city of Rome, in collaboration with the Agency for Mobility, TTS Italia ordinary member, and Atac, TTS Italia founding member, took part in the new edition of the European Mobility week. Since 2002 European Mobility Week has sought to influence mobility and urban transport issues, as well as improve the health and quality of life of citizens. The campaign also gives citizens the chance to explore what the role of city streets really is, and to explore concrete solutions to tackle urban challenges, such as air pollution. Local authorities are strongly encouraged to use the Week to test new transport measures and get feedback from citizens. It is also an excellent opportunity for local stakeholders to get together and discuss the different aspects of mobility and air quality, find innovative solutions to reduce car-use and thus emissions, and test new technologies or planning measures. The slogan of the new edition, officially launched on 16 September, until 22 September, is "Clean air! It's your move": 2013 campaign aims to raise awareness about the impact of transport on local air quality, and encourages citizens all over Europe to improve their health and well-being by changing their day-to-day mobility behaviour. It coincides with the European Year of Air, an area EU policy makers are currently reviewing through the Thematic Strategy on Air Quality.
Source: Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

Viasat: "Technologies for a better efficiency, competitiveness and transport costs cut"
Unione Industriale di Torino (UIT), in collaboration with Viasat Group, TTS Italia ordinary member, organized the conference "Technologies for a better efficiency, competitiveness and transport costs cut", in Turin, on the last 23 September. The conference had the aim of studying the issues relating to the general condition and development of the transport sector, stimulating debate among the featured speakers and proposing and promoting some concrete solutions and immediately available to help Italian companies in the sector to reduce their operating costs, starting with those insurance companies, optimize their processes and gain efficiency competitiveness in globalized markets.
Source: Viasat

Workshop “ITS: a way to overcome the crisis of the local public transport?” - 30 October 2013 - Siena
TTS Italia and Tiemme, TTS Italia ordinary member, will held o the 30 of October, in Siena, the Workshop "ITS: a way to overcome the crisis of the local public transport?". The Workshop is aimed at underlining the role of ITS for public transport as well as at presenting Tiemme ITS systems. The Workshop will involve public authorities and companies.
Source: TTS Italia

Project of the month


Clean air! It's your move

Great participation of Roma Capitale to the European Mobility Week 2013, from September 16 to 22. More than forty projects were proposed by municipalities, associations, foundations and sports groups, all coordinated by the City Department of Mobility. In this most important annual event in terms of strategies promoting the relationship between mobility and sustainability in the urban spaces, the program is presenting initiatives for pedestrians, cyclists, car-sharer and for electric and public transport. The aim is to spread an unanimous message of sustainability, leaving the car at home and look for alternative solutions for mobility. The objective of the European week, in fact, is to promote every kind of alternative mobility solution which allows to move quickly and safely, to convince public administrations in encouraging initiatives to improve the system of movements in metropolitan areas.
This year the slogan adopted by the European Commission is " Clean Air! It's your move", a clear call to strengthen the awareness that mobility with low environmental impact contributes significantly to reduce the problems related to pollution derived by congestion. An essential goal of the EU week is then to sensitize citizens on the relationship between the motorized traffic, degradation and air pollution in urban areas, highlighting the active role that each citizen can have for the redevelopment of the urban environment and the improvement of air quality through their own choices mobility.


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e-Call: synergies opportunities between public-private for citizens safety

