Profile and mission

TTS Italia, the National Association for Telematics for Transport and Safety, has been founded on March 8th, 1999, with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of efficiency and safety in the Italian transport system. This aim is achieved through the analysis of problems and opportunities, the formulation of proposals and the diffusion of information and knowledge in the sector of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and their benefits.

TTS Italia works to carry out a very precise mission: promoting the implementation, the development and the diffusion of Intelligent Transport Systems in Italy, in the most effective way for the user.

TTS Italia includes both public and private organisations which are active in the development and implementation of Intelligent Systems for Transport and Safety. It takes its inspiration from the model opened by ERTICO, at European level, and from other National Associations such as ITS America, ITS Japan, ITS Canada, ITS United Kingdom, ITS France, ITS Sweden.