Partnership and ITS network


At National level, to strengthen its action, TTS Italia signed a convention with Club-Italia, association for ContactLess technologies Users Board, to develop and increase activities on issues of common interest. Moreover, TTS Italia operates in synergy with other associations active in the field of transport, such as Federmobilità. Finally, TTS Italia is a member of the National Sharing Mobility Observatory.

At International level, TTS Italia is member of IRF Global (International Road Federation Global), and of the ITS National Associations Network promoted by ERTICO and has relationships with similar ITS Associations all over the world to evaluate and develop common strategies and actions.

Members of the ITS Network are:


ATT Russia | Connekt/ITS Netherlands
ITS Arab | ITS Austria
ITS Croatia | ITS Czech Republic
ITS Denmark | ITS Finland
ITS France | ITS Hellas
ITS Hungary | ITS Israel
ITS Network Germany | ITS Norway
ITS Polska | ITS Portugal
ITS Romania | ITS Slovakia
Slovenian ITS Association | ITS South Africa
ITS Spain | ITS Sweden
ITS Switzerland | ITS Turkey
ITS United Kingdom | ITS&S
Polish Association of Transport Telematics | Telematics Cluster (Belgium) | TIL-ITS Euskadi





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