The European Union aims to make it compulsory on new car the eCall system for automatic dialing the European emergency number 112 by October 2015 (European Directive 2002/22/EC of 7 March 2002). The systems aims to provide security to its citizens in the event of an accident by communicating the location of the vehicle even if the driver is unconscious. In Italy and in Europe Viasat, since the eighties, is a pioneer in the use of technology Infotelematic with a service based on the location of geo-referenced resources through 4 Operation Centers with more than 120 employees working 24 hours 24, 365 days a year (it is at an advanced stage a project that involves the construction of a new operations center in Venaria Reale, near Turin, with a capability of 240 workers in three shifts, 24 hours a day, and a positive impact in terms of growth employment in Piemonte), can handle today more than one million calls and over 300 thousand customers. The news of the pilot project launched in Lombardia on the single emergency, confirms that the road taken first by Viasat to offer assistance, protection and security to its customers is the inevitable evolution whichis also fully embedded among the purposes of innovative projects related to the Smart Cities. "Viasat annually invests around € 2 million in research and development, technology infrastructure and operations centers to provide its customers cutting-edge solutions that enable reductions in theft and accidents, as well as significant savings on premiums of insurance policies (legislation "black box)," explains Domenico Petrone, president and founder of Viasat. "Open solutions that can connect with leading institutional electronic platforms (Sistri, Uirnet, CCISS, e-Call, etc..) and, in the case of the proposals of Viasat Division Fleet, promote the efficiency and optimization of logistics (eg . reducing fuel costs, management refund excise, etc.)."

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TTS in action


"ICT for co -modality: the way forward" - COMPASS final conference - 13 November 2013 - Rome
COMPASS (Optimised CO-Modal PASSenger Transport for reducing carbon emissions) will held its final conference "ICT for co-modality: the way forward" in Rome on 13rd November 2013 for presenting its results and focusing on ICT solutions for co-modality. TTS Italia is one of the project partners.
COMPASS started in November 2011, and looked at the existing information available on passenger journeys in Europe, drawing extensively on work that has been undertaken in previous European-funded projects. Existing sources of information and data have been used to identify and describe the key trends in mobility patterns in the 21st century, based on current and future passenger needs. Existing sources of travel survey data have been exhaustively researched, with a particular focus on the role of ICT in data collection and management, and recommendations will be made on improving data collection in passenger transport to meet future needs. COMPASS is in the process of identifying ICT-based solutions that have the potential to improve co-modality in passenger transport and these potential solutions will be assessed through a number of case studies. The assessment of ICT solutions for improved co-modality is being based on a framework that emphasises the contribution of each solution to reduced carbon emissions. There will also be an investigation into how best to present solutions for improved co-modality to those stakeholders in transport operations and planning who will be responsible for their implementation, to ensure the best possible take-up of recommended solutions. Finally COMPASS will derive conclusions and recommendations for national and EU transport policy and actions.
The final conference in Rome will present some of the project's key findings as well as present some of the most interesting solutions found, and will seek feed-back from the representatives of policy makers and other stakeholders as well as researchers and the transport industry.
For the draft programme: clicca qui
For the registration form: clicca qui
The participation to the conference is free. The project will cover travel expenses up to € 800 excl. VAT on a first come first served basis for up to 40 participants.
For any further information on COMPASS, please visit:
For any further information on the conference, please contact: Laura Franchi

TTS Italia at the POSSE project Workshop - 7 October - Milan
TTS Italia will be one of the speaker of the project POSSE (Promoting Open Specifications and Standards in Europe) Workshop to be held in Milan on the 7 October within the event Move.App Expo. The Workshop of the POSSE project, supported by TTS Italia, will present and discuss the European experience on standardization and mobility as well as the Italian public administrations point of views in the mobility sector. The Workshop will also investigate the relationship between ITS and Open Data. The Intelligent Transport Systems are now widely used in many cities and regions to manage traffic and support travelers through various schemes such as, among others, the control of traffic on specific areas of the city, the information in real time, the traffic light priority for public transport, ticketing smart card, the management and addressing the parking area. ITS are often developed in the absence of standards and specifications at European level. The European project POSSE, will undertake a range of activities to facilitate the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience on how to develop, implement and maintain open specifications and standards for ITS and traffic management. POSSE will draw up good practice guidelines covering the processes and considerations required for the specification and implementation of open ITS systems and standards drawing on lessons learnt and tips from two existing open specification frameworks, namely UTMC and OCIT/OTS. The POSSE project runs from January 2012 until December 2014. POSSE was set up to raise awareness of the need for open specifications and standards for road-based transport management and to share the experiences of existing open system frameworks in Europe. A central objective of the project is to build the capacity of transport authorities to implement open specifications and standards. To this end, POSSE will facilitate knowledge transfer between the existing open standards and specifications frameworks (UTMC in the United Kingdom and OCIT/OTS in the German speaking part of Europe) and public authorities wishing to move towards open systems. These public authorities, referred to as the POSSE Transfer Sites, are the cities of Burgos (ES), Pisa and La Spezia (IT) and Klaipeda (LT), the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Czech Transport Research Centre (CDV).
For the programme, click here

