TTS Italia is a metting point as well as a landmark for exchanging and comparing positions, interests, priorities both for all members and for all the actors contributing to the development and realization of ITS.

From this constant dialogue, it comes the consensus on the modalities of actuation, on the strategies to adopt, on the technologies to use within short, medium and long term. At the meantime, TTS Italia takes part to round tables, spreads the European Directives, proposes and supports the development and the management of projects also through the collaboration with other subjects, ensures the participation of its member to the most important congresses and workshops all over the world and promote, through appropriate communication strategies, the activities of the sector at National and International level.

  • Coordinating the Working Groups on strategic issues on ITS
  • Promoting interoperability of ITS applications also contributing to the standardization activities
  • Supporting the up date and further development of the National Plans on Telematic for Transport
  • Participating to research and development projects on ITS both at National and International level and spreading their
  • Realizing studies/research through the National Observatory for monitoring the development and diffusion of telematic in Italy

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