What are ITS

Intelligent Systems for Transport, based on the interaction among informatics, telecommunications and combined use of media, enable to face in an innovative way the problems tied to public and private mobility, developing in an organic and functional manner, solutions oriented to safety, efficiency, effectiveness, inexpensiveness and environmentally friendly.

Actually, the constant evolution in the sector of the technologic development, allows to manage in an “intelligent” way the transport system in its totality and to face all the different needs from operators and users of public and private transport. Nowadays, ITS can be considered an unmissable instrument for managing mobility in urban and metropolitan areas.

The European Commission classifies ITS as systems for:

  • Management of traffic and mobility
  • User information
  • Public transport management
  • Fleet and freight management
  • Electronic toll collection
  • Advanced veichle control for transport safety
  • Emergencies and incidents management