TTS Italia at Smart Mobility World and Workshop "Connected Car"
During the conference Smart Mobility World, held in Turin on 26 and 27 September, organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italy-Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, City of Turin, Piemonte Region and Confindustria Piemonte, in partnership with TTS Italia, our Association participated in the session "The Smart Mobility: enabling factor for the development of Smart City and for the growth of the automotive and logistics" represented by its President Rossella Panero. TTS Italia also participate through a desk dedicated to it members and to anyone interested in the Association. In addition, within the Smart Mobility World, it was organized by TTS Italia on 25 September, the international Workshop on "Connected Car". As the world's roads become increasingly congested, drivers are seeking smarter vehicles and transport systems that can give them real-time information about traffic jams, weather conditions, road works and parking availability. At the same time, governments are calling for cars to be able to automatically alert emergency services as soon as a vehicle is involved in an accident and to be equipped with tracking systems to combat theft. The automotive industry has the potential to play a transformative role in the connected future by delivering new services such as on-demand, in-car entertainment, low-cost pay-as-you-drive insurance, location-enabled security features, real-time fleet management, etc. At the same time, the automotive industry can enhance core vehicle propositions, such as improving vehicle brand image and customer relationship management and delivering a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. The global connected car market will be worth €39 billion in 2018 up from €13 billion in 2012, according to new market forecasts. Over the next five years, there will be an almost seven fold increase in the number of new cars equipped with mobile connectivity designed to meet demand among regulators and consumers for safety and security features, as well as infotainment services an d navigation aids. The rapid development of the global connected car market will be driven in part by positive regional regulatory action in Europe, Russia and Brazil. To achieve this market potential, the automotive and mobile industries need to work closely together to deliver scalable, secure, interoperable, ubiquitous and intuitive connected experiences. Connected Car technologies can support various degrees of automated driving, increase car comfort and safety and therefore road safety. The aim of this session has been to know the state of art of the main initiatives regarding connected car at international level and to encourage the exchange of idea with the main stakeholders of the sector. Both representatives of ITS National Associations at worldwide level and representatives of the industry sector will be involved to share their national strategies to promote this sector. Several TTS Italia members participated in the Workshop as speakers: Autostrade Tech, Magneti Marelli, Viasat Group. Among international speakers: ITS Taiwan and ITS Argentina.
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ITS relevant tenders in Italy


talia-Cassano D'Adda: parking areas management
Italia-Roma: traffic lights maintenance
Italia-Roma: Servizi informatici: consultance services
Italia-Sassari: smart poles
Italia-Trieste: software packages
Italia-Venezia - Marghera: technical assistance


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1-2 October 2013, Rome
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Smart City exhibition 2013
6-18 October, Bologna
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11 - 12 - 13 October 2013, Monza
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Fleet Manager Academy 2013
16 October 2013, Bologna
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17-19 October 2013, Bologna
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6-9 Ottobre 2013, The Hague, Olanda
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Exhibition Route "Light Mobility and Information Technologies for weak demand areas"
8 October 2013, Brussels, Belgium
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20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013
14-18 October 2013, Tokyo, Japan
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5th Anniversary Turkmenistan Business Forum 2013
17 - 18 October 2013, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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13th International Scientific Conference "Transport Systems Telematics"
23-26 October 2013, Katowice, Poland
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