Vision and strategic goals


TTS Italia considers ITS as the foundation of the future of mobility in Italy and all over the world. In TTS Italia thinks that knowing these Systems means knowing the social and economic opportunities that they offer as well as technical and organizational difficulties that still prevent their full deployment. Therefore, for TTS Italia, creating and spreading the knowledge of ITS is the primary aim.

Therefore the strategic aims of the Association are to:

  • Provide National operators with adequate instruments and information to develop telematic applications for transport as much as possible user oriented and to facilitate their use and market penetration;
  • Support institutional bodies both local and National to define policies and strategies for the ITS sector;
  • Stimulate discussion of themes of strategic interest with the aim of working towards the adoption of a common architecture;
  • Sustain collaboration and consensus formation for technical, organizational and institutional solutions;
  • Spread the knowledge and the experience on best practices and ITS applications in Italy;
  • Promote the made in Italy ITS sector all over the world.