Smarter Italy


Smarter Italy is an innovation procurement program promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of University and Research, and the MID – Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and implemented by the Agency for Digital Italy.

Smarter Italy was born with the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of January 31, 2019, and became operational with the agreement between MISE and AgID for the implementation of intelligent public demand calls.

Subsequently, in April 2020, it takes on a new force with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of an innovation policy based on public demand by Ministers Patuanelli, Manfredi, and Pisano, who recognize the Program as an operational platform for the implementation of the strategic objectives set.
The initial financial endowment, made available by the MISE, is 50 million euros. New resources have been put in place by the MUR and the MID, and others may be made available by other subjects who decide to join the Program.

The funds available are used to finance tenders which are intended to meet the innovation needs expressed by the Public Administration
Smarter Italy intends to improve the quality of life of citizens, innovate the business environment of the national territory, and generate a significant impact on the efficiency of the Public Administration.
The three Ministries make use of the collaboration of the Agency for Digital Italy for the emergence of the innovation needs of Public Administrations, according to the general criteria of accessibility, innovation, and scalability. The Agency plays the role of the central purchasing body in subsequent tenders.
All market operators can participate in the tenders: companies of all types and levels, start-ups, universities, research centers, etc.