Working groups concluded

1) Italian NeTEx profile

The NeTEx Working Group was launched in July 2020 by TTS Italia and UNINFO and is coordinated by 5T, ordinary shareholder of TTS Italia, with the aim of defining the Italian profile of the NeTEx (Network Timetable Exchange) data exchange protocol, as required by CEN standards and under DATA4PT. DATA4PT is a European project funded by the CEF/PSA Program involving 9 Member States including Italy, whose objective is to support the implementation of National Access Points (NAPs) for the exchange of Local Public Transport data, in line with the Delegated Regulation 2017/1926. The “Italian NeTex profile” document is the result of the work.

Coordinator: Fabrizio Arneodo – 5T (

Associate members involved: AEP, Municipality of Verona, Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Transport (MIMS), Maior, Movalia (Gruppo Famas System), OpenMove, Pluservice.
The following external stakeholders were also involved: ANAV, Cefriel, Gruppo Telos, NOI (in-house company of Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano), Regione Piemonte, STA – Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige, Uninfo.

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2) ITS for the payment of parking

The ITS for the payment of parking Working Group was promoted in May 2019 with the aim of addressing and discussing in collaboration with AIPARK, the Italian Association of Parking and Mobility Operators, the issues relating to the collection of technical and procedural information about parking to accelerate the development of the sector, in line with the objectives of maximum diffusion of the service, high quality and consistency with the regulatory evolution (with particular reference to the Delegated Regulation 1926/2017 relating to information services on multimodal mobility). The discussion activities with the participants in the Working Group, coordinated by the ordinary member Smarticket, were completed at the end of 2020 and the document “Guidelines for management and payment of parking” is the result of the work.

Coordinator: Stefano Andreani –

Associate members involved: 5T, ACI, Atac, Autotrade per l’Italia, digITAlog, Engineering, IMQ, Municipia, OpenMove, Pluservice,, Trenitalia.
The following external stakeholders were also involved: ADR mobility, Easypark, Marco Polo Park, Skidata, Software Link, Telepass, Park Cloud, Quisque

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3) Funding for the digitalization of transport

The Funding for the digitalization of transport Working Group was promoted in November 2020 with the aim of fostering the knowledge and availability of the next European and national funds on the topic of smart mobility, creating the conditions to make the most of their use, as well as analyzing the critical issues encountered in the past and promoting successful cases. The final result of the WG, coordinated by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, ordinary member of TTS Italia, are the guidelines for the use of available funds, especially aimed at funding bodies (national & local – contracting authorities), world of research, solution provider and companies in the ITS sector.

Coordinator: Fabio Nussio – RSM (Mobility Agency for Rome):

Associate members involved: 4icom, 5T, A4Mobility, ACI, AEP, Aesys, Algowatt, Almaviva, Atac, Autoroute, Autostrade per l’Italia, AVR, Bloomel, Città Metropolitana Firenze, CNR, Comune di Verona, Duel, Engine, Engineering, ESRI, FIT Consulting, Geotab, Geoworks, Here, Hexagon, IMQ, Iveco, Macnil, Maior, Movalia, Municipia, Octotelematics, OpenMove, PinBike, Pluservice, Project Automation, PTV Sistema, PWC, RSM, Scania, Selea, Sinelec, Solari Udine, Stellantis, Swarco Mizar, Targa Telematics, Tattile, Tecnositaf, Telecom Italia, Thetis, Tnet, Uirnet, Unikore, Unisa
The following external stakeholders were also involved: Agenzia di Coesione Territoriale, AGID – Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale

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4) Guidelines for MaaS services development in Italy

The MaaS Working Group was launched in January 2020 with the aim of analyzing, discussing and defining the enabling conditions necessary for the development and dissemination of MaaS services in Italy. The WG is coordinated by 5T, ordinary member of TTS Italia, and involves both associates and external stakeholders and trade associations. The Working Group was structured in core teams that developed the contents of the individual chapters, periodically shared with all the participants of the WG. The document “Guidelines for the development of MaaS services in Italy” is the result of the work.

Coordinator: Matteo Antoniola – 5T (

Associate members involved: Aci, AEP, Algowatt, Almaviva, Anas, Atac, Autostrade per l’Italia, CNR, Enotravel, Esri, Fit Consulting, FS Technology, Geotab, IMQ, Maior, Memex, OpenMove, Pin Bike, Octo Telematics, Pluservice, PTV Sistema, PWC, RSM,, Stellantis, Swarco, Targa Telematics, Tattile, Tecnositaf, Tiemme, TNet, Viasat, Vix Technology.
The following external stakeholders were also involved: Anav, Ania, Aniasa, Club-Italia, CNIT, Kyoto Club, Motus-E, Osservatorio Sharing Mobility, Regione Piemonte

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5) ITS applications for logistics efficiency

ITS applications for logistics efficiency was launched in November 2019 with the aim of carrying out an examination of the current critical issues and formulating operational proposals to be translated into regulatory interventions and/or technical-economic actions for a better efficiency of the logistics chain. The activities were coordinated by Dr. Clara Ricozzi, Vice President of the Freight Leaders Council and former Director General of Road Transport and Intermodality at the former Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and involved both the associates and the main stakeholders external to the Association concerned. The activities were completed in January 2021 and the document “The ITS applications ITS for the efficiency of Logistics” was presented as part of a webinar organized in March 2021.
For the document, click here.

Coordinator: Clara Ricozzi:

Members involved: Autostrade per l’Italia, Berenice International, CNR, Fit Consulting, OpenMove, Scania, Politecnico di Torino (DIATI – Trasport Department), UIRNet and Vitrociset.
The following external stakeholders were also involved: Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility (MIMS) and the associations Aiscat, Anfia, Anita, Comitato Centrale Albo Autotrasporto, Confetra, Freight Leaders Council e Unrae.

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6) Enforcement (DM 282)

The Enforcement Working Group (DM 282) was launched in January 2019 with the aim of investigating the technical annex of the Decree of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility of 13 June 2017 on “Initial and periodic checks of functionality and calibration of the equipment used in ascertaining violations of the maximum speed limits, methods of signaling control stations on the road network“, better known as the Calibration Decree (Ministerial Decree 282). This Decree, while filling a technical-regulatory gap inherent in the limits of measurement uncertainty to which the equipment must respond, to the measurement method and to the laboratories authorized to perform them, also generated some situations of uncertainty underlined by some associates. Therefore, following a discussion with the Ministry where some critical issues were highlighted, TTS Italia initiated an internal discussion within the Working Group to define a text proposal for this annex, fully shared by both the supplier companies and the local authorities using such systems. This proposal was shared with the Ministry at the end of 2020.

Coordinator: TTS Italia

Associate members involved: Aci, Agenzia della Mobilità del Comune di Roma, 5T (in-house company of Turin and Piemonte Regio), Autostrade Tech, Eltraff, Engine, Kapsch, Kria, Project Automation, Maggioli, Safety21, Sodi Scientifica, Tattile, Tecnositaf, Traffic Tecnology, Velocar.

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7) Solutions for the digitization of transport infrastructures

The Working Group Solutions for the digitization of transport infrastructures was launched in April 2023 with the aim of drafting and presenting a position paper dedicated precisely to the theme of “Solutions for the digitization of infrastructures”. The position paper, starting from the proposal of the new European Directive on ITS, focuses on key issues such as intelligent technologies for infrastructures, cooperative mobility and road safety, as well as on other issues that you would like to report to us, and their expected impacts. The document underlines opportunities and critical issues, also formulating proposals for concrete actions.

Coordinator: TTS Italia

Associate members involved:5T; A4Mobility; ACI; Aesys; Almaviva; Anas; Autostrade Brescia-Padova; Autostrade per l’Italia; Comune Verona; Circle; Continental; Cyclomedia; Engine; Famas System; Green Share; HERE; Hexagon; IBM; Leonardo; Movyon; Municipia; Octo Telematics; OpenMove; Project Automation; PTV Group; Roma Servizi Mobilità; Siemens; Sinelec; Società Autostrade Alto Adriatico; Sodi Scientifica; Swarco Italia; Tnet; Traffic Lab; Traffic Technology; UnicoCampania

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